(At Least 19 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) MEMBERS were involved inthe Iran-Contra Affair . Some were guilty of wrong doing, others investigated the wrong doing. Isn't that a conflict of interest? Shouldn't the Investigation be reopened?

Bill Clinton is a CFR MEMBER -- How many CFR MEMBERS are controlling his investigation? How many CFR members are guilty of aiding and abetting Clinton? How about investigating the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS?)

United States Senate Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition


Daniel k. Inouye, D-Hawaii Chairman

***CFR MEMBER WARREN RUDMAN, R-New Hampshire Vice Chairman


Sam Nunn, Georgia

Paul S. Sarbanes, Maryland

Howell T. Heplin, Alabama



James A. McClure, Idaho

Orrin G. Hatch, Utah


Paul S. Trible, JR., Virginia

Arthur L. Liman, Chief Counsel

United States House of Representatives

Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran

Lee H. Hamilton, D-Indiana Chairman

***CFR MEMBER DANTE B. FASCELL, D-Florida Vice Chairman



Peter W. Rodino, Jr., New Jersey

Jack Brooks, Texas



Edward P. Boland, Massachusetts

Ed Jenkins, Georgia


Dick Cheney, Wyoming

William S. Broomfield, Michigan

Henry J. Hyde, Illinois

Jim Courter, New Jersey

Bill McCollum, Florida

Michael Dewine, Ohio

John W. Nields, Jr. Chief Counsel

George W. Van Cleve Chief Minority Counsel

Rank Republican

***CFR MEMBER ABRAMS, ELLIOTT Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs

.Beckler, Richard Attorney for John Poindexter. (?????David Beckler CFR?)

Belnick, Mark A. Arthur Liman's Executive Assistant.

Buckley, William CIA Station Chief in Lebanon, taken hostage in Beirut in March 1984. Known to have been tortured; died in captivity in June 1985.

***CFR MEMBER BUSH,GEORGE Vice President of the United States

Byrd, Robert C. U.S, Senator (D-West Virginia), Senate Majority Leader. Appointed Senate Democratic members of the Iran-Contra Committee.

Calero, Adolfo Leader of the Nicaraguan Democratic Force (FDN), one of the largest Contra organizations.

***CFR MEMBER CASEY, WILLIAM Director CIA, 1981-1987. Died May 6,1987.

Castillo,Thomas see Fernandez

Cave, George Retired CIA officer, paid consultant to the CIA. Participated in sessions with the Iranians as a translator. (?????Ray Cave--CFR)

Channnell, Carl R. (SPITZ) Private fund-raiser whose tax exempt organization, the National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty, raised funds for the Contras. Pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit tax fraud, April 29, 1984.

Clarridge, Duane (Dewey) CIA Official. Chief CIA Latin American Division, August 1981 to October 1984. Chier, Europe Division, October 1984 to February 1986.

*****Clifford, Clark (CFR insider 1988 CFR annual report list) Former Secretary of Defense

Clines, Thomas Former CIA official, associate of Richard Secord

***CFR MEMBER COOPER, CHARLES Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel.

Dole, Robert US Senator (R-Kansas), Senate Minority Leader. Appointed Senate Republican members of Iran-Contra Committee

Eagleton,Thomas Former US Senator (D-Missouri). Participated in the selection of Chief Counsel for the Senate Iran-Contra Committee.

Earl, Robert Deputy to Oliver North on National Security Council Staff, Marine Lieutenant Colonel.

Fernandez, Joseph F. CIA Station Chief in Costa Rica. Known in Central America by his alias, "Thomas Castillo."

Furmark, Roy New York businessman. Friend of ***CFR MEMBER WILLIAM CASEY. Previously worked for Adnan Khashoggi. Served as contact point with Manucher Ghorbanifar.


George, Clair CIA Deputy Director for Operations during the Iran- Contra affair.

Ghorbanifar, Manucher Iranian businessman Intermediary between National Security Council staff and Iranian contacts.

GREEN, THOMAS C. Attorney for Richard Secord. Also represented Oliver North and Albert Hakim in November 1986.

Hakim, Albert Richard Secord's business partner in the "Enterprise." Naturalized U.S. citizen of Iranian birth. Negotiated the "Hakim Accords."

Hall, Fawn Secretary to Oliver North.

Hasenfus, Eugene Sole survivor of the C-123 cargo plane shot down over Nicaragua on October 5, 1986.

