Bristol Blogger outed?

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Hope he doesn't lose his job or anything

But the SS (MI5/6) & their mates will know who he is anyway so why not the rest of us?

From Charlie Bolton's more grown up and less 'slag everything off' blog. Not sure when this last comment was posted.

This could, of course, just be a vicious rumour.
and her partner
Martin Homer,
both clever articulate people neither originally from the Bristol area, just wannabees who like stirring things up."

Anyway the real problemos in this city rapping with itself are not the too negative for my taste Bristol Blogger but Mike Norton and Rob Stokes Commandants of Stalag Luft Temple Way. Both far too buddy, buddy with the greedy Quisling elitists, Al Quaeeda fear believers and communications officers at the University, Business West and the Council who like to think they can tell us all what to think. And considerably more loyal to the insatiable Northcliffe shareholders than they are to us lot who live here.

It annoyed me when ex-Post editor Mike Lowe managed to get away with his supposedly anonymous Barry Beelzebub column and I can never understand why someone who's having a bit of a journalistic crack in the city wants to stay anonymous? It's like they don't have the courage of their own convctions.

Wouldn't it be good though to have a local newspaper editor that hasn't sold his/her *rse for the yankee dollar?

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author by BristleKRSpublication date Sat May 10, 2008 03:59Report this post to the editors

1. I subscribe to Charlie's blog, and I don't recall any such comment being made, and I can't find it on a search either. I'd be interested in hearing more about its provenance.

2. The 'Bristol Blogger outed' comment, naming Tracey and Martin Homer, has been doing the rounds, without any credible evidence or corroboration.

3. It's not exactly a big secret who TBB actually is, and not exactly a difficult task for a hardened investigative journalist (as Tony Gosling styles himself) to find out.

4. I have no idea whether this post is actually by Tony Gosling either!

5. What does the identity of TBB matter anyway? Either the content and analysis stands on its own, regardless of its author, or it doesn't.

author by anarchist tompublication date Sat May 10, 2008 09:24Report this post to the editors

what the **** is this all about?
in the great scheme of things this 'article' is utterly irrelevant to anybody but the sad person that wrote it.
if the BB whoever she or he is prefers to remain anonymous, we can all live with that.
I'm not a fan of BB, or even his or her style, nor his or her (in my personal opinion) petty priorities.
this piece by gosling is low, very low, typical of the attention-seeking wannabe he is.

author by pilger-ishpublication date Sat May 10, 2008 09:55Report this post to the editors

I do believe Tony Gosling is jealous of the Bristol Blogger's questionable status and profile!

Chill Tony, Bristol is big enough to be able to handle any number of 'reporters' and 'investigators'.

A great deal of serious stuff happens here in bristol Tony, why not get out more, learn stuff.

Are you big enough for Bristol Tony?

author by Tony Goslingpublication date Sun May 11, 2008 00:16Report this post to the editors

Do I take it that you think his anonymity is more important than the public right to know? Do you consider what the public want to know matters?

I'd like to see a mature press in Bristol where the major figures are known and respected by the public. Over the years at the Evening Post the various editors have shrunk further and further from public view as the editorial line has become more elitist. I tried searching Google images to see if there was a picture of 'managing editor' Mike Norton out there - nothing.
Yet he's arguably the most powerful person in the city. And

Anonymity doesn't go along with an open and accountable press that serves the people.

But I'm not entirely suprised at your hostile attitude Tom since, after I chaired the meeting which began Bristol Indymedia way back when you and the anonymous crew took my password to this site away over this very matter.

Working journalists often find themselves struggling in the Murdochised mainstream media world just to get a byline printed or broadcast these days. Their moral rights are being eroded and the BBC website is particularly bad. Try finding a byline there. The super-elite's Economist's writers are never bylined and the magazine is entirely 'depersonalised' as a result. And just to make sure that when a journalist is sacked (as regularly happens at the Evening Post) the public don't miss them. It also makes it much more difficult for the public to contact journalists to correct or otherwise follow up stories.

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author by ex-bloggerpublication date Sun May 11, 2008 00:49Report this post to the editors

Can you spell "Whistle-blower", Tony?

