QinetiQ's UK Privatised Military checklist

The idea that military research and development could possibly be privatised would, to many, seem ridiculous. It would appear obvious to most people that the profit motive and military priorities do not sit easily together. We must therefore keep close tabs on those whose business is make private profit from more efficient ways of maiming and killing.

Defence Evaluation and Research Agency [DERA] as of July 1 2001, officially became known as QinetiQ [pronounced kinetic]. Many of the 80-plus laboratories, employing some 9,000 scientists, are now in the private sector. The UK government retains control of sensitive top secret sections of QinetiQ, such as the germ warfare laboratories at Porton Down, Wiltshire

This document was received as an email - and appears to have originally been written by an American, since the spellings were US English (most now changed to UK English)



MoD Abbey Wood - nr. Bristol [inc.1,100 Warship Support Agency (WSA) workers]

MoD Foxhill - nr Bath. Upgrade & refurbishment during 2001. Housing up to 1,800 defence workers

Defence Logistics Organisation - Ensleigh, nr Bath

MoD Pinesgate - nr Bath [to be sold]

MoD Warminster Road, Bath [to be sold]


RAF Chicksands - USAF SatCom Facility. RAF Signals/Photographic Interpretation

Army Chicksands - nr. Bedford. Intelligence Corps HQ, Defence Intelligence & Security Centre (D.I.S.C.) + British Naval Intelligence Centre

DERA/QinetiQ - Bedford

Barford St John - nr. Banbury. Joint RAF/USAF

RAF Bicester

RAF Cardington - Non-operational airfield. Retains former airship hangars.

RAF Henlow - Electronics - HQ CSE + Provost and Security Services

RAF Stanbridge - RAF Logistics Computer Centre. Sat of Henlow

Institute of Technology - Cranfield


Unspecified base (secret) - Henley, near Reading

Unspecified Base (secret) - Watchfield

AWE Burghfield - Mfg nuclear warheads for shipment via road to RAF + Trident Submarine Bases

Atomic Weapons Research Estab - Aldermaston

Atomic Energy Commission - Harwell

RAF Thatcham - UK Natl Dist Agency

Royal Naval Base - Bush Barn

Army - Arborfield Garrison. Mostly training & support

Welford - NW of Newbury. Returned to OS map after 50 yrs. Poss. [u/gnd?] weapons store

RAF Bracknell - Temp site for Joint Service Command. Closure 2000


RAF High Wycombe - ADOC HQ Strike Command, #1 Grp: strike/attack

Army - Cheddington

Rocket Propulsion Establishment Research Centre - Westcott

RAF Halton - Training + Guided Weapons School & Southern Region Provost and Security Staff

RAF Naphill -


RAF Molesworth - nr. Huntingdon. UK/US Analysis Center + Reg. Joint Intelligence Facility [RJITF]

Army - Bassingbourn

RAF Brampton - Wyton. HQ Logistics Command

RAF Alconbury - nr Huntingdon

RAF / USAF Upwood - Upwood

RAF Wittering - nr Peterborough, No's 1+20 Sqn's, Harrier GR.7s & T10s


GCHQ / NSA Morwenstow - Joint operated SatCom monitoring station

RAF St Mawgan - nr Newquay. No.3 Maritime HQ, Tornados, Nimrods + SAR Sea King HAR3s

Goonhilly Downs - Satellite Communications ( BT + ? )

Portreath - Sat of St Mawgan. No.405 Sigs Unit (Navigation Air Defence Radar Station)

Predannack - Satellite of RNAS Culdrose. No.626 V.G.S. - Viking TX.1. [RN]

RNAS Culdrose - Helston. Largest helicopter base in W. Europe. 5 heli sq + [80 a/c in all]

HMS Raleigh - Torpoint. RN basic training centre


DERA/QinetiQ - Eskmeals nr Sellafield. Weapons testing facility & still operational

Irton Moor - NSA Sigint

RAF Brampton - Subsidary Log Comm units etc

RAF Spadeadam - Electronic Countermeasures Range [no a/c]


Remote Ammunitioning Facility Tamar (RAFT) - Bull Point, Plymouth. Weapons loading jetty for nuclear-powered submarines. Planned completion of construction in 2003

