IBM/Holocaust Alert: Avon & Somerset Police Civilian Support Services

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The outfit that engineered the Nazi Holocaust is taking over Avon and Somerset police

Avon and Somerset police is to privatise key sections of its civilian workforce to save money - the first move of its kind in Britain. No other police force in the country has gone to such lengths to cut costs, although others are now expected to follow the ground-breaking move.

Fri26Jan08 - Bristol Evening Post

Although the Police Authority has yet to formally sign a contract, its members last night effectively gave the go-ahead for computer giant IBM to run a number of its key departments.

Although the details have not yet been released, it is thought the deal will mean that the force's finance, IT and human resources departments will all be privatised. It will not affect frontline policing or the way 999 calls are answered.

Following 15 months of intense negotiations, the force will join Somerset County Council and Taunton Deane Borough Council. Both councils have already signed up to the 400 million partnership.

The two councils signed a deal with [holocaust specialists] IBM last year to set up a private company, called Southwest One, to run a number of departments including human resources, IT and finance. It is understood that the deal will affect about 600 backroom civilian police employees, whose jobs will now transfer to the new firm.

There are not thought to be any redundancies expected as part of the deal and the Police Authority stressed that it wanted to safeguard jobs. The deal will be rubber stamped before the end of March.

It comes after the Evening Post revealed this week that the Government is shortchanging Avon and Somerset police by almost 60 million, which is likely to lead to a substantial council tax increase in April. Unions were expected to give this latest announcement a mixed response.

Unison, the biggest trade union in Britain, had previously complained that it was being left in the dark about the impact such a deal would have on its members. The union was last night unavailable for comment.

The [spineless as a masonic chief-constable] Avon and Somerset Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, has welcomed the prospect of privatising a number of backroom departments.

Chairman [and master of the lodge] Paul Green has previously said: "By joining this partnership, we may be able to divert money back to the front line. "As representatives of front-line officers, we broadly welcome that."

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author by hackpublication date Tue Jan 29, 2008 10:01Report this post to the editors

IBM/Holocaust Alert?
I never thought I'd see the day!
Tabloid journalistic stylee shock-horror-journalism on this site?
I have no problem at all with making the IBM/Holocaust link, but in the headline?
In this case utterly innapropriate and misleading I feel.
Dis-ingenuous to say the least!
Do we need alternative media to exagerate purely for shock value in the same way as corporate media does?

author by sabrapublication date Tue Jan 29, 2008 15:48Report this post to the editors

holocaust? Avon & Somerset Constabulary? Bristol?
what holocaust? when did it happen? when is it going to happen? who did it? why holocaust?

author by Sypublication date Wed Jan 30, 2008 14:59Report this post to the editors

I agree with Hack that the title is a piece of sensationalist nonsense which doesn't belong with the story...

While I'd like not to see this kind of thing on BIMC, it's one of the things about open publishing... People can publish their stories in a way that they see fit - and for many that will involve copying the mainstream media they are used to seeing.

Hopefully constructive criticism of this style of journalism will encourage the author to post more accurate and fitting descriptions of her/his articles in future.

The questions of how to construct open access media which avoids sensationalism and abuse are far from being answered, but hopefully through a respectful dialogue we can improve things from where they are now... And in my view where they are now is still a huge improvement on how things were 10 years ago before sites like Indymedia were about. It won't be a case of a miraculous overnight cure - but hopefully we'll keep changing things in the right direction.

author by TGpublication date Thu Jan 31, 2008 02:49Report this post to the editors

I thought it was an appropriate headline commensurate with the crime. IBM were right in there with the Gestapo.

author by daffy duckpublication date Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:19Report this post to the editors

we don't need this kind of gutter-hack tabloid-style senationalising of the non-existant links the author is trying to create in our minds.

if the FACTS are important and relevant, then they alone can and will tell the story, assuming the author has the facts of course.

when posters to indymedia try to associate the unconnected (Avon and Somerset constabulary) with past horrors like the holocaust, when there is NO connection, it lowers the indy 'standards and values' to those of the very broadcast media that we are trying to counter and create an alternative too.

if the author has information that Avon and somerset constabulary is the gestapo reborn, or that it is murdering millions of jews, then show us the facts.

if he does not have such facts, then he should not suggest that there is a link between the Constabulary and the holocaust in another country in another century.

the links between IBM and the nazis is another story, and is well covered in other places rightly.

this piece is at the very least misleading and mischievous, I can only guess at the authors motives for such a blatantly misleading article.

author by Zappedpublication date Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:38Report this post to the editors

