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Pope and Roman Catholic under attack

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Joined: 25 Jun 2010
Posts: 34

PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:58 pm    Post subject: Pope and Roman Catholic under attack Reply with quote

634. Pope and Roman Catholic under attack (5/5/2010)

Here are some excerpts from news articles of San Jose Mercury News in recent weeks.

"Sex abuse scandal taints Palm Sunday services

....Cardinal Sean Brady.... as a youthful priest 35 years ago, had two boys sign papers not to reveal scandal. "The inquiry had the effect of shielding and prolonging the career of a priest who was exposed 15 years later as the most notorious child-abuser in the history of Irish church. But the Vatican has been buffeted by recent disclosures of inaction as well."
(New York Times, 3/30/2010)

"AP: Abuse case delayed for years

Vatican waited 12 years to defrock Arizona priest" (A.P. 4/3/2010)

"Vatican defends pope, criticizes New York Times

... an article describing failed efforts by Wisconsin church officials to persuade the Vatican to defrock a priest who had abused as many as 200 deaf boys from 1950 to 1974. The pope, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was head of the Vatican’s doctrinal office when the case was referred there in 1996." (New York Times, 4/2/2010)

"Pope delayed defrocking

A former East Bay priest with a long record of sexually abusing children remained in the clergy for years while then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, bucked pleas from the from the Oakland Diocese to defrock him in the 1980s, according to an A.P. report citing church documents." ( , 4/10/2010)

"Pope's link to '90s Austrian abuse case under scrutiny" (New York Times, 4/27/2010)

"News of abusive priest hit Vatican year earlier

Rome was warned of molester in '95, not '96 as claimed" (A.P. 4/23/2010)

What do you learn from these news?

1. The cases mostly took place in '80s and '90s, some even were 50 years ago.

2. Most reports target at Benedict XVI when he was a Cardinal.

3. All these news appear in later March and April. It is exactly what Vatican called as a "campaign of attacks on the pope and the church.

What is the purpose of this propaganda campaign? Since this January, the Inside group works hard to frame a drug case and then to start the war on Iran. The war effort was especially active in April. As a leader of Catholic, Pope Benedict XVI is against war. Then we saw this campaign. It lowers the moral image of the Pope. Once the war starts, his anti-war voice would be weakened. How can Vatican criticize others when its own profile is tainted?

Media played important role in propaganda for the Iraq war. Now it beats the drum again for another war.
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Joined: 25 Jun 2010
Posts: 34

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Five years ago, I wrote #302 to reveal the attack on Vatican was for war. Now they use the old tactic again.

302. Pope's death (Continue to 261-265) (4/7/05)

Another two of great prophecy of Anthony Carr came into true. The death of Pope and a big earthquake. (Though the earthquake didn't take place in Italy, it took place in Indonesia and caused a tsunami.)

In World Journal, there were five pictures. Anthony Carr made many prophecies. But those five with pictures obviously were particularly picked up by intelligence to impress people. I think these were the most important projects of Inside Group. (The collapse of Eiffel Tower; earthquake in Rome; the death of Pope, Senator Edward Kennedy, and Prince of Monaco - Albert.

I found four out of five were related to Iraq war. Senator Edward Kennedy, Pope John Paul and France were three strong opposers to the Iraq war. An earthquake in Rome would also affected Vatican. Inside Group intended to create a situation that Vatican were punished by God with the suffering of natural disaster and death of Pope.
John Paul expressed his anti-war opinion as early as in 2001.

Re: Ex-envoy: Pope was champion of peace
Eric Gorski Denver Post Staff Writer

Coloradan Jim Nicholson met with Pope John Paul II on Sept. 13, 2001, at Castel Gandolfo, the pontiff's summer palace outside Rome. During that summit, the pope decried the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as an attack not just on the United States but on humanity, Nicholson recalled.
But John Paul II vociferously opposed a U.S. strike on Iraq, sending an emissary to Washington in the run-up to the war in a failed attempt to sway President Bush.


Since then, Roman Catholic had a three years long intensify trouble in US. Many sex scandals were revealed. Roman Catholic were humiliated. Priests were sentenced and fined. When I read such kind of news one after another, I realize it was a revenge and blackmail. Those sex scandal cases were mostly happened decades ago. Now all of a sudden, they were poured out like a big wave. But Pope didn't bent. He insisted his opinion.

Pope to Bush: Go into Iraq and you go without God
By CHB Staff and Wire Reports
Mar 5, 2003, 07:18

Pope John Paul II has a strong message for President George W. Bush: God is not on your side if you invade Iraq.

Laghi came bearing the pope's message: A war would be a "defeat for humanity" and would be neither morally nor legally justified.
The Pope also questioned the President's statements invoking God's name as justification for the invasion.
"God is a neutral observer in the affairs of man," the Pope said. "Man cannot march into war and assume God will be at his side."
"It's illegal, it's unjust," Laghi told reporters after the session with Bush.

In a May visit to the Vatican, Bush told the pope he was "concerned" about the Catholic church's standing in America, where the church has been rocked by sex-abuse scandal.


You can see how Bush extorted Pope with sex scandal.

So when the newspaper reported the Anthony Carr's prophecy, I knew it was the project of inside group. They think they are the real God and punish people who do not obey to them.
There was trace that Pope was poisoned and suffered EM wave shooting in his final days. My condolence to John Paul. He is the victim of Inside group.
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Joined: 25 Jun 2010
Posts: 34

PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

648. Pope and Vatican raided (10/8/2010)

To suppress the anti-war voice for the coming Iran war, an extortion on Roman Catholic is a necessity.

Pope was summoned to court in U.K..

Quote, “
Pope served summons: Crimes against humanity, child abuse, trafficking
September 20th, 2010 8:20 pm ET

A Public Summons to Pope Benedict was delivered today at the residence of the Vatican Ambassador to England in south London. Human rights defender, the former United Church of Canada minister noted for taking Christ's teachings to heart, Rev. Kevin Annette delivered the summons after leading a 20,000 people protest this weekend against the Pope for alleged complicity in crimes against humanity, child abuse and trafficking.

Vatican also is attacked in finance.

Quote, “
Official seize Vatican funds

By Rachel Donadio New York Times

Rome – Italian monetary authorities said Tuesday that they had impounded $30 million from the Vatican bank and placed its top two officers under investigation in connection with a money-laundering inquiry. The announcement amounted to another potential storm confronting the papacy of Benedict XVI, who is struggling with the effects of an abuse scandal. “

Action was swift, obviously well prepared in advance. One week after Arnold Schwarzinegger's China trip, Pope and Vatican suffered from an unprecedented attack. It happened simultaneously with the terror warning in Britain and France. You may have noticed that US had a travel warning on tourists to Europe. I think that is a co-operation to a framed drug case – possible action time in late-October. The Feds arranged a China trip for my wife which starts on October 17 despite it is a bush season (Thanks giving and Christmas) for travel company she works for.
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