The great thing about blogging is that it has freed people from the media, both "alternative" and mainstream. What with Indymedia UK's horrible addiction to anti-semitism and the MSM's lies, the story now gets out without either neo-Stalinists or corporate / government interests intervening. Some brilliant stories have been broken this way, notably institutional police incompetence and bad practice, where the bloggers were actual serving policemen, and UKIMC's promotion of an anti-semites, most recently Kollerstrom (in Blairwatch ) and also the Aztmon affair (various).

Bloggers function both as an excellent media watchdog and as a source of news. As for accountability, if one did start coming out with crap they would swiftly lose their reputation. It's the freedom of bloggers to tell the truth as they see it that scares both Stalinist beurocrats and the overpaid corporate media punditocracy.

After all, there are plenty of rubbish blogs that nobody reads... (titter)

author by anarchist tompublication date Sun May 11, 2008 01:49Report this post to the editors

no seriously caring person that chooses to be a 'reporter' or a 'journalist' would work within commercial broadcast media full stop.
anybody that takes a penny from commercial broadcast media is part of the problem, if you have not even learned that much Tony, you are even further behind the curve than I thought.
the NUJ, like any union are not much better than alpha-sheep, a union is what workers need after the capitalists have won, and the people who work for them are slaves.
we do not need commercial media at all.

author by anarchist tompublication date Sun May 11, 2008 02:14Report this post to the editors

tony, do you really think of yourself as an investigative journalist?
your journalistic 'skills' could use a little development sunshine.
sorry to disillusion you, but I am not the 'tom' to which you refer.
I have never been a part of the BIM collective.
one of the basics of journalism is 'get your facts right' you should try it sometime.
i hope this helps.

author by Rosepublication date Sun May 11, 2008 10:23Report this post to the editors

I have no idea how ancient this Tony Gosling character is, but he certainly has some very old-fashioned notions!

This is a whole new century Tony, most thinking 'younger' people want more information, and less ego, we dont want old fashioned folk like yourself muddying the waters thank you. If you are a serious purveyor of information, why not present it here without the personal spin factor eh?

You obviously hold true to the old ways, well guess what mate, we aint interested!

If the Bristol Blogger has a smaller ego than old journos like you then thats great for us, I neither know nor care who the Blogger is, I really could not care less, I don't even like his blog, but if he wants to remain anonymous, then why should some old codger out him?

Or is this kind of garbage your idea of a scoop?

Give me a break!

author by Billpublication date Sun May 11, 2008 17:40Report this post to the editors

You chaired an indymedia meeting? I thought the indymedia movement was non-hierarchical? Sounds like you are trying to puff up your role more than it was.....

author by The Bristol Blogger - The Bristol Bloggerpublication date Sun May 11, 2008 18:17Report this post to the editors

The main problem with this "story" is that it is plain wrong. We don't even know who these two people are here. However, a similar claim was posted on to the blog and we removed their names.

The original Bristol Indymedia meeting took place above the Hatchet. There was no chair as such although the driving force, at that stage, appeared to be Si Mitchell.

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author by Tony Goslingpublication date Sun May 11, 2008 21:55Report this post to the editors

I was asked to introduce the Hatchet meeting with a 10-15 minute talk about the history of the Evening Post's ownership and editorial failings in the local press. Setting the scene about why we needed a local Indymedia.

It was quite an evening, full of promise, but with some talk of being pissed off with the way Indymedia was being 'hijacked' from Croatian Tony, one of the original Indymedia software developers. And quite a lot of us taking a late night trip down to Monkton Farleigh.