RAF Chivenor - Braunton. Marines. No.s 624/22 Sqn + SAR Sea King Helicopters

HM Naval Base Devonport - Plymouth. Largest Naval Base in West Europe

RN Barracks - Stonehouse, nr Plymouth

HMS Cambridge - Wembury, nr Plymouth

Mountain and Artic Warfare - Plymouth RN Lympstone - Devon. Poss. u/g @ Sandy Bay, Exmouth

Army - Lulworth. Firing Ranges

Army - Okehampton. Training area

Army - Willsworthy. Firing range


Poole - HQ Special Boat Squadron [SBS]. Approx 100 men

Royal Corp Signals HQ - Blandford [serve also in Cyprus]

Royal Armoured Corp Centre - Wareham

Army - Wyke Regis. Training area

Wool - Training area

RNAS Portland - Undergoing closure. All a/c [140] transferred to RNAS Yeovilton Jan '99


MOD Wethersfield - HQ MOD Police [fomer USAF base] Former RAF Matching - nr Harlow

Former USAAF Little Walden - nr Saffron Walden

Army - Colchester Garrison. Inc Airmobile Brigades & Air Defence

DERA/Ineti - Shoebury and Foulness weapons testing complex [army]


GCHQ/NSA Chelteham - (Sigint) Construction underway of new £350 millionfacility located at nearby Benhall, Cheltenham. Completion of new

40 acre eavesdropping site is Spring 2003.

RAF Fairford - nr Cirencester. USAF Europe. Inc B52 + Stealth Bomber

RAF Boddington - No.9 Signals Unit + TARE HQ

RAF Hullavington - No.621, No.625 V.G.S. - Viking TX.1.

RAF Innsworth -. HQ RAF Training

British Army - Ashchurch


Royal Aircraft Research Establishment - Farnborough

RAF Oakhanger - Mil SatcomUK, No.1001 Sigs + NATO Sat grnd term

Fort Southwick - nr Portsmouth. Main comms site adjacent to DERA communications intercept site

DERA/QinetiQ - Farnborough HQ

RN Fleet HQ - Whale Island, Portsmouth [Future location]

Gosport - Large Naval stores inc. hospital

Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) - Marchwood, Southampton. Military port

Fort Monkton - Gosport. Inc. Submarine Escape Training Tank. Possibly also used by MI5/6 for training purposes

BAe - Hurn, 4m NE Christchurch

Army -. Aldershot Garrison inc. Airborne Brigades

Army .- Andover Garrison.

Army Training Regt - Winchester

Army Training Regt - Pirbright

School of Army Aviation - Middle Wallop. HQ. Gazelle, Squirrel, Lynx helis

Army - Worthy Down

Bramley - Former bomb/ammo depot now training area

Radio Research Station - Chilbolton, nr Aldershot

RAF Odiham - Nos.7, 18 & 27 Sqns. Transport. Chinook HC2s

RN Research Station - Lea-on-Solent, 4m WNW Portsmouth

DERA - Lasham. Closed & transferred to W.Scotland.


Credenhill [former RAF base] - nr. Hereford. Home to 4 squadrons [50 men each] of Special Air Service [22nd SAS] since May 1999.

DERA/QinetiQ - Pershore [MoD]

Royal Radar Establishment - Defford


BAe - Stevenage. Builds missiles and electronic equipment for a/craft

Army Training Regt - Bassingbourn


Cowden - East Coast Bombing Range

RAF Leconfield - Sole air use by Search & Rescue HAR3 helicopters over North Sea


DERA/QinetiQ - Fort Halstead. Regarded by some as a stealth research facility

Army - Ashford. Templar Barracks. Defence Intelligence and Security School

Ash - Part of Manston. Radar + Air Warfare for ADGE

Rochester - Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal School

RAF Biggin Hill - Westerham

RAF Manston - Ramsgate - no a/c

Army - Sir John Moore Barracks, Shorncliffe Camp, Folkestone

Army - Lydd. Training area

Royal School of Military Eng - Chatham

RAF Alconbury - Deactivated. Site sold for development


RAF Waddington - Elec Recon + E/Warning, Nimrod R1s, Sentry AEW1s (+ NATO use)

BAe Warton - R&D. Upgraded fac. linked to 'HALO' stealth a/craft project

Samlesbury - No.635 V.G.S. - Vigilant T.1.

