Religious cult's annual open day in Park Street

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Last Saturday there was a rare opportunity to tour Bristol Freemasons Hall in Park Street

Last Saturday there was a rare annual opportunity to tour Bristol Freemasons Hall in Park Street and quizz the grand whizz himself on the pros and cons of this highly secretive religious cult which has 2500 members in the masonic 'province' of Bristol alone.

The Craft masonry (1st to 3rd degree) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
The Craft masonry (1st to 3rd degree) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

What follows is a series of pictures taken inside the masonic hall on Saturday. First there are general pictures and the added batch in the comment section are from the Royal Arch Lodge room specifically.
An HTV documentary 'Rites and Wrongs' is available from me here as part of the 'masons and merchants' DVD.

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The Craft masonry (1st to 3rd degree) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
The Craft masonry (1st to 3rd degree) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

The Craft masonry (1st to 3rd degree) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
The Craft masonry (1st to 3rd degree) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

Holy Bible topped with square and compasses in craft masonry (1st to 3rd degree) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
Holy Bible topped with square and compasses in craft masonry (1st to 3rd degree) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

Entrance to Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
Entrance to Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

Young people's Masonic choir at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
Young people's Masonic choir at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

Freemason operating the lift at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
Freemason operating the lift at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

Tour guide in the Royal Arch masonry (4th degree and up) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
Tour guide in the Royal Arch masonry (4th degree and up) lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

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More pictures - this lot are from the Royal Arch Lodge room

The Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
The Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

Banner in the Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
Banner in the Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

Candles, thrones and altar in Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
Candles, thrones and altar in Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

Triangular symbolic object in the Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
Triangular symbolic object in the Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

Flags of six of the twelve tribes of Israel in the Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street
Flags of six of the twelve tribes of Israel in the Royal Arch (4th degree and up) Lodge room at Bristol Freemasons Hall, Park Street

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more pictures from Saturday

the other six flags of the twelve tribes of Isreal in the Royal Arch Lodge Room
the other six flags of the twelve tribes of Isreal in the Royal Arch Lodge Room

Zionist carpet design (1) in the Royal Arch Lodge Room
Zionist carpet design (1) in the Royal Arch Lodge Room

Zionist carpet design (2) in the Royal Arch Lodge Room
Zionist carpet design (2) in the Royal Arch Lodge Room

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author by Steve Brettell - Nonepublication date Tue Nov 21, 2006 13:50author email stbrettell at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

To classify the Masons as a "Religious Cult," is a misrepresentation of the facts. While a belief in a supreme being is required in some jurisdictions, Freemasonry isn't religious in nature. No specific diety or dogma is required.

Also, there is no "Grand Whiz."

Cheap tricks sell papers, though don't they?

author by Tony Gosling - Reachoutpublication date Wed Nov 22, 2006 16:10Report this post to the editors

Hi Steve,

The freemasons have multiple blood oaths of secrecy and 'brotherhood' which they swear many times in their masonic career.
They meet in temples modelled on synagogues but with no natural light.
They carry out ceremonies on fellow initiates in almost pitch black to heighten the drama of the occasion.
They fool themselves into believing that what they do is not religious and curse themselves and their families by so doing.
By the grand whizz I would have thought that you could have worked out that I was talking about the Provincial Grand Master, whom I will from now on refer to as 'The Grand Whizz'


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author by non-religious self-defining amatueur pagan-wizardpublication date Wed Nov 22, 2006 20:06Report this post to the editors

all very interesting...

"They fool themselves into believing that what they do is not religious and curse themselves and their families by so doing."

but aren't you displaying more than a hint of religious fanatisism yourself here?

author by Hector Brownpublication date Mon Nov 27, 2006 23:46author email metalmity at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

The masons are only a bunch of harmless but boring old farts playing at dressing up and acting out the same old acts night after night.
Very ordinary people are be given very special sounding titles and treated as royalty whilst they are in the lodge, but when they return to the outside world they are just plain old joe soap.
The craft degrees are boring enough but the royal arch degree is enough drive you to drink. Oops sorry , that comes after the meeting.

author by Tony Gosling - wherever possiblepublication date Fri Dec 01, 2006 11:53Report this post to the editors

"...harmless but boring old farts playing at dressing up..."

I don't think religious cults are harmless - look what happened over in Jonestown!

It's a form of elitist brainwashing.

Freemasons really do consider themselves 'better' and more enlightened than the general public who they refer to as 'the profane'.


author by Davidpublication date Sat Dec 02, 2006 09:25author email dasmith0 at talk21 dot comReport this post to the editors

Did anyone ask out of the 2500 members in Bristol how many are non-white?

author by Grahampublication date Wed Dec 06, 2006 21:14author email gebarnard at hotmail dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

To say that we call outsiders "profane" is completely wrong, indeed to say that would be contrary to our general thinking. We do in one part refer to the "uninstructed and popular world, who are not masons". Yes outside we are simply Joe Bloggs, in the lodge room we have our heirarchy, so does every orgainisation or it simply would not be organised!!
We are no better as people than anyone else, we just try to behave in the way in which we are instructed, so does any church goer of ANY faith....including Muslims, who obey the basic rules of " do to others as you would wish them to do to you.

author by J. Hodgepublication date Fri Dec 29, 2006 04:39author email jessehodge at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

XXV: Never enter into a dispute with a cowan. Like the deaf adder he will stop his ears, and refuse to hear the voices of reason or wisdom. No matter how clear are your facts, or how convincing your arguments, still he will turn an incredulous ear to your reasoning. Though you anxiously cry out, Oh, Great Architect of the Universe, hear us, and and your voice may cut like knives and lancets to bespeak his attention, there will be neither voice nor any answer, nor any that regardeth. You may as well endavour to extinguish the sun by pelting it with snowballs, or to cut rocks in pieces with a razor, as to make any genial impression on the mind of a professed cowan.

author by me2publication date Wed Jan 03, 2007 21:42author email me at no dot toReport this post to the editors

Their objective is to control the world in a New World Order by controlling or influencing governments and judicial systems? Do we want satanists to do that? They already arrange to start ALL of the wars in the world. They murder, lie, prevaricate, deceive all while making themselves look good as upstanding in the community (because they target community leaders to corrupt).

Their junior members do not find out the depths of depravity involved until they are committed to the devil. The Masons/Illuminati were behind the sinking of the Lusitania, allowing Pearl Harbor to be bombed, destruction of the World Trade Centers (1,2 and 7), the murder of William Morgan, funding Hitler and Lenin, starting the French Revolution, and the American Revolution. Their top members profit from war. 100 million people have died in wars they have caused in the last century alone. Is this harmless? Is your ignorance of what they really do part of the problem?

author by Jograferpublication date Thu Jan 04, 2007 09:53author email jografer at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

They've been busy then.....

author by greeniepublication date Sat Jan 06, 2007 14:04Report this post to the editors

Would you like to be able to post something of worth Jografer?

author by insumanpublication date Sat Jan 06, 2007 23:27author email insuman at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

What a load of twaddle most of you espouse. I bet you all believe in the conspiracy theory surrounding Kennedy's death, and take the Da Vinci Code as fact.

Freemasonry has nothing to do with religion, paganism, satan politics or anything else, its a charity you fools.

author by steve - f . o t cpublication date Sun Jan 14, 2007 19:37author email mo.steve at btinternet dot comReport this post to the editors

i take you dont like charities etc . and that kind of thing i have seen lots of money c ome from the masons . but i also no a lot of people that got blackballed and could not join the masons hence yourself only sour grapes

author by steve - m.mpublication date Sun Jan 14, 2007 20:05author email mo.steve at btinternet dot comReport this post to the editors

simply all men are equal , keep up the good work dear brother.

author by mopublication date Sun Jan 14, 2007 20:24author email mo.steve at btinternet dot comReport this post to the editors

that sounds sick , were you born in a tardis you poor person or deranged ?

author by steve - f.o.t.cpublication date Sun Jan 14, 2007 20:38author email mo.steve at btinternet dot comReport this post to the editors

exactly what they are f...s keep up the good work

author by naf270347publication date Tue Jan 16, 2007 00:03Report this post to the editors

A) Most of our ceremonies are in the light.
B)We do not swear in blood
C)Adolf Eichmann was employed by Hitler to watch and exterminate Freemasons.
D) Any colour or religion can join.
E)It is usually people of poor character who are are blackballed.
F)You can buy any Masons publication easily form Freemasons Hall or over the web.
Most freemasons wives know the rituals as well as their spouses. (they rehearse them with them.
I tell you what, if you really want to know why not join. O'h you can't. Wonder why?

author by F Gardener - SBTpublication date Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:15author email sbt at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

what does it mean?

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author by Tony Grifffithspublication date Thu Feb 08, 2007 16:02author email thehambrook at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

This message is directed at Tony Gossling I would like to know were given permission to take photos at the masonic hall in park street

author by Hmm 112 - ?publication date Sun Feb 11, 2007 15:34author email jilly112 at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

I have researched in depth, well, as deep as a woman is allowed to delve with regards "Freemasons". I have not helped my partner rehearse any ritual and will never have anything to do with it. When an organiziation such as the above condone deceit and secrets between man and wife, come on now how can that be right. Lets take the "The initiation ritual" a man must remove his wedding ring, which has been blessed in a recognized religious ceromony in the eyes of god, is that sacrilege?Who is this supreme being that they worship? I am by no means an Emily Panchurst fan but I could never do another ladies night. I came away feeling humiliated, patronized and to certain degrees, a second class citizen feeling grateful to be let out one night a year. A lot of wives don't understand, a lot of wives really do not care, I do. I love my partner but not sure that I could marry a man who kept secrets from me!

author by G-Man - W.K Ricksecker Lodge #606publication date Tue Feb 27, 2007 06:22author email garans at auroraoh dot comReport this post to the editors

I just wanted to comment on someones wife knowing the rituals. I am a Master of a Lodge, and while I do not tell my wife everything, she knows my friends and the basics of what we, as Masons believe. The "secrets" we keep are simply lessons learned that help us become better men. Of the Masons I know, we do not cheat on our wives which seems to be so accepted amongst the "normal" population. We take our commitments to our God, whatever name we call him, to heart. Can you cowens amungst us say the same thing?

author by Hmm 112 - ?publication date Wed Feb 28, 2007 12:24author email jilly112 at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

Since my last comment made on the 11th February my Fiance has resigned from "Freemasonary". The thing that I found quite upsetting was the fact that he hadn't discussed it with me and how I felt about him joining as it would without a doubt have affected my life too. I was instilled with Christian (I'm no saint, who is? and don't attend church, "I believe" and that is all that matters) and traditional values and conceding to something that is clearly wrong would have made the past 44 years of my life pointless, everything that I'd learned about what was right and what was wrong would have been disregarded and thrown out of the window. I felt embarrassed and to some degree ashamed to tell people what he was.
Before my partner joined the "Freemasons" a person or brother as you'd like to call him told my partner (as my partner had a criminal conviction at the time of initiation) that if he had have been a "Freemason" at the time of his conviction that he would not have been convicted and this came from a son of a Grand Master. I won't mention the lodge at this stage. I would have said that his comment that he made quite openly in public could have been quite damaging to the "Freemasons" already not so squeaky clean reputation? I know that they raise money for the needy which is good, but anybody can do that at the end of the day it just seems like good PR. A lot of men who are "Freemasons" who are at the lower end of the ladder, the innocent and the slightly ignorant really do not have a clue as to what they are involved in, even the Grand masters really do not know and will never know what is really happening, it goes far deeper than they could ever have imagined. George Bush is a Mason isn't he? that doesn't fill me with confidence! They bury their heads in the sand and will get quite defensive when needs must. The brain washing as with all cults is a very slow and subtle process.
Just a quick comment on a comment made by a Grand Master on "commitments to your God" so Grand master you admit you are a religious cult. Please look up the definition of cult. Also, I never thought for one minute that by being a Mason that my partner or any other Mason ever cheated on their wives that wasn't the point that I was trying to convey, it's the fact they the "masons" and their teachings instill and condone deceipt and probably corruption amongst it's followers.
I'm so glad that I got my man with one life back and not wondering about the man with the secret life behind closed doors!

author by hmm112 - ?publication date Wed Feb 28, 2007 17:21Report this post to the editors

I obviously didn't proof read my opening comment very clearly so, just to clear any misunderstanding regarding the above. "I found it upsetting that my partner didn't discuss with me or ask my opinion about joining the Freemasons as it would without a doubt have affected my life too".

author by Hector Brownpublication date Sun Mar 04, 2007 18:00author email metalmity at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

Glass, Glass, Glass and there was no soap on the window cleaner's sponge.

(The non profane will get it)

Lighten up all of you please!

author by ??? - mppublication date Thu Mar 08, 2007 22:42author email sallycinamon11 at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

Its only a matter of time before the PROFANE will have their day and im counting them down so hold on to your gown and flags cos ther's a hot wind comin

author by me3publication date Fri Mar 09, 2007 10:44Report this post to the editors

Hear! Hear!

author by K Bpublication date Tue Mar 27, 2007 03:44Report this post to the editors

I am a non mason but just out of interest wondered what the rules were on a mason marrying someone who was not a mason? Would it ever be allowed? And if it was not allowed what would the consequences be- would the person be expelled?

author by MRSGpublication date Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:08Report this post to the editors

Yes, you can marry a mason. It does help though if you're subservient and then you'd certainly make the perfect stepford wife. Fortunately I did not possess the qualifications that they desired in a female because I wouldn't shut up and put up, which is a requirment. I gave my husband an ultimatum, me or them so, he resigned. If you're thinking of marrying one, please, please do your research so you know what it is exactly that you are getting yourself into.
My husband found it increasingly difficult to keep secrets and would confide in me. After leaving the organization he has admitted that it was slightly weird and regrets joining.

author by enlightenedpublication date Tue Apr 03, 2007 08:57author email mailman12_2000 at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

Well, in truth a Mason cannot marry another Mason. It is absolutely forbidden, under any circumstances.
Only a man can be made a Mason. And even if you do believe in marriage between two men, the Masons don't.
So, the answer is yes, a Mason CAN marry a non-Mason, in fact that's the only acceptable marriage as far as a Mason is concerned.

author by MRSGpublication date Tue Apr 03, 2007 17:36Report this post to the editors

Sorry, I assumed the person asking about marriage was a woman because women are non-masons.

author by Kaypublication date Thu Apr 12, 2007 03:32Report this post to the editors

What about the Maçonnerie d'Adoption in 1740?

Didn't Grand Orient de France in 1774 allow these "adopted" woman's lodges?

Elizabeth St-Leger intiated as a Mason in 1712? Mrs. Bell in 1790? Mrs. Harvard in 1770?

In the US?

Catherine Babington of Kentucky
Hannah Mather Crocker
Vinnie Ream Hoxie--- intiated by Albert Pike

Ohh wait they are recognized but SUBORDINATE to men's lodges...

author by solomon garretpublication date Thu Apr 12, 2007 08:00Report this post to the editors

this question was asked but not fully answered. can african americans join "white" lodges? why were the prince hall lodges created?

author by Eddiepublication date Sat Apr 28, 2007 18:39author email lileddy at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

I don't understand why people bash circumstances they have no knowledge about or don't understand. As fellow mason I live my life by doing what is right in spite of everything around me. I help my fellow man regardless of his beleif or disbelief. Is that not honorable? Is that wrong?

author by Katrina Sherwood, Grand Love, In CA, IORG - International Order of the Rainbow for Girlspublication date Mon May 21, 2007 21:58author email yellow_koala at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

George Bush is NOT a Mason. I seriously doubt he would ever be permitted to join a Lodge, as he is not of upstanding character. He and his father are, however, members of Skull and Bones, a secret society which, unlike Masons, serves no other purpose than to be secretive and get its members into positions of power. His administration has 5 other "Bonesmen" in it, and he has 10 of them in his cabinet. Freemasonry would not stand for such cronyism. George Bush is NOT a Mason.

As for those of you who claim things like "blood oaths" and such to be fact...well, you really should do some research before saying these things. Masonry is secretive because of past persecution, and tradition. I don't think it should be such a big deal. It's "secrets" are really just it's lessons, which teach good morals, something most people are seriously lacking these days. It's been said before, and I'll say it again, if a man was not permitted to join, it was because he was not of upstanding character. Masons are fine people, and I am a proudly affliated with them as a state officer in The Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Masons have laid the foundation for success in my life.

PLEASE do your research (and not just on conspiracy whacko websites) before condemning this great organization.

author by JERRY W. HOBBS JR.publication date Wed May 23, 2007 18:55Report this post to the editors


author by Sian Jones - Isis Alchemypublication date Wed May 23, 2007 22:19author email sian at isisalchemy dot comReport this post to the editors

You're obviously not 'high enough' (degree wise) to know what's really going on. It's only when you reach the upper degrees that you begin to find out the real meaning behind their 'outer' image and masque.
By the time you really start to understand the meanings behind the masonic rituals (that would be called 'obsessions' in all non-masons) and how they relate to the micro and macro Universe, you will understand exactly how Freemasonry and its original good and pure intent has been utterly perverted, twisted and manipulated by the Zionist-Illuminati Martians who infiltrated it centuries ago. By then it'll be too late as you'll have undergone some humiliating 'ritual' that will control your every wish to unmasque and reveal these twisted sub-humans that are leading the world to the brink of destruction - and over the edge.

author by Meghanpublication date Mon May 28, 2007 03:44Report this post to the editors

Wow -

That is 20 minutes of my life that I will never get back. I just spent that amount of time reading comments and trying to give some sort of justification to some of your thoughts.

