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Bilderberg: still powerful but perhaps a bit more anxious this year


The spectre of Brexit looms large as the financial, industrial and high-tech establishment gathers in Dresden

Charlie Skelton - Tuesday 7 June 2016 20.33 BST Last modified on Wednesday 8 June 2016 01.32 BST

Prime ministers, finance ministers, leading entrepreneurs and a former spy chief are among the attendees at this year’s influential Bilderberg conference, but one regular guest, George Osborne, will be absent.

The guest list for the conference, which begins on Thursday in Dresden, was released on Tuesday and includes a large number of senior politicians and policymakers, dozens of bank bosses and high-finance billionaires who will gather inside the newly erected security fence around the Hotel Taschenbergpalais.

Two prime ministers, four finance ministers, the head of the IMF and a vice-president of the European commission are all listed as attendees. With so many politicians present, including three members of the German cabinet, the German military has been drafted in to oversee security.

Army officers have been meeting conference staff, scouting the round the hotel and taking photos of the entrance. They’re working with corporate security from Airbus to make sure the politicians are kept safely away from the press for the entire three-day conference

No one wants the Danish minister of justice or the deputy prime minister of Turkey to have to field awkward questions, such as: “Where do you stand on corporate lobbying?” Especially when they’re standing between the chairman of HSBC and the president of Siemens.

Airbus is also responsible for an elaborate arrangement of bubble tents and staging being put up in the courtyard of the hotel, according to some of the workmen.

The aerospace manufacturer and seventh biggest arms company in the world is a key player at Bilderberg 2016. Every year, a major corporation with links to the Bilderberg steering committee coordinates security for the event with the police: at Watford in 2013 it was Barclays. This year it’s Airbus. Which makes the whole conference even more obviously the corporate lobbying event that it is –with giant corporations handling everything from security to dry ice. And it makes the silence of the politicians who attend even more egregious.

Even a cursory comparison between the guest list and the conference agenda raises red flags. All those finance ministers sitting round discussing the “geopolitics of energy and commodity prices” with the group chief executive of BP, the vice-chairman of Portuguese petroleum giant Galp Energia, and the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell. And then afterwards saying nothing to their respective parliaments about what they discussed. It’s so off-the-chart inappropriate that it beggars comprehension.

On the subject of Royal Dutch Shell, the king of the Netherlands is due to attend this year’s conference, replacing his mother, Beatrix, at the heart of Bilderberg. Given his family’s long-standing interest in big oil, King Willem-Alexander will doubtless have lots to talk about with the Dutch environment minister, Sharon Dijksma.
King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

It’s great for everyone that these high-level talks between policymakers and the heads of transnational oil companies get to take place in heavily guarded privacy, with no press oversight whatsoever. Especially great if you’re on the board of BP.

Like, for example, Sir John Sawers. As well as being a director of BP, the silken, Blairish former MI6 boss is a member of Bilderberg’s steering committee, and the chairman of Macro Advisory Partners, a global advisory group with heavy links to the transatlantic intelligence community, very much in the style of Kissinger Associates.

And speak of the devil! The ageless 93-year-old former US secretary of state will be holding court at Dresden, croaking out his wisdom from the throne of bones he has shipped everywhere he goes. You just can’t keep a bad man down. Henry Kissinger still meets with George Osborne to advise the chancellor on geopolitics, and recently had a much publicised meeting with Donald Trump. I would say I’d like to have been a fly on the wall of that room, but I fear Kissinger’s tongue would have had me off the wall in seconds.

Kissinger must be thinking harder than usual about the future, which perhaps explains Bilderberg’s recent interest in artificial intelligence. Henry must be desperate to upload his consciousness into a Pentagon drone, so he can flit more easily between geopolitical summits, and drop the occasional bomb on a village for old times’ sake. In Dresden, Kissinger will be getting tips on where to have his USB sockets fitted from the AI expert Demis Hassabis, the director of Google’s DeepMind project, as well as the co-chairman of OpenAI, Sam Altman.

With Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, back at the buffet this year, it seems that Bilderberg’s love affair with Silicon Valley is flourishing. And with cybersecurity high on the conference agenda, we have to spare a mention for Alex Karp, the CEO of the surveillance and data-mining giant Palantir.