RAF Woodvale - University Air Squadrons


RAF Cottesmore - Oakham, nr Leicester, Tornado GR1

Army - North Luffenham, nr Oakham. Special Operatons training including SAS, SBS + US mil

Army - Loughborough. Communication and Security Group (U.K)


RAF (USAF/NATO) Waddington - nr Lincoln. Electronic & A/Warfare. AWACS E-3D + Nimrod

RAF Barkston Heath - Relief Landing Ground for Cranwell + training

RAF Binbrook - nr Lincoln

RAF Coningsby - nr Lincoln Nos. 5, 29 & 56 [Top Gun] Sqns, Tornado F3s (Air Defence)

RAF Cranwell - nr Sleaford, Air Warfare Centre + air training

RAF Digby - nr Scopwick. Inc. USN/USAF/US Army. No. 399 Sigs Unit

Donna Nook - nr North Somercotes. Bombing range

RAF Holbeach - Wash offshore bombing range

RAF Honington - Depot (no a/c)

RAF Wainfleet - All Saints. East Coast bombing range

Army - Kirton-in-Lindsey. 22nd Air Def. Reg

RAF Scampton - nr Lincoln, Earmarked for closure

Royal Ordnance Faldingworth - nr Market Rasen. Closed '99 (RO is part of BAe)

GREATER LONDON [inc Middlesex]:

Northwood - Main MOD Ops [Whitehall HQ2] / NATO / Trident [nuke] Ops Centre. Large u/grnd. facility of 3 levels.

RAF Bentley Priory - UK Air Defence [north/south] - No.s 11/18 Group HQ

Naval Fleet HQ will be relocating to Portsmouth, Hampshire.

RAF Uxbridge - HQ Military Air Traffic Ops (NATO)

RAF West Drayton - Military ATC

RAF Kenley - No.615 V.G.S. - Viking TX.1.

RAF Northolt - Ruislip. VIPs & Royal, BAe 125s, 146s

RAF Stanmore Park - HQ no11 Strike Com (air def). Closed '98. Transf to Bentley Priory

RAF Hendon - De-activated. Site redeveloped and inc Met police HQ


RAF Coltishall - Norwich, Nos. 6, 41, 54 Sqns, Jaguar 1A, 1Bs, inc photo reconn unit

RAF Marham - Nos 2 & 13 Sqns, GR1A Tornado (Tac Recon) + Canberras

RAF Neatishead - Radar Site

RAF Swanton Mornley - nr Dereham

RAF West Raynham - nr Fakenham

Army - Thetford. Training area


RAF Boulmer - nr Alnwick. Radar site. No.1 A.C.C.,H.Q. No.202 Sq: Sea King HAR.3

Army - Alnwick. 'Z' Company

Army - Ashington. 'Z' Company

Army - Otterburn. Artillery training area

Brizlee Wood - Radar Site


RAF Syerston - Cadet training

RAF Newton - nr Nottingham. air training

Army - Nottingham. Inc Sect of 2nd Military Intell Co

BAE Systems Royal Ordnance (RO) - Nottingham


RAF Brize Norton - Nos.10, 101, 216 Sqdns, VC10 tanker / transp base. TacComm Wing etc

RAF Abingdon - Abingdon

RAF Bampton Castle - Sigs units, HF Comms - Parented by RAF Brize Norton

RAF Benson - No.33 sqdn, Puma Helicopters. No. 6 AEF

RAF Shrivenham . RMS of Science + Def Info Tech

Weston-on-the-Green - Sat. of Brize Norton. Parachute Drop Center

Joint Army / RAF / USAF - Bicester

USAF Upper Heyford -

British Army - Abingdon. 3rd Close + 4th General Supp. Reg. Dalton Barracks

Atomic Energy Commission - Culham - research into atomic fusion of use to the military - under cover of civil programme


British Telecom - Oswestry. BTs secret switching/tapping center

RAF Cosford - No.8 A.E.F.,No.633 V.G.S. - Vigilant T.1.