Someone pays for the server and has the passwords to dish out to editors/mderators so don't give me any 'non-heirarchical' flannel please. ;-)

If you want to rewrite history you're here to use publishing as a political tool, no journalist, and no different to the corporates.

author by DUH Goslingpublication date Sun May 11, 2008 22:56Report this post to the editors

Chaired it or introduced it, which?

author by imcvolpublication date Mon May 12, 2008 07:50Report this post to the editors

Bristol Indymedia's server is paid for by donations and the income from the film nights.

author by IMOpublication date Mon May 12, 2008 07:59Report this post to the editors

What is this rubbish? The Bristol Blogger is being compared to the SS or the secret service? I can't believe somebody published this. It's nuts.

author by dead droppublication date Mon May 12, 2008 08:21Report this post to the editors

When you think you are a journalist, and you cannot find a story, but you want to write anyway, just make something up eh tony?

author by Disgustedpublication date Mon May 12, 2008 12:09Report this post to the editors

Mr Tony Gosling is obviously a Sun, Daily Mail, Express, News of the World type of person, thats where I would expect to find this kind of story, and probably better written, not that I read any of them.
It would appear that he has "issues" with BIM, it would be better if he sorted them out at a meeting, instead of snivelling and drivelling here.
There are many really important topics and subjects that need reporting here in Bristol, I suggest Mr. Gosling do some serious investigating instead of this kind of oh so petty nonsense.

author by Tony Goslingpublication date Tue May 13, 2008 19:51Report this post to the editors

PEPIS#96 - Bilderberg 2008 evades all scrutiny in Vouliagmeni, Greece

Funny that when you stick to professional journalistic principles - like being against editorial anonimity - some people don't like it. They wriggle and squirm like a wiggly worm to dig up any postmodern cobblers to put you down for your valid opinion. I suppose that's easier than articulating a counter point of view. And of such stuff Bristol Whingymedia is made (no, that's not my term though the usual suspects will assume it is) so very few of the good people of this good city bother dwelling here for long despite its importance. If you want to see how an open editorial policy works have a look at

And it seems nobody noticed the question mark on the end of this story either.

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author by .publication date Tue May 13, 2008 20:53Report this post to the editors

Go to a BIM meeting, get it off your chest for fukks sake, we are sick of this shit!

author by anarchist tompublication date Tue May 13, 2008 22:27Report this post to the editors

tony gosling, how do you spell - missing the point ?

author by Someone in a pub saidpublication date Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:13Report this post to the editors

For it is he (ex Bristolian candidate and mate of Ian Bone) Actually middle class and from Dorset!

author by Mepublication date Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:26Report this post to the editors

This is hardly news, he also works for City Council, so his hatred of BCC doesn't extend to his paycheck, or using BCC computers to update his site at council tax payers expense.

But who expects anything else from 'The Bristolian'.... Bone was always quite happy to work for Housing Associations & 'process' evictions, gave him something to rant about.

author by In the knowpublication date Thu Feb 26, 2009 14:05Report this post to the editors

Norris did indeed write much of the Bristolian. He is not the Blogger though. Jim Carpenter is the man behind the Bristol Blogger.

author by Unlikelypublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:04Report this post to the editors

the chair of the Easton Residents Network?. His writing style just doesn't seem to be remotely like the Bloggers but than again if he's playing a role......he also has links to Voscur which the Blogger pretty much considers to be a bunch of sponging, liberal left wing, middle class....

author by Not the blogpublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 15:50Report this post to the editors

What if he wants to remain anonymous?
Does he not have the right to do that?

author by Anonymousepublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 17:06Report this post to the editors

As he specialises in calling people names, he shouldn't be too suprised if people try to find his.

& if that causes Mr Norris problems at work (which is what all this distraction stuff with Jim C is all about)....... then that's tough.

Sympathy factor ?? nil

author by bludgerpublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 18:39Report this post to the editors

if anybody wants to go around calling other people all kinds of shit whether true or not it pays to be anonymous.
if the people he slanders knew who he was he'd either be sued or beaten to a pulp a few times.
he gets no respect from anybody, lets face it, if a word of what he wrote were true he'd wouldnt be afraid to put his name to it.
gutter 'journalism' is what its about.

author by brizzle blaggerpublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 21:29Report this post to the editors

1.) Tony Gosling once more proves he is incapable of getting his facts right.

2.) Bristol Blogger is Roy Norris

author by The Bristol Blogger - The Bristol Bloggerpublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 07:55Report this post to the editors

Thanks for the compliment!

