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Bishop condemns 'gay war' on Christianity

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:40 am    Post subject: Bishop condemns 'gay war' on Christianity Reply with quote

Bishop condemns 'gay war' on Christianity

By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent
Last Updated: 3:30pm GMT 13/03/2008

A senior Roman Catholic bishop has launched a scathing attack on the "gay lobby", accusing homosexual campaigners of a "huge and well-orchestrated conspiracy" against Christian values.

The Rt Rev Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell, said homosexual rights organisations aligned themselves with minority groups and attended Holocaust memorial services to project an image of "people under persecution".

He described the gay lobby as the opposition and noted that while the actor Sir Ian McKellen was given a New Year honour for services to homosexual rights, Oscar Wilde was locked up only a century ago for homosexual acts.

The 70-year-old bishop, who is president of the Catholic Education Commission in Scotland, added that he would "not tolerate" a child trying to come to terms with his or her homosexuality.

His comments during a lecture in Glasgow have been attacked by homosexual rights campaigners who said he was "deluded".

Calum Irving, of Stonewall Scotland, said homosexual people were among the groups targeted by the Nazis, adding: "So Bishop Devine has decided it's time to have a go at lesbian and gay people again.

"I'm flattered that the bishop thinks we could mount a huge and well-orchestrated conspiracy but he is much deluded.

"Such a continued attack on gay people is distinctly un-Christian and deeply out of step with the views of most Scots today. There is no war on Christianity, just the bishop's owned fevered paranoia.

"I would defend the bishop's right to practise his faith and yet he would deny me basic dignity and respect."

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust said the memorial services were about remembering all victims "be they Jewish, gypsy, gay or lesbian".

The bishop has stood by the comments he made during a lecture entitled Sectarianism and Secularism: Bugbears for the Catholic Church in Scotland.

He said: "These groups are defending their position, I am defending mine.

The homosexual lobby has identified itself with people who have gone through dreadful persecution - the impression is that they have been equally persecuted.

"It is all about a lifestyle alien to the Christian tradition. There is a giant conspiracy against Christian values, an agenda here."

In his lecture at St Aloysius' College in Glasgow, he said: "We neglect the gay movement at our peril. Issues around sexuality are powerful factors in shaping public policy."

After the lecture he was asked how Catholic parents should come to terms with a child's mission to become homosexual.

He replied that there were many days when he was glad "not to be parent", adding: "This must be a nightmare moment for any parent. I would try to handle it with a degree of compassion.

"But I would not tolerate that kind of behaviour. I would not condemn, but I would not tolerate it."

The outspoken bishop added that the Labour Party was no longer a Christian democratic party and said the Scottish National Party administration at Holyrood was "much more responsive" to the church.

Information appearing on is the copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited and must not be reproduced in any medium without licence. For the full copyright statement see Copyright
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:28 pm    Post subject: "condemns" Reply with quote

Well Tony, posting this will be because you do not know, that around 1/3 of Roman Catholic clergy are Homosexuals, and that Bishops are often the most important intellectuals of Popery. In order to become a Bishop, you must be the best student in class in seminar, than study in Rome. Where is teaching is in Latin, the same language that is found on the American Dollar. Any Bishop knows what Novus Ordo Seclorum means. It is Latin for: New World Order.

An example;
Any official proclamation by a Roman Bishop has a total other meaning as the public is aware of. In 2009 there was Bishop Williamson, that would deny the Holocaust in Sweden. While denying the Holocaust in Britain or the Netherlands is illegal, Sweden does not have such a law. These Bishops know this, Williamson is part of testing the coming Fascist support in Europe being prepared thanks the immigration policy. Any priest I know here on the main land, is conducting "refugee work", who would ever save William Tyndale. I mean, a system that conducts Inquisition, has only political purposes for "refugee work", that is importing Roman Catholics and Muslims into traditional Protestant countries. Rather complicated matters. Bishops are very high educated intellectuals, having a secret agenda. Williamson further is a member of the Pius 10 society, this said in order for people who want to research this to have an angle. The propaganda for a Fascist Take-over of Europe is seriously undertaken by the Romanists, because they want to kill any remembrance to Reformation. The Dark Ages are the purpose of the Council of Trent (1545-1563), that is taken an oath to uphold by every Pope since 1563.

Back to the article:
If people know that 1/3 of Roman Clergy is homosexual, many Roman Catholics will stop supporting the Pope, and the current very successful Ecumenical infiltration will fail. This has to be prevented. A large scandal was produced by famous whistle blower Leo Zagami in 2007, where he leaked, that the Pope had a 24 year old lover. Over here in Holland, after this information that was discovered by the great journalist Greg Szymanski, was put in some Newspapers. As leo Zagami explained, the impact of this fact leaked, the Pope having a 24 year old male lover, would result in very large problems within Opus Dei. Opus Dei, an assisting secret service to the Jesuits, has less homosexuals in their memberships than the clergy, and many there would rebel against Rome, once the homosexual nature of Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict, became known. Opus Dei is very very powerful in Europe on the main land, we in the Netherlands had Prime Ministers being part of this sadomasochistic intelligence ops cult. On a need to know basis.

The article here has the purpose to hide the fact, that Pope Benedict is a homosexual, while convincing non-roman Catholic Christians to become Ecumenical.

Let's see whether I can find there...

o yes. "People under persecution" has the propaganda purpose to make out the Pope, a Billionaire protected by ALL police and military on planet earth, riding around in a tank, as a martyr. How bigger the lie, how easier it is believed (-Adolph Hitler).

I find it funny, because I would listen to Szymanski's shows, and would be one of the first to know their current Pope is gay. Many great youtube movies where made on the subject. Leo Zagami is now expelled from most American research, but I enjoyed his information very much. Off course, being a Muslim in Norway, as Zagami was, is enough reason to shoot him. I do not support other things Zagami is conducting, and it might be truth that his great information was an effort to infiltrate the American Truth movement. I'm not sure whether he is, but think it may be truth. I just don't believe the lies of the papists, and Muslims are of this hypocrite Cult of Hate. And the whole world wondered after the beast, (Revelation 13:3) and I not so!
Martin Luther wrote: The Pope is Antichrist
His book on this subject is currently banned.
John Calvin wrote: The Pope is Antichrist
Mentioned in book 4, chapter 18 of The Institutes
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