RAF Shawbury - nr Shrewsbury, Defence Helicopter Training School + Cent. ATC School

RAF Tern Hill - Def. Helicopter Training + No 632 VGS Vigilant T1s

Unspecified Base - Bridleway Gate

Unspecified Base - Chetwynd

Army - Nesscliffe - Training area


RNAS Yeovilton - Sea Harrier FA2s/T4N/T8s + Sea King HC4, Linx, Gazelle, Puma & Chinook Helis [140+ a/c]

RN Norton Manor Camp - nr Taunton

RAF Locking - nr WSM. De-activated. Quarters earmarked for asylum seekers or new housing dev.


RAF Stafford - Sandon Rd, Beaconside, Tac Supply Wing + maint

Army - Leek. Training camp

Army Training Regt - Lichfield

Army - Swynnerton. Llansilin Firing Range


RAF Feltwell - US 5th Space Surveillance Squadron [BMEWS]

RAF Mildenhall - Use by USAF Europe. Inc 352nd Special Ops Grp [7th, 21st and 67th SOS]

Martlesham Heath - BT Labs. Used by UK Govt to examine every new comms product

RAF Honington - nr Bury St Edmonds. Air Warfare Centre Surface-to-Air Weapons O.E.U.,

RAF Lakenheath - Currently used by USAF in Europe

RAF Wattisham - Ipswich. RAF ATC. No.22 Sqn SAR, Sea King HAR3s


BAe Dunsfold - Maint. & repair of Harrier GR..7 a/c

Royal School of Military Eng - Minley


Army School of Ammunition - Kineton. Bomb/ammo depot, inc. large railway system


Corsham Computer Centre - nr Bath. In reality a military 'black project' nuclear underground command centre

DERA/QinetiQ - Larkhill [MoD]

DERA Porton Down - [Army] Chemical & Biological Defence [CBD] Estab

Winterbourne Gunner - Jnt Svcs Defence Nuclear Biological & Chemical Centre

Aircraft & Armament Experimental Establishment - Boscombe Down

RAF/DERA Boscombe Down - Amesbury, nr Salisbury. Air Warfare, DETO

Defence Communications Services - Basil Hill, nr Corsham [under development in 2001]

RAF Colerne - nr Bath. No 1001 Sigs

RAF Hulavington - nr Chippenham

RAF Lyneham - nr Chippenham. TacTransport, Hercules C1, C3s

Army / RAF Upavon - nr Pewsey. No 622 VGS

RAF Rudloe Manor - Hawthorne, MoD Comms N/work, linked with UFO reporting [closed + 42 acre site sold off, poss. hotel]


DERA/QinetiQ - Malvern. Wide-ranging research inc., jamming, radar detection and electronic warfare. Encryption, computer security & hacking, lasers, lcd & night vision research. Secure comms satellites and Data links. Stealth, UAVs & possibly [uncorroborated] Teleportation research.


GCHQ / NSA [RAF] Menwith Hill - 7miles west of Harrogate. Known to NSA as field station F83 and by workers [1600 US and 370 British] as "The Hill", it is also a BMEWS Site linked to USSC, Colorado Springs

RAF Fylingdales - nr Pickering. NSA Phased array radar [BMEWS]

Forest Moor NMC - (Nav/Nat Mil Comms] adjacent to above.Main trunk route for all Naval SatCom

Irton Moor - nr Scarborough. Secret base with NSA connections

RAF/Army Catterick - nr Richmond. Garrison. Inc Section of 2 Military Intelligence

RAF Church Fenton - No.9 A.E.F., Relief landing ground for Linton-on-Ouse

RAF Linton-upon-Ouse - nr York, Pilot training, CFS Tucano T1 Squadron

RAF Topcliffe - Satellite of RAF Linton-on-Ouse

RAF Dishforth - Army Air Corp Heli base

RAF Leeming - Leeming Bar, Northallerton. Panavia (Mfg) Tornado F3 (Maritime Air Defence) + Hawks

RAF Finningley - nr Doncaster. Closed. Site sold for industrial use & poss. Intl. Airport


DERA - West Freugh, SatCom Grnd Station + a/field

ATC Prestwick - Ayrshire. HQ Mil Air Traffic Ops

Coulport - Loch Long. Underground facility for storing atomic bombs.