A rising star of big business, Karp is the qigong-loving lieutenant of Bilderberg regular Peter Thiel (director of Facebook, founder of PayPal). The steely-eyed Karp is a bit like a younger, more hippyish Kissinger, and was recently welcomed to the board of the Economist Group, a sure sign of being accepted by the establishment.

And that’s what this year’s Bilderberg looks like: the financial, industrial and high-tech transatlantic establishment. Still powerful enough to have ministers and European commissioners come running when they open their doors, but perhaps a bit more anxious than in recent decades. Russia and China are still bubbling around their agenda, and now there’s a new concern: Brexit.

Many of the participants at this year’s Bilderberg have spoken out publicly against it. And on this year’s agenda we find the intriguing topic: “Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity”. Since it began back in the 1950s, Bilderberg has been pushing for the unity of Europe, and it’s not about to stop now.

Thomas Enders, the CEO of Airbus, said recently: “The aerospace industry – I think amongst others – will lobby... for a yes vote of the British electorate on the EU.” Whatever happens in the days leading up to the referendum, you can be sure Bilderberg will be lobbying hard. After all, it’s what they do best.


Subject: Blocked from publishing on my own forum: NSA have begun their fun already

Sent: Monday, June 06, 2016 6:16 PM

Hi all,

The NSA have begun their fun already
As you may know since RT started dumbing down I don't have any mainstream media outlet
Though I once worked for the BBC in the 1990s making news/current affairs programmes covering Lockerbie IRA bombs etc with a pretty decent audience in London of several million
All I have now is my websites - www.bilderberg.org - www.thisweek.org.uk and www.911forum.org.uk
Rather annoying then when....
As of about 2100hrs this evening when trying to post my articles to my Bilderberg forum here

All I get is this

This forum's been up and running for the last ten years and this has never happened before
I don't have permission to access my own forum to even publish a free blog post for you.

If anyone knows anyone that can help me with publicity or do anything to stop this appaling US MILINCOM censorship
Do please let me know
It doesn't bode well at all
The US and EU seem hell bent on gagging me and ultimately controlling everything we see and hear
With the economy on a cliff edge or with the asset/stock market bubble about to burst - whichever is your preferred metaphor
The soft fascism of the bankster corporate run United states of Europe and America
Could turn hard at the drop of a hat.

Bilderberg vs BREXIT Dresden 2016: will the UK trigger break up of a failed EU?

I'll be in Dresden as of tomorrow evening on +44 7786 952037



How Bilderberg Loves The EU/Hates the EU Referendum

By Miles Goslett 7:22 am, May 27, 2016
It is plain to see that the mysterious Bilderberg Group is virulently pro-EU.
If you are in any doubt about this, here are recent statements by five prominent Bilderbergers on the EU question:

Sir John Sawers, former MI6 chief, May 8, 2016: “The reason we would be less safe [if the UK voted to leave], is that we would be unable to take part in the decisions that frame the sharing of data, which is a crucial part of counter-terrorism and counter-cyber work that we do these days, and we would lose the abilities of thing like the European Arrest Warrant. We are only secure because the wider Europe is secure, pulling out will make it more dangerous.”

Michael O’Leary, chief executive of RyanAir, 24 February, 2016: “Ryanair, our people, and I hope the vast majority of our customers will all work together over the coming months to help deliver a resounding yes vote on 23 June.”
O’Leary added he will “bore everybody to death” by repeating the pro-EU message.

Henri de Castries, chairman of Bilderberg steering committee and chief executive of Axa, January 31, 2016: “An EU referendum is like playing Russian roulette with not six bullets in the barrel but at least four.”
Castries added: “There is a school of thought in the UK that says that the Monday would not be very different from the Friday [after a vote to leave]. I disagree I think it would be very different.”

Thomas Enders, chief executive of Airbus, February 24, 2016: “If Britain leaves, I cannot imagine that this would have positive consequences for our competitiveness in Britain.”

Jose Manuel Barroso, ex-European Commission president, February 9, 2016, when asked what what the EU would be like if Britain left: “It can happen. I hope it will not, because it will be a weaker European Union. The United Kingdom is one of the most important countries in Europe and in the world. Everybody from Berlin to Warsaw or to Madrid understands [Britain leaving] to be negative.”

