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Mason's tricks and tactics

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Second Family (UK)
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:15 pm    Post subject: Mason's tricks and tactics Reply with quote

From: Brian Wilson
Subject: Second Family UK Newsletter
Date: 13 February 2008 12:43:47 GMT

Second Family UK - Human rights newsletter No 23/08
We are all victims of Freemasonry/Common Purpose

Because people are ignorant to taboo subjects like the Freemasons and Common Purpose (same legal gang) we have started our Independent Human Rights groups all over the UK. We have had to take a different angle on this because all human rights groups are controlled by the authorities. Scotland has no human rights groups at all and this is wrong. When are the people going to waken up ? SF will continue to be and we will work alongside our Independent Human Rights. This will help us gather more info and support for us all. Here at SF, we know much, much more than we reveal at this stage. SF's Crescendo (gradually getting louder).

FM/CP expose. If you say Common Purpose really quickly, you will find that it sounds and spells like "COMPASS". The Masons are mad about their Square and Compass. Both tools used by early Masons. Very symbolic and Masonic icons used in lots of FM connotations and brainwash. Fact; All Masons are possessed by a criminal network/organisation.

Correction to newsletter SF22. Gordon Cameron's excellent book/expose (only 50p to download) on the Freemasons can be found at Get it now before the crooked Masons make it disappear.

There is a large conspiracy website called Above Top Secret. SF has sent them 7 emails to ask why they keep removing our articles ?
No reply from them. We know of several FM trolls who regularly post there. We hope it is not just another FM disinformation site. Please post something anti-Masonic and let us know how you go on. Heres another Masonic pretend clean up dodgy website at We emailed him and he replied by calling us cretins ! You should email him and ask his true intentions or ask him for help (pretend). All Masons/Common Purpose members will blatantly lie (Rule No1) that they are not FM/CP members.

Did you get your latest copy of The UK column ? If you want to know about real corrupt politics, this is a must read for all truth-seekers. Go to or call them on 01752 312 743 or for urgent editorial on 07841 464 187 especially if you have had a problem with Common Purpose, like bullying, being ill since stress management course, trouble with social services, ganging up on you, thrown out of your church, your children taken away, bullied by police or just fearful of the moral decline in society.
Email or write to UK Column, County House, 12 Sussex St, Plymouth PL1 2HR

More SF expose; Masons are mad about the colour Blue. This is the dominant colour (Royal Blue) in Freemasonry. Anonymous FMs said look in the front or rear of their gardens and you will find Blue ceramic plant-pots or Blue bird baths/feeders. Or Blue vehicle,
Blue clothes pegs (yes we've got it on video) Police (boys in Blue), Blue house numbers at their home or business. Blue background to their business signs or adverts. Blue painted gates and doors. The Masons normally have something Blue (at front/rear of house) that lets other pretend brothers know they are Masons. Blue items on car dash/rear shelf (no parking ticket). Checkout Blue Blanket. Don't forget to checkout their vehicle registration, very relevant. Also look for a Rose etched or imprinted on their glass doors. An Owl or Lion or Horned symbols. An arch (Royal Arch Degree) on top of their doors. An arch or half round above their doors in the shape of the sun-rays, i.e. it represents their Masonic Sun-god. Connections to a sports club who's predominant colour is Blue. These findings do not imply that these are Masons, just connect this and the other Masonic icons, symbols and numbers. If you are not sure, contact us at SF. The other colours the Masons love are Yellow or Gold. Yellow represents the colour of their Sun God, Sun Rays, and Sun Light, etc. Gold is the most noble of metals (more FM tosh). The new chosen colour for English Masonry (instead of their black tie image) is light/dark Blue and Gold. Scotland's Masons still wear a Black Ties to their meetings. As above, do your own investigations and let SF know your findings. We will pass this info on to everyone, victim or not. You should do the same.Chas