To the non-Masons with the cult like accusations: give me a break! Just because someone puts up a website or prints a book that you can find on the discount rack at Barnes and Noble does mean the information is correct!

I for one grew up in a Masonic home. My father is a Past Master, my sister, my mother, and myself are all members of OES, and my sister and I are both majority members and Past Grand Officers of IORG. There are no blood oaths. There are not sacrifices upon the alter.

I ask you, those skeptics and those who believe that Masonry is a cult, a religion, a secret society, etc., I ask that you take the TIME and the ENERGY to talk to a Mason. Ask questions. Do not take the words you read as law.

Some comments are honestly pathetic and sad.

author by K Bpublication date Wed May 30, 2007 00:40Report this post to the editors

I posted some weeks ago wondering if a mason man can marry a non-masonic woman. The reason I asked was because I am involved with such a man. I want to marry him but have heard mention of a covenant bond that will not allow this. I have read up on masons and what they stand for and would like to join but do not know if I would be allowed or how to go about this. If I knew someone who would vouch for me I believe this would help, but failing that how do I join? I dont wish to join just to marry the person I love but also because after much research I am genuinely interested. Can anyone advise me? No negative comments about my decison please.

Female, 23

author by KMS - IORGpublication date Tue Jun 05, 2007 06:25author email yellow_koala at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

Martians? Sub-humans? Obsessions?
Where on earth are you getting this stuff?

And how on earth can you actually be sure that these things you're claiming are true?

Have you yourself gone through the degrees in York or Scottish Rite? Have you talked to someone who has, and who has fled freemasonry to expose its true evil and ultimate plot to take over the world?
Have you ever even spoken to a freemason?
It certainly doesn't seem that way.

And for the record, the highest degree in Masonry is that of Master Mason. You would know that if you'd done any research apart from reading the rantings of IGNORANT, anti-masonic weirdoes. There is no above and beyond elite degree of freemasonry.

Being a member of the masonic family I am quite troubled to hear of the ignorance and misunderstanding surrounding such a wonderful group of people.
I can only beg you to do more research, and ask yourself if there is any proof to support these negative claims against freemasonry. Please.

author by MRSGpublication date Wed Jun 06, 2007 15:58Report this post to the editors

With regards to the previous comment on degrees and that the master mason(3rd degree) is the highest level which I didn't realize, what about the next 30 degrees, are they lower down the rank than master mason? am confused!

author by Rev. Dr. Jason Dodson - The Parable Institutepublication date Sat Jun 09, 2007 18:02author email jasondodson_inc at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors


While there are secrets in Freemasonry that cannot be revealed to what Freemasons call "the profane" (people who will run around spreading things in a negative way), the organization as a whole would never promote or condone of anything that was evil or negative. Yes, there are some looneys in every fraternity, sorority, club, religion, race, or political sect that go around doing crazy things and give whatever group they belong to a bad name. That is common with anything in life. Aleister Crowley was one of those cats. But, he wasn't even officially recognized by any Masonic Grand body, and he pretty much stole all of the Masonic rites and used them in his own crazy ceremonies which really have nothing to do with Freemasonry- many look similar in appearance, but the meanings were completely inverted to meet Crowley's own nutty definitions. Manly Hall was another esoteric cat who was way out there as far as Masonry was concerned, as was Eliphas Levi. Every individual who writes about Masonry is still human, and they are subject to the same crazy thoughts and temptations as anyone else. These fellows were already a few french fries short of a happy meal when they joined the Lodge, and continued to be as such when they worked through. Truth be known, Crowley, Levi, and yes, even Hall were folks who should have been blackballed anyhow because they did profane the true meaning of Masonry.

There is no conspiracy with Masonry as a whole. Masonry conceals what most people already know unless you are one of those people who are blinded by a closed mind and believe only what your preacher and your Volume of the Sacred Law tells you. Then, you probably won't be able to accept what Masonry teaches because you are probably a fundamentalist in whatever religion you belong to, or maybe you don't believe in anything at all. And that's fine, I welcome diversity. But don't go around slamming others because they believe differently than you. I know how it is to assume that people may be doing evil because they have different practices. I used to be a fundamentalist follower, but now I am a Free Leader. Don't tell me that a Mason can't be a Christian. In most places around the world, to even get a chance to work the degrees, you MUST be willing to accept Salvation in the Christos. This is the whole point of Masonry, is that it takes people who are of any faith, and brings them to a Light Eternal that is alluded to in Christianity by the Salvation of Jesus Christ. But Masonry isn't forceful, it is kind, and does not wish to "convert" anyone to any particular faith by force. We wish to allow those of any religion to come and share the brotherhood of being good people, and show them the Mystery that leads to Eternal Positivity.

Nothing I have told you today reveals any secret. These "secrets" are open secrets, and readily available to anyone who wishes to find them.

Rev. Dr. Jason M. Dodson

author by Tompublication date Wed Jun 20, 2007 06:18Report this post to the editors

There are plenty of gay masons in the United States. Are you saying that there are none in the UK? Or not openly so?

(This is a serious question. Some of my forebears were masons and I am reading a lot to see if it is right for me. Thank you.)

author by Hector Brownpublication date Wed Jun 20, 2007 23:51author email metalmity at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

Yes there are gay masons in the UK, A past grand Master of Scotland Bro Joe Morrow is openly Gay.

author by jablim - dangerouspublication date Fri Jun 22, 2007 21:22author email aab212 at yahoo dot netReport this post to the editors

freemaisons are not harmless they control most of the things we do. They want to rule the world but how are they connected with the the knight templer.

author by A Smith - PHAFAAM Boaz Lodge 309publication date Sun Jun 24, 2007 20:43author email fkngvna at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

I'm a Mason and I went over in '99. I've always noticed the 'Glorious G' thing but just as in Christianity, you have the right to choose which you you believe in, not in the Idol G. My God said that there should be no other God before him and in the 'oath' I took before I was Baptised I accept the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as my personal savior. And he has never left my side yet. I see freemasonry as the Fraternity it is, like Omega Psi Phi or your Greek Frats. There are two types of Mason, Free and Accepted and Clandestine. And FAAM know what 'secrets'-simple gestures recognized by one another -Clandestine Masons-those who don't process a certain item-don't. A mason doesn't share with his wife unless she is a sister and that might not happen because a man can be a OES but I don't know visa versa. I'm in it for the fraternity feeling of brotherhood and not like the Bilderberg Group. Ignorance is Bliss.

author by Bobbypublication date Thu Jun 28, 2007 01:19Report this post to the editors

You can not honor the Grand Architect at the lodge and then give homage to the Lord on his day. The Lord said that you shall not have other gods besides him - First commandment. . . (pertinent to Christians, not counting the sceptical lost sheep).

And to those who call it a charity it is a rather pathetic one from what I've heard averaging a measly $3 per member annually. If any one would like to correct and end this rumor please site a valid source to eradicate any fallicy.

Regardless many who comprise the masons are ordinary people blinded by lies and deception or serpents who indulge themselves in the cunning and deceitfulness of the pit.

Believe it or not masonry will make large contributions to the royal mess that our future will be along with many others who are playing into the plans of the dark one.

"The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it."
President John F. Kennedy

I believe one of you said something that masonry keeps secrets as tradition from the past where they had to avoid persecution. I don't have time to quote now, my humblest apologies. Anyhow secrets are the keepers and if you have nothing to hide in the present why hide?

Don't let the hooligans scare you remember the one who died for us and our sins and trust in his infinite mercy. Stand strong and proud in the face of the persecution to come!

author by Sian Jones - Isis Alchemypublication date Fri Jul 13, 2007 21:57author email sian at isisalchemy dot comReport this post to the editors

Like I said - with respect, you're obviously not high enough degree-wise to know the really important stuff about symbolism, alchemy and all the other 'sub text' which enables you to literally read/see/hear what the plans are for the human race - the useless eaters.
Once the degrees reach the upper echelons then freemasonry gets spliced with the Illuminati and Satanism where gnosticism rules all and their interpretation of 'fairness' and right living is 'gnostic dualism' where your good deeds must balance your bad deeds*. Thus if you fancy a bit of human sacrifice (to syphon off the adrenalchrome or other 'get high' hormones off the sacrificial lamb or human - what's the diffs?? - no problem participating in ritual death of said sacrifice. So long as you do a bit of charity work to 'balance' it all out. And as we will soon all know ...... BALANCE is the name of the game ...... 'folks'.
The ultimate trick of these satanists-illuminati is to hide their evil deeds and personas behind genuinely good people. Camouflage. That's one of the meanings behind the 'ourobouros' rings many of the 'high' freemasons wear - serpent eating its tail. Means they set and instigate the evil, destruction and wars/hatred in the world so that they can trot up on the opposite side of good, on their sturdy steeds, and play the heroes and good guys - YYAAAAYYYY - heroes to save us wretched mortals. Just what we need. Good balances Bad. Simple really. Oh and they tell us wretches we don't have the requisite 'advanced' DNA to be clever like them ... these New Gods and Goddesses dressed up in Biblical gear.
Phew. Just think how dull life would be if we didn't have millions of people killing and scratching each others' eyes out to keep us all occupied.
* Info courtesy of well-known author (and now jailed) and public speaker on the Illuminati-Satanists, Fritz Springmeyer.
All my info is based on acquired knowledge. You only have to step out into the real world, start travelling and see for yourself what these ..... monsters are bringing into consciousness and reality. This is real. It's fact.

author by Philippublication date Wed Aug 22, 2007 02:07Report this post to the editors

About the top message and photos. I notice this "highly secretive" organisation let you in to their building, and their meeting rooms, gave you a guided tour and allowed you to take photographs, including of the man working the lift. How secretive is that?

Also, others have claimed you need to belong to a *very* restricted circle within the organisation before you are allowed knowledge of and access to the evil and corruption. This sounds like a couple of golf clubs I have known. No one pretends this makes golf clubs and ordinary golfers evil and eternally damned.

author by Bro Spike - humanpublication date Tue Aug 28, 2007 07:15Report this post to the editors

"You're obviously not 'high enough' (degree wise) to know what's really going on. It's only when you reach the upper degrees that you begin to find out the real meaning behind their 'outer' image and masque.
By the time you really start to understand the meanings behind the masonic rituals (that would be called 'obsessions' in all non-masons) and how they relate to the micro and macro Universe, you will understand exactly how Freemasonry and its original good and pure intent has been utterly perverted, twisted and manipulated by the Zionist-Illuminati Martians who infiltrated it centuries ago. By then it'll be too late as you'll have undergone some humiliating 'ritual' that will control your every wish to unmasque and reveal these twisted sub-humans that are leading the world to the brink of destruction - and over the edge."

ok, you're saying that we, as Masons, are not high enough in our Fraternity to know what evils we are actually doing....and how is it that you know these things which are so veiled in mystery that non but the highest evil may know??...would that not make you one of the evil one's too? seem to know a lot about this much more than anyone is because of this that i say that you are wholely evil and taken by Satan himself....calling yourself a Christian when infact your deeds are full of hate and evil....
pretty rediculous, isn't it?...just going off of one statement, i have now put you into the same evil that you have put onto other people...who are just as innocent as you...with little of no proof....if you can show me with 100% fact that it is evil in the "higher degrees" (of which there are really only 3 in true Masonry....all else are appendant bodies)....there is no evil in plots to rule the world...nothing....i am so sorry to ruin it for you....but the truth is the truth....

as to the person who asked about Prince Hall Masons.....they were not created by Masons....they were actually a lodge built by Mr. Hall....they decided that they didn't want to pay the Grand Lodge their dues, so they lost their charter and are no longer accepted as regular Masons...pure and simple....

thanks for the reading's always good to see things from all angles....

author by Tall Paulpublication date Fri Sep 14, 2007 14:19Report this post to the editors

Note from a pre-mason (just about to join the frat). Many of the comments on this page are great! Kept me entertained for the last half hour. Sounds like the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster, much better than the Da-Vinci thing. Really though, I have to wonder how much anybody really knows about the goings-on amonst the really wealthy. Thats what we are talking about here. If you have upwards of a £billion it puts you in a class of super-elite and money buys power. With money you can buy politicians, you can buy businesses, land, gold mines, oil fields, diamond mines, telephone companies, small countries, slightly larger countries. This small group may well be high up in masonry or other organisations, or might even be part of some sinister devil worshipping cult. The thing is, do you really think we (the rest of us) are ever going to find out what devilish schemes these people are plotting? I don't think freemasons are anything other than a social group who have at least some control over membership. By that I don't mean mind control, I mean that they try to keep idiots out! That, for me is a good thing. I do promise though, that if I find anything sinister I will expose it and I will always join the "Good" fight. From Tall Paul, Burnley.

author by Jay Wamsleypublication date Sat Sep 15, 2007 18:55Report this post to the editors

If the masonic order is so did you obtain a tour?

In the United States all Masonic buildings are marked and most masons wear masonic jewelry or have emblems on their vehicles....

You should find better things to do with your time other than cook up crazy conspiracy theories about a fraternity of good men that has done great things for society as a whole.

author by James Smith - Masonic lizard in human formpublication date Mon Sep 17, 2007 12:02Report this post to the editors

I did not realise that so many people in the age of the internet still believed that the masons were up to no good.
In this PC age when saying anything against any minority seems to be a crime at least the good (bad?) old masons are still seen as an easy and legitimate target.
To sum all these anti masonic posts I have to use a traditional Scot's phrase "WHIT A LOAD O P*SH"
If the masons did not exist then these conspiracy nuts would find another group to fear and attack.
It is pointless going into dialogue with them as they really believe that the craft is corrupt and is out to get them.

author by Mrs Lonely-Depressedpublication date Sun Sep 23, 2007 22:15author email julie.wright at sal dot gov dot ukReport this post to the editors

Do masons realise what they are doing to their wives? they are not allowed to tell us anything after being soul mates for many years, we have no one to talk to about the organisation who can take constructive criticism. My husband joined the masons and I became severely depressed because we suddenly couldn't share this new life he had been cohurst into entering - he was told that he would have preferantial treatment in the community - it didn't happen (I was also 'interviewed' by a masonic stranger in my own home regarding my husband becoming a freemason). We have had a terrible relationship since he joined and he has now told them his marriage comes first and still they ring him to ask when he is coming back!
They brain washed my husband and he has said he felt intimidated during the rituals - and I certainly dont want my husband blind folded with a rope round his neck,

author by Brian - masonicpublication date Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:57author email brianh119 at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

I have been a mason for over 12 years and have yet to Find, See, or Hear any of the acquisitions made against the Craft.
It seems there are still people who will Never believe in the truth( only in what they want to believe as the Truth) a Masonic path will help you be a better person, where is the wrong in that.

Worshipfull Master is the correct pronunciation you are looking for, much nicer than Whizz.

author by Lanapublication date Fri Sep 28, 2007 19:27author email Lana at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

I have known masons to be quite selfish to people outside their world if they don't get their own way. They think they are so important. I find them very condescending and patronising. It must take you a lifetime to become better person. Whats wrong with just being yourself?

author by annie phillipspublication date Sat Sep 29, 2007 17:35author email anniedphillips at hotmail dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

You say you have still to Find, See or Hear any acqusations against they masons - surely you are seeing them by reading them and hearing of them on this media page.
These comments are obviously made by people who have had a bad experience the the craft.
Please wake up and listen and don't be so hood winked into thinking you are the be-all and end-all of society.

author by Paul - Privatepublication date Wed Oct 03, 2007 14:38author email scoutdc01 at yahoo dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

It can appear confusing.
One becomes a Mason in three stages if you like, hence the 1st, 2nd & finally the 3rd Degree, when he becomes a Master Mason. Hence the 3rd Degree is the Highest Degree in Freemasonry. In the UK at least.

Now the confusing bit. When one becomes a Master Mason, he is then completely free to make up his own mind whether or not to join other, what are called "side degrees" Royal Arch for example is a side degree it is not the 4th Degree. There is no "promotion" to a higher level as it were, it is very important to understand that each and every Master Mason is neither coerced or forced to join any of the recognised side degrees.

There is a side degree in UK Freemasonry called Scottish Rite with a 33rd Degree clasification, in the USA however, Scottish Rite is an entirely separate strand of Freemasonry where the 33rd level is the highest, a subtle but unique difference.

In the UK the 3rd Degree is the highest level, other countries adopt differing methods

Hope this helps.

author by Tony Goslingpublication date Wed Oct 03, 2007 17:54Report this post to the editors

The God of the masons is like a kind of masonic pope. Their way of thinking is always control-freakery and anti-democratic (the opposite of 'for the people') - we'll see it rise to the fore as the fascist New World Order rolls out in months and years to come.

The god of the masons isn't Jabulon or any of the other mumbo-jumbo, the god of the masons is Grand master of the United Grand Lodge of England, HRH Edward the Duke of Kent.

