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Global Vaccination Rates Show People are Not Waking up

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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:57 pm    Post subject: Global Vaccination Rates Show People are Not Waking up Reply with quote

Herr Kevin, Nov. 5, 2013

Guten Morgen!


Thanks for this short clip *) – well done! But Kevin, people are not waking up at all. Since I have had a number of people email me lately suggesting this is the case, I put forward the following:

If you look beyond the comedy, it is suggesting that people “ARE WAKING UP" when the real truth is they are not and are getting thicker by the minute!!!!

A good illustration of this is found in the United Nations WHO statistics on global vaccination rates. Many educated people know vaccinations are destructive not beneficial, but these people unfortunately are still are in a huge minority. As we know, vaccinations are shortly to be used by WHO to eliminate a good proportion of the global population through eugenics.
If you look at WHO’s global statistics you will see that by December 2014 they plan to have over 95% of all six weeks, three months and five months old children vaccinated in THE WORLD!!!!!!! Already they have exceeded this rate in many western countries and in the Western Pacific even now it is 97%. WHO keeps meticulous records. Presently, even in countries like Brazil, Argentina, China etc. 99% of all people are vaccinated already.

If you look at this incredible website: , you will see videos describing how the full eugenics program is to be done, forced sterilization, elimination of certain ‘useless eaters’ and racial groups etc. – full Nazi program all over again but this time much more subtle. Soon your friendly family doctors are going to be turned into “psychopathic killers in white coats.” Last year, Natural News ran an article about it also:

So people are “waking up” are they? Poppycock! If they were, they wouldn’t be vaccinating themselves and their children like this would they? It’s not the normal adverse reactions that they’ve got to worry about, it’s the “Terminal Super Jab” that is going to catch them all out!
This is only basic stuff really!!!!! If the general population can’t figure this simple fact out, what hope for them is there? For all we know, a number may have had the “Delayed Terminator Jab” already.

I remember, not long after I left school I worked for Ford Motor Company. I always took my lunch to work which included three or four nice sweet oranges from our tree at home. But the problem was, when I left my lunch bag on one of the cafeteria tables while I went up to the counter to get my cup of tea, my mates would flog my oranges and eat them all. So one day, after patiently putting up with this charade for a couple of weeks, I got a disposable hypodermic syringe off my mother who was a senior nurse, dissolved a bottle full of saccharin, and injected it into every segment of about 20 oranges and my were they juicy! Took them to work and left them on the table and walked out. Soon they were all gone. They reckon it took two weeks to get that sweetness out of their mouths! The trouble was, apparently, the first victim was Snow Woodcock the General Manager! On account of this, through fear of being sacked, I never owned up or told them what I had done to the oranges, but boy, they never touched them again! Moral of the story: “Never trust a man with a hypodermic needle!”

This is what is coming for the world population is it not? – but I would suggest, the dose is going to be a little stronger!!!!!! Like my oranges, after the first one was gone you’d think someone would blow the whistle to warn all the others but no. It took them quite a while to realize they had been deceived en-masse because all the previous oranges had been so nice and had been consumed without a problem. Easiest way to poison a rat is to give him a big treat of pure jam or peanut butter first to destroy his suspicion, then presto, a full dose and Mr. Rat is terminated. Funny, the Nazis in their propaganda actually characterized Jews and other useless eaters as common rats too.
Interesting subject isn’t it?

From: Kevin
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2013 7:44 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:
*) Subject: The Downfall of Lamestream Media


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