RAF Leuchars - nr. Fife, Nos 43 + 111 Sqn, Tornado F3s

Brora - NSA Sigint

Hawklaw - NSA Sigint

RAF Machrihanish - nr Cambeltown, Argylleshire, long runway, NATO base, reconnaisance. RAF reports station "under enhanced care and maintenance status". Newspapers report station closing.

Royal Navy Clyde Sub Base - Faslane, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, (nuke sub base)

RNAS Prestwick - UK det. 819 Sqn. Sea King HAS6 SAR

Arbroath - No.662 V.G.S. - Viking TX.1. [RN]

Army - Benbecula, Outer Hebrides. Artillery testing area + Radar. No 71 Sigs Unit

Cape Wrath - Sutherland. Firing range used by US Navy

Crombie - Integrated Weapon Complex joint RAF/RN missile maintenance

Garvie Island - RAF bombing range off NW Scotland

Greenock War HQ - Greenock

Inchterf (MOD P.E.) - nr. Kirkintilloch. Directorate of Proof & Experimental Estab., of D.E.R.A.

Saxa Vord - Radar site. No 91 sigs unit

St. Kilda - Outer Hebrides. Artillery tracking stn

RAF Buchan -. nr Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. Radar. Nos 170/480 sigs. Con rep center

RAF Kinloss - Forres, Moreyshire, All Nimrod MR2s + ops r/station at Aird Uig, W. Isles

Army Air Corp - Leuchars. Gazelle heli

RAF Linton - Borders of Eng / Scot

RAF Lossiemouth ..... Morayshire, Tornado GR1B, Jaguar GR1As (Maritime Strike) + SAR Sea King HAR3s

Prestwick - Scottish ATC Center

Rosehearty - RAF Weapons Range

Train - Bombing Range, Moray Firth

Army - Arbroath, Angus

Army - Ballater. Royal Guard [guard

Britain's atom bomb store at Coulport in Scotland. Sixteen massive bunkers have been gouged out of the ridge overlooking Loch Long. This building can store more than 100 atom bombs in underground vaults behind airlock doors. It is used as a temporary holding bay when the bombs arrive at Coulport. They are then moved to a jetty and loaded onto Trident submarines


Army [Brawdy] - Pemb. Former RAF base linked to UFO investigations.

Conducted underwater sound surveillance also.

DERA/QinetiQ - Aberporth, Dyfed. Currently trial site for doppler [pulse] radar tracking

DERA/QinetiQ - Llanbedr [MOD] - Operational airfield inc. Hawk a/c. Launches target drones from here

RAF St. Athan - nr Barry, Sth Glamorgan, Harrier GR.7, Viking TX1, Tucano T1 + maint

RAF Pembrey Sands - Carmarthenshire, Sth Wales, bombing + firing range

RAF Sealand - Mostly maintenance

PATA - Pontrilas Army Training Area - 10 miles SW Hereford. Inc air exclusion zone. Possible exclusive SAS use.

Army - Abertillery. Inc Air Defence Regt

Army - Aberystwyth

Army - Epynt. Training area

Army - Manorbier. Royal Artillery firing range

Army - Penhally. Training area

Navy - Castlemartin. Test range for US/UK aircraft [naval?]


RAF Valley - nr Holyhead. 22nd Sq S&R Sea King HAR3 + Air Guided Weapons Operational Evaluation Unit (AGWOEU)

RAF Mona - Diversion runway for Valley


Army HQNI - Thiepval Barracks, Lisburn

Intelligence Center - Ladas Drive, Castlereagh, Belfast

GCHQ (eavesdropping) sub-base - Island Hill, Comber

GCHQ (eavesdropping) sub-base - Gilnahirk, Belfast

British Army - Torr Head, Ballycastle. Radio comms facility

RAF Aldergrove - Nos. 3, 72 & 230 Sqdns, Wessex HC2, Puma HC1, Chinook

Army - Ebrington Barracks, Londonderry

Army - Drumadd Barracks, Armagh

Army - Bessbrook Mill Airfield

Royal Navy - Oxford Island. Main comms & radar

RAF Bishop Court - Decommissioned Radar Site


Government Technical Assistance Centre [GTAC] - Yet to be constructed is a $40 Million surveillance center probably specializing in unscrambling coded Internet messages

Raucebury - ???

Longcross MOD Test track- ???

Long Valley - ???

Miley Woods - Training area ???