Alan's 'Bristol Consensus'

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Drawn up by the Social Care, Claimants and Welfare sub-group ( of the Bristol and District Anti Cuts Alliance - May 2011

Just like the nineteenth century chartists we recognise that a radical plan for social change is necessary in order to stop the rot in Britain. David Cameron's ultra-wealthy, greedy elite have decided to 'bash the poor', shocking and dividing the nation, in order to stop ordinary people fighting for their rightful share of the national wealth. We disagree, and here is our programme for equitable economic reform.

1. Programme of public works

2. Nationalisation and severe restriction of private banks

3. Re-nationalisation programme based on collapsing share price of private monopoly or oligopoly through massive tax demand or other methods

4. Pay a citizen's wage - fixed amount so everyone is legally entitled to enough to live reasonably comfortably on. Raise benefits as this will force employers to pay a living wage, this will enable abolition of tax credits.

5. Raise tax thresholds and introduce progressive tax system.

6. Introduce a maximum wage.

7. Introduce Tobin Tax on financial transactions.

8. Abolish 'New Deal' and replace it with vocational training for the jobless.

9. Clarify non-domicile status and introduce clear enforced rules for foreign workers.

10. Introduce a very high tax on second homes.

11. Harmonise capital gains, corporation and income tax to minimise tax avoidance.

12. Change tax laws so that Private Equity houses cannot set the massive debt created when buying a company against its tax liability allowing them to pay little or no tax.

13. VAT to be paid at country of origin minimising VAT carousel fraud.

14. All offshore companies stopped from having any legal status in UK. So off-shore companies could not enforce payment in UK courts. These business would henceforth have to register in the UK and pay UK taxes.

15. Begin by imposing a maximum interest rate of 10% and gradually lower that to zero in line with Islamic banking.

16. Introduce Glass Segal act separation of deposit (high street) and investment banking to cut public exposure to speculation and minimise insider trading.

17. Abolish PFI and cancel existing debts by method described in point 3 above.

18. Return Academy schools to local authority control.

19. Re-nationalise public transport using method 3 above.

20. Re-nationalise public utilities using method 3 above.

21. Abolish league tables and target driven education.

22. In higher education re-introduce full student grants.

23. Introduce free vocational training.

24. Abolish Trident.

25. Abolish the nuclear power new build programme and allow existing stations to run down safely.

26. Repeal anti union laws introduced by the 1980s Thatcher Government and New Labour.

27. Beef up law of corporate manslaughter making directors and senior managers personally criminally liable for all breaches in safety procedures.

28. Abolish job agencies and impose standard minimum employment contract length and conditions which give all employees protection from unfair dismissal from day 1.

29. Abolish zero hour's contracts.

30. Abolish fake self-employed status, prevalent in the building industry.

31. Introduce a maximum 32 hour week.