***CFR MEMBER INMAN, BOBBY Former Director of the National Security Agency and former Deputy Director of the CIA.

Jacobsen, David P. American hostage in Lebanon, kidnapped in May 1985 and released in November 1986.

Jenco, Lawrence Catholic priest, American hostage in Lebanon, kid- napped in January 1985 and released on July 26, 1986.

Khashoggi, Adnan Saudi Arabian businessman who financed the shipments of weapons from Israel to Iran.

Kimche, David Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Ledeen, Michael National Security Council consultant. Informal channel between National Security Adviser McFarlane and the Israelis.

***CFR MEMBER MCFARLANE, ROBERT C. (BUD) National Security Advisor. Also led mission to Teheran in May 1986.

Meese, Edwin Attorney General.

Nidal, Abu Terrorist. North cited a threat from Nidal as the reason he accepted a security fence from Secord.

Nunrodi, Yaacov Former Israeli defense official, arms dealer.

Nir, Amiram Adviser to Israeli Primer Minister Peres on counter-terrorism.

North, Oliver Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps. Assistant Deputy Director for Political-Military Affairs of the National Security Council 1981-86.

***CFR MEMBER OWEN, ROBERT Messenger between Contra leaders and North. Contracted with the Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office of the U.S. State Department to work with the Contras.

Poindexter, John Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy. National Security Adviser from December 1985 to November 25, 1986. McFarlane's Deputy previously.

Polgar, Tom Sr. Investigator for the Senate Iran-Contra Committee. Former CIA Station Chief.

Reagan, Ronald President of the United States.

Regan, Donald White House Chief of Staff, 1985-87.

Reynolds, William Bradford Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division. Discovered the "diversion memo" in North's files.

Richardson, John Meese's Chief of Staff. Present when Bradford Reynolds located the "diversion memo" in North's files. Took notes of some interviews during November 1986 Meese investigation of

Iran-Contra events.

Robinette, Glenn A. Former CIA employee hired to arrange for the

construction of a security fence around North's home.

Rodriguez, Felix Alias "Max Gomez," former CIA operative recruited by North for resupply operation in Central America.

Schwimmer, Adolph (AL) Adviser to Israeli Primer Minister Peres. Arms dealer who helped set up Israeli and U.S. Iranian contacts on arms deal.

Sciaroni, Brentton Sole professional staff MEMBER of the President's Intelligence Oversight Board. Author of legal opinion that Boland Amendments did not apply to the National Security Council.

***CFR MEMBER SCOWCROFT, BRENT National Security Adviser under ***CFR MEMBER President FORD. MEMBER of the Tower Board.

Secord, Richard V. Retired Major General, U.S. Air Force. Operated the "Enterprise" with partner Albert Hakim.

Schultz, George Secretary of State.

Sigur, Gaston Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs since March 1986.

Singlaub, John K. Retired U.S. Army Major General. Solicited funds for and sold arms to the Contras.

***CFR MEMBER SOFAER, ABRAHAM State Department Legal Adviser. Threatened to resign if false statements were not removed from congressional testimony prepared for ***CFR MEMBER CASEY about the November 1985 HAWK shipments.

Sporkin, Stanley CIA General Counsel.

Sullivan, Brendan Attorney for Oliver North.

Tambs, Lewis Ambassador to Costa Rica.

Thompson, Paul National Security Council Counsel.

***CFR MEMBER VANCE, CYRUS Former Secretary of State.

Walsh, Lawrence Independent Counsel investigating the Iran-Contra affair. Former federal judge.

***CFR MEMBER WEINBERGER, CASPAR Secretary of Defense during the Iran-Contra affair.

Weir, Reverend Benjamin American hostage in Lebanon, kidnapped May 8, 1984, and released September 15, 1985, after shipment of 508 U.S. TOW missiles to Iran by Israel.

Wilson, Edwin , Former CIA agent, arms dealer who supplied explosives to Libya's Qaddafi.

Zucker, Willard Hakim's attorney/banker in Switzerland. Met with Mrs. Oliver North in Philadelphia.

When did journalists stop reporting the WHO in a story?

The Council on Foreign Relations has about 3000 members. The following 122 are a partial listing of CFR members in the media. There are less then 10 women on the list. This is no accident. The Council on Foreign Relations is sexist and racist.