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author by Gutter nutterpublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 09:26Report this post to the editors

Think about it:
Given whats going on in the world.
Given why its happening.
Given the state of the environment.
Given the threats to life on earth in the future.
Given what needs to be done.
Given that change is necessary.
Given that time is of the essence.
Given that we all need to change.
Given all that, and much more besides.
Why would anybody work in the gutter?

author by this is whypublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:48Report this post to the editors

"Why would anybody work in the gutter?"

Because, unfortunately, it's where many anarchists who have followed the lead of Bone and Norris prefer to be. Far easier to stick two fingers up at everything, utter a handful of expletives in amongst some other words, and make like just having an attitude is an alternative.

Fortunately, not all anarchists followed Bone and Norris into that gutter.

But far too many did.

If the state doesn't pay them in brown envelopes for that disservice to anarchism, then they missed out on a nice little earner, because the state would have paid handsomly for dragging anarchism so successfully into that cul de sac and gutter.

author by Doctor Gonzo (for it is he)publication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 16:42Report this post to the editors

In other words: Not following the Party line = gutter journalism.

author by this is whypublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 18:03Report this post to the editors

no, anything which is gutter journalism is gutter journalism, and it's a real shame that the ageing vanguard of anarchism are proud to be completely ineffective gutter journalists.

But, hey, if it helps you to stop looking at yourselves in the mirror, then by all means imply that all and any criticism must be the dastardly work of the SWP, because the other 60 million people in the U.K would love your gutter anarchism if only if it's wasn't for the SWP exercising their mysterious and unearthly ability to keep anarchism as a rump, right?

The truth is the unwanted gutter you are in is entirely of your own making. The SWP are just your excuse and distraction to never look at yourselves and realise what you have done to anarchism.

You have destroyed it all by yourselves.

author by Doctor Gonzopublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 22:15Report this post to the editors

Can you explain how it's gutter journalism to expose the abuse of elderly people in local care homes?

Oh and btw, you're the first person on this entire thread to mention the SWP. Did you not like it when he took the mickey out of your Dear Leader last year?

author by btwpublication date Fri Mar 06, 2009 08:14Report this post to the editors

so, what is the current state of anarchy these latter days?
the accusation is that anarchy is at an all time low thanks to ageing types wallowing in the gutter.
is there a connection between the likes of ian bone and the blogger - the way they 'work and lead' - (by their example) - and anarchy generally?
oh and by the way, i am not an swp member, i'm an anarchist who thinks the 'old guard' is about 50 years behind the curve.
i read on bones-blog a comment about how in non-anarchist iceland thousands got out onto the streets spontaneously when their banks went tits up, but here scarily, nothing stirs.
personally i feel and believe that bone and the blogger etc etc are counter-productive in terms of meaningful and radical change.

author by Doctor Gonzopublication date Fri Mar 06, 2009 18:19Report this post to the editors

Please can you explain how what BB does is gutter journalism? Do you think the expose of the care home scandal is gutter journalism? Do you think the way he writes about malfeasance and corruption in the local council is "gutter journalism"? If not, what is it that he writes that makes you think his work is "gutter journalism"?

Enquiring minds would like to know!

author by Doctor Gonzopublication date Fri Mar 06, 2009 18:23Report this post to the editors

PS I am glad that you are happy to use obscure 20th century political jargon to define your entire existance, I however do not define myself in this way. Therefore your para-political name calling is pretty much meaningless to me and irrelevant to our discussion. Now please answer the question.

author by Bluggerpublication date Sun Mar 08, 2009 08:36Report this post to the editors

"Gutter journalism? ----------- Thanks for the compliment!"

Scroll down / up, to read BB's earlier comment.

He is obviously delighted to be called a gutter 'journalist'.

author by The Bristol Blogger - The Bristol Bloggerpublication date Sun Mar 08, 2009 13:31author email bristol_citizens at yahoo dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

Didn't Oscar say we're all in the gutter?

author by bimmerpublication date Sun Mar 08, 2009 15:17Report this post to the editors

oscar was wrong .......... dont believe everything everybody says mate!

author by Doctor Gonzepublication date Mon Mar 09, 2009 01:26Report this post to the editors

So what exactly is it that he does that is gutter journalism? It's nice to see that Bludger has a positive attitude to free speech - has it occured to any of you that any muckraker who annoys the powerful is likely to be sued or beaten up...? Gosling rants and raves about the illuminati and (ahem) "zionists", but Blogger actually helped expose a serious abuse case that our council are ultimately responsible for. He has also exposed corrupt land deals involving the cycle path and our glorious city council. That sounds like pretty good investigative journalism to me.

