The Manor

A revolutionary ecovillage for the 21st century

Have you ever wondered why ecovillage projects are so small? Have you ever wanted to be among 250 families living separately but sharing the management of several hundred acres? Yes? Welcome to The Manor.

The Manor is a small group of people connected with Ecovillage Network UK that share a practical dream. That dream is to take the medieval open field village (a similar system, Crofting, still operates in the Scottish Highlands) and bring it into th 21st century. To blend the best of the old with the best of the new.

The project will conform to well thought-through criteria ensuring that it is socially and ecologically sustainable into the indefinite future.

When England was originally settled by tribal peoples they knew it made sense to operate as a collective. No one individual owned any land but each family unit had security of tenure of their home and surrounding gardens, they shared space in the fields and paid no rent to anyone because the land is a free gift to mankind.

The manor will:

Supporting documents

The Citizen's Land Security Bill (.rtf)

Manor: Design criteria and Legal Structure (.rtf)

Fifteen Criteria for Sustainable Rural Land Use

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