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Prince Philip's Nazi Depopulation Agenda

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 6:43 pm    Post subject: Like Bush, Hitler Also Offered a New World Order of Peace Reply with quote

Like Bush, Hitler Also Offered a New World Order of Peace

Don McGillivray
Vancouver Sun
Monday, January 21, 1991

Transcribed from archived image file.

Ottawa - The Gulf War is being fought for a bright and shining Utopia.

People who back it as a necessary war believe victory for the U.S. over Iraq would usher in a golden age called the New world Order.

U.S. President George Bush, addressing a joint session of Congress on Sept. 11, said the Persian Gulf crisis "offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation.

"A New World Order can emerge freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice and more secure in the quest for peace."

Bush seems to have picked up the New world Order idea from Mikhail Gorbachev. And Prime Minister Brian Mulroney picked it up from Bush.

But Sunday's New York Times said the phrase is "unfortunate... reminiscent of Nazi sloganeering."

It's not only reminiscent, it is borrowed directly from Adolf Hitler.

Almost exactly 50 years ago, on Jan. 30, 1941, Hitler gave a long rant in the Berlin Sportpalast.

"I'm convinced that 1941 will be the crucial year of a Great New Order in Europe," Hitler said. "The World shall open up for everyone. Privileges for individuals, the tyranny of certain nations and their financial rulers shall fall. And last of all, this year will help to provide the foundations of a real understanding among peoples, and with it the certainty of conciliation among nations."

Hitler's New Order was a continuing theme. A speech collection published in 1941 as a sequel to Mein Kampf was titled "My New Order."

It was, of course, a mad tyrant's cruel hoax on a world groaning under his war machine.

But Hitler's description of the promised Utopia is not much different from today's promises. Note, especially, that he claimed nations would settle their disputes peacefully by conciliation. That's one of the key claims for the New World Order.

Once Saddam Hussein has been disposed of, others of his sort will know that they must settle disputes peacefully, or the United Nations, using the US as its policeman, will deal with them as well. This is the war-to-end-wars illusion.

In 1967, Walter Lippmann, the US political commentator, noted: "The historical record is quite plain... each of the wars to end wars has set the stage for the next war."

Politicians have learned they invite cynicism if they claim that the latest war will end all wars. But they imply it anyway.

Joe Clark said Tuesday in the Commons that "if there is a war in the Gulf it will not be the war to end all wars." But he went on to talk about "hope to deter aggression," to "keep the peace," and "to make it (peace) cooperatively" which would be lost if the US, Canada, and other countries were not prepared to use force against Iraq.

One of the worst things about the Utopian illusion is that it makes dreadful deeds seem permissible because the stakes are so high

You can carpet bomb an enemy back into the Stone Age if you're doing it in the name of a New World Order of permanent peace and happiness.

Comment: Few people will argue with the fact that the German people were manipulated by the Nazis, but equally few seem prepared to allow for the possibility that they could be vulnerable to the same deception.

Why is this?

If you lived in Nazi Germany, do you really think that you would have been able to see past the patriot propaganda and the host of economic and social manipulations to which the German people were subjected?

Why is it that Americans today seem to credit themselves with the ability to recognise a massive government lie when just 70 years ago the German people, and indeed much of the population of the rest of the world, were unable to do so?

With the vast increase in mass media communication in the later half of the 20th century, if it chose to do so, today it would be much easier for a government to deceive the people en masse than it was back in the 1930's.

People give lip service to the maxim that "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it", but it appears that they do not take that concept seriously. Why is this?

Hitler and the Nazis showed us all how it was done. They showed the world that through the slow propagation of the "big lie", through diversion and promotion of bogus threats to the lives of the citizenry, an entire people can be completely and unconditionally deceived.

Consider the following text from the "Third Reich Roundtable" website:

"The dictatorship, and the whole process of its coming into being, was above all diverting. It provided an excuse not to think for people who did not want to think anyway.

Nazism gave us some dreadful, fundamental things to think about - we were decent people - and kept us so busy with continuous changes and "crises" and so fascinated, yes, fascinated, by the machinations of the "national enemies", without and within, that we had no time to think about these dreadful things that were growing, little by little, all around us. Unconsciously, I suppose, we were grateful. Who wants to think?

Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, "regretted," that, unless one were detached from the whole process from the beginning, unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these "little measures" that no "patriotic German" could resent must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing. One day it is over his head.

Today, the government controls every aspect of the life of the average citizen, whether they know it or not. From the food we put in our mouths to the thoughts we think, there is no facet of life that does not have a government agency assigned to monitor it. This is natural, but is also the crux of the matter.

In the case that a government decided to deceive the population in a wholesale manner, is it really reasonable to be so smug as to assume that we would immediately and easily recognise such a deception? Many of our readers, and most Americans seem to think so.

We are not suggesting that it is impossible for a person to know if their government is lying to them, but if we expect to ever know the truth, we must stop blindly accepting everything that we are told, or fleeing into denial at the first sign that our comfort zone might be disturbed. Objective research and analysis is required, there can be no 'sacred cows', nothing can be taboo, all evidence must be weighed up impartially and given its due without pity for ourselves, others, or our illusions.

But among all the resources available to us in this task, one of the most important is history. By scrutinising the events that make up our world history, we may arm ourselves with the knowledge derived from the hard-won lessons of those that have gone before us. In that respect and in relation to the current US, and global, political and social climate, the experiences of the German people under the Nazis contain some crucially important lessons for us to learn. It behooves us all to learn them, before it is too late - again.

"Once the war began, the government could do anything "necessary" to win it; so it was with the "final solution" of the Jewish problem, which the Nazis always talked about but never dared undertake, not even the Nazis, until war and its "necessities" gave them the knowledge that they could get away with it.
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Site Admin

Joined: 26 Jul 2006
Posts: 1131
Location: St. Pauls, Bristol, UK

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 8:34 pm    Post subject: Prince Philip and his depopulation plan Reply with quote

This depopulation plan is deadly serious, straight from hell and will surely be enacted by the dark forces as an excuse for mass human slaughter such as this earth has never seen.
So much for animal rights Wink
Also interesting to note that this YouTube video: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.has been censored due to a legal threat. Wonder why? What exactly was said by Sephen Colbert?
Dunno who runs this blog but it's consistently on the ball.

Colbert Hopes to Join Illuminati World Depopulation Plan

Stephen Colbert made heavy reference to the Illuminati and their plan to depopulate the world, noting that he too can make strange hand signs and wants to be recruited. Whether Colbert takes depopulation seriously or not, it truly is a key part of the globalist’s plan for world domination– as documented below.

Colbert brings up the Illuminati in conjunction with Benjamin Fulford, a former Forbes magazine writer, who alleges that the Illuminati network seeks to use race-specific biological weapons to decrease Asian populations to 500,000,000.

Benjamin Fulford: Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

“A Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans, according to Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford, 46.”

Benjamin Fulford on the Global Economy

While we have not yet fully evaluated Fulford’s claims, it is true that radical depopulation schemes have been published in a number of government documents. It is a major subject in the upcoming Alex Jones’ film ENDGAME.

South Africa developed race-specific bioweapons and later sold them to Israel. Dick Cheney mentions the use of race-specific bioweapons in future warfare in the September 2000 Project for a New American Century document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” [page 60].

Henry Kissinger endorsed major planks of the 1944 Royal Commission on Population, headed by George VI and included them in his NSSM 200 memorandum on population reduction, which lists 13 countries for specific targeting and mentions that “food is a weapon.” Clearly the United Nations and its subsidiaries also participate in pushing this agenda.

Also, many of the United States’ most wealthy contribute billions to population reduction programs, including Ted Turner, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, just to name a few.

Prince Philip has stated his wish to return to earth as a deadly virus in order to cull human population. Dr. Eric Pianka, of the University of Texas, calls for 90% population reduction to stabilize the earth.

Even the esoteric Georgia Guidestones call for a world population of not more than 500,000,000.

Bertrand Russell writes in his essay, “Effects of Scientific Technique” (Contained in The Impact of Science on Society):

“If there is not to be an endless succession of wars, population will have to became stationary throughout the world, and this will probably have to be done in many countries as a result of governmental measures….[or] War may become so destructive that, at any rate for a time, there is no danger of overpopulation.”
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