Cowboy builders in the frame as Evening Post HQ roof collapses & nearly kills crane driver

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Evening Post HQ on Temple Way evacuated 45 mins after roof collapses

Newsdesk number was going straight to voicemail. BBC covered this one up nicely for their control freak mates at the top floor at the Evening Post. Northciliffe's news management team led by Rob Stokes managing to play this down but the atmosphere of employee fear & management control meant that when I spoke to employees today on the phone they didn't even want to admit anything had happened. Maybe Rob will award himself the top 'news management' gong at next year's regional PR awards.

At least one employee was brave enough to post anonymously.

I Was A First Hand Witness. It Was A Domino Effect. And It Was Terrifying. All You Could See Was Dust And A Builder Nearly Got Crushed, He Got Out The Crane On Time.
This Happened At About 9.45, And We Were Not Evacuated Until About 10.30.
But Then Us In The Hub Had To Be Placed Somewhere Else Within The Building Because They Were Doing A Health And Safety Check And They Had To Get A Structural Engineer In As There Were Fears Of A Crack Against The Hubs Wall.
But We Are Now Safely Back In The Hub, Work As Normal.

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..the story you linked to says

"Staff were ordered to leave the building immediately after the collapse occurred at around 10am this morning."


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Glad nobody got hurt, but why should I give a fukk about what happens to the Evening Post or the BBC?
Or the wankers that work for them?

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By wankers are you referring to the hundreds of cleaners, porters, admin, catering and IT staff? Or the journalists who work for a pittance? Or the trainees who work for nothing as this is the only way to get a job in the trade?

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Hilarious isn't it that the big story of the day happens in the same building as the Bristol Evening Post is based but they don't report it! Just a symptom of the self-serving editorial values of this monopolistic newspaper.
The anonymous commenter on the Hold The Front Page site contradicts the official announcement, explaining there was a 45 minute delay before the building was evacuated. This fits loosely with the information I have.
It's clear that from the outset Northcilffe management lied to cover up both the potential severity of the accident and the their own idiocy in waiting 45 minutes before evacuating.
With such incompetance in basic safety management no wonder the staff were told not to say anything to anyone who questioned them. This tight lipped approach has become de rigeur under the post's control freak managers up on the top floor "Eagles Nest" who remain hell bent on finding petty excuses to sack anybody who displays signs of independent thought. Like working in the city crypt?
I've attached the BBC news bulletin report where they refer, quite wrongly, to the roof collapsing in a building next door. The collapse happened, in fact, in the old press room, this is in the Northernmost part of the same building in which Bristol News and Media, Western Daily Press and Venue magazine are based.
The paper itself entirely ignored the incident in Tuesday's edition.
Rob Stokes and Mike Norton deciding, I imagine, that it was better to print nothing than the managers' sanitised version of the accident... why?
Because a prosecution could be pending and neither the Northcliffe managers nor the demolition contractors want that.
More importantly, an inaccurate story would set tongues wagging around the building about the lies in the company's official account.
Rob Stokes' motto.... When money talks.... print nothing.

audio BBC Radio Bristol 2pm bulletin 0.25 Mb

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Which part of my very short and simple post are you not clear about?

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