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Roll away the Mason's Stone

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Joseph Christie
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 01 Dec 2009
Posts: 223

PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:58 am    Post subject: Roll away the Mason's Stone Reply with quote

Refined - Part 1 (6th June 2014)

1. I AM..... Now that "You know who I am". You clearly see that I sit on my own but I am never alone. I am in a model Church that Father designed. There are a hand-fool of luci-lovers who think they are invisible. I am not phased. The Beautiful Bible tells me to let the bad be bad and let the good be good. The bad do not believe in Judgement, neither did Pharaoh. I will not be a burden to the Kirk. Stay firmly on God's path "The Jesus Way" not the West Highland Way (see below). Message for those with ears, I am with you all the way (eternally).

2. REFINE..... I will refine my previous teachings from The Christ Messenger and The True Church of Jesus Christ (and other). I shall also get personal with you and write about things you do not yet know. I will keep it very simple (numbered) to help you cross reference. I will teach you how the satan/lucifer/lovers operate, using their tactics, codes, words, symbols and numbers, etc. Fact, the luci-lovers fully intend to destroy Christianity. I give you my Word that I shall not fabricate anything or lie to you. This is a live (in the flesh) journey. I will provide updates, messages and guidance as it comes through. I will build my (our) Church (Kirk) to the glory of God the Father. Rejoice (feel good) and remain humble. This applies to You (all Christians and Righteous people) wherever you are on God's Earth. Your heart is known to God.

3. LUCI-LIGHTS..... Understand that we (God's family) are "Passin' the time till Father's Sign". I tell you again, do not worry. Also take on board that I/we are being made ready. You must know your enemy satan (which the satanic elite prefer to call lucifer). I shall teach you and with each lesson we will tear strips from luci's illuminated delusion (smile). False god lucifer is also know as the light carrier or light bearer, etc. The luci-lovers are instantly hypnotised just by the code-words "Light, Shine, Torch, Bright, Illuminate", ditto carrying the satanic elite's baton/torch. I refer to them as "luci-lights". The much talked about satanic "Illuminati" just means illuminate (light up), don't be fooled by the rothschild media hype and disinformation about these elitist twats who want total control. It is all just luci-lights tosh. The masons are conned into believing they have to search for the light, hear me, there is only one light and His name is Jesus. More later.

4. APOCALYPSE..... On 3rd June 2014 a messenger (human) timely gave me a used copy of Mel Gibson's movie
"Apocalypto". I seldom watch satanic hollywood movies. The Spirit of God and satan can easily use people or angels as messengers and other. This is why I await guidance on each message as I know how evil and crafty the slitherer is. It is so easy for satan and legion to steer humans down the wrong path, take heed.

5. HIGH (lucifer)..... The Spirit of God (my older twin brother) recently showed me what the meaning of the word "High" means. You see, satan who is aka lucifer is known to the luci-lovers as the Most High. The One and only God of the Bible is the Most High, there are no other Gods. This idiotic plan by satan/luci to exalt himself is strongly believed by his idiotic followers. The word "High" is 100% code used by masons to recognise each other and to curse non-masons. Don't worry, the curses do not work. It is just clever psychology (hypnotism) by the educated satanic elite on the low level masons who haven't got a clue (useful idiots). Now I told you that the luci-lovers have stolen and reversed everything from the Beautiful Bible. High Visibility jackets and vests are used, they will also drive with them on or leave them as a visual in their vehicle. They will not get a parking ticket from their masonic pretend brothers and sisters. I told you that the letter "V" is associated by the luci-lovers as venus/satan/luci. The High Visibility has a double coded meaning to the satanic criminal masons, High V (luci most high) is what it means.

Now do you understand why I sprayed "Psalm 119" on the back of my High Visibility jacket to fight the satanic masons. Do not think I am joking when I tell you that the "High Five" is masonic code. I will prove to you that God and satan designed Milngavie (New Kilpatrick Parish - Ki =119) and sent me here as part of God's plan. About 35 years ago, some pretend friends (eastern star masons from London) and I attempted to do the West HIGHland Way (WHW). We had just got past Inverarnan (top of Loch Lomond) and on the side of a hill, my achilles heel strained (bruised heel) and I had to hobble back to Ardlui (Lui) Train Station. The other guys completed their walk and later, they over emphasised the bit about the Devils Staircase at Kinlochleven (Ki=119). Even today, my heel still gets painful while out walking the dog. Incidentally, at the start of the WHW in Milngavie, there is a stone obelisk engraved with the masonic order of the thistle. The masons are crying with laughter at you with your blinkers on. Yes, the masons who constantly search for the light (there is no true light for evil, only eternal darkness) and worship luci on the the WHW. Do your research on satanic hollywood's Highlander movie and series, just type in "Occultic Highlander" or "Esoteric Highlander" into different search engines. Jesus loves you, satan hates you. More later.