Appropriate to the daily mail, or the express maybe, but not to BIM,
This is a 'free' newswire, one of the things we are 'free' from here, normally, are the kind of tactics people who sell shit to idiots employ via newpapers to attract attention in order to sell their shite.
Writing stuff like holocaust and A+S in the headline is not only innacurate and deceitful, its downright wrong.
I'm not a fan of the cops, I've been tear-gassed and water-cannoned and baton-charged in europe, but this kind of article is only gonna make things worse whenever activists come into confrontation with the police in the future.
Its bad enough on the streets facing the police when they are just 'doing their job' whats it gonna be like when they hate us thanks to articles like this one?
Is that what the author wants?
Part of being free is being responsible.

author by TGpublication date Thu Jan 31, 2008 17:37Report this post to the editors

Well it seems we have no tangible argument with any traction here here only the accusation of 'sensationalism'.

As I said before it IS sensational that the fuckwits and traitorous civil servants running Avon & Somerset Police for us should sell off an important trusted function of our civil society in Bristol to the people who collaborated with Hitler to engineer the holocaust.

That is a sensation - though you'd never realise it from the toadying post article which calls it a 'ground breaking' move.

It's not a story about the opening of a frigging bottle bank!

Why do you expect me to 'tone it down'? Because you are actually trying to soften the blow of this story for probably witting or less likely unwitting fascists.

Or maybe you're cops yourself?

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author by Kofipublication date Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:34Report this post to the editors

I am not a cop, lets get that out of the way first.
I am not a holocaust apologist, lets get that out of the way also.
I am neither a witting nor an unwitting fascist.
Nor am I tring to soften any story.
I am however, wondering if any person that writes headlines such as that at the top of this story might not be wishing they were writing for the Mail or Express instead of Bindymedia.
I feel that the originator of this piece of work is belittling all that happened to the holocaust victims.

author by TGpublication date Fri Feb 01, 2008 18:35Report this post to the editors

In what way might my headline belittle the victims of the holocaust?

That's too serious a charge to go bandying about - even if you are hiding under the cover of anonymity.

That was not my intention and while you seem to be upset about it you don't appear to know why.

author by Kofipublication date Fri Feb 01, 2008 20:56Report this post to the editors

And demeaning.

author by clive hammondpublication date Sun Feb 03, 2008 09:24Report this post to the editors

Certainly agree that the headline is way over the top. Whatever the connection between IBM and the Nazi's is relevant from a historical perspective but as it happened 60 odd years ago those that were involved will be around 90 now.

Hardly relevant then as most have pointed out above.

One thing that is entirely missing from the authors responses is what on earth he/she thought the reaction to such a headline was going to be?

Personally I am concerned that this function is going to be farmed out to a company, tho' companies seem to respect the data protection laws more than government agencies so there could be an advantage there! - But surely all must agree that an important issue is marginalised by such a silly headline?

What next? - a page three girl????

author by protestorpublication date Sun Feb 03, 2008 18:57Report this post to the editors

Surely any aspect of the Holocaust should be constantly publicised and so that we are ever aware.

Computer techniques must have been invaluable to the Nazis in tabulating the various groups condemned to death by them.

The six million Jews, also the six million mentally impaired, physically impaired, Roma, Slavs, other ethnic groups, a total of twelve million souls. IBM's counting machines must have been worth their weight in gold.

How long ago IBM were involved should not be an issue, let us never forget these criminals lest their crimes become trivialised. There are plenty willing to re-write history, and air-brush out the unsavoury bits.

Shout out the truth long, loud and for all to hear for ever. Or next thing we know they will be trying to tell us that Palestine never really existed, and that Saddam really could have nuked us in forty five minutes.

author by clive hammondpublication date Tue Feb 05, 2008 22:49Report this post to the editors

On another post a guy questions why a vicious horrible attack is ignored by the Bristol Press when the court case is in Bristol and is told by posters that Bristol does not report Swindon news.

Now we have somone who wants to link what Bristol Police are doing to what IBM did in germany 90 years ago saying that this is somehow relevent to what happens to us here in the SW today.

Does anyone else think this odd?

author by clive hammondpublication date Tue Feb 05, 2008 22:56Report this post to the editors

On another post a guy questions why a vicious horrible attack is ignored by the Bristol Press when the court case is in Bristol and is told by posters that Bristol does not report Swindon news.

Now we have somone who wants to link what Bristol Police are doing to what IBM did in germany 90 years ago saying that this is somehow relevent to what happens to us here in the SW today.

Does anyone else think this odd?

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