CFR members in Nixon Administration

Source: Gary Allen, Larry Abraham, None Dare Call it Conspiracy, Concord Press, Rossmoor, CA, 1971 pgs 139-40

Adm. George W. Anderson, Jr. Chairman Foreign Intel. Advisory Board

Dr. George F. Baker, Advisory Council on Executive Organization

George Ball, Foreign Policy Consultant to the State Department

Jacob D. Beam, Ambassador to the Soviet Union

David E. Bell, Nat. Comm on Population Growth Amen Future

Lt. Gen. Donald V. Bennett, Dir Defense Intelligence Agency

C. Fred Bergsten, Operations Staff National Security Council

Robert O. Blake, Ambassador to Mali

Fred J. Borch, Comm International Trade and Investment Policy

Dr. Harold Brown, General Advisory Committee of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

William B. Buffum, Deputy Rep to the UN, Ambassador to Lebanon

Ellworth Bunker, Ambassador to South Vietnam

Frederick Burkhardt, Chair Nat. Comm Libraries and Info Services

Dr. Arthur Burns, Counselor to President, Chairman Board Federal Reserve succeeding CFR member Will McChesney Martin

Henry A. Byroade, Ambassador to the Philippines. Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Member Pres. Advisory Comm. for Observance of the 25th Anniversary of the UN

Courtney C. Brown, Comm. on Inter. Trade and Investment Policy

David K. E. Bruce, Chief of the US Delegation to the Paris Talks

Harlan Cleveland, NATO Ambassador

Richard N. Cooper Operations Staff the National Security Council

Philip K Crowe, Ambassador to Norway

Gardner Cowles, Board of Dir of Nat. Center for Voluntary Action

William B. Dale, Executive Director of International Monetary Fund

Nathaniel Davis, Ambassador to Chile

D. Douglas Dillon, General Advisory Committee of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Seymour M. Finger, Alt. 25th Session of the Gen. Ass. of the UN

Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., Chairman Board of Gov. US Organization, Inc.

William C. Foster, General Advisory Committee of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Thomas S. Gates, Chairman, comm all-volunteer armed forces

Carl J. Gilbert, Special Representative for Trade Negotiations

Gen. Andrew I Goodpaster, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (succeeding CFR member Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer)

Kermit Gordon, General Advisory Committee of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency)

Joseph Adolph Greenland, US Rep. to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Gen. Alfred M. Gruenther, Comm. for All-Volunteer Armed Forces

John W. Gardner, Board of Directors, National Center for Action. Richard Gardner, Member Comm Intern trade and Invest Policy

T. Keith Glennan, US Rep, International Atomic Energy Agency

Gordon Gray, Member, Pres. Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Member Civilian Defense Advisory Council

Morton Halprin, Operations Staff of the National Security Council

Christian A. Herter, Jr. US and Canada International Joint Comm

Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, Chair. US Comm on Civil Rights

Samuel P. Huntington, Task Force on International Development

John N. Irwin II, Special Emissary to Peru

J. K. Jamieson, National Industrial Pollution Control Council

Sen. Jacob K. Javits, Rep. to 25th session of Gen. Ass. of the UN

Joseph E. Johnson Alt.Rep. 24th Sess. of the Gen. Ass. of the UN

Howard W. Johnson, Member National Commission on Productivity

James R. Killian, General Advisory Committee of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

William R. Kintner, member of Board of Foreign Scholarships

Henry A. Kissinger, Assistant to the Pres. for National Security Affairs, Chief Foreign Policy Advisor

Antoine T. Knoppers, Comm on Intern Trade and Invest Policy

Gen. George A. Lincoln, Dir. Office of Emergency Preparedness

Henry Cabot Lodge, Chief Negotiator at the Paris Peace Talks

George Cabot Lodge, Board of Directors, Inter-American Social Development Institute

Henry Loomis, Deputy Director of the USIA

Douglas MacArthur II, Ambassador to Iran

Robert McClintock, Ambassador to Venezuela

John J. McCloy, Chairmen, General Advisory Committee of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Paul W. McCracken, Chairman Council of Economic Advisors

Edward S. Mason, Task Force on International Development

Charles A. Meyer, Assistant Secretary of State

Bradford Mills, President Overseas Private Invest Corporation

Franklin D. Murphy, Member Pres. Foreign Int. Advisory Board

Robert D. Murphy, Special Consultant on International Affairs

Paul H. Nitze, Senior member, US Delegation for Talks with the Soviet Union on Strategic Arms Limitations

Gen Lauris Norstad, Commission on an All-volunteer armed Force: Member, Gen Advi. Comm US Arms Control & Disarmament Agency

Alfred C. Neal, Comm on Intern Trade and Investment Policy

Roderick L. O'Conner, Assistant Administrator for East Asia of the Agency for International Development

Robert E. Osgood, Operations Staff National Security Council

Frank Pace, Jr., Member Pres. Foreign Intell Advisory Board

Richard F. Pedersen, Counselor of the State Department

John R. Petty, Ass. Sec of the Treasury for International Affairs

Christopher H. Phillips, Deputy Rep. In the UN Security Council

Alan Pifer, Consultant to the President on Educational Finance

Sen. Claiborne Pell, Rep. to 25th Sess of the Gen. Ass. of the UN

Isidor I Rabi, Consultant- Presidents Science Advisory Committee

Elliot L. Richardson, Undersecretary of State head of the Dept. of HEW

John Richardson, Jr., Ass. Sec. of State for Ed. Cultural Affairs

James Roche, Board of Dir., National Center for voluntary action

David Rockefeller, Task Force International Development

John D. Rockefeller III, Chairman, National Commission on Population Growth and the American Future

Nelson A. Rockefeller, Head of a Presidential Mission to Ascertain the Views of Leaders in Latin American Countries

Rodman Rockefeller,Advisory Council for Minority Enterprise

Robert V. Roosa, Task Force on International Development

Kenneth Rush, Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

Dean Rusk, General Advisory Committee of US Arms Control

Nathaniel Samuels, Deputy Undersecretary of State

Adolph William Schmidt, Ambassador to Canada

Joseph J. Sisco, Ass. Sec. of State f Middle East and South Asia

Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, Chairman Atomic Energy Commission

Gerard Smith, Dir. of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Henry DeW. Smyth, Alternate Rep. of the 13th Session of the Gen. Conf. of International Atomic Energy Agency

Helmut Sonnenfeld, Operations Staff of the NSC

John R. Stevenson, Legal Advisor of the State Department

Frank Stanton, US Advisory Commission on Information

Robert Strausz-Hupe, Ambassador Ceylon and Maldive Republic

Leroy Stinebower, Member Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy

Maxwell D. Taylor, Chair Pres. Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

Llewellyn Thompson, Senior Member US Delegation for SALT

Philip H. Trezise, Assistant Sec. of State

Cyrus Vance, Gen. Advisory Comm. of US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Rawleigh Warner, Jr., Board of Trustees Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Arthur K. Watson, Ambassador to France

Thomas Watson, Board of Dir. National Center for Voluntary Action

John Hay Whitney, Board of Dir. Corp. for Public Broadcasting

Francis O. Wilcox, Member Pres. Comm. Observance of the 25th Anniversary of the UN

Franklin Haydn Williams, Pres. Personal Rep. for the Negotiation of Future Political Status Territory of the Pacific Islands

Walter Wriston, Member National Comm. on Productivity

Charles W. Yost, Ambassador to the UN.