Leading personalities come to Bilderberg conference in Dresden

The organizers act with utmost restraint. Now the first names of prominent persons are known, which are expected to Bilderberg conference. Also, the Free State of Saxony is sitting at the table. The regular secret meetings taking place this year from 9 to 12 June in Dresden.

The Taschenbergpalais in Dresden

Published: Wednesday, 25/05/2016 21:00
Updated: Thursday, 26/05/2016 10:18

Dresden . The Bilderberg conference in Dresden can expect well-known personalities. After DNN information is expected, inter alia, José Manuel Barroso, who belongs to 2014 President of the European Commission and currently the conservative European People's Party (EPP) in the European Parliament. Barroso has since been replaced in the Commission by Jean-Claude Juncker, who was previously Prime Minister of Luxembourg.
As it is said in familiar with the matter circles, even NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is expected. The Norwegian was already in the past year there when the exclusive Round met in a posh hotel in the Tyrolean town of Telfs.

The Dutch King is expected
Among the more than 100 participants to be in this year of nierderländische King Willem-Alexander. This is almost in the nature of the axis, finally came the first and eponymous conference in 1954 at the invitation of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands for the first time in his "Hotel de Bilderberg" in Oosterbeek (Netherlands) together.
The Round calls not least because of Geheimsniskrämerei always critics to, especially in leftist circles. From an "absolute pre-democratic event" for example, speaks of the state chairman of the Left in Saxony, Rico Gebhardt. Democracy need transparency and legitimacy, both lacked the conference completely. Your subscriber list with representatives mainly from Europe and North America are the conference always until immediately before the meeting announced the results reportedly officially nothing. But apparently the fate of the world to be guided by such a meeting, has so far remained too open.
Organisers of private conference is a foundation Bilderberg meetings with a steering committee, headed straight to the head of the AXA Group, Henri de Castries, is and include German business leaders such as Paul Achleitner (German Bank) and Thomas Enders (Airbus) to members ,

Tillich sitting at the table
So there are certainly also proponents of the meeting. Dresden Mayor Dirk Hilbert (FDP) and Saxony's Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) rejoice in unison about the advertising impact of the event for Dresden and the Free State. The Prime Minister will also attend a dinner at the conference, State Chancellery Fritz Jaeckel informed now with the Diet. On March 23, he had received the invitation to. More invitations for state ministers or representatives of subordinate authorities there are not loud State Government. The State knows in December 2015 that the Bilderbergers want to come together in Dresden. According Jaeckel the state government has "knowledge of the circle of invitees". These include representatives of federal policy and of EU institutions.
According to the federal government on a request of the Left in the Bundestag, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Chancellery Minister Peter Altmaier, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and Federal Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (all CDU) and Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (both SPD) an invitation receive. Who of them actually participate, initially remained open.
Federal Government speaks of "exchange"
According to the federal government, so wrote the Europe Minister of State at the Foreign Office, Michael Roth, to the Bundestag, the conference is an "informal exchange of views on current political, economic and social issues". Exchange and dialogue on international issues are the federal government fundamentally important be connected even without concrete results so.
Participation fees not incurred. However, mission expenses should arise and emergency responders from the federal government and funded by the country for the safety of the participating representatives of federal and state policies provide. So there will be a series of 'Conservation', which are hedge. The count of them could by the Saxon Ministry of the Interior has not yet be said.
Costs for police intervention carries the Free State of Saxony
To ensure the security and public order in Dresden, on the protection of participating Conservation of federal and state governments as well as foreign guests during the conference and to ensure an undisturbed course of the event are the police of Saxony, the Federal Criminal Police and the Municipality Dresden as part of their each jurisdiction involved, wrote Interior Minister Markus Ulbig (CDU) now to the Diet. Ensuring safety in the event area is for the organizer.
The application is headed by the Dresden police headquarters. The extent to which the police forces of other Länder requires, according Interior Minister is not yet known, a resilient force planning is currently not yet available. In Telfs to more than 2,000 policemen have been deployed, the protests of a few hundred protesters were largely friedlch. "The cost / for police operations to maintain public order and safety carrying of Saxony", Markus Ulbig informed the Landtag.