Bilderberg from 1982 onwards (Switzwerland) 82 88 89 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00
____(function is at last attendance; x st - 10 years to Dec 98; x ad - as of Nov 98) (st) AT (st) DE FR GR FI CH CN US UK PT BE
Lütolf, Franz J, GM and Board of Swiss Bank Corporation (x st) st x
Krauer, Alex, Chair, Ciba Geigy (x st) (st?) x x x
Pury, David de. Chairman, de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co. Ltd., ex Co-Chair ABB x st st st st st st x x
Umbricht, Victor, Mediator, East African Comnty; Adv. Board, Ciba-Geigy (x ad) ad
Ackermann, Josef, Pres. Credit Suisse x
Blankart, Franz, State Sec for External Econ. Affairs, Fed Dept of Public Economy x
Butler, Hugo. Editor in Chief, Neue Zurcher Zeitung. x
Cotti, Flavio, Federal Councillor and Minister for Foreign Affairs. x x x x
Delamuraz, Jean, VP Fed Council Economics Ministry x
Dunkel, Arthur, Director General, GATT (IN) x x x
Frehner, Walter, Chair Swiss Bank Corp x
Gerber, Fritz, Chair, CEO Hoffman La Roche AG x x
Heckmann, Hans, Vice Chair Union Bank of Switzerland x
Jeker, Robert A, Managing Director of Stephan Schmidheiny Holdings x
Kellenberger, Jakob, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs x
Maucher, Helmut, Chair, Nestle Ltd x x
Ringier, Michael, Publisher, Chairman of the Board of Ringier Inc x
Schürer, Wolfgang, Chair MS Management Service AG x x
Sommaruga, Cornelio, President, International Committee of the Red Cross x
Vasella, Daniel - Chairman & CEO Novartis x x x

Codes: x-attending, ch-Chairman, sg-Secretary General, tr-Treasurer, ad-Advisory Group, st-Steering Committee, rp-rapporteur; brackets ( ) generally mean officer not attending, but for 1989 (st) means not clear due to absence of information;
AT-Austria, BE-Belgium, BG-Bulgaria, CH-Switzerland, CN-Canada, CZ-Czech Republic, DE-Germany, DK-Denmark, ES-Spain, FI-Finland, FR-France, GR-Greece, HU-Hungary, IC-Iceland, IN-International, IR-Ireland, IT-Italy, LU-Luxembourg, NL-Netherlands, NO-Norway, NZ-New Zealand, PL-Poland, PT-Portugal, RU-Russia, SV-Sweden, TR-Turkey, UK-United Kingdom, UR-Ukraine, US-USA, YU-Yugoslavia

82(st): Steering Committee list;
88 list: original List of Participants;
89(st): partial Steering Committee list;
91, 92 and 93 lists: taken from Spotlight;
92 Steering Committee list, extracted from Armen Victorian piece in Nexus Magazine;
94 list: original, plus Tony Gosling ( and Spotlight;
95 list: Tony Gosling (Alberta Reporter) and elements from Spotlight;
96 list: Spotlight and Tony Gosling;
97 list: Tony Gosling, Lobster Magazine and Spotlight;
97 Steering Committee list: original from Bilderberg Meetings
98 list: original Participant List, and Parascope;
99 list: Portuguese News Weekly, Tony Gosling, Big Issue/Schnews - Bilderberg Minutes, and Spotlight;
2000 list: kindly provided by the Bilderberg Meetings;
Ex-Steering Committee members over the last 10 years (x st) - letter to Patricia McKenna MEP from Bilderberg Meetings, 3.12.98

(Thanks to Tony Gosling, Patricia McKenna, Armen Victorian, Jim Bogusz, Lobster, Nexus, Klaus Kopf, Jim Tucker,Spotlight , News Weekly, Big Issue/Schnews, Parascope and Bilderberg meetings)