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The Christ Messenger part 6 (19th June 2010)

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Joseph Christie
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 01 Dec 2009
Posts: 223

PostPosted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:22 am    Post subject: The Christ Messenger part 6 (19th June 2010) Reply with quote

You all wanted to know what the number 19 means, it is the return of The Christ. The Occult use the letter "S" as their reference to Satan. It is the 19th letter of the English alphabet. The occult reverse/twist everything in their favour. I will prove to you that the 19th letter "S" means "Saviour". God has asked me to reveal who I am today the 19th June 2010. I am The Second Coming of Christ, I am your King. I can comprehensively prove that I have been chosen to fight evil. The occult already know who I am. They have been persecuting me for 55 years. They have consistently tried to poison, kill, and harm me but God's miracles have saved me every time so far. This true story/journey with evidence must be produced transparently. It is not about hatred or revenge but events (and evidence shown) will have to be spoken about openly in order to prove that what happened was true. Also, some of this story/journey is beyond human comprehension. I will easily prove that Heaven and miracles are real for those who seek God and that Satan will take the selfish down with him. I am no fraud as you can read online the last 6 years. With God's help, I have taken on the biggest criminal gang in mankind's history and even the top crooked Masons are questioning why I am still breathing. Satan's occult know why, you cannot kill the infinite son. Yes, its possible they may take this body suit again, but the Occult know things will be different this time. There is not one human in this universe who could make this up. I am not afraid and relish the chance to do whatever God guides me to do. I am not ready for ministry as change is imminent. This change depends on you opening closed doors, we all have work to do. In the human meantime, I will continue to teach you.....

I will show you how Satan's Army of Masons use words/names/colours/bird-names/symbols/numbers/animal and fish- names/trees/flowers, etc as codes. I will help you to understand how they use them. They have used them in my lifetime of persecution and almost all are in reference to the Bible. Why are Masons are not allowed to use the Christ's name inside their lodges? The Occultic Masons usually filter their code words down to 3 or 4 letters. Anagrams of words help them with their codes, don't forget numerology and gematria. I was in trouble as a youth, all for theft. The pagan masons in their court sent me to Balgowan Approved School (Baal) in DUNdee (Dun is evil, more later). They also sent me to the Kibble Approved School in Paisley near Glasgow. Kibble is an anagram for BIBLE. They know who I am so they would enjoy their Satanic control by sending me to place names that are symbolic/religious/allegoric to them. But the pagan masons didn't think I would ever find out, but God and Satan knew different. More later. This information is not intended for hatred but for you to see how the criminal elite pull the WOOL over your eyes. WOOL, yes Masons love SHEEP/RAMS/HORNS, especially you, the sheeple. They use the lower pagan masons as shepherds/tools and this makes the ignorant shepherd feel empowered. SHEP is Masonic code for shepherd, etc. When will the lower level pagan-masons and all infiltrated religions wake up to the truth that they are just pawns to be used by the criminal elite? Find the one true shepherd aka The Lord.....

Freemasonry is also known as The Craft and they see themselves at war with the Profane (uninitiated). Freemasons have been dehumanised and thrive on the abuse of your trust. They are the invisible terrorists within every community. Masons love the FOX, (aka Mr Tod) very crafty/cunning. It's a one sided battle because you are ignorant to their agenda. It is also ludicrous for them to see you as the enemy for all you do is obey the law. Criminal Freemasonry is the Law. It is all cleverly designed by the criminal elite to control a free army of brainwashed drones to protect THEM. Every member gets protection and a slice of the corruption cake. This binds them together. Everything bad is good to a Mason. Wake up you fools.....

I have always been different. I first went to Tormusk Primary School. I kept staring out the window and was always in a different world to everyone else. When I was about 6 years old, we were in the playground shed and watched a violent thunderstorm. It was scary and beautiful, it had forked lightning (amazing) and was big news locally. There was lots of thunderstorms at that time as me and my brothers and sister stayed up to watch them. One of my earliest encounters of the Occult clues (using Masonic Theatre/Skits) about who they say I am. I was about 7 years old and a neighbour offered me a reward if I could find a side-panel stolen from his Scooter. I searched for hours as we came from poverty. I almost gave up and returned home via an area I had searched several times (definitely wasn't there) and there it was. I got my reward. It was the side panel of the guy's LAMBretta Scooter. (LAMB of God). I can give you many others but I don't want to give them a chance to destroy/manipulate my story/evidence.....

My mother's name was ELizaBETH and so was my Eastern Star (female mason) sister. I was born 200 yards from Queen ELizaBETH (King Robert's Queen not QE1) Square . Also, the chosen girlfriend of one of my long term masonic perps was called ELSBETH..... EL means God and BETH means BETHLEHEM. Here are some more good/bad manipulated place-names where I was born. My date of birth is 27th Feb 1955, born at home in 27 Waddell Street. My oldest brother (who is in the brotherhood) lives in Whaddon Way (for 30 years approx) both Wadd and Whadd mean Dad (as in "Father"). Waddell St in Glasgow was sandwiched between Ballater St (Baal-Later) and RUTHerglen Road (RUTH is an occultic anagram for HURT). I have had lots of evil from pagan-masonic families called RUTHerford. I know that the Pagan-Masons use the code-words Ball/Bal/Bail/Bel for their God "Baal" (Wiki Baal). Baal means "master" or "lord". The occult think that Baal is their God, but Baal can refer to any God and even used for Hadad or Lord Of Heaven. I was born between the King's Bridge and Kingston in Glasgow. The West of Scotland and Ireland is world famous for its Seers and Holy people.....