BTW I know people who have reached the 33rd degree so please don't pretend that all British masons are still in craft masonry - more masonic mumbo-jumbo - why are there so many Royal Arch officers and members??

on the right Grand Master of World Freemasonry (UGL) HRH Edward Duke of Kent
on the right Grand Master of World Freemasonry (UGL) HRH Edward Duke of Kent

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author by Paul - Privatepublication date Fri Oct 05, 2007 12:33Report this post to the editors

The incredulous comment that the Duke of Kent is the "god of masons" is more akin to mumbo jumbo I would suggest.

And yes every single UK Mason without exception, are, as you put it, still involved in Craft Masonry. Any man who wishes to join a legally constituted lodge under the auspices and governance of United Grand Lodge of England, can only become a Master Mason via the 3 Degrees, there is no higher degree it is that simple.

You mention that you know people who are 33rd Degree, well good for you, so do I. If they are UK Masons then they will have chosen that particular side degree, however this does not make them superior in status to a Master Mason, first and foremost they are Craft Masons and will always be so.

A side Degree could have a 1000 Degree classification, it does not matter.

Regarding your claim that the D o K is the god of Masons. He is as you rightly state the current UK Grand Master (Mason), and head of the organisation, in much the same way as a CEO of a multi-national, the difference being that Masons will show due and proper respect for his position witihin Freemasonry, in the knowledge that he (the D o K) is fundamentaly a Craft Master Mason and is neither superior or better than they are. Respected yes, worshipped as a god no.

Lastly the good old New World Order, Illuminati et al.

Sadly, Freemasonry and its principals of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth exposes a soft underbelly. There can be no doubt that organisations such as the Illuminati for example saw Freemasonry as an unwitting host on which to feed and lay its own parasitic eggs of chaos and hatred. Likewise, people drunk on the lust for power and self-gratification and greed will have used the cover of Freemasonry for their unsavoury and maleavolent acts.

Over many years groups will have been formed using Freemasonry as its model, usurping its ideals and yes re-interpretating Masonic ritual for their own ends. None of these quasi-Masonic organisations are endorsed, recognised or tolerated by UGLE or the thousands of law abiding, God fearing Masons who enjoy fraternity membership.

By default, Freemasonry, GENUINE Freemasonry is itself a victim, corrupted by those whose own motives and hidden agendas have tarred the whole of the organisation, this in my humble opinion is both unfair and unfortunate, but sadly a reputation and stigma that Freemasonry will find itself increasingly difficult (if at all) to distance itself.

author by truthpleasepublication date Thu Oct 11, 2007 22:28Report this post to the editors

This coment is by a "reverend" who is a UNIVERSALIST...this is NOT Christian!!!

author by paulpublication date Fri Oct 12, 2007 10:04Report this post to the editors

Ok you have my attention!

a "reverend?", UNIVERSALIST?, not Christian, you sign yourself truthplease, then make a one line comment. Please qualify what you mean.

Note also, that the conclusion to my original comment was my opinion and not what I believe.

author by Jackie2@hotmail.compublication date Wed Oct 17, 2007 23:12Report this post to the editors

What a load of twaddle you Masons talk about. Get a life and enjoy it for goodness sake - be a true member of society instead of hiding behind closed doors. Take your pinny's and gloves off and really think about real people and not just those have to belong to a secret society to feel wanted.
There' s a world out here worth living. Give your partner a second thought (she probably laughs her socks off at you or is deeply embarrassed to tell people you are a mason). I am. And I will never ever go to another ladies evening just to make you lot feel important and patronise your partners - I'm not that desperate for a night out!

author by masonage25publication date Sat Nov 10, 2007 20:06Report this post to the editors

To hear a few of the ladies say that they didn’t like their husbands keeping secrets. The only secrets we have are how to identify each other. This is because in medieval times they didn’t have résumés so they used a secret handshake to prove that they were a master mason and they were paid accordingly.

Also to hear that you felt a second class citizen on the ladies night just means that you didn’t understand the point of it. Ladies night is used to commemorate the master of the lodge’s wife as a lot of her husbands time would of been taken up running the lodge for the past year. In turn this is also used to show respect to our partners for supporting us and letting us go to lodge meetings once a month.

The reason why you were interviewed in your home was not to vet you, it was to see if you were happy with your husband joining. This is because some people don’t like there partner going somewhere once a month to a place that they can’t. I was told on my interview before anyone spoke to my wife that if she wasn’t happy with the idea of me joining then I shouldn’t as Family comes first. With that in mind your partner should never have joined if you had such a problem with it.

I find it so funny to hear people say freemasonry is an evil society and I’m not a high enough level to know the real secrets. If this was the case and Rouge masons were revealing our dark secrets, surly we would silence them. If we started every war in history then how could we not keep a couple of our members silent?

One thing you conspiracy people forget is that Hitler started WW2, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt both masons helped finish it.

I think this ‘Masons are evil’ doctrine is manifested by People with to much time on there hands. These are the type of people who also think that man didn’t land on the moon, really get a life. For those women who don’t like the idea of there partners joining the masons remember it’s a joint decision so speak up before they join.

To cover off the ‘Grand Architect’ argument, Freemasonry requires that you believe in a God. Whether it’s a Christian God, Allah or what ever you want to call him you must believe in a Grand Architect. Only atheists can’t join as the belief is a requirement of joining.

Lastly I received a driving conviction for speeding last month and yes I had to pay the full £30($60). So those who feel we have it better prove it and join!! Ohh wait you’ve probably never met a mason!!!!

author by FUCKTHENWOpublication date Fri Nov 16, 2007 00:24Report this post to the editors

The Lower Masons aren't the problem, its the people at the top that have their fingers in everything. Freemasonry is evil and anti-human

author by Lord Jim - utah fogpublication date Fri Nov 23, 2007 11:21author email nothanks at idontwannahearfromyou dot comReport this post to the editors

Mr Tony Gosling, your presence on the web is pure douchebaggery, plain and simple. Not only are you inflicting a douchebag POV on the world, but your web design skills are nonexistent and 3/4 of your links don't work.

I'm still trying to work out what it is exactly that you have "exposed," other than your own position as the world's leading douchebag.

author by Steve Bell - Mason of twelve yearspublication date Sun Nov 25, 2007 19:37author email Report this post to the editors


You are misinformed on every part of your pointless and adolescent rubbish. The irony of exposing secet society skullduggery by using secretly taken pictures is somehow lost on you. You are Sir, an idiot.

Freemason and PROUD of it.

author by Jackiepublication date Wed Nov 28, 2007 00:04author email jackie2 at hotmail dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

You just can't help be condesending can you?
Please do not patronise us women you sick sick men.
The Ladies Evening is pathetic - the majority of women who go haven't a clue what you lot do behind closed doors and see it as an evening to dress up and outdo each other. Nothing to do with saying thank you for letting us out once a month - if so what a sad relationship you have with each other.
When my husband was joining not only was I interviewed (that I also find patronising) but two so called good men talked to my husband in our house for two consecutive nights with the door closed to me. How damaging is that to a marriage? You say the only secrets you have are to recognised each other - you are just like school boys in gangs- grow up! Why on earth you think you are above everyone else is beyond me.

author by ginapublication date Wed Nov 28, 2007 15:48author email justmennc at aol dot comReport this post to the editors

in reply to this:boring old farts?
by naf270347 Tuesday, Jan 16 2007, 12:03am

A) Most of our ceremonies are in the light.
B)We do not swear in blood
C)Adolf Eichmann was employed by Hitler to watch and exterminate Freemasons.
D) Any colour or religion can join.
E)It is usually people of poor character who are are blackballed.
F)You can buy any Masons publication easily form Freemasons Hall or over the web.
Most freemasons wives know the rituals as well as their spouses. (they rehearse them with them.
I tell you what, if you really want to know why not join. O'h you can't. Wonder why?

Here is my reply:

That is bullcrap and you know it. They cannot recite the words. They are sworn to secrecy on those. All wives need to know when they go for their first degree, second and third, they are REQUIRED to remove their wedding bands too. A symbolism of course to their fellow mason OMG !! Dont you dare let your husbands fool you. THey have taken an oath to keep their secrets and those secrets are from you INCLUDED! Talk about dishonesty !! If you can live with that go for it. God be with you.

author by JAckiepublication date Wed Nov 28, 2007 18:58author email jackie2 at hotmail dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

Here! Here!
I can't believe there are wives out there who think its ok to be a second class citizen to their freemason husband. Are you not bothered you are married to someone who belongs to a cult?

author by Juan LeedleStenken Iota - IsAnyOneReallyHomeOnEarth??publication date Thu Dec 06, 2007 04:24author email scott_negron at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

What a gaggle of Putz's You all sound like a bunch of little girls whining and compleining about something you know absolutely little about...."Ive read this" and they do that" Or providing links as if they are somehow expert any more than you bunch of tossers.

The truth of the matter is, most human beiongs love to tear down anything they either arent involved in, any secret they arent privvy to, or any one elses candle that burns too brightly, as it makes theirs look dim.
What I have found to be consistenly true is that 99% of the stuff written about them isnt even true (much of the good stuff as well!)

After a child family member of mine was absolutely positively SAVED by one of their hospitals,, I did indepth research of these guys BY GOING TO THEM. They never asked for a penny after saving this kids life, to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars worth of medical treatment.

I dont hate Masons. The world is certainly, no, DECIDEDly a better place because they are here. Their hospitals and other charities provide relief for millions while you bunch of lazy queens sit around your sewing circle and whine. Grow up!

If your so mad about not knowing all the secrets, then get up off of your jackasses and go join up to find out first hand what its all about. Or at least shut up about it. Find something to cry about that doesnt display your lack of understanding so glaringly.

Mix that up in your pint and swallow hard

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author by turd degreepublication date Sat Dec 08, 2007 21:11Report this post to the editors

to me all masons suck satan's obelisk

author by Ruthpublication date Thu Dec 13, 2007 23:48author email ruthlongman at hotmail dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

Well Scott, us females have really shaken your feathers. I actually do know a great deal about Freemasonry - more than my mason husband knows and I am greatly disappointed and embarrased he has had to go down this route. Freemasons today have just jumped on the bandwagon of the great stone masons who worked centuries ago and who protected their livliehood and skillswith their secrecy. This lot today have been brain washed into thinking they are something they are not. I would never join - I can hold my head high and be seen in society. Please do not be fooled into thinking they are special because they do a lot of charity work - so do a lot of other people.
One thing that really disurbs me is the cable tow put round candidates necks. Stonemasons used cable tows to haul their great weight of stone up to each level of the building they were working on. A cable tow was also used to put round slaves necks to parade them round a group of people when they were being sold and intimidate them. Good on you Masons - this is what you do in your rituals - parade initiates round with a rope round their neck with a blindfold on -
and a point put to their chest to remind them of the severity of their promises and obligations - nice one chaps.
My husband and I have had a great wedge put between us - we no longer sleep together and don't share anymore - sad really after 30 years of being best friends and souls mates. Well done Freemasons!

author by antikronos - nonepublication date Sat Dec 15, 2007 17:55author email henry64032 at mintemail dot uni dot ccReport this post to the editors

"I am a Master of a Lodge, and while I do not tell my wife everything, she knows my friends and the basics of what we, as Masons believe. The "secrets" we keep are simply lessons learned that help us become better men"

So spread the word for world peace and make all men better men! Now that's charity.

Or should I interpret better as 'superior'. That would make your story more consistent.

author by antikronos - nonepublication date Sat Dec 15, 2007 19:14author email henry64032 at mintemail dot uni dot ccReport this post to the editors

"I am a Master of a Lodge, and while I do not tell my wife everything, she knows my friends and the basics of what we, as Masons believe. The "secrets" we keep are simply lessons learned that help us become better men"

So spread the word for world peace and make all men better men! Now that's charity.

Or should I interpret better as 'superior'. That would make your story more consistent.

author by El Grebopublication date Thu Dec 20, 2007 13:28Report this post to the editors

Love it, particularly the wife of masons bit, funny how all the articles appear the same though lol

Not a FM but know many and satanic is not how i'd desribe them. I'd suggest far too much paranoia here and advise you invest in a lot of tinfoil hats =o)

author by druidpublication date Wed Dec 26, 2007 21:12Report this post to the editors

who writes this garbage?

author by Martin Faulks - Lewis Masonicpublication date Mon Jan 07, 2008 15:43author email Martin at lewismasonic dot comReport this post to the editors

Its all about being a good guy.


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author by nobush - adeaqlapublication date Wed Jan 23, 2008 18:09author email ginoraul at gmail dot comReport this post to the editors

Ignorance is bliss!!

author by Tony Goslingpublication date Fri Feb 08, 2008 00:20Report this post to the editors



Related Link:
author by anarchist tompublication date Fri Feb 08, 2008 13:38Report this post to the editors

While there is good reason to keep an open mind on just about everything these days, I find that there is plenty of "food for thought" out there which is infinately more nourishing than that which you are offering here, we could spend the rest of our lives and then some delving into conspiracy theories, meanwhile there exists much more data, facts and information to prove the arguments against capitalism and elites - and to bring them down without resorting to chewing on "food" like you serve up here.
Give me a good fact or two any day!

author by nickthemasonpublication date Sat Feb 16, 2008 20:05Report this post to the editors

I am a 31 year old mason, and I can honestly say I have never heard so much ill informed rubbish in all my life.

I have a worry though the real illuminati are right in front of our noses, and I have worries my wife is taking part in these secret rituals.
They meet behind closed doors where no men are allowed and have strange "regalia" which they put on and parade around in.
In addition to this they also have unusual tools which they pass around a circle, I have found one of there manifesto catalogs in our house the other night.
From the literature I found I have come to the conclusion that they are known by the name of the Antient Daughters of Ann Summers, and they worship an apple type symbol with a bite taken out of it.

I believe this shows how Eve tricked Adam into slavery by tasting the forbidden fruit.

Here is there website if you are interested; I know I am starting to admire their philosophies!!!!

author by TG - the anti-cult militiapublication date Mon Mar 03, 2008 18:34Report this post to the editors

This is a picture story - a glimpse into a place rarely seen by joe public and perfectly valid as such - if you want more meat to chew on just do a google serach for "freemasonry police and corruption" to see the stories behind the pictures. You'll come up with something like this from one of the best freemasonry sites in the web

A Firm in a Firm: Freemasonry and Police Corruption

..........It took a hundred years for that illusion to be pricked, although close observers of the CID had known the truth for decades. A hint of what went wrong in the meantime comes in the story of Chief Inspector Reginald Morrish, a Metropolitan officer from 1911 to 1937. Morrish worked in the CID for sixteen years, winning forty-four commendations and eighteen awards. He also served in Scotland Yard's fraud and homicide squads. From 1943 to 197 he was a senior instructor at Hendon Police College and wrote several textbooks. One book he did not write was an autobiography. Not long before he died, aged ninety-two, he burnt his entire police papers. His son Ivor was horrified. He wrote:

During the whole of my early life at home, including a period in which we lived at a very busy police station in south London, my father's chief topics of conversation were the police, religion, bribery and corruption (which he saw as rife in all levels in the police force) and freemasonry. The one thing which seemed to worry him most of all was the connexion which he felt existed between freemasonry and corruption, and between freemasonry and self-advancement in the force. In his view there was no room for doubt about these connexions. He used to list all the officers who were masons. He noted the dates of their promotions, whether they had jumped anyone else of equal or greater ability, and all their connexions with other officers in the force.

On many occasions he was invited to join the masons (his two brothers were members) and he used to tell numerous stories of how both police officers and criminals sought favours of him in his pursuance of the detection of crimes. They seemed to assume that - like most other 'successful' officers in the Met - he was a mason of some standing. He received masonic handshakes by the score when investigating crimes, and he was offered bribes in the form of money, goods and even the services of women, in order that he might overlook vital pieces of evidence. Of course, not all those attempting bribery were masons but, according to my father, many were.

The most common expressions used by my father in relation to work were 'he is on the take', 'he is taking backhanders', 'he is receiving the drop' and 'he is on the square' with being amenable to bribes, corruption and perjury, so often did he use these phases in juxtaposition. Later on in life, when we discussed the position of freemasonry in the force and its connexion with corruption and self-advancement at the expense of others, it became clear that he regarded freemasonry as an evil per se which was to be held responsible for the larger proportion of corruption in the police force.

In 1933 or 1934 Det. Insp. Morrish had to run the Croydon Division while the divisional inspector was off sick. Looking through various registers and record books he became very suspicious of the way crimes were being recorded, so he carried out his own investigation. He concluded that the division's relatively high success rate for crime clearance was thoroughly bogus, because many crimes were being entered up as something else. A woman would have her handbag snatched, but this would be entered in the register as a case of 'Lost Property'.(3) Many other entries were far more ingenious.

After a thorough examination of every bit of routine and every crime over a period of several months, my father wrote a report on his findings and sent copies to his bosses: the divisional detective inspector and the area superintendent. As my father did not spare personalities, the facts he revealed militated strongly against both men's honesty. According to him, both were freemasons.

They met him together in private, sought at first to mollify him and then began to threaten and pressure him. He was told in no uncertain terms that, if he went on investigating the investigators, it could only lead to his own downfall. But he was adamant, and felt he had a duty to society, as well as his own integrity, to pursue the matter. He obviously had rattled his superiors who clearly warned him they would block all possible promotion for him.