Do you really think that it's "gutter journalism" to expose the abuse of vulnerable people and the theft of public property? What do you think about the racist conspiracy theories that Gosling pushes? Is that the sort of journalism you approve of?

Ooops I guess I just broke the respect guideline - must have respect for our betters musn't we?

author by arthurpublication date Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:51Report this post to the editors

i last visited the blogger's blog well over a year ago, maybe two, and had a look at bone's at the same time, and it just seemed to be non-stop sneering sex pistols style infantilism along the lines of 'middle class wankers this, middle class wankers that' and bone and his 'i fucked thatcher' fetish and 'did you spill my pint you middle class wanker' stupidity.

Between the two of them they reaffirmed my feeling that anarchism was content to spend the rest of its dying days rolling around drunk in the gutter trying to get people who weren't covered in muck to spill their pints, just so they could start a drunken fight, virtual or otherwise.

But i've had another look around the blogger's blog and it seems to have grown up a little. Not sure if the blogger will take that as a compliment, as people usually don't react well to being told they needed to grow up, but i think it reads more now like considered journalism than a screaming incoherent rant, forever sticking up the proverbial two fingers, and not much else.

Hopefully the blogger will keep up what looks like a better blog, and not react to this by backlashing back into a tirade of 'bollocks, fuck, wanker, twat'. The odd substiution of surnames for 'bollocks' acepted, as i know how oddly attached many anarchists are to that word :)

author by Tony Goslingpublication date Tue Jun 08, 2010 23:47Report this post to the editors

I was suprised not to see Roy Norris' name anywhere on this thread.
I'm sure I'm not the only one to think The Bristol Blogger might be him?

And the Blog has now gone 'private' as of Spring 2010.
Which means we can't read Roy's spiteful rants.
Not searchable therefore the content is not findable with a search engine.
Pity because there was some useful info there.

Maybe The Blogger would like to explain why he feels he needs to keep his identity secret?
Even the editor of the shamefully limp Bristol Evening Post publishes his name.

Roy Norris the Bristol Blogger?
Roy Norris the Bristol Blogger?

author by bloggistpublication date Wed Jun 09, 2010 00:56Report this post to the editors

whats with your anti-privacy obsession Gosling?
if BB prefers to remain anonymous, you should respect his or hers wishes.
people like you are why nobody trusts or respects the media.

author by Free-womanpublication date Wed Jun 09, 2010 09:11Report this post to the editors

Hacks like Gosling are a pain in the backside when they cant think of anything better to do than attempt to unmask an effective local campaigner.
If I had to guess, I'd say blogger wants to stay out of the limelight for a bloody good reason, like the possibility of losing his job for example, and unlike Gosling, most people will understand why that might be the case.
This latest fishing post from Gosling smacks more of his own christian missionary campaign to raise his gods profile more than informing the public on important issues.
Get out and investigate something of importance for a change Gosling, and stop with the harrassing of somebody who likes to work without self-publicising themselves the way you do.
If you had read BB's posts on bindymedia from ages ago, you would know that the BB blog got taken down by Wordpress, do your research, I thought you were supposed to be a journalist.

author by Tony Goslingpublication date Mon Jun 14, 2010 00:26Report this post to the editors

If Roy Norris wants 'privacy' he should not have taken up journalism.
But he's not alone... you will find anonymous journalism aplenty at The Economist magazine
So as it all proves to be a bunch of lies nobody knows you wrote it and you can go on smugly with your career down the pub

If you don't put your name to what you write why should anybody believe it?
Real journalists fought for hundreds of years for the right to be identified as the authors of their work.
Something big media and the BBC are fighting hard against (see the BBC website for examples of anonymous stories).
It's part of fundamental journalistic ethics and accountability.

