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Strange Tales, or Consequences

This is a game where someone writes a few lines on a piece of paper, then folds it over so there is only a line showing and the next person carries on the story. The consequences can be quite amusing. Maybe we have found this story funnier than you might, because in parts we’re making fun of each others' little foibles. I kept writing things about Tony and Bapi, Tony things about me and Bapi, and Bapi kept writing really deep things. It worked quite well. - Tiff.

Once upon a time there was a guy called Bapi and a guy called Tony, who lived very near each other in Bristol. Bapi was always popping round to Tony’s for breakfast, and Tony was always popping round to Bapi’s to watch TV. But Bapi was worried about his hair; what should
it be? maybe we shall all be graet, great one day, but why not now? Being in the company of like-minded souls helps. Don’t
you think? So Tony and Tiffany
waltzed off down the dancefloor with all the other dancers watching and applauding them. Tony whirled Tiffany over his head in one grand finale and accidently threw her skidding like greased
lightning down the length of the hall. But all Tony had to do was press a button on his computer and a beam came forth, and diverted the lightning. He felt like God. Maybe his computer was his link with God. Yes that was it! He knew there was some reason why he spent all his time on it.
But, unfortunately,
the vicars key did not fit, which was a shame because he was a kindly
man and deserved much in this life. Luckily that was exactly what he got and, although everyone who did business with him came to be ultimately ruined, it was
as if his riches were the kiss of
a hunky man. mmm.. If only! But what is better? Eternal kisses or eternal riches? This is a question for all to consider.

The Monkey Wrench Gang - Edward Abbey

review - Tony Gosling

Eco-fascism and political correctness have no place here in Abbeys portrayal of four spontaneous eco-activists. This fast-paced novel charts the cheeky and determined exploits of four disaffected Americans on a mission to bring all the Earth-rape around them to a halt.

Arizona's vested interests do their best to put a stop to this clear-headed luddite crew that are said to have been the inspiration for Earth First. But the forces of darkness are largely ineffective against a 'pixie' team whose power is in their secrecy and the advantage of suprise. Woops, there goes another bulldozer carreering over the precipice.

Haduke is one of the most interesting characters. A vietnam vet he has become dissillusioned with America and sees straight through the democratic sham. His explosives knowledge is put to a new use destroying the mechanical manifestations of a partially diseased society. Righteous indignation against the machines is carefully seperated from the people who operate them. Although the crew talk about them contemptuously there is a recognition that these people are not entirely to blame for the system that puts them at the controls of the digger. And so another massive deisel engine, this time in a gigantic mechanical shovel screams and dies, red hot bearings crying out for oil.

This brilliant novel is rounded off with an enticing and uplifting ending.

The Monkey Wrench Gang - Edward Abbey - £6.99
Pub. Robin Clark - ISBN 0 86072 135 3

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