I'm afraid they didn't understand what motivated him. Nothing and no one could ever browbeat him. He forthwith typed out an even fuller report which detailed all the criminal statistics he had investigated, and concluded with an account of his dealings with his superiors including their interview with him and the threats they had made. This 100 page report (which unfortunately he later burnt) he addressed to the Metropolitan Commissioner, Lord Trenchard.

Trenchard was soon paying personal visits to each station in the division, and insisted on seeing the records and documents referred to in Morrish's report. Eventually Trenchard called him up to his office but, moments before he was due to enter, Deputy Commissioner Norman Kendal tried to divert him. He suggested he need not see the Commissioner, as everything could be put right at this late stage - even his promotion - if he would only withdraw his report

Behind this soft approach my father detected a threat that, if he didn't withdraw, he could say goodbye to any future advancement. He politely refused and insisted on seeing the Commissioner. Later, as a result of the interview and the report, changes were introduced - in the Croydon Division at least - in the methods of recording and clearing up crime, and the way statistics on crime clearance were prepared.

Very soon afterwards the two superior officers retired. My father was transferred to the training centre at Scotland Yard and began his lecturing career. About six months later, when Lord Trenchard established Hendon Police College, he told my father he was promoting him to chief inspector and making him a senior instructor. When he later met my father at the college, he insisted it was he and no one else who had promoted him. The message, if oblique, seemed quuite clear to my father. I don't know whether Trenchard, or for that matter Kendal, was a mason or not, but my father always regarded the whole business as an indication that even the Brotherhood could be outwitted on occassions.

As evidence against Freemasonry, this account is difficult to assess. Sceptics would stress that the alleged incidents took place more than fifty years ago, might have been much exaggerated in the original telling and are recollected here by a son who might be spicing up his father's account. No documents have survived and we have no proof the 'villans' were Masons. A lawyer would dismiss it all as 'triple hearsay'. However, Ivor Morrish is a respected author of numerous teaching textbooks and a lifelong educationalist. He is unlikely to have invented so much detail. His father was a man of unquestioned integrity, and outstanding instructor, and deeply trusted by Lord Trenchard who was this century's greatest police reformer. As such, Reg Morrish's perceptions of Freemasonry should not be lightly discarded. What is more, they marry only too convincingly with the incontrovertible evidence revealed when scores of corrupt detectives were investigated in the 1970's. The full story of Metropolitan Police corruption at the time is told in The Fall of Scotland Yard, a book which I co-authored in 1977 with Barry Cox and John Shirley.(4) Here I isolate the Masonic aspects of the scandal.................

author by Peter Clatworthy - The Grand Lodge of All Englandpublication date Thu Mar 20, 2008 14:24author email grandsecretary at btinternet dot comauthor address Rivendell House, 4/5 Holme View, Arthington, West Yorkshire, Englandauthor phone 0113 203 7233Report this post to the editors

It is a Masonic disgrace that people who seek to represent themselves as Freemasons reply to honest questions about Freemasonry by either spreading lies and dis-information or by offering unofficial opinions based upon a total ignorance of that to which they supposedly belong.

In respect of Religion, the following are quotations from The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by Albert Gallatin Mackey, first published in Philadelphia in 1917 himself a Moderns Freemason and a leading Masonic historian of his day, and to which The Grand Lodge of All England concurs.

Mackay : Dr Albert Gallatin Mackey was Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina (1842-1867). He practised medicine until 1854, after which, literary and masonic pursuits fully occupied his time. In July, 1865, President Johnson appointed him Collector of the Port. He was later defeated in a senatorial race and moved to Washington D.C. in 1870.

Compiler of A Lexicon of Freemasonry in 1845, he went on to publish many books on Freemasonry, most notably his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry . At various times he edited such publications as Western Masonic Miscellany (1849-54), Masonic Quarterly Review (1857-58), American Freemason (1859-60), Mackey's National Freemason (1871-74), & The Voice of Freemasonry (1875-79).

Here are the quotations:

"There has been a needless expenditure of ingenuity and talent, by a large number of Masonic orators and essayists, in the endeavour to prove that Freemasonry is not a religion. This has usually arisen from a well-intended but erroneous view that has been assumed of the connection between religion and Freemasonry, and from a fear that if the complete disseverance of the two was not made manifest, the opponents of Freemasonry would be enabled successfully to establish a theory which they have been fond of advancing, that Freemasons were disposed to substitute the teachings of their Order for the truths of Christianity. Now we have never for a moment believed that any such unwarrantable assumption, as that Freemasonry is intended to be a substitute for Christianity, could ever obtain admission into any well-regulated mind, and, therefore, we are not disposed to yield on the subject of the religious character of Freemasonry, quite so much as has been yielded by more timid Brethren. On the contrary, we contend, without any sort of hesitation, that Freemasonry is, in every sense of the word, except one, and that its least philosophical, an eminently religious institution - that it is indebted solely to the religious element it contains for its origin as well as its continued existence, and that without this religious element it would scarcely be worthy of cultivation by the wise and good."

"So much does it "include a belief in the being and perfections of God," that the public profession of such a faith is essentially necessary to gain admission into the Order. No disbeliever in the existence of God can be made a Freemason. The "revelation of his will to man" is technically called the "spiritual, moral, and Masonic Trestle-Board" of every Freemason, according to the rules and designs of which he is to erect the spiritual edifice of his eternal life. A "state of reward or punishment" is necessarily included in the very idea of an obligation, which, without the belief in such a state, could be of no binding force or good simply in obedience to the Statutes of the Order. These very Statutes owe their sanction to the Masonic idea of the nature and perfections of God, a belief that has come down to us from the earliest history of the Institution, and the promulgation of which idea was the very object and design of its origin."

"The tendency of all true Freemasonry is toward religion. If it make any progress, its progress is to that holy end. Look at all its ancient landmarks, its sublime ceremonies, its profound symbols and allegories - all inculcating religious doctrine, commanding religious observance, and teaching religious truth and who can deny that it is eminently a religious institution?

"But, besides, Freemasonry is, in all its forms, thoroughly tinctured with a true devotional spirit. We open and close our Lodges with prayer; we invoke the blessing of the Most High upon all our labors; we demand of our neophytes a profession of trusting belief in the existence and the superintending care of God; and we teach them to bow with humility and reverence at His awful name, while His Holy Law is widely open upon our altars. Freemasonry is thus identified with religion; and although a man be eminently religious without being a Freemason, it is impossible that a Freemason can be "true and trusty" to his Order unless he is a respecter of religion and an observer of religious principle."


FACT: Freemasonry is religious. This is the wording of the Ancient Landmark of Freemasonry, which dates back to at least the beginning of the 10th century. It confirms beyond any doubt that - "a belief in the existence of God and the immortality of souls is an unalterable and incontestable cornerstone of the Craft and this tenet cannot be abolished".

If you wish to make comment on Freemasonry then please, at least make an effort to know the very basics of your subject before deluding yourself or fooling others. The Grand Lodge of All England deprecates this widespread abuse of Freemasonry itself.

Peter Clatworthy
Grand Secretary
Grand Lodge of all England

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author by bluwespublication date Fri Apr 11, 2008 09:42Report this post to the editors

Sorry, what organisation is the Grand Lodge of All England. I do not recognise either the organisation or its secretary. Freemasonry in England is under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England. Plese explain further Mr Clatworthy

author by Truthpublication date Wed May 07, 2008 12:00Report this post to the editors

If you are chosen to become a Freemason is it true that no one is meant to know your apart of this organisation?
I have heard a young individual who has told more than 6 people that he has been excepted as a upsets me that it should be kept a secret but this young boy of 22 is ruining the societies code of honesty and loyality!!
It seems as though this boy thinks its a popularity contest and its not what Freemasons promote.
Can anything be done about this?

author by Tony Goslingpublication date Sat May 10, 2008 23:41Report this post to the editors

"The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is better than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Next to this, the form of a learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose, and had Free Masonry not existed, this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands. By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labours, we may turn the public mind which way we will." - Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati in John Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy, 1793.

Proofs of a Conspiracy, by John Robison, [1798], CHAP. II., The Illuminati.

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author by Rebel1 - People's Liberation Movementpublication date Tue May 13, 2008 03:43Report this post to the editors

Even if one was to put aside these so called conspiracy "theories", one must look no further than the members of the Freemasons. Since the list is too long, let me just give 2 example's: Frankin D. Roosevelt (and his sons) and George Washington. These are just 2 random examples. Now, George Washington was a slave "master". How can an "enlightened" or "moral" human being being even begin to consider the "ownership" of individuals? And FDR, who was knee deep in covert/clandestine "intelligence" activity during and after WWII. He over saw agencies such as the Office of the Coordinator of Intelligence (COI) and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which were somewhat like precursors to the CIA, which was established 2 years after he left office. These agencies engaged in psychological warfare (propaganda), sabatoge, logistical support and training for armed groups and plain out murder. FDR knew and sponsored these activities, some necessary for the war effort, most counter-productive and extremely immoral to you average human being. These are just 2 examples out of many. So even if there was no NWO conspiracy, how can you call these people (granted I understand not all mason are bad people) moral and striving to live right? Some people may well be trying to live right. However, you have individuls representing the group and some are extremely powerful and engage in massive destruction. How can this be tolerated by a "charity"? How can you excuse these facts? You can do the research across the board and facts are facts, many top ranking officials were and are freemasons and commit grave crimes against humanity!!

author by jjpublication date Fri May 30, 2008 17:33Report this post to the editors

Fascinating reading all of this - but some questions to the masonic fraternity -

If you're making the world a better place - tell us how? Give me some examples?

If you're making yourselves better people - how do you do this? What value do you get from masonry that you can't get from elsewhere in world of religion, literature, poetry, music, friendship and love?

author by Betmatrho - http://the-red-thread.netpublication date Tue Jun 17, 2008 13:24author email unveiler at the-red-thread dot netauthor address California, MOauthor phone 573-796-3203Report this post to the editors

Many are the jealous people about something they are not privy to. The Masons and Shriners have never done any harm to anyone in their 'secret' club. My husband was a Mason>Shriner and I have read all the books [unbeknownst to him]. There is not one shred of evidence that they have anything dangerous in their beliefs - no more so than the Bible itself. If the accounts in the Bible were being played out today, as they are written, the masses would be screaming bloody murder at the outrageous partakings of events.
If you will read my articles on the you will see that the tribe of Ephraim, and all those that fall under the jurisdiction of 'his' nation, and that of Manasseh, will rule the world. Put in biblical terms, 'push the nations together like horns of a unicorn'. What this means is to form a one world union amongst all tribal nations. This is exactly what the 'lost tribes' of Israel have been working toward for all these years. What could be more evident than biblical prophecy taking place before our very eyes? The 'lost tribes' of Israel are made up of white western men and women, so why wouldn't their 'secret' society be made up of this race of people. Why is it that white people are not jealous of non-white societies, but the reverse is always predictable. The 'Israelites will be a light unto the world' means that the world will benefit from their discoveries, inventions, know-how, marvels, knowledge, talents, and special contributions.
The Masons should be commended on their longevity, their dedication, their sense of duty to the world. They practice only respectable characteristics toward society and are honest, trustworthy, and dependable citizens. Masonic members have always been the men in society who pave the way for all people to benefit from their hard work and initiative. I am sick of the slander that the Masons/Shriners get just because they remain a secret society. Truth be known they are cut above - maybe a couple of cuts above other people.
God bless the Masons. Case closed.

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author by paulmonpublication date Mon Aug 04, 2008 17:45Report this post to the editors

All Masons i have met are decent, law abiding folk who just want to give something back to society hence the focus on charity. In some way much like the Round Table or the Rotary Club, why to these organizations not received the same scorn, suspicion and contempt? They commit the same offences, which as i can see are men dining together and raising money to help improve the lot of those less fortunate.

We dont know the inner workings of the Vatican, or of Lambeth Palace or even Downing Street for that matter im not suggesting that freemasonry is a religion just an old organisation like the others do we call all catholics, protestants and politicions co conspiritors, forgive the stilted nature of my post its my first attempt.

author by JHL - University of Lifepublication date Fri Oct 10, 2008 16:04Report this post to the editors

Freemasonry is not a harmless organisation and cannot in any way be compared to Round Table/Rotary. Freemasonry exists to promote the interests of Freemasons themselves, not for the benefits of others. Money given to outside charities by freemasons is given grudgingly, as a sop to it's many critics. I was formerly Charity Steward for a masonic district, overseeing Charitable aspects of 26 lodges. Believe me, I was instructed by senior masons to direct only the smallest amounts possible to non-masonic organisations. I left after some twelve years, finally persuaded that Freemasonry , in general, is not for the common good, and some degrees, Holy Royal Arch, Rose Croix, in particular, are blashemous and dangerous.
Some members view Freemasonry as more important than family or career; it is rather pathetic to see such misguided men parading around the lodge room, full of authority but having made little or no impact on the real world.There are many sad, pompous little pricks amongst it's members.

Round Table (of which I was a member, many years ago) is a fun organisation, typically for hard living young professionals who want to give somrthing back whilst enjoying themselves in a sometimes boisterous fashion. However, they are not a self help organisation, they are focussed on others and what help they can give. It is above all a practical organisation, more akin to painting Alms Houses than dressing in archaic aprons and conducting bizarre ceremonies.

I think that at the top (32nd and 33rd gegree level,) Freemasonry is dangerously influential in our society, especially in the Police Force and Insurance. Masonic lodges are awash with them!

author by NYMasonpublication date Mon Nov 17, 2008 19:34author email superstarswrestlingschool at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

I have never laughed so hard at what you all "conclude" about freemasonry. My eye's swelled up with tears of laughter at how much hatred can be thrown over something you IN FACT (based on the many falsehoods you tried to project as truth) know nothing about.

It is clearly a sad sad case of FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. So you in fact get a life and stop making up clear false statements for no further reason than to rally your own conspiracy theorist followers(smells like a cult to me).

Yes we do have secrets, Im sure you wish you knew them! Let that fuel your false hatred and fear of the unknown.

My job has a boss, and about 100 various V.P.'s and a President of the Company, does that heirarchy mean they worship Satan?

McDonalds Big Mac has "Secret Sauce"...Does Ronald McDonald Worship SATAN!!!

All jokes aside, I worship GOD, I am a Free and Accepted Mason, we are NOT satan worshipers. You simply fear the unknown and believe in the common rumor mill as the word of God. I'll choose the Bible as the word of God, not conspiricy theorist rumor mills.

author by Super spy...publication date Tue Nov 18, 2008 08:46Report this post to the editors

These masons are a top secret organisation, hidden away in the shadows. These are photos I smuggled out of their open day.

Err, hang on......

author by V.Wadsworthpublication date Sat Nov 29, 2008 21:31Report this post to the editors

JHL of University of Lifepublication stated in his post
" is rather pathetic to see such misguided men parading around the lodge room, full of authority but having made little or no impact on the real world."
But somehow went on from this to draw the conclusion that,
"Freemasonry is dangerously influential in our society..."
Surely if these misguided men make little or no impact on the real world one can hardly conclude that they are influential. Influential people by mere definition of the word make an impact.

It is sad to see that the same ignorance and misunderstanding is still rife in a society that is supposed to be well developed and open minded. I most definately urge you people who are closed minded about the whole thing never to run for public office, I would not like England to suffer a reign or tyranny and fear that ran through Germany in the 40s.

I AM a freemason and all I have to say for myself is that I am not an ogre but if I constantly chased by ignorant townsfolk with pitchforks and fire I will inevitably run and become secretive. If you want to know what it's about, ASK one. Don't go "researching" things on the internet and believing them wholeheartedly otherwise you may just stumble across a rather convincing website that seems to believe they are secretly attempting to help bring back some intergalactic warlords to rule over all humanity like slaves.

If you have faith in your God, and belief in your fellow man, then why fill your hearts with darkness towards a group that also share those values. If you hold hate in your hearts then hatred will consume you. The mere fact that you have spent part of your life writing pointless messages of intolerance and hatred should be a warning sign.
Why preach hatred when there is already so much of it in the world. Masons are working at helping to relieve the current crisis in the DRC at the moment, ARE YOU?

author by PREECH THA TRUTH - Mensapublication date Tue Dec 09, 2008 04:10Report this post to the editors

I find it rather contradicting that so called "christians" would spend so much time trying to deface something they do not understand, or are not willing to discuss in a rational fashion, i doubt that Jesus would talk to people in this fashion, i mean, the claim that masons are condescending to anyone are rather hypocritical due to the fact the most condescending comments/statements on this forum has come from "christians" .. its an easy snare to be caught in, to so believe in your own faith and beliefs that you would destroy your own tenets to prove how 'faithful' you are.

i am not a mason, i am a believer in God the creator/"The grand architect of the universe, and his son The Christ and saviour of the world who through love, and acceptance of mans innate corruptness brought enlightenment and grace to ALL mankind, and i think he would not be so approving of his disciples treatment of their neighbours and brothers through him.

remember, as Christians were supposed to be fighting a spiritual battle, and fight by setting a good example of our saviour and his precepts, it is folly to believe that hatred and aggressive taunting of ANYONE in his name is acceptable.