6. CREATOR..... On Tues eve 13th May 2014 at around 11pm, I took our dog Grace into the back garden for a pee. I looked up at the full Moon and suddenly I was told "Father, you made this". I replied "What, I made this?" as I was still looking at the Moon. The Messenger (divine) said "Yes, you made this, write it down". I no longer argue or ignore messages as I have learned to follow guidance. Anything is possible with God.

7. YOU KNOW WHO I AM..... When I was about 15 years old in 1970, I just did not get this message. But I now know that I wasn't ready and neither was Father. I stole a guy's record collection (yes, I was a thief and I still feel bad about it). There was Leonard Cohen's first two albums (records). When I played these (over and over), I was totally mesmerised by his haunting voice and sublime lyrics. Cohen is Jewish and I knew nothing about the Bible then. But Leonard Cohen's songs and lyrics had me hypnotised for 40 years. I checked him out recently and read that he is not a Christian but has real knowledge of God's Word. It is strange how God works because this Jewish guy sang about "Jesus walked upon the water" (in Suzanne) and the beautiful song "Story of Isaac". Also the lyric "He was just some Joseph looking for a manger" (in the Stranger song). He has many other references to God but the one lyric that haunted me for 40 years is " You know who I am, You've stared at the Sun, For I am the one who loves changing from nothing to one". The song is called "You know who I am" and in the Bible satan is associated with the Moon and Jesus is associated with the Sun. Trust me, our Father knew I would tell you this in 2014, so did gay satan and he is not a happy chappy (grin).

8. THE END..... I have recently told you, this is the end for all evil. I have foretold evil to run to the hills. Not one of them shall escape Judgement. Of course I also have to let the mockers have their last mock, take it away, enjoy your day.

9. TRUMPET..... The Messenger (human) gave me a brass trumpet last week. I have placed it beside my Lamp on my bedroom window. I managed to get a single note from it. I may try again. I am more used to playing stringed instruments.

10. BLACK HORSE..... On 9/9/09 (999), it was a strange day. God gave me a Black Horse (Suzuki - ki - 119) associated with the scales of Justice. The local mockers no longer mock, they instantly cringe when they see the Black Horse. Incidentally the English Gematria on our Suzuki registration plate adds up to 109 (19 = Creator) and starts with an X and ends in an X. The Greek letter X = Chi = Christ the First and the Last. It also has two V letters trapped inside (no escape). As I was just intuitively connected about the gift of the Suzuki as my Black Horse, a young woman on a Black Horse rode past our back gate. She was on the opposite pavement and this was a rare sight. This was on my day of rest, Saturday 19th April 2014 at 14:05. My wife spotted them first and asked me to have a look, the Black Horse and rider would have been seen by hundreds. Now, was it masonic theatre or the Hand of God?. I shall explain the numbers 773 on the Reg, later. God communicates by numbers.

11. STONE..... This is one of the best kept secrets in the satanic cult of freemasonry. The masons are very crafty in their use of this big code word. Here is the truth in a nutshell about Stone. It simply means Stonemasons = Freemasons. Research this "in your face" word Stone (stone obelisks everywhere) for yourselves. I went self-employed and my first plumbing job (manipulated by masons) was in Stonehouse, South of Glasgow.. The pagan masons just adore Stonehenge. Search online "The Stone Cutters Song". Ditto the Georgia Guidestones (the satanic freemasons 10 commandments). Robert Green (Hollie Greig's advocate) falsely arrested in Aberdeen by masonic Police Scotland on trumped up charges. The masons in authority had Robert Green tried in rural Stonehaven (Stone-Heaven). Do you get it yet?.