Although we know that the higher levels of Freemasonry practice witchcraft, lower Masons are not knowingly part of this. They are just another tool to be used. The lower levels are definitely all pretend, i.e. pretend friendships (esp. with us profane), pretend brothers, sisters, grannies, etc. There is no doubt about it that Masons are definitely in it for the money. All at the expense of anything good. Freemasons are "SCABS" in the true sense of the word. They do not care about the damage and consequences of their actions. They ONLY breathe Freemasonry, nothing else. These freaks are no longer human. LP

Masonic Codes: they use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols to communicate and persecute. Here are the most important letters to be found within the Masonic Codes, A, B, D, F, G, L, M, V, W & Y (also GG or MM together) lots more to follow.

Masons like Jesters, Harlequins, Punch n' Judy. They are crazy about grid reference numbers and longitude and latitude references (lots of historical facts and events of these). Masons love to drive any model of Mitsubishi Motors, it has a Masonic symbol and it also tells other Masons that "MM" means Master Mason. They use the same "MM" Masonic Code in their names or their business names or vehicle registrations or children's names (esp. last 35 years approx) for instance Emma, Tommy, Sammy, Jimmy, Gemma, Mickey Mouse, Mike Martin etc, The letters M & A also appears to be a favourite in the Masons pet names. anon

More Masonic Codes; If you know any Masonic families, the whole family will have an "A" in their christian names. The only exception if they already have an "A" in their surname. The A represents the "All Seeing Eye" and also the same shape as their Compass (The Masonic logo of the Square and Compass). If you don't believe us, how many FM businesses do you know with an important A in it ? Abbey, AA, AOL, Marsh, Carlyle group (search online at U Tube, Guba, Google Video, etc) Have a look at businesses with Blue/Compass or Square. This should wet your whistle. Know your enemy. John T

Masonic Codes; Trees, yes, the names/types of trees are very symbolic to the Masons. Use this in your investigations. We promise you will not be disappointed. Other terms/names/nicknames we are working on Adam, Peggy, Shadow, Hanged man, Take a look at the name Adam; A + D (4th letter of the alphabet, Masons love number 4 as in four sides to a square) then A, then M for Mason and Adam includes the two letters of A & M (no offence to all non-Masonic "Adams") anon

Birds are very prominent in the Masonic Codes. The Owl, Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Robin, Blackbird (more to follow)

The Masons will also try to get an "L" into their children's names or their vehicle registration. The "L" is the shape of the Mason's Square. They love names that start with L (or contain at least one L) and better with two L's like William, Michelle, Danielle, etc

Look at their christian names for the letters "A and M" in any order or "A and L", Amanda, Alicia, Allistair, Mandy, Lana, etc. The same with vehicle registrations and business names. We've been told that the letter "B" is Masonic, if you split the "B" up, it looks like 1-3, i.e. number 13 very symbolic to FMs. "B" also represents Blue, Blazing Star, Baal, Brethren and Rabbie Burns. We are still working on other Masonic letters n' codes (please send more guys) anon

The letter "Y" is very symbolic, it represents the Mason's brainwash of Horns, i.e. Goat, Ram or the Horned God. You will see a "Y" on most Mason's vehicle registrations. This is how they recognise each other (as well as other FM numbers/letters). They used to be invisible, not any more. SF is surprised at the anonymous info coming in from ex-Masons who have read the truth online. The future depends on the good guys, help us at SF. To all activists and truthseekers, we love you, keep it up and make us grow. anon

If you want to dig deeper to help your investigation or story, then get online and search for Masonic Abbreviations or Masonic numbers, etc. When searching, try different terms like, Freemasons Codes, Freemasonry, Masons Tactics, Secret societies, Masonic secrets, etc. Search for Mackeys Encyclopedia and use the links as well. Always follow the links to gather more info.