God Loves the masons, the nation of islam the jews the christians and the pagans.. it is only theyre choice of wether to accept it or not, and that choice and its truth is soley between themselves and God, let no man judge lest he be judged.


author by neilpublication date Fri Jan 16, 2009 03:11author address scotlandReport this post to the editors

All i can say is this, for people who are new to the freemasons or are thinking of joining (DONT). I have read and seen so much regarding freemasonry and i know for a fact (as GOD is my witness) freemasonry is evil, they are the workers of the illuminati, and these evil places (lodges) are everywhere. The leaders of our countrys are freemasons, and the royal family here in britain, and you may or may not be surprised to know that they have nazi bloodlines, and are nazis. You don't have to take my word for it, find out for yourself. To be honest if i were to go into detail i would be here all night. It is our duty with the help of GOD to let people know. So be carefull people and get out while you still can. Jesus will be here soon.

author by Jogpublication date Fri Jan 16, 2009 08:12Report this post to the editors

If Jesus will be here soon, can you give us an approx time, as I 've got shopping & then want to get my hair done....

author by Dax - Masonicpublication date Mon Jan 26, 2009 03:43Report this post to the editors

For someone who knows a lot about Freemasonary, any Freemason could tell you had three glaring mistakes in your little rant.
You don't have OES in Britain. We have it in Canada and my wife and I are members.
Just because she isn't supposed to know "THE SECRETS" doesn't mean she doesn't. She was the one who helped me with all my memorization both with the Masons and the appellant bodies thru to the 32nd.

author by happytohavepublication date Mon Feb 09, 2009 16:41Report this post to the editors

What have you seen? I'm interested. You never seem to offer anything to support your arguments apart from obscure words. The leaders of this country are not Freemasons and I don't believe any of the current cabinet is. As for the Nazis, they tried to exterminate Freemasonry or is that being conveniently forgotton? If we are trying to rule the world, then considering we've been around as an organisation for many hunderds of years, we are making a pretty poor job of it for all our suposed influence.

author by ptk1071publication date Mon Mar 30, 2009 19:52author email s0mewhereny at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

Seeing that this posting has comments going back to 2006 at least, I find that the negative comments somewhat curious. What drives your hatred of and organization that you no nothing about, except what you have read on the Internet or seen on boobtube? I mean really folks, just because someone writes it on the Internet does NOT mean it is true. So when citing sources it is laughable that anyone would use some of the "web" sources that I have seen on this board.
Freemasonry is something different to each member. You get out of just what you put into it. To some it is an excuse to get out once or twice a month. To some it has serious religious and/or philosophical undertones and carries great life meaning. To most it is something in between.
The truth in the simplest terms: There will always be an organization of people who are like minded and want to socialize together. Call them what you may, they have always existed and probably always will. Just as the religious intolerants out there seem to congregate together men of toleration will also congregate together. That's right Freemasonry is an organization based on toleration. That is why the religious intolerants can't stand it, we will "tolerate" other beliefs in men who wish to be better men. Freemason believe a man's chosen faith is his own business.
The NWO tin foil hat crowd has a different reason; if they cannot know what is going on in a private organization it must be evil or at least trying to take over the world. Also for the NWO tin foil hat bunch, we can't even decide if we want ham or turkey sandwiches for dinner after a lodge night how are we going to take over the world. Also on that point, men of influence and power are drawn to Freemasonry because we offer a place where men can meet together and we are all truly equal.
A man that joins Freemasonry for business gain will be quickly disappointed as this is not what is is about and in fact is frowned upon.
That leads to the last two points: no one Mason speaks for all Masonry and yes the 3rd degree or Master Mason is the highest one can go in Freemasonry. All other "degrees" are concordant or appendant bodies. Some of you miscreants cannot fathom that just because something has a number it must be higher or lower. All degrees are named including the first 3. The numbers are for organizational use only. The numbers were never really appropriate as the degrees are Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft or Fellow of the Craft and Master Mason. Heck the last one didn't appear until 20 - 30 years after Grand Lodge was formed in 1717.
Oh and for the idiot that thinks that because there is a royal at the head of the UGLE: The first Grand Master was Anthony Sayer, gentleman. He was not a royal, this 'tradition' came later, but I suppose you knew that and just conveniently for get it.
And for the truth about Gosling and the Grand Lodge of All England stupidity ste the link I added and then decide for yourself.

Related Link:
author by Blair lodge daughterpublication date Wed Apr 15, 2009 21:38author address Johannesburg South AfricaReport this post to the editors

Until you have read at least 20 books from various authors on the subject including historical facts about Masonry, you are not equipped to make comment about an organization you obviously know little about other than hearsay or supposition from internet sauces with there own axes to grind. My father was a senior mason & I have read many many books on the subject including the books used in the masonic services. I am sorry to disappoint you but the craft is basically about helping your fellow man or brother- a true moral ethic which is the hardest rule of mankind to adhere to. Even the best of masonic brothers find it hard to follow this rule at all times. The ideas of involvement with witchcraft, sorcery and incantations to the devil is nonsense. Read more & enlighten yourself.

author by Peter Clatworthy - The Grand Lodge of All Englandpublication date Wed Jul 29, 2009 17:00author email grandsecretary at btinternet dot comauthor phone +44 113 203 7233Report this post to the editors

The history of Freemasonry in England may be seen here:

All of the entries are properly and historically sourced and attributed. Enjoy your visit.

Peter Clatworthy

Related Link:
author by Light Bearerpublication date Thu Aug 13, 2009 03:54Report this post to the editors

I would just like to add this....

As a Mason myself, A Knights Templar degree in York Rite and a 32 degree in Scottish Rite, and a Rosicrucian, it is true that there is NO higher degree than the 3rd degree in Freemasonry. if a Freemason wants to learn more about the Craft then those appendant bodies will serve him well.

Secrecy? Any organization has their own secrets. Even your schools, your social club, your family, your company, your church and even you yourself have secrets!

In my experience with higher degrees i will now reveal everything to you. As a 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason and a Knight Templar, i was.........

Ooops sorry! I have to go.

author by Flegetanis - Grand Chapter, RAM, of iowapublication date Thu Aug 27, 2009 19:34Report this post to the editors

Way back on the first page of comments is a post beginning "LANDMARKS XXV: Never enter into a dispute with a cowan. ..."

I recommend it to all the Brethren & Companions.

Further down, we're called "Zionist-Illuminati Martians" in a comment that MUST be tongue-in-cheek.... At least I hope so, and only for the sake of the poster.

"Zionist-Illuminati Martians"?

I'm definitely not a Martian..... I think....

author by pegcagepublication date Sat Nov 07, 2009 20:17author email luv4truth at cox dot netReport this post to the editors

I, as a woman, worked as secretary/bookkeeper for a Grand lodge years ago, when I was young. I had no close Masonic affiliation, except that a dear uncle was a Mason which got me the job.

When I worked for the Masons, I saw them as good men. I still do. I never studied much about the fraternity I served until just recently. I am now 74. As a born again Christian, I see no conflict with Freemasonry. When studying the symbolism of Masonry, I find that if true Christianity is really embraced (as it often is not by professing believers) many of the same symbols endure. God is building a temple in man -- a temple of the Holy Spirit -- to produce the Perfect Man in each of us. That is basically what Freemasonry embraces.

Jesus Christ, in the New Testament, is the DOOR to the same great universal truths. Freemasonry teaches great spiritual principles, and its symbols are rich with these spiritual truths, that we ALL would be better off to see and seek. I am not saying all should become Masons or Eastern Stars. However, we must go beyond our prejudiced and ridiculous "religious" views to see that God desires a unity of Himself with the human race, and we must become enlightened before we can be part of this unity -- or even before we can hope to be Christ-like! We are all on different levels spiritually. We must trust God to find us each where we are and bring us to that perfection.

Many begin in Masonry and later become born-again Christians. Then they renounce Masonry as a cult, instead of seeing that it was a stepping stone to their awakening and growth spiritually. God finds us where we are. He does not condemn us because we try different things on our road of seeking. As born again believers, we are to love everyone -- including those still in darkness. But Freemasonry is far from darkness. Study its symbols and see for yourself! What did Jesus say? "A house divided against itself cannot stand." The Devil does not teach Godly principles!!!

I am glad I decided to study the fraternity I once worked for. I have learned a great deal, and it has been very spiritually rewarding. I see so much spiritual truth that I never HEAR in a church service. For example, the meaning of the Star of David! Rich, rich, rich! All Christians should learn what the Star of David means symbolically. Has your pastor ever told you?

author by domestic Osamapublication date Sun Dec 20, 2009 01:16Report this post to the editors

Most masons are totally unaware of the true nature of their organization. Symbols can be explained in several ways so that there is no water proof method of documentation what is wrong with the combination of secrecy, oaths and symbolism. The problem is that it gives a unique option to find co-criminals to those who are intelligent enough, arrogant enough and willing to use the system and all "the good men" who are stupid enough to be used as Sancho Panza. This is where the corruption comes from. Some brothers are dedicated to increase their own power while others are helping them in two ways: To make things look good and frightingly mysterious. Fear mongerin is an essential part as a form of psychology when ordinary citizens can see masonic symbols in official places hinting who are behind the government.

The one and only revolutio required, a true Armageddon, is to reveal secret societies like freemasons, bohemian grove and the Bilderberg group. It is truly amazing how their lies controlled politics, money system, religion, science and all the things we thought we understand how they work... but we didn't . We were mislead by these miserable disinformation distributers, thieves and power addicted people who are psycopathic as can be seen by all the catastrophes they have caused, including wars and famines.

Merry X-mas!


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A few years ago me mates got me to roll me trouser leg up and take me wedding ring off. They put a rope round me neck and I became a mason. Next I got a briefcase with me pinny, gloves and me secret tackle in it (lockable to stop the missus prying) and started attending Lodge. Learned the funny handshakes and stuff and dreamt about going through the chair (for you ignorant lot, that means becoming the gaffer of my lodge). I did the royal arch caper and got me a sword, not one of them plastic things, a real one! Got some medals and swish cloak and a smart hat and don't I look a proper toff? Not cheap mind, this stuff. Still I dreamt about becoming the chief. Well, I did it! Now I am worshipful grand master and tomorrow night it's my first ladies night. A veritable festive board as we say. This is a chance to show off the little woman in her posh new frock, be upstanding with me mates and take wine with all and sundry. All the other wives will be there of course. Its costing me an arm and a leg mind you but it keeps the women happy and off our backs. Oh it's a great life being a mason - I think.

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Illuminati vs. Freemasonry

I see comments that Freemasons make that are rather negative about the Illuminati.

There are apparently many Masonic misconceptions about the real illuminati.

It is just like the cowans comments about Freemasonry. What do cowans know about
Masonry? They are cowans. Similary, what can Freemasons say about the Illuminati?
They are masons.

Yet, some comment on the Illuminati freely, on the one hand, but blame cowans for
their misconceptions readily, on the other hand. What can one know without the word?

I see many claiming to be masons jump in to various discussions to make remarks
on the illuminati, just like the profane jump in to various masonic discussions.

So, as a member of the illuminati myself, I think it's about time one of us stepped
into these informal talks to set some things straight.

The first point to note is that the term "illuminati" was used by "many" small
orders throughout history, often with variations in name, like "alumbrados" etc..
some of these other orders have nothing to do with the real illuminati.

It is just like many orders claiming to be "masonic" have existed, that had
nothing to do with real masonry. These "clandestine" orders make up their own
rituals, beliefs, and practices.

I represent the one and only true Illuminati.

We have no Grand Master, and no degree work. So, any order claiming to have
a Grand Master and 3 degrees, using the name "illuminati" is just a form
of "clandestine masonry" that have borrowed the name "illuminati".

We, the true illuminati, are all initiated into the "order of illuminati" by
one initiator, who has remained the same throughout history, who is not
a man in the flesh. Our light cometh not from any man. This is why there is
no degree work. No man prepares any ritual for us to learn from, to get
more light. Our light is the life of the one who initiates us into the
knowledge of his own awareness and his own mysteries.

In using metaphors, if "Freemasonry" is best described as a "Brotherhood",
then the true "Illuminati" would correspondingly be the "Fatherhood", using
terms familiar to men.

You can probably identify several illuminati, that you are not aware of
as being illuminati, because they openly use different designations to do
their earthly work. By their works they are known. But they do not claim
to be illuminati openly. While freemasons are often proud of their masonic
work and affiliation, to the illuminati, theirs is just humble work, and
no credit nor reward from the society of men is sought nor expected by them.

I hope these few remarks sheds some light to the non-illuminati about true

The Illuminati.

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"The Masons/Illuminati were behind the sinking of the Lusitania, allowing Pearl Harbor to be bombed, destruction of the World Trade Centers (1,2 and 7), the murder of William Morgan, funding Hitler and Lenin, starting the French Revolution, and the American Revolution. Their top members profit from war. 100 million people have died in wars they have caused in the last century alone. Is this harmless? Is your ignorance of what they really do part of the problem?"

Is YOUR ignorance on what they do part of the reason you're so afraid of them? It's common fact that a person fears most what they do not know. The Freemasons have their secrets and this strikes a minor chord with most people, as they do not know or understand the true nature of the organization. You claim that the Masons are behind Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the WTC, Hitler, etc. But do you have proof-reasonable, indisputable, fact-based proof that they are truly behind all of this? Do not attest to know things you cannot prove.

And as for the Masons being a "satanic cult"- do your research. What makes you believe that this cult-by-definition is satanic in nature- their rituals? Yes, they wear the skin of a lamb and use a skull to drink from in while reciting how if they were to let out the Masonic secrets, their throat should be cut and their bowels removed. How about praying to a martyr while on your knees underneath an ancient torture mechanism, then continuing to drink the blood and eat the flesh of a Jewish man? How’s that for scary rituals?

Well, congratulations, Anti-Mason Christians and Catholics- you just became hypocrites.

Oh, and as for the pledges they take- how many 33rd degree Masons have dished on some of their secrets, and yet…their throats are intact and their bowels still inside? The Masons are nothing but a brotherhood of intellectual men who wish to discuss their common ideals. Yes, they have controversy and rumors about horrible deeds they have done, but what organization hasn’t? Don’t forget that at one point in time, you would have been considered a Satanic heretic, too.

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"You can not honor the Grand Architect at the lodge and then give homage to the Lord on his day. The Lord said that you shall not have other gods besides him - First commandment. . . (pertinent to Christians, not counting the sceptical lost sheep)."

If you all weren't being so daft and would just do some research on the Freemasons, you might learn a thing or two. Like, for instance, how the Grand Architect of the Universe is a general name for God, Buddha, Allah, etc. The Masons use this pseudonym for any deity so that people of all faiths and beliefs can take part in the organization. If you KNEW what you were talking about, you would know that initiation/induction ceremonies use the Sacred Text of the initiate's faith. Yes, that does mean that they use more than just the Bible, because- oh my! how can this be?!- there are tons of faiths in the world. Freemasonry is non-denominational and expands to fit to any person's religion. So, yes, you CAN honor the Grand Architect and give homage to the Lord. Why? BECAUSE IT'S THE SAME GOD. This is the same reason they aren't supposed to say "Jesus Christ" by name in meetings- since it's non-denominational, they can't choose one religion or god to worship. It really is pathetic to hear all of you "experts" get your information wrong. Do your homework- it's embarrassing to be shown up by an eighteen-year old girl.

Oh, and learn to use correct grammar and spelling. You learned it in school for a reason.

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I have been reading all kinds of comments here for some time now. There is a man of God, Pastor Micheal Hoggard - website: and he has some very great teachings and studys on Freemasonry - our lives should line up with the word of God - we should be God pleasers and not man pleasers.

There are millions of freemasons deceived, of course you dont know about any of the facts being uncovered, evil things according to the Holy Bible. All the meanings of the symbolism used. My parents are involved in freemasonry and eastern star stuff and one day in church when a evangilst was there speaking on Freemasonry and how if can affect lives physically and spiritually. I was moved by the Lord to reasearch this and for the last 6 years I have been doing just that and I can say without any doubts in my mind that freemasony is a false religion that teaches salvation by works -

I challenge all freemasons that read this to go to pastor mike hoggards website and just read and study his teachings and get your bible out and follow along - ask God about it - God uses people to come to you to reveal things so dont get mad at us that have gained wisdom of these things, please read and study for yourself -

Jesus clearly said "Come out and be ye seperate and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you" Just one of the requirements for joining masonry is dangerous - Just belive in a god, a supreme being - there are many many false gods - idol worship -

You cannot be a mason or eastern star or any other organization related and be a true follower of Jesus Christ - its riding the fence.

Choose this day whom you will serve - Jesus Christ or Baphomet

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I am against elitism I feel it doesn't help the world to progress in the way it could/should, however to blame everything on one organisation or group of individuals is as hypocrytical and cantankerous as these organisations are claimed to be, I feel anyone claiming they or others have complete control of anything are delusional and niave to an extreme, The unorganised world we exist in just trundles along and when something big or major happens or occurs it takes one or two stupid individuals to claim it was entirely down to them and then another few million or so to take it on their word. There are many criminal organisations, governments unions of idiots in the world, if masonary was not taking the blame then some other fucker would be. Let the oppertunists in the world eat there own illusions and the rest of us can relax a bit more

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I am new to this debate and its topic and I must confess am amazed that so many people seem to loose sight of the purpose of a debate. Not to insult or put down but simply to discuss both sides of a topic. Anyway down of my high horse, I have a few questions.

