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Ingilizce: Bilderberg Preliminary Report 07/06/07

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Johnny Meadows
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 5:07 pm    Post subject: Ingilizce: Bilderberg Preliminary Report 07/06/07 Reply with quote

Written on the 7th June 2007 on the "Tracking down Bilderberg" forum

As Mr. Tucker will be publishing a more comprehensive AFP article on this year’s Bilderberg meeting based on his inside sources, the following information should be treated as a preliminary report. I believe he has already done telephone interviews with Alex Jones and Daniel Estulin.

Dr. Kissinger was a definite attendee at this year’s meeting as he was spotted earlier during the week giving a speech at another meeting in Istanbul. Paul Wolfowitz was also spotted by a Hürriyet Press Photographer taking a boat-ride along the Bosphorus with NY-based Imregül Gencer, in a boat owned by fellow Bilderberger Mustafa Koç.

Jim said about his sources, that “Yes, people did realise that something unusual was happening here {that was} rather sinister. Other people within the Bilderberg hotel (Ritz-Carlton) are helping to build information.” He ventured to call this group the “Bilderberg Truth Committee”. As a result of these sources, the following information was released from Friday morning’s Bilderberg conference. (What follows comes from the HDV footage I recorded of Jim Tucker's small press conferences):

Apparently the Bilderbergers have been celebrating the fact that Mr. Bush has softened his position on Global Warming. “As you know, the Bilderberg Boys, years and years ago, were among the first to become environmental tree-huggers,” he says. “Not because they worry about dirty water or clean air, but because of the potential for immense profits, as you’ve all seen unfold in recent years, with heavy costs imposed on industry and tax-payers to keep the water clean and keep the air clean.” One of the terms used by Bilderberg was Bush’s “surrender” regarding the climate issue by himself proposing the fifteen most prosperous countries of the world, including China and India, to get together to agree on goals to be set in 2008 for the limitation of emissions. They celebrated that surrender even though only a few days before the Bush administration had repeated Bush’s total opposition to the European Union’s regulations and especially the Kyoto treaty. He now says that he takes the issue “very seriously”.

The next big surprise is that Bush is going to push the “Law of the Sea Treaty”. (acronym: L.O.S.T). “This strange sovereignty-surrendering treaty will give the U.N. and the tribunals and bureaucracies it is has set up, total control of all their sea-base, covering 70% of the earth. The Internationalists will be able to tell people off the coast of North Carolina, or off either coast: ‘you can’t fish there, you can’t dip for crabs there. We’ve passed a rule against it.’ Obviously you’re surrendering a great deal of sovereignty.” Apparently the history of this treaty goes back a good few years, but it was never ratified.

According to Tucker’s source, an additional federal tax on gasoline will cause gasoline prices in the U.S. to be hiked up from $3.50 a gallon to between $4 or $5 a gallon. As the Washington Post has been representing every Bilderberg meeting since 1954, Jim says to “look for the Washington Post to call for price increases of gasoline. They’ll probably say it’s to improve our roads, improve public transportation…”

Regarding Iraq, Turkish participants at the Bilderberg meeting are known to have said that: “There is no build-up at the Iraqi border. There will be no invasion of Kurds in Iraq.” I am not sure as to the accuracy of this information in the light of recent reports, but apparently the Bilderberg Group were unhappy about the invasion of Iraq and said that Afghanistan was a more “logical target” as it involved less casualties. What Mr. Wolfowitz would’ve made of this is still conjecture.

Regarding Turkey’s accession into the E.U., apparently Dr. Kissinger is a foremost proponent of this. Jim said: “Of course the issue of Turkish involvement in joining the European Union is a burning issue. The Turkish government wants it, Germany and France oppose it… But one of the Turks said he dislikes being portrayed as ‘begging’ for EU membership. He says that many Turks oppose giving up national sovereignty for the European Union.” To this he added that in the 1990s the Bilderberg Group were confident we would have a European Constitution by 2000. However, this has still not come about due to the European Union being quite unpopular in some countries, especially in Britain, harking back to Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister.

Another piece of information came from a third-party source who spoke with Jim, but I'm not up-to-date as to its accuracy: Apparently, one of the Turkish delegates at the meeting said that if there is a war with Iran, that Turkey would want nothing to do with it. The air was filled with tension among the Bilderbergers after this declaration was made. The answer they received from Bilderberg was that if there is to be a war with Iran, it would not involve the use of ground-troops but would involve an aerial bombing campaign. (It is interesting to note that they have already been considering what type of action to take on Iran, should there be such an eventuality). However, Mr. Tucker did say the following:

“There is so much oil interest in Iran. I believe they might be saying that {there will be} a surgical strike on Iran. No boots on the ground but that air strikes at certain identified targets, where they even may say they are building nuclear stuff… I know that Iran is a hot topic at Bilderberg this year… {I don’t know} if that gut feeling is true. I just know this as a feeling. Nobody’s told me that.”

All of the above information was supplied from Friday’s Bilderberg meeting. As no additional information was supplied on the following days, we’re still not sure as to what further issues were covered and whether there were any discussions regarding Turkey’s nuclear policy.
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