Bristol Mason Judges Protect Clevedon Cult Pervert

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Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult with an inner 'elite'

For many people the knock on the door by the Jehovah's Witnesses is an amusing opportuninity to put the 'God Botherers' straight in a philosophical argument. For others it is simply a pain in the backside, but very few know that the Jehovah's Witnesses are an elitist organisation in which thousands of well intentioned believers get caught up. This horriffice injustice illustrates the way that the masonic cult inside Bristol's judiciary has protected a fellow cult member.


Anger over paedophile's sentence

A judge has been accused of giving paedophiles a licence to offend after he refused to send a serial child sex attacker to jail.

Michael Porter, 38, used his trusted position as a ministerial servant in the Jehovah's Witnesses to prey on young boys in Clevedon, Somerset, over a 14-year period. One of his victims was an 18-month-old baby, the court heard.

Porter, of Okehampton Close, north London, pleaded guilty to 25 counts of indecent assault and gross indecency on boys and young adults at Bristol Crown Court.

But Judge Tom Crowther opted not to jail him and handed him a three-year community rehabilitation order after hearing he had undergone therapy.

The sentence provoked a furious reaction from victims' groups and the defendant's own sister, who branded the judge a soft touch.

Tina Hughes, 40, from Clevedon, said: "I'm absolutely disgusted. I'm very, very angry. We thought he would get a sentence of at least 12 months. I think the judge was absolutely pathetic.

"I just broke down in tears when the judge said he wasn't going to jail. The whole courtroom went quiet. No one could believe it. I can't believe the judge thinks he is safe to be allowed out on the streets. He won't stop."

Avon and Somerset Police said they would be discussing a possible appeal against the sentence with the Crown Prosecution Service.

Norman Brennan, founder of the Victims of Crime Trust, said the sentence would do little to boost public confidence in the courts.

"When the judiciary fail to impose such penalties they give paedophiles a licence to offend. At a time when the Government is under huge pressure on law and order on the streets, this appallingly out-of-touch sentence does nothing to reassure the parents and British public."

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Bristol's most senior judge, Tom Crowther, is now firmly at the centre of this controversy after having been seen to be the force behind this gross injustice. This story is from today's post.

Does anybody have a photograph of this disgusting judge? So I can give him a piece of my mind and quizz him on his freemasonic ties when I see him in the street? Please post it here.

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Outrage as serial abuser escapes jail because he is “a man of faith” - Yes but JW is a cult faith.

09:06 - 24 August 2007

A church elder has avoided jail despite admitting a series of sex attacks on young children.

Michael Porter used his trusted position as a ministerial servant in the Jehovah's Witnesses to prey on young children in Clevedon over a 14-year period.

He groped boys as they slept in bed and took advantage of tiny children as he babysat them. Among his 13 victims was an 18-month-old baby and a three-year-old boy.

Porter's own sister branded his punishment "ludicrous" and an insult to his victims.

Avon and Somerset police are in discussions with the Crown Prosecution Service over whether to appeal against the sentence.

Porter, formerly of Portishead but now living in North London, pleaded guilty to 24 counts of indecent assault and gross indecency on children yesterday at Bristol Crown Court.

But the city's most senior judge, Recorder of Bristol Judge Tom Crowther QC, opted not to jail the 38-year-old and instead handed him a three-year community rehabilitation order after hearing he had undergone therapy.

Porter, who was brought up in Brendon Road, Portishead, was also banned from working with anyone under the age of 18 and put on the Sex Offenders' Register.

Crown Prosecutor Robert Davies said not all Porter's victims were aware they had been abused.

He said the sex attacks happened in the 1980s and 1990s. One victim was repeatedly molested as he slept in bed and woke once to find the defendant on top of him, the court was told.

Mr Davies said Porter's last victims were aged just five and seven.

The catalogue of abuse came to light when one victim reported it to elders at the Jehovah's Witness church in Portishead, where Porter's family were members.

Porter then made a full confession to members of the church and, later, police.

Mr Davies said: "Michael Porter was entirely apologetic for what he had done.

"He sent his order a text message to say others (victims) had been involved.

"He arranged to make a confession to them. He was advised, sensibly, to go to the police."

Tabitha Macfarlane, defending, said her client knew he had destroyed and injured people's lives.

She said: "Any show of public hatred towards him he understands. What he's done is take active steps to improve and better his life."

Explaining his decision not to jail Porter, Judge Crowther told him: "This is a case which in my experience is exceptional, in a sense historic and revealed by you in unusual circumstances which I am sure are linked with the faith by which you now run your life.

"I'm satisfied, having the advantage of a number of reports as to your early background, that the reasons for your behaving as you did are complex and personal and reveal that you were subject to pressures which make it understandable that you should have acted as you did in this case.

"What's important, in terms of sentence, is to realise that you had changed your life before there was any question of these matters being revealed.

"I'm as satisfied as I can be, whereas in some circumstances punishment by way of imprisonment is inevitable in some cases, this is not one of those, and the proper sentence is a community rehabilitation order."

But the decision not to jail Porter was condemned by his sister, Tina Hughes, as well as charities helping to protect young crime victims.

Ms Hughes, 40, who lives in Churchill Avenue, Clevedon, described her sibling as an "evil monster" who could strike again.

She said: "I'm absolutely disgusted. I'm very angry.

"We thought he would get a sentence of at least 12 months.

"I think the judge was absolutely pathetic. He just took my brother's side completely and believed that all he needed was a bit more therapy and now realised he had done wrong.

"Michael blamed his childhood for the attacks, which was a lie, but the judge ate it all up.

"I just broke down in tears when the judge said he wasn't going to jail. The whole courtroom went quiet. No one could believe it.

"I can't believe the judge thinks he is safe to be allowed out on the streets. He won't stop.

"There's no justice for the victims. No closure. He had no right to leave that court room.

"He has a lovely life. He has a religion standing by him. He has lost nothing. He's just not human. He's an evil monster. He can't have a soul."

Porter was a respected member of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Portishead and Clevedon.

Ms Hughes said parents trusted him to look after their children. He regularly babysat youngsters, took them on holidays and invited them for sleepovers at his home.

She said: "Children loved him and parents worshipped him. He was the last man they would ever suspect of doing something so horrific."

Porter, in court with his wife Joanne, left the family's home in Clevedon and moved to London in 2000 after his mother died. He was later made an elder.

Labour MP Dan Norris, a former child protection officer,

said: "This judge's decision will reinforce the public view that child sex offenders are treated far too lightly and that our judges are out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people.

"I hope that the Jehovah's Witnesses who, for example offer help to battered women on their website, will also ensure the safety of children by taking strong action by expelling Mr Porter. I hope they will not turn a blind eye because of his faith."

Michele Elliott , of charity Kidscape, said the sentence was an "appalling, horrific decision".

She said: "If ever there was a man who deserved to be in prison, it's this man. I hope the judge can sleep at night.

"This man will be a continued danger to children for the rest of his life after years of abusing children as young as 18 months.

"He cannot have changed. We have no way to cure people who have this kind of addiction to child sex abuse."

Wayne Baker, spokesman for Avon and Somerset police, said:

"It is too early to say at the moment whether there will be an appeal. This will be discussed with the Crown Prosecution Service."

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This appalling event is getting some national coverage and it does look as tho' a full review is going to take place.

Let's just hope the "review" will be robust.

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