I like the idea of a group of people that get together and whether in secret or not have a comon goal to be good people. However the secrecy from ones wife really is a sticking point for me. I am a Roman Catholic and as such believe that once married, this bond between a man and his wife or vice versa comes before anything even their children and once commited to is unbreakable. With this in mind what is the significance of taking off the wedding band and keeping secrets from your wife, and how is this following God?

I am certainly not casting judgement and I would be grateful for constructive replies.

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The Witchcraft Connection

by William J. Schnoebelen

[William Schnoebelen was deeply involved in both Witchcraft as a Wiccan high priest and the Masonic order for many years. He was a Mason for nine years and a Witch for sixteen years. In the Lodge, he held offices of Junior Warden in the Blue Lodge, Prelate in the Commandery of the York Rite, Master of the Veil in the Royal Arch degree, and Associate Patron in the Order of the Eastern Star. Additionally, he was a 32° Mason and a Shriner. He is now a Born Again Christian and the author of 5 books, including Masonry: Beyond the Light.]

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry…—1Samuel 15:23

In understanding the spiritual difficulties of a Born Again Christian being a Mason, it is necessary to realize that there are highly occult elements woven into the very warp and woof of Freemasonry. Thus, the Lodge is not just "another religion" like the Muslims or the Buddhists—although that alone should be enough to keep Christians from involving themselves in it. The nature and character of the Lodge's deepest theological underpinnings are rooted in Witchcraft and Paganism.

Now that may be an astonishing assertion to some, especially to most Masons. However, it is very easily proven. Few people, within the Craft of Masonry or otherwise, perceive that just because a Bible lies open on the altar and Bible verses and characters play an important part in the ritual of the Lodge, that this does not prevent the Lodge from being of the nature of the occult or Witchcraft.

This can be illustrated by a very simple illustration. Back in the 1970's, when I first became a Witch, a very popular how-to book on magic was Raymond Buckland's Popular Candle-Burning.1 In this book were "recipes" for spells for everything from healing, to love spells, to protection spells. On one set of pages of the book would be a spell for healing, complete with instructions on the burning and movement of certain colored candles. The spell would be a full-blown Witchcraft ritual, Pagan to the core!

On the following pages would be the same ritual, with the same candles, the same instructions. However, the text of the "spell" would be drawn from the Psalms or other Bible verses. These were provided for readers who were a little too squeamish to actually do a Witchcraft incantation, but still wanted results.

Now the question becomes: Even though those rituals were full of Psalms, were they still Witchcraft? Of course, the answer would have to be yes. In like manner, even though Bible phrases and characters abound in the Masonic ritual work, the presence of those elements cannot somehow "sanctify" what is essentially a Pagan ritual full of Witchcraft overtones.

Defining Terms:

Perhaps it would be helpful to have a few terms defined before we go further. Witchcraft (or Wicca,2 the term for "white" or good Witchcraft) can be broadly defined as a mystery religion based on the ancient fertility cults of Pre-Christian Europe. Many Witches are polytheists—meaning that they believe in more than one god or goddess. Some are monotheists, believing in only one deity. Even most polytheistic Witches today, however, acknowledge that ultimately there is one supreme deity somewhere. The popular saying by 20th century master occultist Dion Fortune (Violet Firth) speaks to this: "All Gods are one God, all Goddesses are one Goddess, and there is but one Initiator." Pressed, you will find that most knowledgeable Witches will reveal that the "one Initiator" is Lucifer, who is the Light-Bringer, the Illuminator, and the sun-deity. He is not felt to be a devil-figure by Wiccans, but only the consort of the Great Mother Goddess.

Witchcraft, in its religious sense, involves the veneration of the forces of reproduction—both in plant, animal and human life. Thus, human and animal sexuality are revered, the cycle of the seasons celebrated; and rituals do frequently involve the use of ritual tools which symbolize the human reproductive organs (wands, daggers, goblets, cauldrons, etc.) Many Witchcraft groups even have ritual sex, believing that this is an important way to encounter the gods.

The term, "mystery religion" means that it is a religion in which elements are kept hidden from the "profane" (non-members). You can only learn these elements by going through a formal initiation in which you are ceremonially set apart from the masses and sworn formally to secrecy. Only then are you entrusted with the group's secrets, and then in degrees. In other words, there are things a "third grade" or "third degree" Witch is allowed to know that a first degree Witch is not.

A secondary element in Witchcraft is the belief in magic. However, it is only secondary—contrary to popular belief. A good—though broad—definition of magic which many Witches would accept is that given by magician (and 33° Mason) Aleister Crowley: "the art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with [your] will." Though this definition is broad enough to include things normally not thought of as magic, like picking up a pencil (you caused a change in the pencil's position to occur in conformity with your will); most Witches understand it to mainly apply to causing change to occur without a visible, tangible cause in the environment.

Many Witches do not attempt to "work magic" (in the sense of trying to cause change to occur in the forces of nature or human beings) but just enjoy worshipping their gods or goddesses. Thus it is not an absolute requirement that Witch practice magic, or that a magician be a Witch. In fact, the above-mentioned Aleister Crowley would never have called himself a Witch (or warlock).3

Finally, we need to define Paganism. This is basically a belief in the forces of nature as being sacred. Pagans are usually pantheists, in that they belief that a kind of god-force is in everything—trees, animals, rocks, etc. Essentially, a Pagan believes most everything the Witch believes, but is kind of a lay person, whereas a Witch is more of a Priestess or Shaman. The typical Pagan may not have access to some of the deeper "mysteries" of Witchcraft which are not available to the un-initiated.

Getting down to business: ritual resemblances

With these definitions in mind, we can begin to examine the similarities between the Masonic theology and ritual and the workings of a Witchcraft group. One point, however, must be clarified. Modern Wicca is just that—modern. Although it claims mythic descent to groups back in the Stone Age, it is actually a comparatively modern religion. As it is currently constituted, Wicca is barely a century old. This is not to say that it doesn't draw on elements from the ancient mystery cults. To be certain, it does—to a high degree. However, it is a difficult task to ascertain whether contemporary Wicca so strongly resembles Freemasonry because two of its principle architects (Aleister Crowley and Gerald B. Gardner) were Masons; or whether that similarity is a derivation of more ancient practices.

As interesting an academic point as that might be, it is essentially irrelevant to the broader question. If Masonic rituals were engrafted into Witchcraft in the late 19th and early 20th century, and if that melding was so seamless and effortless—even to the point that in some cases, the Wiccan rites were less bizarre and blasphemous than there Masonic counterpart, then what message does that send about Masonry? As a preacher friend of mine, Jim Spencer, observed, "If the devil can preach my sermons without changing them much, what does that say about my sermons?"

With that point in mind, let us look first at the ritual similarities between contemporary Wicca and Freemasonry:

A) Both are built on a foundational system of three degrees; with a few forms of Wicca offering some higher degrees after the third degree has been achieved.

B) Both are secret societies; in that both membership rolls are secret, and secrets are kept from the general populace (to a greater or lesser degree) by both religions. Both generally meet in secret, except for rare open and public events.

C) Both have highly ceremonial initiations to pass from one degree to another, including sworn oaths.

D) Both have ceremonial purgings and purifications of their ritual space before commencing any ritual work.

E) The precise similarities between the two groups are: Both groups…

1. Cause candidates to strip off all secular clothing

2. Cause the candidate to be divested of all metal

3. Hoodwink (blindfold) the candidate and ceremonially tie ropes around him—though the form of the tying varies.

4. Cause the candidate to stand in the Northeast corner of the "temple"4 in the first degree

5. Challenge the candidate by piercing their naked chest with a sharp instrument (Witches use a sword, Masons, the point of a compass)

6. Challenge the candidate with secret passwords

7. Lead the candidate blindfolded in a circumambulation (walking around) of the temple.

8. Require the candidate to swear solemn oaths of secrecy before being given custody of the secrets of the group.

Interestingly enough, the oaths of a Witch are much milder and less gruesome than the oaths of a Freemason. Here is the text of a first grade oath from the Witchcraft Book of Shadows (ritual work-book):

I, [NAME], in the presence of the Mighty Ones, do of my own free will and accord, most solemnly swear that I will ever keep the secrets of the Arte [Magical Arts—author] and never reveal the secrets of the Arte, except it be to a proper person, properly prepared and within a magic circle such as I am now in.

All this I swear, by all my hopes of a future life, mindful that my measure has been taken; and may my weapons turn against me, if I should break this, my solemn oath.5

This sounds ridiculously mild in comparison to the 1° oath of an Entered Apprentice Mason, which is too long to quote in its entirety, but which ends like this:

All this I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to keep and perform the same…binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea, at low water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I ever knowingly violate this my Entered Apprentice obligation, so help me God and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same.6

As all students of Freemasonry know, that grisly oath is but the beginning in a series of ever more horrid oaths which the candidate is required to take. The oaths of the three degrees of Witchcraft are like a Sunday School lesson by comparison! But, let's return to our list of similarities:

9. Both have a ceremonial un-hoodwinking of the candidate, following the oath, before lighted candles which is intended to bring "illumination."

10. Both convey to the new initiate the "working tools" pertinent to that degree, and each of their uses are taught to them.

11. In both, the tools have correspondences both in the ceremonial realm, and in similarities to human reproduction.

12. Both, in the higher degrees, take the initiate through a ritual death-and-rebirth experience, in which the initiate acts the part of a hero (heroine) of the Craft.

13. Both cause the candidate to endure (while being blindfolded) being picked up, spun around, carried around, being jostled or struck from person to person. This is supposed to produce an "altered state of consciousness."

14. Both Wicca and Freemasonry are, by co-incidence or design, both referred to as "The Craft."

philosophical similarities

Having given almost two dozen precise similarities between the ritual work of Witchcraft and the Lodge, it should not surprise us to see that there is also some doctrinal or philosophical resemblance between the two:

A. Both Witches and Masons revere the powers of human reproduction (albeit most Masons do so unknowingly). The most obvious example of this is the use of the ceremonial Masonic apron, which covers the "Holy of Holies" of Freemasonry, the male groin area. This fact has been adequately documented in many places (elsewhere in this volume?).7

B. The authorities of Freemasonry, most notably Albert Pike, 33° and Manly P. Hall, 33° (both occultists par excellance) write that the essential, underlying philosophy of Freemasonry is Kabbalism and Gnosticism.8 Kabbalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern Witchcraft.

Virtually all of the great Witches and sorcerers of this century were Kabbalists. Gnosticism is an ancient, anti-Christian heresy best summarized by the statement: "One is saved by acquiring secret, unknown knowledge (Greek: gnosis)." Thus, all mystery religions, including Witchcraft and Masonry are, per force, Gnostic in character.

C. Both Witches and Freemasons seek salvation through "illumination" or receiving "The Light." This is, in a way, a corollary to (B), but it is important, because of the centrality of this symbolism in both sects.

D. Both groups teach a kind of salvation by works, not grace.9 The occult doctrine of reincarnation is explicitly taught in Witchcraft and implicitly taught in the Lodge.

E. Finally, both groups deny the unique character and mission of the Lord Jesus Christ.10 Both deny the resurrection of Christ.11 Most people would have no trouble believing that Witches deny these beliefs, but in this, the Wicca are identical to the theology of the Lodge.

Getting to the root

There are also significant historical antecedents which go a long way towards explaining this current "coziness" between Witchcraft and Masonry. It can be readily shown that Freemasonry is rooted in the medieval occult societies of Europe, such as the Templars and the Rosicrucians.12

Indeed, many Masonic writers boast about these connections. Additional associations pop up with the dangerously subversive Illuminati Ordnen of Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century.13

It is vital to understand that this past interchange between Masonry and these various occult groups did not stop in the 18th century. If anything, it has grown more prominent in the past century. There is something about the Lodge that has always attracted sorcerers. The historical list of occultists and Witches in the last century who were Freemasons reads like a Who's Who of 20th century occultism:

•Arthur Edward Waite—occult writer and Masonic historian

•Dr. Wynn Westcott—member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia and founding member of the occult Order of the Golden Dawn—the most influential magical society of the 19th - early 20th century.

•S. L. MacGregor Mathers—co-founder of the Golden Dawn.

•Aleister Crowley—master Satanist of this century and founder of the anti-christ religion of Thelema—claimed to be "The Great Beast 666".

•Dr. Gerard Encaussé—(Papus) masterful author, teacher of the Tarot and leader of the occult Martiniste society.

•Dr. Theodore Reuss—head of the O.T.O., a German occult/satanic society which made Crowley its head for the British Isles.

•George Pickingill—the Grand Master Witch of 19th century England, leader of the "Pickingill covens."

•Annie Besant—leader of the occult Theosophical society and Co-Masonic hierarch (Yes, there are female Masons!)14

•Alice Bailey—founder of the proto-New Age organization, Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Trust.

•Bishop Charles W. Leadbetter—Theosophist, mentor to the failed New Age "Christ", Krishnamurti, and prelate in the occult Liberal Catholic Church

•Manly P. Hall—Rosicrucian adept, author, founder of the Philosophical Research Society.

•Gerald B. Gardner—founder of the modern Wiccan (white Witchcraft) revival.

•Alex Sanders—self-styled "King of the Witches" in London and one of the most influential leaders of Wicca after Gardner.

Would you really wish to belong to an organization which welcomed these powerful sorcerers into its midst with open arms? This is not to mention the many minor occultists (as I was), who are in the lodge—drawn by its mysterious power. At least three or four of my male Witch friends were in the Masons, and all of my leaders were! There is a real reason for this strong affinity between Masonry and Witchcraft. It is because the Lodge is plugged into an international network of Witchcraft—a hierarchy of evil.

The "All-Seeing Eye" of the Masons is, of course, an occult symbol.15 Its use on the Great Seal of the United States is not without significance either (see the back of any dollar bill). You will note that the "Eye" is there perched atop an incomplete pyramid with the date (in Roman numerals) of 1776 A.D. at the bottom.

The year 1776 is also the year that Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati! Then realize that the trapezoid (what the unfinished pyramid really is) is a most significant symbol in Satanism.16 The symbol on that seal is actually a metaphor for the oppressive hierarchy which reigns over the Masonic lodge, and by extension, over much of U.S. government; and the "Eye" symbolizes Lucifer's dominion over it.

Being a Mason (of whatever degree) is like going through your life with all that spiritual garbage weighing down on you. It is like having a King Kong-sized monkey on your back! While all levels of Masonry have their share of Witches; the Palladium, the Illuminati, the Ancient rites and the Supreme Council are especially likely to have them, in one form or another.

The Mason is "unequally yoked" together with all these unbelievers and Witches in rebellion to the word of God (2 Corinthians 6:14-18) and that alone is enough to knock the spiritual stuffing out of any man, even supposedly "good, solid Christians"!

You see, in an occult sense, Freemasonry is much like the fabled "pyramid scheme." It is a hierarchy in which the highest levels leech off the lower levels. Just as in the marketing schemes, the person at the top of the pyramid draws in most of the revenues because of the efforts of hundreds or thousands of people under him, so the same element works within the lodge, even as it does—to a much smaller degree—in a Witchcraft coven!

First of all, it is a financial pyramid. We have already mentioned that a Mason must spend hundreds of dollars, perhaps close to a thousand, to go through the degrees. Additionally, they must pay dues every year to each and every body they have joined. This could amount, depending on the level of involvement, to several hundred dollars a year.

While some of that money goes into necessities, and some of it goes into charity, some of it also ends up in places of which Lodge members have no knowledge. Of course, our local leaders were obviously not getting rich, but there was a lot of free-floating cash somewhere up in the ranks.

"Psychic Vampires" IN THE LEADERSHIP?

In the occult, we used to talk about psychic vampires—people who just seemed to suck the life out of a person. Of course, black magicians excel in this. They leave people feeling drained. What most people don't realize is that an organization can function in much the same way.

The Lodge functions like a spiritual sponge in many ways. Think of all the millions of man hours Masons put into their lodge work: memorizing the degree material, attendance at meetings, extracurricular lodge activities (dinners, banquets, funerals, picnics). Those Masons who are Christians pour hours of time and energy into the lodge, and it just laps it up and begs for more.

I know, I used to be heavily involved in lodge work. I was out of the house at least two week nights! Then, because I was a lodge officer, I had to spend additional hours working on memorizing the ritual work. I had to be there before the lodge opened and after it closed. I had to attend all lodge functions and funerals.

Think of the lodge meeting itself—it is opened in solemn fashion, with a ritual which may take fifteen to twenty minutes. If there is an initiation, the meeting can run to hours, sometimes three or four hours for third degree. All that energy is going somewhere, friends, and it isn't to God!

I can only speak from Witchcraft experience, but quite often our leaders would just suck the energy right out of us. They were accomplished psychic vampires, whether they realized it or not. Someone, somewhere, is getting an awful lot of energy out of these thousands of lodge meetings. Ultimately, of course, it is Lucifer, who is delighted to receive it as worship!

This is energy not being expended in Godly church activities. These men could be teaching Bible studies, running youth groups, visiting the sick or doing neighborhood witnessing. But no, they are sitting in a lodge room watching ancient and dusty mummery being performed while the light of the Holy Spirit within them flickers out.

Over and over, we see vital Christians who join the lodge, don't see the trap, and then gradually it sucks all the life out of their walk with Jesus. It banks their fires of zeal and turns them, ultimately, into dead backsliders. Some stop going to church. Now this may not happen to all Christian Masons, but if it hasn't, it is only because of God's mercy. The Holy Spirit will not continue to bless a man who continually sups at the devil's table. (1 Corinthians 10:21, Genesis 6:3) Sooner or later, something will give. Sadly, it is often the church activity.