I have had decades of occultic hassle from the names/words Mag/Maggie/Maguire/Maginlay, etc. I even had a long-term pretend friend who kept a real Magpie in his home for 15 years, he also had a HORNed Rams Head and swords on his walls All beyond coincidence. I know what it all means..... Magi, the wise men who came to worship the infant Jesus. (Wiki Magi). I was given a gold tooth by a NHS dentist, even though I was on state benefits and couldn't afford one. My pagan-mason stolen family (and others) always burn incense sticks or burn scented candles when I used to visit them.....

Satan has spent 55 years trying to stop my destiny (using his gullible drones who don't/can't see the bigger picture). He has tried to hoodwink and reverse everything, just as he does to his followers. Now you know why the criminal elite are trying to introduce their anti-Christ (aka Maitreya, read "Waiting for the Anti-Christ) via their Illuminati manipulation and technology. Google "fake alien invasion". Simple logic, they didn't have the technology in the past.....

My communications and contacts are almost zero. Masons in authority even reply to my contacts pretending to be me. They manipulate my voicemails and emails. I told you the occult know who I am. Why else would they spend 55 years making my life a misery?. Its not as if I am an international criminal or a threat to anyone. It doesn't bother me anymore, I now accept my role and God's guidance. Life is not quite what you see in front of you. You have all been deceived, especially Masons..... Open your mind, question everything.

I get intense synchronicity, intuition and guidance every day. Who do you think is helping me to teach you? I know who I am and what my role is, to defeat evil. You should plant trees to get rid of evil, the Occult hate them and chop/burn them down in their witchcraft, persecution and rituals. I'm serious. You can read about trees/angels in the Bible. Satan wants to destroy them all as he tries to do as much damage as possible to this beautiful planet, before his fall. Saint Columba is a friend of mine, I'd love to visit Kells in County Meath, Ireland......

To all skeptics and cynics. I you think the occult don't use numbers or names this way then do your research on 9/11 + 666 and any of the names below. Masons will all live in (and trade from) symbolic place-names like anything Sun, Moon, Stars, Crescent(Moon), Grove (google Bohemian Grove). Park (ark) and also Wood/Tree/Bird-names/Cat-names, absolutely anything with the word "EAST". Research the depressing TV soap "EASTenders" in the UK. Almost every place-name (and characters) is totally Pagan-Masonic code, they use this as a tool to empower and hypnotise their pagan masonic members who watch it. They even changed the colour of the River Thames (satellite view) to blue into the start and end credits. Blue is the primary colour of Freemasonry. Google "Blue Degrees of Masonry".

You have no idea how easily the criminal elite hypnotise the gullible and selfish with all of their mythical allegories. It's simple really, they own the media and HOLLY-WOOD so their lies must be true????? It's the Masons Of Oz behind the curtains. The Temple curtains were torn down and the same is happening to the Masonic curtains. King Robert The Bruce watched the spider rebuild its web every time it was destroyed. The spider eventually succeeded, it just wouldn't give up. The King adopted the same tactic, so should you. Never give up or they win. Can't leave it all to God, can you now? (smile).....

Now, please remember I am not trying to fit place-names from the Bible. So far, I have given you a tiny fraction of my journey, please be patient before you judge me. This is a war between Satan and God, Satan has already lost as his evil Masonic Army implodes, the people are no longer sheeple and will no longer tolerate the criminal elite.....

Palestine is a Pal o' mine. You would not accept some bullies moving into your back garden and tell you that their false God said it belonged to them, would you? I am not racist or anti-semite. I have good Jewish friends who do not agree with the evil Zionist agenda. I'm sick of hearing Masonic politicians saying "To do the right thing". What you don't realise is that this is Masonic code for "To do the RITE thing" for Masons. Google "York Rite" or "Scottish Rite". Wake up you fools.....

Message to the criminal elite, it's over. Seek God and God will truly forgive you. You don't need money in Heaven and your wealth is useless in Hell. If I sound like a preacher, then I'm giving you a chance. If you want to question me, question yourself first and I'll be glad to answer. Do not attempt to question me from behind the curtains, do it transparently. To all true Christians, do I have to fight this battle myself or are you waiting for the farmer with the GM feed? Those "TRUMPETS" at the World Cup are pretty loud..... I realise brainwashed people will still hate me even though I am fighting for you all. Have you worked out what Second Family really means? Read my earlier CM posts. Please forward this announcement to all who are aware.....

Peace, love and FR33DOM to everyone, (including Masons) but especially to all good minded people and truth seekers everywhere..... Joseph Stirling Christie aka The Divine King
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Joined: 13 Jun 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Previously I asked you how you discovered that you are the archangel Michael but you did not answer.

Now I understand why.

Would you please tell us how you discovered that you are the Christ?
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pick on me no good !!!
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