Rogues Gallery

The Under-Sheriff of Bristol

C.V. Martyn & J.V. Miller
Officers to the High Sheriff of Bristol

Sheriff's Office
Lyons Davidson solicitors offices
5th Floor
Bridge House
48-52 Baldwin Street,

Phone: 0117 904 5961
Fax: 0117 904 6001

Bristol squatting and activism videos

November 2008 - 87 Ashley Road Squatters on ITV West news

Bristol Raytheon Protest - 16th October 2008

Bristol Housing Action Movement (BHAM) on BBC1 (2005)

Bristol North Baths occupation 2006

As well as helping homeless people find a roof over their heads we also take part in 'social centre' type occupations which address the wider issue of the criminal sell-off of Council and Community space by Bristol City Council. Watch this film all about the 2006 occupation of Bristol North Baths on the Gloucester Road.

Whose City? - Bristol North Baths action group's documentary - 17 min

Forthcoming BHAM occupations

This rather posh looking multi-storey speedboat is a potential home for many homeless people in the Plymouth area - the former owner, believed to be a Russian general, has allowed it to languish in Devonport docks for several tyears. Only accessible by water it would be a difficult home to evict. We, however, have the technology to take possession!

Interested? Contact our glorious leader BJ Ritchie for further details.