The Image of Jealousy!

The Masonic temple is a temple of Witchcraft! There can be little doubt about that. Veiled within its symbols are the deities and even the working tools of Witchcraft! As has been shown, the square and compasses are representations of the generative organs—the "sacred altar" of Witchcraft! The blazing star at the center of the lodge is the Witch's pentagram, symbol of the god of Satanism, Set! The Letter "G" stands for generativity, sexual potency.

The resemblances between Freemasonry and Witchcraft are manifold and striking and should chill the bones of any Mason. If Freemasonry is so Godly, how could it possibly be interchanged by both Witches and Satanists so freely?

Beyond that, the point needs to be made that virtually all of the above mentioned resemblances are part of the ancient practices of pagan antiquity as well. Witches 2,000 years ago were doing the same things that Masons are doing today. Masonic writers boast of this (although they don't use the word "Witch," they talk about "mystery religions," but it is the same thing).

Let's face it, the Masonic tie tacks and rings which so many Masons wear proudly to their churches on Sunday are sexual idols. The true God of the Bible is not a sex organ! That may seem a ridiculously obvious statement to make, but the Mason needs to be reminded of it. This is the very "image of jealousy, which provoketh to jealousy" (Ezekiel 8:3).

The gods of all the pagan nations around Israel like Ba'al were all sexual idols! This is precisely what God does not want in His church, and yet all these Masons are flaunting both their idols and their membership.

It is a testimony to the graciousness and loving-kindness of Father God that these churches are not flattened by the breath of His nostrils—that they are not "vomited out" of His mouth (Revelation 3:16). However, both they and their individual members may well be paying a horrible price for their continued winking at the sin of Freemasonry in their camp!


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3 Contrary to popular belief, most male witches do not wish to be called warlocks. The term actually is a derivation of an old English word, meaning "traitor." Today, the word warlock is mostly used by male Satanist witches in application to themselves. Few Wiccans would wish to use the term.

4 In Witchcraft, the "temple" is frequently not a building, but rather a sacred "Magic Circle" laid down on the floor of a room with great ceremony. It is the sacred space of the Wicca, and serves the same function as a temple does to the Mason.

5 Taken from a private copy of the Book of Shadows in the author's possession. Copies of this oath, however, can be found in Stewart Farrar's WHAT WITCHES DO, THE GRIMOIRE OF LADY SHEBA, and June Johns' KING OF THE WITCHES, as well as other writings.

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Stephen Knight's Is a ex mason who wrote a book

I think one of the most important points to make about Freemasonry is that it demonstrates so well what an illogical and unthinking people we are, both those who are members and those who are not. Why can't we think rationally about this?

One of the problems with Freemasonry is that you don't really know what it is before you join."
So you don't really know what it is before you join, yet you swear to keep the secrets and you swear loyalty to an organization which is "one of the most efficient private intelligen1. Freemasonry deliberately deceives its' own members about what it is and who its' god figure is, which is one reason why there is so much denial at the lower levels about what Freemasonry really is.
2. According to Knight Freemasonry's god figure is Jah-Bul-On, a composite of three gods, Yahweh, Baal and Osiris, at least one of which was known to demand child sacrifice, another who was vengeful, angry and demanded the murder of innocent people. (Of course Yahweh also poses a problem for Jews and Christians.) Freemasonry chooses not to openly address this violent, bloodthirsty historical theme. But even at a metaphorical level the murder theme is very much alive in its' rituals and oaths.
3. Most Freemasons on the lower rungs are similarly kept oblivious to other goings on at higher levels. At the time of writing Knight explained that most think there are no higher degrees than Master Mason, the third of three in Craft Masonry, which is controlled by Grand Lodges. (It's hard to imagine this is the case now.) The Majority rise no further than Master Mason, but there are many degrees above which go beyond the jurisdiction of Grand Lodges. Many higher ranking Freemasons confirmed to Knight that ordinary masons are probably completely unaware of what goes on at the highest levels amongst their Brethren.
4. As mentioned, people who join Freemasonry without knowing what it is do know that when they join they are swearing to keep it's secrets without knowing what they are! There are no prizes for figuring out what's wrong with this.
5. Freemasonry membership creates an instant conflict of interest. You can't have a first loyalty to your Brotherhood but also act in an impartial manner within the police, government departments, judiciary, media etc. You are required to favour your brethren.
6. Freemasonry is a perfect tool for utilization by intelligence organizations, (the KGB has seen it in this light) other secret societies, and criminals in general because of, for instance, the sworn secrecy, the loyalty, and the spanning of professions, religions and social classes. Also, the instruction to assist fellow brethren in times of need is very useful.
ce networks imaginable". How responsible and noble an idea is this?
It is possible to jump to false, illogical conclusions. People commonly do. But while taking on board this good point we have also to ask why it is that stories keep popping up linking Freemasons with terrible things. Stephen Kent, a sociologist at University of Alberta, who researches cult practices and deviant religions made the point in his revelations about increasing reports of sexual abuse at the hands of Freemasons, in Masonic lodges, that he did not get reports of this happening with the Lions Club, or the Rotarians or any other charitable community group. And so this is why we are compelled to investigate. Now you can't have it both ways. These people from the Royal Arch and above are calling on and praying to their God figure, by his supposed real name, Jahbulon, according to Knight, comprised partly of the god Baal whose business was undoubtedly blood sacrifice (especially children) and licentiousness. If these Freemasons do not want to be associated with such a god figure, or such violence, why are they? Knight reported that the Royal Arch Masons he talked to, who had been introduced to this secret name of God, were all decidedly awkward and evasive about this matter. More on that later.
We shouldn't lose sight of the ugly fact, metaphorical or otherwise, that much of Masonic Ritual centers on Murder. Don't forget who the Masonic Gods were. Knight reveals the Jack the Ripper murders were perpetrated according to Masonic ritual. The subsequent police cover-up was led by the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, both Freemasons. Knight demonstrates in his book that the murdered prostitutes shared a secret dangerous to the throne regarding the illegal marriage of Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, (grandson of Queen Victoria and Heir Presumptive to the throne) to a Roman Catholic commoner. (Royal Freemason Patronage is historic, with Queen Elizabeth II currently the Patroness, but Charles apparently refusing to become a Freemason.)
Obviously there is a very dangerous Freemasonic connection or bridge existing between the courts and police. One of Knight's 'moles', a higher up Police officer and Freemason, insisted that the Masonic link between judges and police officers was "most damaging to society and to Masonry…It's this unseen intimacy between the groups that is bad…I really don't like the way the organisation is going, particularly with the judges and an overwhelming majority being Freemasons."
And court judges - "When adversity has visited our Brother, and his calamities call for our aid, we should cheerfully and liberally stretch forth the the hand of kindness, to save him from sinking, and to relieve his necessities." Knight tells us that allegations of collusion between judges and lawyers, on behalf of their Brethren in the dock, have been rife. He gives the well documented example provided here - At a crucial point the accused gave a Masonic signal (of Grief and Distress) to the judge who immediately reacted favourably towards the man and ceased his course of questioning.
(From the 18th degree ritual)
The reality of who the Freemasonic god is (or gods are) is very clear, at least it is once you get past the third degree and/or bother to do your homework. An Anglican Freemason vicar, attempting to disprove assertions that Masonry and Christianity are incompatible, wrote in the 1950s under the pseudonym "Vindex", "It is the oldest of all religious systems, dating from time immemorial…it embodies in itself the fundamental truths and ancient mysteries on which every religion is based. " (As well as admitting that Freemasonry is seen as a religion by its members this also indicates that it contradicts Christianity, which does not accept other religions or ancient mysteries. Christianity, although it has it's own contradictions and other problems, certainly does not tolerate the worship of Baal or Osiris.)
The Senior of all Supreme Councils is in Charleston USA - effectively operates a network of masons in most powerful positions in the executive, legislature, judiciary and armed forces, industry, commerce and professions
The picture broadens further when Knight outlines the Freemasonry component in banking (the Rothchilds have been Freemasons for generations), the Civil service in Britain (the civil service remains while governments come and go), Permanent Secretaries, and especially, as mentioned, high officials in the Department of Defense. "Several people have recounted how when they were interviewed for senior positions at the Ministry of Defense, they were suddenly, in the middle, asked how they interpreted a certain Biblical quotation amended version used in Freemason ceremonies". Non-masons in this case who didn't understand were not given the job. Freemasonry exists also within MI5 and MI6 although this is officially forbidden, obviously because it is recognized as a threat to security within the intelligence services. This says it all really.
P2 was a secret Masonic lodge headed by the extreme right wing Licio Gelli, a a passionate supporter of Mussolini during the war. "By 1974 P2 had in excess of 1000 members comprising a 'who's who' of Italian political, military and economic power. Members included four Cabinet ministers, three intelligence chiefs, 160 senior military officers, 48 MPs, the Army Chief of Staff, as well as top diplomats, bankers, industrialists and media publishers." (From "Operation Gladio" 1997 David Guyatt.) In 1981 a Masonic conspiracy rocked Italy led by the P2 Lodge, which intended to destroy the country's constitutional order. Corruption, blackmail and murder, and intensive intelligence gathering brought down coalition government. All political parties had members in the lodge except the increasingly popular Communists. Nothing of vital importance had occurred in Italy in recent years which Gelli had not known about in advance or shortly after. He was found to have not only undermined the National security of Italy but even NATO was forced to support his team. Investigators eventually discovered that Gelli was an agent of the KGB. Based on what happened in Italy, Knight says that Britain is a time bomb which could explode at any moment.
The more the secrecy of something has been maintained the harder it is for us to imagine, which serves certain purposes very nicely, so we have to work to think logically about this. Pretty quickly we are forced to try to contemplate frightening fraternal power at the hands of powerful heads of state and other powerful "public servants" including for instance those in charge of Defence (now largely controlled by the private sector). It is also helpful to consider this Freemasonry movement not so much as a silly secret society that has over time become corrupted and has increasingly become a tool of the ruling elite. Think of it a something that was always intended to serve the ruling elite. It's usefulness or suitability for this can be quickly supported by the evidence provided by Knight and others that the KGB saw Freemasonry as something to exploit to facilitate it's projects, all over the world. This was evidently demonstrated in the exposure of the Italian P2 scandal

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Both Nazism and the New Age Movement are political/spiritual entities based on the same esoteric foundations: the 'Secret Doctrine' which has been at the base of all pagan religions and at the base of esoteric 'Christianity'. Perhaps that 'Secret Doctrine' might be best summarized as being the antithesis of Judeo-Christian beliefs. The Secret Doctrine glorifies Lucifer and all the practices condemned in the Bible. The Secret Doctrine also glorifies the pre-flood world, a world that, according to both the Bible and the Secret Doctrine, was alive with demonic contact and psycho/spiritual power ..." [The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement And Our Coming Age of Barbarism", by Constance Cumbey, Huntington House, Inc., Shreveport, Loiuisiana, 1983, ISBN 0-910311-03-X, p. 102-3 [Note: Cumbey is a Christian author, very Fundamental]
Blavatsky, H.P. , is one of the most Satanic/Luciferian leaders of history!! It is absolutely damning for Freemasonry to recommend her books! Consider Helene Petrovna Blavatsky (1836-1891). She was Russian, and was the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, and occultist who systematized ancient occult thought, producing the most Satanic treatise the world has ever seen, known as the 'Secret Doctrine'. ["The New Age Dictionary", edited by Alex Jack, Japan Publications, Inc., 1990, The Year of the Golden Horse, New York, ISBN 0-87040-787-2, p. 23]
Blavatsky's writings, especially her 'Secret Doctrine', had tremendous effect upon Adolf Hitler in the years preceding Hitler's rise to power. The false aura of intellectual achievement which surrounded Blavatsky's writings, especially the 'Secret Doctrine', provided the basis for Hitler to justify killing Jews. During the Holocaust, which lasted for seven [7] years, 6 million Jews and 12 million other victims died. On Judgment Day, Blavatsky and Hitler will stand together for these terrible murders.
Freemasonry stands condemned today for recommending that their followers read and study Blavatsky!! We find it totally revolting that Freemasonry's own symbol entitled, "The Old Wisdom Religion", lists 'Secret Doctrine' as one of the antecedent steps that leads to "Modern Freemasonry"!
Freemasonry totally loses its ability to call itself 'Christian' when it recommends Eastern Thought religions to its members.
Freemasonry labels itself as being of the same cloth as Antichrist when they recommend Gnostic writings and beliefs to their members!!
Thus, by encouraging their members to study and practice Hermeticism, Freemasonry, by definition, labels itself occultic.
This Luciferian book on Magic ties this deeply Satanic Knights Templar to Modern Freemasonry! Christian author, Gary Kah, in his book, "Enroute To A Global Occupation", discovered from Freemasonry literature that accidentally fell into his hands, that Modern Freemasonry links itself to the Knights Templar. When we peruse some of the literature which Freemasons are encouraged to study, you will see repeated references to Knights Templar. Indeed, the 13th Degree of the York Rite is titled, "Knights Templar". [page 92, Kah]
Homosexuality is very tightly tied in with the Knights Templar. In the paragraph above, we see homosexual practices such as Phallicism and Sodomy. The Luciferian book, "Mind & Magic" also quoted above, sodomy is listed as one of the crimes of Knights Templar. The Grand Master at the time when King Philip IV of France tried and executed key members, was named Jacques de Molay. Since de Molay was Grand Master of Knights Templar, we can rightly conclude that he was also involved in these Satanic, and homosexual acts. We find it highly disturbing, then, that Demolay is one of the orders of Freemasonry for young men!
Candidates entering the Order also had to kiss their initiator on the mouth, the navel, the penis, and at "the base of the spine." These kisses were regarded by critics of the Order as proof of their perverted sexual activities, but in the occult tradition, the navel, sexual organs and the perineum are the physical locations of the psychic centres of the human body, known in the East as chakras.
Qabalah [also known as Kabbalah. "According to Albert Pike, Gnosticism was an offshoot of Kabalism, an oral occult tradition, which was adhered to by a minority of the Jews. At some point, which remains uncertain, these occult teachings were reduced to writing, and the Kabalah was born. On page 626 of 'Morals and Dogma', Pike states, 'The Kabalah is the key of the occult sciences; and the Gnostics were born of the Kabalists'. Kabalism was merely a unique version of the ancient mysteries specifically designed to deceive God's chosen people. Unlike the other mysteries, its teachings dealt specifically with Israel, offering occult counter-explanations to the revelations of the prophets, complete with a cleverly disguised occult interpretation of the history of Israel." ["Enroute To Global Occupation", by Gary Kah, Huntington House Publishers, Lafayette, Louisiana, 1992, ISBN 0-910311-97-8, p. 99]
Freemasonry identifies itself with the Kabalah, one of the most Satanic and occultic writings ever. It seems incredible to me that the New Age is so dependent upon the Jewish occult Kabalah, because their Plan deliberately targets the destruction of all Jews.

Rosicrucianism is one of the oldest occult secret societies in Europe, dating back to the Fourteenth Century. The supposed founder of Rosicrucianism was a man named Christian Rosenkreuz. He was a "noble German born in 1378, who had traveled to the East in search of hidden wisdom ... In Damascus he first learned of the secret wisdom to be found in the mysterious Arabian city of Damcar. Here, he was taught much by the initiates of a mystical secret society, learned Arabic, and translated an unidentified book, the 'Liber M'. From here, he traveled to the North African city of Fez, in Morocco, where he learned to evoke the spirits of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. He subsequently returned to Europe and, after further adventures, he and four others founded the Rosicrucian Fraternity." ["Mind & Magic," by Francis X. King, Crescent, ISBN 0-517-06036-1, p. 102. [Note: This is a Luciferian book]
Freemasonry advocates the study of Rosicrucianism to its members, even to the point of dedicating the 18th Degree called the "Knight Rose Croix" ["Morals and Dogma", Albert Pike,
Sacred Geometry is only believed in by the occultist; the very fact that Freemasonry is advocating this subject to its members concretely PROVES it is occultic, not Christian. This nonsense is the ultimate instance of worshipping the created world rather than the Creator [Romans 1:25]!! Let me explain Sacred Geometry: it is the "art and science of describing the universe by number and universal patterns." ["The New Age Dictionary", edited by Alex Jack, Japan Publications, Inc., 1990, The Year of the Golden Horse, New York, ISBN 0-87040-787-2, p. 170]
Congratulations, Freemasonry, you are encouraging your members to study a religion which God found so offensive, He sent special diseases to the Egyptian people as punishment!!
Theosophy has already been covered by our treatise on Madame H. P. Blavatsky. But, we wish to reiterate that the House of Theosophy has been one of the darkest of the Satanic secret societies. It propagated the lie of the 'Secret Doctrine', prompting Hitler to launch his 7-year Holocaust, which murdered 18 million people. The House of Theosophy trained both Nazis and Communists in its Switzerland location in the 1920's-30's in the finer aspects of the occult. And, as you can see, in NEWS1052, the House of Theosophy continues to be at the forefront for the planning of the coming New Age Christ [Antichrist], and his False Prophet.

