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BofE governor Montagu Norman's role in promoting Hitler

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:39 am    Post subject: BofE governor Montagu Norman's role in promoting Hitler Reply with quote

Anyone who has been reading {Executive Intelligence Review}
for the past 40 years knows full well Montagu Norman's role in
promoting Hitler--with a helping hand, of course, from Prescott

See, for example, Lyndon LaRouche's March 1, 1983 article
"Adolf Hitler: Fifty Years Later":

So the only news here, is the fact that the Telegraph chose to print this
just as the fight for the re-enactment of Glass-Steagall is getting very
hot in Washington.

John Sigerson
EIR News Service, Inc.

> key role of the taboo BIS exposed again!
> Was Montagu Norman a Nazi sympathiser?
> Until last month, a small portrait of Sir Montagu Norman
> hung in the Governor¡¦s private meeting room beside his
> office at the Bank of England.
> Montagu Norman (pictured) was close friends with Hjalmar
> Schacht, Adolf Hitler's minister of economics and
> Reichsbank president
> By Philip Aldrick, Economics Editor - 4:50PM BST 31 Jul 2013
> Norman was Britain¡¦s first modern central banker and
> Governor for a remarkable 24 years until 1944, amassing
> powers at Threadneedle Street that turned what was a cosy
> City institution into an arm of the state.
> But he was also an economic dinosaur, whose determination
> to put Britain back on the gold standard in 1925
> destroyed industry and condemned Britain to a more severe
> recession than necessary.
> Adam Posen, a former Bank¡¦s rate-setter, has said that
> when he could not decide which way to vote he would look
> at the giant portrait of Norman hanging in the Monetary
> Policy Committee¡¦s meeting room and ask himself ¡§What
> would Montagu do?¡¨. Then do the opposite.
> So, Mark Carney¡¦s decision to remove the heirloom
> shortly after taking over as Governor on July 1 was
> loaded with symbolic significance. What he could not have
> known, though, was that another ¡V more damaging ¡V gold
> scandal involving Norman was about to erupt.
> On Tuesday, in a newly digitally published history, the
> Bank revealed that it had helped the Nazis sell gold
> looted from Czechoslovakia in March 1939. The documents
> put Norman right at the heart of the decision, raising
> fresh questions about his suspected Nazi sympathies.
> According to the documents, the gold was being held in
> the Bank's vaults on behalf of the Bank for
> International Settlements (BIS) 'the central bank for
> central banks. On March 21 1939, BIS requested the Bank
> transfer ¢G5.6m of gold ¡V ¢G735m in today¡¦s prices ¡V
> from ¡§Number 2 Account to Number 17 Account¡¨.
Secret Rulers
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Joined: 26 Jul 2006
Posts: 1036
Location: St. Pauls, Bristol, UK

PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Former FO Chief Historian Gill Bennett: 'Desmond Morton, Winston Churchill's Man of Mystery'
Former Foreign Office historian Gill Bennett who had access to the secret archive of MI6, Britain's Secret Intelligence Service. Her book, Desmond Morton Winston Churchill's Man of Mystery, is the most detailed account so far of Winston Churchill's personal assistant and clandestine Intelligence officer Desmond Morton. Gill explains his background and how he lived at Earlylands in Crockham Hill, just a short walk from Winston Churchill's own home, Chartwell, near Westerham in Kent. Gill does not believe that Winston Churchill was a Freemason but evidence suggests otherwise. Morton was also involved after the war in the important role of Britain's representative on the Tripartite commission looking into the whereabouts of Nazi Gold.
The mysterious life and career of Desmond Morton, Intelligence officer and personal adviser to Winston Churchill during the Second World War, is exposed for the first time in this study based on full access to official records. After distinguished service as artillery officer and aide-de-camp to General Haig during the First World War, Morton worked for the Secret Intelligence Service from 1919-1934,
As Director of the Industrial Intelligence Centre in the 1930s, Morton's warnings of Germany's military and industrial preparations for war were widely read in Whitehall, though they failed to accelerate British rearmament as much as Morton - and Churchill - considered imperative. Morton had met Churchill on the Western Front in 1916 and supported him throughout the 'wilderness years', moving to Downing Street as the Prime Minister's Intelligence adviser in May 1940. There he remained in a liaison role, with the Intelligence Agencies and with Allied resistance authorities, until the end of the war, when he became a 'troubleshooter' for the Treasury in a series of tricky international assignments.
Major Sir Desmond Morton KCB CMG MC (13 November 1891 -- 31 July 1971) was a British military officer and government official. Morton played an important role in organizing a response to appeasement of Germany under Adolf Hitler during the period prior to World War II by providing intelligence information about German re-armament to Winston Churchill. In 1940 Morton was Churchill's personal assistant when he became prime minister.
Morton joined the Royal Artillery in 1911. He saw action in World War I, and was shot in the heart at the Battle of Arras in 1917. However, he survived and recovered, serving again with the bullet still inside. He served as aide de camp to Sir Douglas Haig, commander of the British Expeditionary Force from 1917 to 1918.
He was seconded to the Foreign Office in 1919 where he was head of the Secret Intelligence Service's Section V, dealing with counter-Bolshevism in the mid-1920s, and was Head of the Industrial Intelligence Centre of the Committee of Imperial Defence from 1929 to 1939. From 1930 to 1939 he was also a member of the CID sub-committee on Economic Warfare.
In 1939, he became the Principal Assistant Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Warfare, and became Churchill's Personal Assistant in 1940. He served on the Economic Survey Mission to the Middle East in 1949, and served in the Ministry of Civil Aviation from 1950 to 1953.
Morton was portrayed by Jim Broadbent in the 2002 film The Gathering Storm.
Millions of words have been written about the fate of Marin Bormann, Hitler's indispensable private secretary, and head of the Nazi Party Chancellery, who vanished at the end of the Second World War. In October 1946 the most-wanted Nazi war criminal was condemned to death in absentia at Nuremberg, but he was never found or brought to justice.
Christoper Creighton now reveals that in the final night and day of the war, as the Soviet armies closed in on the capital of the Third Reich, Bormann was lifted from Berlin by a Commando raiding party, led by Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, and himself.
The team spirited their captive down the waterways to meet the Allies on the River Elbe, and by mid-May 1945 Bormann was safe in England, where he assumed a new identity.
Operation James Bond was ordered by Major Desmond Morton, head of the ultra-secret M Section of naval intelligence. Its ulterior purpose was to recover the immense fortune appropriated by the Nazis and salted away in numbered Swiss bank accounts, to which Bormann alone had access.
Christopher Creighton, whose real name, the book-jacket informs us, is John Christopher Ainsworth Davis, has written a thumping yarn.
Mr Creighton claims from adolescence to have been befriended by Von Ribbentrop, Lord Mountbatten (a college friend of his father), Major Desmond Morton, Churchill's friend and head of the Industrial Intelligence Centre, and by Churchill himself, when he and his mother rented a cottage on the Chartwell estate. Morton recruited our hero, age 16, via Dartmouth into his ultra-secret "M-section"
Secret Rulers
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