And I was interested to find out who it was who wrote several cartloads of lies about me
Nice to hear that all investigative journalism is 'Christian' and that I'm a 'missionary' for wanting to put the record straight

So Bloggist & Free-woman can join Roy Norris and waste their precious time pontificating about things they wish were true

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author by anonpublication date Mon Jun 14, 2010 02:37Report this post to the editors

What do you know about Journalism, Tony? Between making up outlandish, bigoted conspiracy theories and advancing your career at the local NUJ you don't seem to have a lot of time for reporting on reality - and if you're an example of mainstream professional journalism then the bloggers have already won several times over. As well as not being certifiably insane, they're not for sale to the highest bidder like you are.

Speaking of which - How is your mate Nick Kollerstrom - has the check from Press TV cleared yet?

author by Bizpublication date Mon Jun 14, 2010 08:30Report this post to the editors

Norris only hides behind anonymity because then he doesn't have to justify & explain the lies he tells, never mind the implicit mysogony & homophobia.

I don't rmember ever reading that Woodward & Bernstein ( of Watergate fame) ever hiding their names when they were exposing president Nixon....

The old saying, when printing stuff about the high & mighty was 'they won't sue because it's true'.

On Norris's case it's more like 'they may sue because it's a load of b***locks'

although some of the people he directs his bile at aren't rich or powerful enough to afford to go to court, they just have to put up with the crap.

author by morris dancerpublication date Mon Jun 14, 2010 09:32Report this post to the editors

err ...... is it just me ...... or does anybody else see the irony in Tonys words?

"If you don't put your name to what you write why should anybody believe it" ...... Tony, some of us learned a long time ago not to believe ANYTHING you write or say!

are you aware of the state of your reputation 'out there'? ...... you were even supended from the Bristol Green Party for your 'dishonesty' and homophobic comments.

Here is the Bristol Green Party statement on his suspension:

On October 28, it was brought to the attention of the Green Party that a Bristol member had made homophobic comments in a newspaper interview.

In doing so, the member gave the inaccurate impression that he was a current Green Party election candidate and speaking on behalf of the party, thereby bringing the party as a whole into disrepute.

The comments the member made were not in any way in accordance with Green Party policy, and constituted completely unacceptable behaviour.

Bristol West Green Party, as the local party of which he is a member, took immediate action, passing the same day (October 28th) a joint resolution with Bristol East Green Party, which called for the matter to be fully investigated and whatever action deemed necessary as a result to be taken.

Once it had been established that the comments attributed to the Bristol member were not a misrepresentation of his views, the Bristol East and West Green Party business meeting of November 25 then requested formally in a second resolution that his Green Party membership be suspended by the national party pending the outcome of a disciplinary process against him. A disciplinary hearing will follow.

........ or is this whole thing more about Tony Gosling getting his name 'in print' yet again?

author by anonpublication date Mon Jun 14, 2010 13:57Report this post to the editors

Can anyone give me an example of BB's "lies"?

Thought not.

author by go see the doctorpublication date Wed Jun 23, 2010 14:50Report this post to the editors

Tony Gosling wrote: "I was suprised not to see Roy Norris' name anywhere on this thread."

Errr, his name's mentioned about half a dozen times on this thread, over a 2 year period, i'm surprised - no more confused - as to why on a 2 year old thread, with Roy Norris' name mentioned half a dozen or so times, that you pop up again 2 years later unable to see these clear mentionings of his name!?

Then again, I'm not that surprised that you once more act in a very confused way.

Your confused behaviour seems to be deteriorating. Maybe in all seriousness, if you can't see these other mentionings as clear as day as they are, along with your general erratic behaviour, that you are experiencing somekind of early onset dementia?

In all seriousness.

author by Interested and amusedpublication date Thu Oct 07, 2010 13:43Report this post to the editors

LOL the way this thread keeps a running. Bristol blogger is obviously not as self promoting as the noisy gosling. Although the real question is actually more about a certain centre and what went on there, isnt it? Goslings not interesting unless your a shrink but what bristol blogger writes defiantly is so when is the blog going public again?

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