Knights Templar take over St Mary's

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pictures of today's initiation

At St Mary Redcliffe Church today



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author by illegalsecpublication date Sat Jun 23, 2007 21:19Report this post to the editors

These aint party people are they?! Rest assured, the head doesnt know what the arse end is doing.. I've worked with em.

author by Nobbypublication date Sun Jun 24, 2007 08:53Report this post to the editors

Nice to see that white middle class folk still know how to have fun.

author by xpublication date Sun Jun 24, 2007 11:57Report this post to the editors


Did you think to ask before taking these photographs? I've often witnessed participants on the peace vigil object to being photographed without being asked. There is also a convention of not photographing inside churches.

You have not provided any reporting or analysis of the event. All you have done is intimidate these people at the church and published their photos here.

author by James Barlowpublication date Sun Jun 24, 2007 14:20author email contact at jamesbarlow dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

Are you sure they're the "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon"?

Why would they be patronising a Church of England establishment?

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author by Tony Gpublication date Mon Jun 25, 2007 17:25Report this post to the editors

Why should I ask anybody before taking their picture? Answer: if it's in a private situation it may intrude on their privacy. If people don't want their picture taken in a public place they can approach the snapper and ask.

If people want to feel intimidated that's up to them - but that usually comes from a guilty concience. One or two of these hoodies seem to fit into that category ;-)

They look rather too similar to the Klu Klux Clan for my liking. Stranger... to think their forebears 700 years ago set up the world's first multinational banking corporation and murdered hundreds of thousands of the arabic races in cold blood.

How very Christian of them ;-)

I have more pix so let me know if you want me to upload them too.

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author by xpublication date Tue Jun 26, 2007 05:37Report this post to the editors

Responding to Tony Gosling's post above.

You've answered the question why you should ask before taking photographs yourself - because it may be an invasion of their privacy.

It is debatable whether a religious service is a public place and it is clear from the published photographs that some participants objected.

I think that it's clear that your intention was to intimidate - bully - these people since there was no reporting of events. I have done some research into masonic societies and would have appreciated a report of what happened and why.

Your 'report' and prejudiced remarks are not worthy of publication.

author by Popeyepublication date Wed Jun 27, 2007 13:45Report this post to the editors

presumably whats good for Mr gosling is good for the old bill or anyone else who wants to justify invading privacy and eroding freedom?

Start pushing your camera into the faces of the critical masser's and see where it gets you !

What a twit...

author by nobbypublication date Wed Jun 27, 2007 15:17Report this post to the editors

I'm sure if he shoved the camera in the face of the critical mass lot they would probably organise another ineffective bike ride in protest. Phew.

author by Jograferpublication date Wed Jun 27, 2007 15:51Report this post to the editors

Not sure why anyone should be suprised that gosling, and those like him, are hypocrites ........ do bears s**t in the woods.... just another non-news story .......

author by Tony Goslingpublication date Mon Aug 20, 2007 13:56Report this post to the editors

Due to popular demand

btw October 13th is coming soon
the 700th anniversary since the ORIGINAL Friday 13th way back in 1307






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author by Jack Lopresti - Freemasons of Bristol Ltdpublication date Wed Jun 13, 2012 22:56Report this post to the editors

1861 Restoration St. Mary Redcliff Church Bristol Lady Chapel Masonic Rites

1861 Restoration St. Mary Redcliff Church Bristol Lady Chapel Masonic Rites
1861 Restoration St. Mary Redcliff Church Bristol Lady Chapel Masonic Rites

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