Mainstream news reports are referring to 'suicide bombings' as a matter of course without checking the facts. This 'information' comes from military intelligence sources part of whose job is to decieve press and public. 'Suicide Bomber' is the terrifying new catch-phrase of the war on terror. But how many so-called suicide bombings are in reality ordinary bombs, car-bombs or missiles fired from helicopters?

30Mar02 - Independent - Iraqi newspaper reports suicide bomber as missile and is closed at gunpoint

05Oct05 - Global Research - Were British Special Forces Soldiers Planting Bombs in Basra?

Information passed to the Met. Police anti-terrorist hotline has been 'mislaid' by police - this is a call for quality control in the way the police deal with information to the pubic.

07Aug05 - Sir Ian Blair has been caught lying to protect murderers in his force - can we trust him now?

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