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Mike Tonks has banned me from the indymedia list with no consultation because I criticised his leadership - is this new media - or more of the same old ****


I'm posting this here because yesterday I was silently banned from the Bristol editorial email list.

" Imc-bristol Subscription results re: The email address you supplied is banned from this mailing list. If you think this restriction is erroneous, please contact the list owners at "

Which I did yesterday - Mike didn't reply though one of the others did - leading me to believe that it was him who banned me from the list following my last message (repeated below) thus denying me the chance to see the replies. Please send them direct to not via the list. My other addresses appear to have been banned too as I can't subscribe using them.

I was criticising the passive aggressive leadership of BIMC particularly denial about passwords and accountability which make up the core of any media - postmodern, paradigm-shifted or whatever.
Some might feel these issues are actually quite important in what is supposed to be open media - and in opposition to control freak media. Others may not be comfortable giving up their lofty positions of password patronage.

It may interest you to know that my IP address can no longer connect to to upload national stories following my national article about Blair's daughter's suicide bid which is a true story nevertheless hidden by UKIMC but covered by rumourmill news amongst others. see for other stories banned

>Subject: [IMC-bristol] Media without editors - a brilliant concept
>That's it then, there are no editors at Indymedia and no-one is using
>passwords or making decisions about what content to highlight or delete.
>thanks - for clearing that up ;-)

I can't post to BIMC list but I will endeavor to be at the next meeting as I think there is an attempt to bury important matters.
I think it's important that everyone involved in this group sees precisely the nature of the current editorial beast.

Tony Gosling etc.
0117 944 6219

author by Zaskarpublication date Wed Jul 21, 2004 21:52author email markdwatson at blueyonder dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

Oh blimey.... What is all this? Tony you really need to calm down a bit. This is clearly against guidelines but to hide it is to invite more of the same I suspect.

God and I thought i could be a tetchy primadonna!

author by antoinpublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 00:56author email antoinellesset at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

shame on you bristol indymedia for this

author by Bill de Bergpublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 00:59Report this post to the editors

Surely everybody has now had enough of Gosling???

Let's look at the facts.

Gosling, for some reason, likes to loiter around anarchist/left/activist media projects claiming to be a BBC journalist. (He actually did 3 stories for BBC radio Wiltshire once (how Alan Partidge is that?) and then they got rid because he was a nutter)

Gosling is a member of the Bristol Cultural Development Partnership. A "public-private partnership". He happily sits down with Andrew Kelly, Helen Holland and various big business players in the city devising big money culture projects that put cash into the pockets of insiders ... How fucking radical is that?

Gosling does this for a city council front called VOSCUR. A government subsidised middle-class, middle-aged ladies club for helping the poor (for a suitable middle-class wage , naturally) that supposedly regenerates deprived areas of the city, although this never actually seems to happen!

And what does Gosling's "journalism" consist of? Apart from the occasional attack on jewish bankers and the odd paranoid discouse on NATO, he spends his whole time attacking Bristol Indymedia, Bristle and the Bristolian.

Anyone would think he's doing the local government's, council's and voluntary sector's dirty work for them.

Surely Not?

I say well done that man who kicked him off the list!

Personally I think we should kick his ginger, collaborator ass out of town altogether.

Yah, Boo, Socks, So there!

author by Soundpublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 10:25Report this post to the editors

Tony, from what I see you have been you get kicked out of group after a pattern here?

author by Tom (ImcVol)publication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 11:16Report this post to the editors

Tony, I have spoken to the tech people and it looks likely that this is down to a technical problem â€" as such it would help Tony, if you gave us a little time to check things out, and reply to your emails before launching into a public arena, getting all paranoid and blaming non-existing 'leaders' of BIMC for covertly orchestrated plots against you.

Things should be sorted soon and you should be back on the list, as normal, soon.

author by Soundpublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 11:59Report this post to the editors

Aaaww. And there was me thinking that he was being blocked by a bilderberg special hacking find out it is techy trouble is a bit...mundane....

author by blondiepublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 12:03Report this post to the editors

so he's a ginger is he? get rid of him now!

author by Soundpublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 13:05Report this post to the editors

Leave the hair colour out of this! Some of my best mates are ginger...

author by Spy vs Spypublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 14:21Report this post to the editors

Funny how so many people who don't fit the IndyMedia UK profile are having their IP addresses blocked from publishing.

To infer that anybody is being paranoid is really unacceptable - the definition of the word often comes with a qualifying statement such as, 'contrary to all evidence'.

Having been subjected to an IP address ban and having managed to publish via a dial-up connection (and therefore with a different IP address) thus proving that the ban (in whatever form) existed - the definition cannot apply.

IndyMedia UK has become (or maybe always was) a repository for manageable activism. It is (like it or not) an intelligence gathering resource for various branches of the police - again, the paranoid definition proviso applies - having been visited at home by boys not in blue who identified me from my IndyMedia UK soubriquet. Whether they like it or not - the IndyMedia UK moderators (probably in the Delphi technique sense!) are playing straight into the cuffs of the law!