I have made it known to all politicians and newspapers in the UK that the satanic cult of freemasonry (planned) murdered our son 2 years ago. The main suspect is an eastern star mason from local KeyStone Ave, our son's body was supposedly (masonic Police will not show us the cctv from the Forensic Team or Police Helicopter) found at the Stone y Bridge. The Police sniffer dogs were supposedly used to find a small bit of blood on a Stone 500m away from the Stone y Bridge. The sniffer dogs did not find crucial evidence 3m away from the 5 Police Forensic vehicles. Then on the 2nd anniversary (May 2014) of our sons death, the Stonemasons have rearranged all the Stone work around the Stone y Bridge. They have placed lots of new Stones and moved the large stones at the base of the Bridge. It's OK we have the original video footage and so should the Police. The stream used to be shallow but the masons have created a deep pool (you must see it) in the middle, why?. We spoke to local businesses and they are baffled. Nothing was ever done to that bridge for 100 years. I do know that stones are used by masons as a memorial (twisted satanic freekmasons). Don't forget, the freemasons can tell you anything (from behind closed doors) and they play god everyday (fact). Give me a platform (Temple) and I will blow all evil away.

About 4 years ago, our son was caught up in a fight where the Hospital said there was a small green Stone found in his head injury (more masonic bull). I need you to understand that a lot of this is supernatural, satan/luci is involved (not against the flesh and blood). Briefly, the only suspect had a large black plaque of lucifers face with horns on the wall beside his front door. The suspects middle name is Abad (abaddon), more later. Stay focused on the word "Stone". I have documented how my pretend friends (stonemasons) think they are invisible when they talk and move. I saw them in their Lodges celebrating our Son's death. The Freekmasons cry with laughter (behind closed doors) when I say God is on our side. My Son had pretend friends too but he was too young and trusting to see them. You should always listen to your Father (smile). All masons hide behind the curtains and dress up as good people. Many brave soldiers died for their lies, God will bless them soon. God shall tear the curtains again and show you all evil in their nakedness. Good advice, you must always keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

My long term pretend friend was moved (with masonic help and planning) to Goldstone Crescent, Dunstable and he attempted to (with zest) throw me to the wolves (masons). I did not know much about masons then but I intuitively knew something was wrong. In 2008, I told you I got lost (dumbed down by Father) on the way to Rochester and ended up in a small place called Stone. While I was there, I had problems with my two mobile phones (different networks). Even the people I contacted all got electrical anomalies. I told you that two eastern star masons manipulated me to share a house in Livingston (Living Stone) near Edinburgh (approx 1973). Have you got it yet? satan/luci has stolen God's Word again. The luci-lovers believe that conman luci is the Living Stone. The truth is that Jesus is the "Living Stone and satan/luci is The Clown Prince of the power of the Air. This Clown even gets his freemason army to dress up as Clowns (masonic regalia). My statement, no, I do not hate masons, only ignorance, selfishness and derangement (cults). More later on Stone.

12. The satanic freemasons have developed a real hatred of Jesus without ever reading the Beautiful Bible. This is not about the low level masons, they are too lazy to read truth for themselves, their elite educated puppet masters know this. Yet, the top criminal masons are living a lie but clearly in denial of that very fact.

13. Give a lowly person a uniform or a glorious title and that person transforms into self, just ask any mason (freemasons will disagree). Alternatively checkout

I am struggling to keep you informed online. My old Apple Mac computer is giving up and the masons are playing every dirty trick to block me. So, in case they succeed. I need you to know that satan/luci is also associated with Air, Wind, Mo, Lord, Man, Rome, Mars, Morning, Pipes, Prince, Saltire flag, Dragon, Santa, Sun, St. George, Rupert, The Way, Wickerman, The letter V. Also numbers 27-39-195. Another big secret is that stonemasons aka freemasons call themselves Roman Soldiers The same ones that killed Jesus via the pharisee masons of their day. The EU is all about the new Roman Empire, wake up you fools. You are only on the top part of the first page.

14. God is amazing. As I am just writing for you now. The masonic Glasgow Police Helicopter just flew directly over our house. It was heading South back towards its Heliport on the River Clyde. This flypast was at exactly 11am this morning and today is 6/6/14 (66 is one of luci's numbers). Today is also "D-Day". This comprehensively proves the freemasons celebrate death and memorials. Dear Father, thank you for this timely flight and vision, luci thought he was in control. And Shrek says "Hey Donkey". Read online "masonic donkeys only eat masonic carrots" (smile again).

Love, Peace and FR33DOM (from evil)..... Joe Stirling Christie

By your fruits God shall know you, please pass this revelation on to your brothers and sisters in Christ. The best way to do this is to print it off and take it to work or a social place. You may also give it to the enemy, nothing can stop Father's perfect plan. The Truth shall set you free.
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