1. William Paley

2. William Burden

3. Roswell Gilpatric

4. Henry Schact

5. Manetta Tree Collingwood

6. Lawrence LeSuer

7. Dan Rather

8. Harry Reasoner

9. Richard Hottelet

10. Frank Stanton

11. Bill Moyers


12. Jane Pfeiffer

13. Lester Crystal

14. W. Sonnenfeldt Bradshaw

15. John Petty

16. David Brinkley

17. John Chancellor

18. Marvin Kalb

19. Irvine Levine

20. Peterson John Sawhill


21. Ray Adam

22. Frank Cary Macioce

23. Ted Koppel

24. John Scali

25. Barbara Walters


26, Daniel Schorr


27. Hartford Gunn

28. Robert McNeil

29. Jim Lehrer

30. Charlayne Hunter-Gault

31. Hodding Carter III


32. Keith Fuller

33. Stanley Swinton

34. Louis Boccardi

35. Harold Anderson


36. Michael Posner


37. David Rogers


38. Tom Johnson

39. Joseph Kraft


40. Richard W. Murphy

41. Charles A. Kupchan

42. . Michael Clough

43. Zygmunt Nagorski

44. Nancy Bodurtha

45. Richard T. Childress

46. Carl W. Ford Jr..

47. Nomsa Daniels

48. Alton Frye

49. Gregory F. Treverton


50. Jessica Mathew

51. Michael Mandelbaum

52. Richard N. Haass

53. Richard W. Murphy

54. John L. Hirsch

55. Alexander J. Motyl

56. Nicholas X. Rizopoulos.

57. Alan D. Romberg.

58. Gidion Gottlieb

59. Charles A. Kupchan


60. Henry Trewhitt


61. James Hoge


62. John Cowles Jr.


63. William P. Hobby


64. Richard Gelb

65. James Reston

66. William Scranton Rosenthal

67. Seymour Topping

68. James Greenfield

69. Max Frankel

70. Jack Rosenthal

71. Harding Bancroft

72. Amory Bradford

73. Orvil Dryfoos

74. David Halberstram

75. Walter Lippmann

76. Markel. Matthews

77. John Oakes

78. Harrison Salisbury

79. Hays Sulzberger

80. Ochs Sulzberger

81. SulzbergerSmith

82. Steven Rattner

83. Richard Burt


86. Ralph Davidson

85. Donald M. Wilson

86. Louis Banks

87. Henry Grunwald

88. Alexander Herard

89. Sol Lionwitz

90. Rawleigh Warner Jr.

91. Thomas Watson Jr.


92. Katherine Graham

93. Philip Graham

94. Arjay Miller TC

95. deB. Katzenbach

96. Frederick Beebe

97. Robert Christopher

98. De Borchgrave

99. Osborne Elliot

100. Phillipo Geyelin

101. Kermit Lausner

102. Murry Marder

103. Eugene Meyer

104. Malcolm Muir

105. Maynard Parker

106. George Will

107. Robert Kaiser

108. Meg Greenfield

109. Walter Pincus

110. Murray Gart

111. Peter Osnos

112. Don Oberdorfer

DOW JONES & CO. (Wall Street Journal)

113. William Agee

114. Paul Austin

115. TC Charles Meyer

116. Robert Potter

117. Richard Wood

118. Robert Bartley

119. Karen House


120. Wm. F. Buckley Jr.

121. Richard Brookhiser


122. Eric Breindel

Once upon a time in Germany a group called the Nazi's rounded up citizens and murdered them. Other German citizens were so frightened by the Nazi's they pretended not to see what was happening to their neighbors. Is the press so frightened by the Council on Foreign Relations that journalists and photo-journalists have become a group of "Not-Sees."? Or, are journalists and photo-journalists "Not-Sees" because they can make more money being dishonest then they can from being honest? Can you be both a silent and innocent spectator?



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Title-50 War and National Defense § 783 states - "It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly to combine,
conspire, or agree with any other person to perform any act which would substantially contribute to the
establishment within the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship, the direction and control of which is to be
vested in, or exercised by or under the domination of control of, any foreign government."

The Council on Foreign Relations are in violation of Title-50 War and National Defense § 783. The Council
on Foreign Relations has unlawfully and knowingly combined, conspired, and agreed to substantially
contribute to the establishment of one world order under the totalitarian dictatorship, the direction and the
control of members of Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and
members of their branch organizations in various nations throughout the world. That is totalitarianism on a
global scale.