Are you a sheep who allows his/her thoughts and actions to be coralled into US style 'freedom zones' by IndyMedia UK sheepdogs? And only engage in issues deemed acceptable by the shepherd (whoever that might be).

Remember the anecdote (well documented) about London Greenpeace during the MacLibel period. At one meeting five of the six present were Special Branch.

I'm not wrapping my head in tin foil - I'm pissing myself laughing - at you!

author by Soundpublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 15:10Report this post to the editors

So the tin-foil hat brigade are being oppressed by the might of UK IMC-MI6-NWO-CIA?

Or the rational alternative is that you are all disruptive, ego-driven and hell-bent on pushing your ideas without thought for other users of such sites?

But then by saying that I'm now revealing my part-time job as a pilot for the Black Helicopter possie...

author by blowm coverpublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 16:29Report this post to the editors


I told you not to mention the black helicopters....

author by Zaskarpublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 16:34author email markdwatson at blueyonder dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

I suggest that those hoping to recruit to their religion use the same alias when they preach.

author by dmk23publication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 19:29Report this post to the editors

this all sounds very exciting. when can i get to see the black helicopters daddy?

author by scum bagpublication date Thu Jul 22, 2004 20:38Report this post to the editors

Tony gosling is a twat anyway. His horrible personality and jew baiting, christian fundamentalist ways gets him into trouble with almost everyone he meets who isn't as crooked and nasty as him. Apperently he is the son of a millionaire and regularly wanders off to enjoy his property in new zealand and tons of cash.

This means he doesn't have to treat anyone else with respect, why should he, he's loaded!

Now theres nothing Tony likes better than slumming it here in bristle with his rich would be trendy activist friends. Sadly 9.9 times out of ten they just want his money... and when he continues to be as tight as a ducks arse they discover that they don't have to be nice to him either... and give him the bird.

Stick around for the next "GoslingMedia" floorshow folks! In which we discover that the Black Helicopters, in cahoots with the Bilderberg Organisation, space vampires, and E.T. the Extra-terrestrial, are all conspiring to make Tony look bad and how we must all support him against the godless aitheistic world government and... blah, blah, blah...

author by Tony Goslingpublication date Sat Jul 24, 2004 19:04Report this post to the editors

well, back on email after a few days off - I'm still not on the list so what happened to the technical fix - as you can probably understand I've kind of had enough of Bristol Indymedia - which is not what we intended it to be at that first meeting at the Hatchet at all. \Anyway I'll try to get to some meetings if only to prick the concience of those who insist on keeping paword patronage - like some twisted newspaper editor - to themselves. So if you want to meet this paranoid drug-crazed fundamentalist zealot - and cross-examine me for yourself be there on the ........... oh well - i thought meetings were gonna be regular - - - best way to screw up any organisation is to get them arguing about when and where to meet - shall I propose the Hillgrove like the good old days?

0117 944 6219

author by Freakpublication date Sun Jul 25, 2004 15:55Report this post to the editors

Tony. who are these people who hate you so venomously? Why do they hate you so? What have you done to make them have such strong feelings towards you? Are you really anti-semitic?

author by k (imcvol)publication date Mon Jul 26, 2004 19:58Report this post to the editors

Oh dear. If only the individuals Tony attacks in his crusade against B-IMC demonstrated the low-down derring-do of his claims, we'd be a way more fearsome outfit and would probably be running an international media conglomerate from our very own mega-bunker by now. I still warmly recall him 'outing' me as a possible MI5 affiliate on another IMC site only recently - cheers Tony!

It's all true folks - be very afraid! [or not...- non-existent-ed.)

What surprises me most about Tony's latest outbursts is that, in more than three years of association with various IMCs, the whole point that Indymedia is "Media without editors" has passed him by - unless he's arguing this point simply for the sake of argument itself?

For anyone bemused by all this "editor" stuff, I would like to make clear that as B-IMC volunteers we make every effort to hide content which breaks the guidelines as soon as we can, but otherwise all the content you see on this site is unedited - we dont even correct typo's - so the site is an accurate collection of what gets posted to it, rather than any reflection of the bias of B-IMC volunteers.

The only level of decision-making IMC volunteers do beyond implementing the guidelines, is about which articles from the newswire go into the middle column, but even then the text is not edited. Articles appear in the middle column when they are particularly interesting or newsworthy - obviously this is a subjective decision, but one that is open to question and to reversal as discussions on our email list attests.

Unlike UK-IMC, B-IMC does not currently ban IP addresses from posting content to the site - take a look at some of the postings if in doubt on this! Is this something people think we ought to do, bearing in mind the quality and newsworthy-ness (or lack of) of some postings? Thoughts please.

[Apologies for length of this comment, but it was not cut for reasons of space - non-existent-ed.]

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