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Freemasonry is Lucifer/Satan worship


Masonic ritual quasi cult

Albert Pike was even more direct when he stated, "The Blue Degrees are but the outer court of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry

Pike states that Masonry is the unifier of all religions and that "the Christian, the Hebrew, the Moslem, the Brahmin, the followers of Confucius and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite in prayer to the one God who is above all the Baalim."(15) In other words, the biblical God is reduced to the level of all the other gods and at the same time rendered as equal with the false gods of those religions. Therefore, Christianity is stripped of its uniqueness as the one true religion that offers humanity its only hope for salvation.
The god of Freemasonry is a force resident within all living things, and The religion of the Craft is pantheism.

The Mason may unwittingly be a part of the Lodge thinking that it is an extension of his Christian faith, when in fact it is a "Trojan horse," allowing another god into his soul.

"Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!" [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, p. 321, 19th Degree of Grand Pontiff; Red Emphasis added]
What a revelation! From the first degree, the first Initiation, the Mason is urged mightily to "seek the Light"! The average Mason is continually saying that he is "seeking the Light", and will spend his entire life "moving toward the Light". Almost every person in Western Civilization will assume that this "Light" is the revelation of the God of the Bible; indeed, this statement is held up continuously to try to convince us that Masonry is Christian. Yet, here, Albert Pike is saying that Lucifer is the One who bears the Light of Freemasonry! Lucifer is the Light-bearer of Freemasonry .

"The day has come when Fellow Craftsman must know and apply their knowledge. The lost key to their grade is the mastery of emotion , which places the energy of the universe at their disposal. Man can only expect to be entrusted with great power by proving his ability to use it constructively and selflessly. When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands, and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy. He must follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal-Cain, who with the mighty strength of the war god hammered his sword into a plowshare." [Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree, K.T., The Lost Keys of Freemasonry or The Secret of Hiram Abiff , Forward by Reynold E. Blight, 33rd Degree, K.T., Illustrations by J. Augustus Knapp, 32nd Degree, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, p. 48; Emphasis Added]
This statement is the most bold and concise anyone can create in the English language! It boldly states that, once the Mason learns to control his emotion, and to properly apply the "dynamo of living power", he can be assured of being able to control the "seething energies of Lucifer" in his hands. Further, he admits that Masonry is the Craft, the old name for Witchcraft! Further, all Satanists are assured that, if they will join the coven and learn the Craft, he will control the supernatural power of Satan, just as Manly P. Hall is promising here.
This is most powerful proof that Freemasonry is Satanism, because its language is direct and clear, not cluttered with deliberately confusing arcane language that only an insider can understand. Further, note that Hall and Reynold E. Blight are 33rd Degree Masons, while the Illustrator is 32nd Degree. Macoy Publishing Company is also one of the most respected of all Masonic Publishing Houses.
Over the years since I read Cooper's book, I have verified the vast majority of the information contained therein. Even the former Illuminist Witch, Doc Marquis, keeps this book on his shelf. If you want to speak to Doc about the veracity of this information, you may call him at Christians Exposing The Occult , P.O. Box 632436, Nacogdoches, TX 75963-2436, or call him at 409-552-7313. Doc even has many of the super secret books, called Esoteric books, of Freemasonry, including many written in code. Doc verifies Cooper's statement, above.
( Masons own )

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There's a sucker born every minute."

"...and a 32nd or 33rd degree Mason is behind the veil laughing his head off and rolling in the aisle every time a new sucker is initiated into the 1st degree of Freemasonry."

Do they simply enjoy mocking and tricking us? Teasing and playing with our minds, realizing that the vast majority of people in society are willing dupes? It was, after all, serial killer John Wayne Gacy-certainly a psychopathic personality - who once bragged, "A clown could get away with murder
Gacy, you see, enjoyed dressing up as a mischievous and gleeful clown and visiting hospital wards to cheer up young male patients. He also took great pleasure, in the confines of his home, in torturing and killing young boys

All of these are reasons why psychopaths of the Illuminati pose and parade occultly in front of cameras, exchange ritual handshakes, and otherwise taunt the public. Remember, according to Webster's, the psychopath is immoral, selfishly flaunts societal mores, is infantile in personality, is delusional, and has feelings of grandeur and omnipotence. Men who think they are omnipotent Gods must take extreme delight in putting things over the masses whom they consider inferior and sub-human.\015
The authors of A Dictionary of Symbols note that the hand expresses "ideas of action, as well as those of power and dominion." They say it is also a sign of royalty. The Jewish Kabbala (or Cabala) teaches that the left hand is the "hand of punishment," while the righthand is the "hand of blessing."11\015
A hand with finger pointed to or touching the lip indicates, "Be silent." A finger touching or pointing to the head signifies "intellect or wisdom."\015

Of course, it is super-easy, almost like taking candy from a baby, to disabuse the Masonic whiner and complainer hollering that you or I have slandered the Masons by denying their order's "Christian attributes." After all, there are scores of points to make that blow apart the silly notion that the Masonic Lodge or similar groups are even vaguely "Christian" in nature. But the easiest way to handle such a complaint is to ask the Mason if he has reached the Royal Arch Mason ritual level or equivalent (13th degree in the Scottish Rite). If he answers "yes," then, uh oh, he is in big, big trouble.\015
then ask him about the name of his sacred God revealed in the Royal Arch degree ritual; that is, I ask him about Jahbuhlun. And usually, I can hear either a long uninterrupted stutter, or else simply a great gasping sound. Generally, that ends the discussion right there. A Mason definitely does not want to publicly discuss that name, Jahbuhlun. Anything but that. Bamm! He's gone. And I can understand why.\015
The Blue Lodge Masons, encompassing the first three degrees of Masonry, are instructed that they are seeking the Lost Word or the Lost Name of God... It isn't until they reach the level of Royal Arch Masonry (seventh degree, York Rite) that they discover that the Lost Name of God wasn't lost after all. It's at this level that they learn the sacred name of Masonry's God.\015
The name Jahbuhlun has three syllables representing a composite God made up of three subordinate deities. The Masonic material identifies the three as Yah (or Yahweh), Baal, and Osiris. Logically, the name should be spelled Yah-Baal-On, but Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor admits that over the years the spelling has been "corrupted" by Freemasonry until it reached its current form.1\015
Decker correctly asserts that,\015
"What these men are doing is worshipping a demon God so far removed from the real God that this worship must surely defile the holiness of God and guarantee those who pronounce that name in such a ceremony a swift ride to Hell..."2\015
Interestingly, in the ritual drama, the three Masons doing the pronouncing of Jahbuhlun are said to have come from Babylon! So, we have a ritual -the 13th degree in the Scottish Rite and 7th in the York Rite-in which three "Masters" come from Babylon to instruct the candidate on how to build the Royal Arch (symbolically, how to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and thus establish the kingdom of the elite and their devil God on earth).\015
The Lost Word Found\015
Moreover, the three messengers from Babylon inform the candidate that the true name of God, the name that had been lost for so long, is not Jesus, but is Jahbuhlun. They conveniently omit mention of the fact that this is, in fact, the name of a monstrous DEVIL God, that the name is an unholy and blasphemous composite of Jahweh, Baal, and Osiris, or On.\015
No wonder Masonic authority W.L. Wilmshurst, in his highly thought of (by Masons) The Meaning of Masonry, proclaims this degree so vital to the transformation of the candidate's life. He even suggests that in attaining this Degree, one "exhibits the attainment of a new order of life."4\015
The Royal Arch Degree, Wilmshurst emphasizes, provides "a supremely high level of thought and instruction" for the Mason attaining it.5\015
Born Again or Demon-Possessed?\015
What does Wimshurst mean when he says the adept has attained a "new order of life?" I believe the candidate receives a counterfeit born again experience, receiving the very spirit of Lucifer into his bosom as a result of conforming to the requirements of this degree.\015
In accepting the devil God Jahbuhlun as the sacred name of God the man rising to this level in Masonry or a similar sect becomes demon possessed, full of the devil, headed for hell, prepared to do the most wicked and foul deeds possible for his hidden deity, Baphomet, aka Lucifer, aka Satan, aka Jahbuhlun.\015
Now, the fatal (ending in spiritual death) sign that is taught for this degree is the one you will find men giving in the photographs in this chapter. Notably, only higher-level initiates and adepts will typically be seen giving this evil sign stamping them as demon-possessed disciples of Satan. I call this sign the Hidden Hand of the Men of Jahbuhlun.\015
Wine From A Human Skull\015
Many other facets and activities pertaining to this degree's ritual stamp it as pure Luciferian and its holder as a Lucifer worshipper. During the initiation into the seventh degree Royal Arch Mason (York Rite) or 13th degree (Scottish Rite), the candidate drinks wine from a human skull.\015
By this monstrous act, he reinforces the fact that he has taken an oath swearing to "have his skull struck off and his brains exposed to the scorching rays of a median sun" should he ever divulge Masonic secrets. He goes on to demand that if he does divulge secrets, may all the sins of the dead person whose skull he is drinking from be heaped upon his, the candidate's, head.6\015
So we see that the Mason's newfound "God," Jahbuhlun (Jah-Baal-On), is a rigid taskmaster who does not look kindly on traitors and blabbers. It was the Canaanite God Baal, of course, to whom the backslidden Jews and pagans sacrificed their children in the fire. You'll recall that the prophet Elijah brought the message of God's judgment against those who worshipped bloodthirsty Baal, who, in reality, is merely an idolatrous representation of Satan. Yes, Baal is the devil.\015

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The masons are not a cult. Nor are Rainbow, DeMolay, Eastern Star, or Jobs Daughters. We Are Christians and that is a complete misinterpataion! so please Make sure you know what your talking about because it may offend people. Thank you and Please Just be careful

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Whilst flicking through countless comments that are intended to spread negative press about the nature of freemasonry, detailing acts of spells and voodoo, I couldn't help but burst into a fresh fit of laughter. I myself know many men, both young and old that are brothers of the masons, and it is for this reason that the far - fetched ideas which you hold about the group - seem to me, so ludicrous. The masons are a long standing group of fundraisers who endeavour to raise as much money for charity as they possibly can. And although I am sure that there are many rituals which are very internalised by the group, I am aware that they are all based around the idea that we most love one another by showing compassion to our fellow man. In this way therfore, I can assure you that they are anything but harmful.
I hope this has managed to diffuse the cloud of malicious rumours which constantly surrounds the nature of Free masonry.
Thank you.

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what a load of rubish. all that freemasons do is positive, from help in the community such as a card at christmas to massive finacial donations they make world wide each year (which most of happens without the rest of the worrld knowing). many of such donations will come out of members pockets directly. the members of lodges consist of the highest ranking people in the world to the less fortunate.
i could point fingers at many organisations saying saying they are a cult, but something which i like to live by. "never a enthusiast, persecutor or slanderer of religion be"
but what people need to do is look at the organisations they are involved in. look at the criteria for a cult and see how many items there organisations satisfy.
then look at freemasonary.
the results will amaze you.
but!! what you will do is, because you are actually in a cult, you will fail to see that you belong to a cult and most importantly of all you will fail to akknowledge that fremasonary isnt a cult, its just a bunch of good guys doing good stuff all over the world.

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In response to "Intrigued"

As a mason I keep no secrets from my wife. She got bored with the whole masonic pantomime years ago and the few things she doesn't know, she doesn't want to know. These amount to a small number of "passwords" and "handshakes" which serve no real pupose outside of the lodge room these days. Believe me, once you join you soon realise that once the veil is lifted it's just a dining club with some panto before hand.

Taking off the wedding ring is part of the initiation ceremony, where a candidate is divested of all metal, i.e. all metal objects are removed from the person. This includes belts with buckles, chains and rings. This is to symbolically render the candidate penniless and humble. At a stage in the initiation you are asked if you can give to charity and are presented with a donations box. As you have nothing of worth to give, you are commended that you would have if you posessed anything and also reminded that in future if you should come across someone in their hour of need, that you once felt the burdon of being bereft of any posessions. This is to highlight the central belief of "relief" or charity.

We're just big boys, going to a boys club to roleplay and have a good meal in the name of charity. Nothing more.

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Having been a mason in the UK for over 12 years now I have decided to give my view of what freemasonry is about. I speak from a position of experience having been master of my lodge twice, master of my chapter once and a provincial officer for over four years.

Put into basic terms it is a men-only club where we meet, perform a ceremony to either initiate a new member into the fraternity or raise a current member to a higher degree, then enjoy a meal and drink together.

During the evening we will have a collection in the lodge room which is to be used by the Almoner for various charitable actions on behalf of the lodge, eg. buying flowers for a masons widow on her birthday or for a masons wife if she is unwell/in hospital. We will also hold a raffle after the meal with prizes donated by members. The money raised from the raffle will be given to charity.

Most members are involved in a continuous giving scheme where a small amount of money is given automatically each month to the provincial grand charity. The amount given is decided by the member based on his personal circumstances.

Now to answer some points I observed in previous posts.

The only true masonic secrets are the means of identifying yourself as a mason to other masons. This is to prevent non masons from entering our ceremonies. Anything else you want to know I am perfectly happy to tell you as I will break no oath by doing so.

The "Great Architect of the Universe" is not in itself a god. It is a term (name?) used to refer to the god of each individual present. To me this name refers to God, father of Jesus. To a Muslim it would refer to Allah. Similarly the Volume of the Sacred Law is, for me, The Bible. For a Muslim if would be the Quran. For the ceremonies the applicable religious book is obtained for each candidate.

The "higher degrees in freemasonry" refer to one of the side orders which are optionl to join. This is not an exclusive order but is open to any mason (my father was a member for many years).

Religion is not a topic for discussion during masonic evenings, neither is politics.

My wife fully supports my membership in freemasonry and loves the "ladies nights". I was a mason before I met her but after explaining it to her she was very interested in knowing more about it. She helps me practice my ritual work and always makes sure I'm taking the right regalia out with me (I have taken the wrong set in the past so now she checks).

All in all, we are not a cult, religion, satanic order, or anything else that might be construed as evil, misguided, or morally corrupt. We encourage our members to be just and upright citizens, to obey the laws of their country and to be just, fair and benevolent to their fellow men whether they are masons or not.

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This is quite entertaining! Why so much negative energy to an organisation you have no knowledge of? From where does it come and how is it fuelled? Money and greed?
Freemasonry can’t have any real historical links with the Knights Templers since they were destroyed in 1312 and Freemasonry was founded in the UK in the late 1600. Just a few years of complete secrecy and then BOOM here we are. Does that really sound plausible?
My wife knows quite a lot of what goes on in the lodges that I go to. To be honest, we have a good laugh at it. And by the way, she has no connections to Freemasonry more than me. Women have their own lodges (, and sure they are under the official United Grand Lodge of England ( What is important to understand is that all lodges are funded by its members and their hard work in charity. United Grand Lodge of England is the second largest charity in the UK, after the National Lottery. If you are interested to find out more about charity donations from the Freemasons or other information about what we are up to and information that can help you to make your own mind up, why not check out our magazine (
When it comes to Freemasonry and religion... As far as I can tell, Freemasonry is, looking at it from a historical point of view, based on Christianity. Most of the members of my lodge are indeed devout Christians. But there are also Jews and Muslims, and I have also met a Buddhist. My own religion is a bit more floaty, since I see myself as a Pandeist. If Freemasonry was indeed a sect I would not have joined it, since the reason I’m not a Christian is that I have no faith in the Bible, nor all the prejudices that the organised religions shows towards people who think differently. But that is the great thing about the Freemasons. You have to believe in something to join. As an atheist you can’t join this organisation. But at the same time, our rules state that we should not discuss any form of politics since it will only create discord and a lodge should always be held in Peace and Harmony.
Yes we have rules. All organisations have rules, if not it would indeed not be an organisation, but rather anarchy. All our rules can be found on the official website ( Freemasonry is a peculiar system of morality & illustrated by symbols. Again, the official symbols of Freemasonry are depicted on the website ( By the way, Royal Arch is not the Knights Templar’s. And the fact the Scottish rite has 33 degrees doesn’t mean that they are progressive. In fact they are not. In Freemasonry there are only three degrees: 1st = Entered Apprentice, 2nd Fellow Craft, 3rd Master. All other “degrees” (called side degrees in the English rite) are by invitation to further your knowledge and development as a person. What degree you hold doesn’t give you any authority in Freemasonry. Instead you can make a “career” out of it. Albeit that you don’t get paid. But the main thing to do this career is to take part in your mother lodges work.
So stop being a lazy money grabber and do your research./ S&F

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I am pretty sure you are not aware that in the Bible that Masons use is the answer why such an organization is not Kosher.
Jesus is the Idea and the Fulfillment of the Idea found within that Bible.
There is more, but I don't think I'll tell you. I want to lodge in your mind that there are secrets you don't yet know.
Anyway its all in that Closed Bible.
Why not open and read it!
Or even better listen to a streaming version and ask The real Architect to reveal the meaning of its content.
In my belief God is fully available to all that bend the knee in respect!
Take care.


I would appreciate it if you remain respectful to me, but if you don't it's more a reflection on yourself than me.


Forgive them - they don't realize what they are doing. Its The Fathers food pleasure to give the Kingdom
to True Hearts . You don't have to be good, only hungry for goodness and willingness to say you don't know the answers and passion to seek them from the only Truth Speaker.

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