When someone says "You're a star" be very wary. It's a reference to The Order Of The Eastern Star (for female Masons) or they will say "She's a star". This is Masonic code talk. OES is for men and women. Lots more to follow. (Sandra)

Here's another fascinating one. If anyone tells you someone they know is very good at working out codes, be very wary. (+ more )

Know anyone who's been to the USA? Places like Phoenix, Arizona (AKA Valley of the Sun). Also Los Angeles or Las Vegas ? it is something to do with the A's and the L's, i.e. the Square and Compass or vice versa. Lot's more we are working on. Keep your family and friends close to your chest and keep these Masonic enemies even closer. A lot of us victims at SF are friendly with some of these Masonic freaks. We know they are our pretend friends and that they are only close to us to persecute us. We know they are Masons but we let them think they are clever. It's a great way to document them. Can you believe these low level Masons think they are working for MMI5 ? Yes, they think they are on a high level mission to save the country or whatever other claptrap they have been told. Incidentally, MMI5 means "Mickey Mouse Intelligence Five". It's a cracker. You have no idea how thick some people really are, but that's how the elite make money. These dumb Masons actually pay to be a member, how dumb is that ? Billy (not goat)

For society's sake, let's blackball (reject) the Masons. This means expose these freaks for what they are, and ignore them. Don't talk to them as if they were an ordinary person (they're definitely not). This is what they do to their victims, they ostracize you. Let's tell all of their neighbours, friends, colleagues and anyone else about their involvement in this evil criminal network/organisation.
We at SF will back you up or point them towards our website or

Here's a cheap brilliant way to set up situations to help your story. Get yourself a cheap Digital Voice Recorder for £25 from Argos. Its called Mikomi and it has an external microphone so that you can clip it to your clothing, hidden around your neck. You can also speak to it just like a diary (now you can document everything esp. when harassed). It records for hours. Check it out. Tim

Fact; Masons are possessed, period. Next time you talk to a suspected Mason, just ask "Are you possessed by the Masons?", they do not like this, watch their body language. Here's another important fact about Mason's human rights. The Masons want to use the human rights laws to protect them from giving us a public register of Masons ? ARE THEY SERIOUS ?, what about the extensive damage they are doing 24/7/365 Do you seriously think this evil cares about human rights? Fact; Freemasonry infects everything it comes into contact with. Checkout for lots more expose on this criminal network. JP

Second Family UK have hit the nail on the head big time. We have sent four revealing articles to every MP and Newspaper (large & small) in the UK. They know about this serious legal crime and the Dodgy Masons doing nothing about it. How can they sit and take a wage ? How come nothing is being done ? The answer is very simple. The Secret Societies have hijacked our Government and Media and nobody cares ????? Not one person has disputed a single word that Second Family has said. This is comprehensive proof that SF have got it 100% right. We have genuine anonymous information that they (big fish) have sown the seeds to bring these crooks down, but not fast enough for us. We still want a meeting with representatives from this criminal charity called Freemasonry. We want to do this with transparency in front of a live independent audience (for the world to see). What is the problem with this request ? We have a wealth of information to bring this monster down. You cannot keep the status quo, it's 100% corrupt and it's way out of control. To all crooked politicians and journalists "Curse the elite and Curse you for doing nothing" You have all knowingly done (for reward) your bit to destroy what could easily be heaven (still can be) for us all. Life is pure shit and much worse to come (FM/CP or not). Incidentally, these Masonic Freaks are doing everything to stop us, that's how possessed they really are.

Second Family UK are a support group for victims of Freemasonry & Common Purpose. We are not a revenge or hatred group, only to peacefully campaign for change. Everyone has the right to reply, please be focused and sensible.
Contact/write to SF at 93 Ashburn Road, Glasgow G62 7PQ or call 0141 560 4743 or mobiles 07834 329 287 or 07799 612 227 (leave details/message and we'll call you back asap) or email voacs@ mac or Make sure you get a reply as the Masons will try to stop the truth. Please continue to send info, ideas and suggestions. Join SF, it's absolutely free. This newsletter is brought to you by SF & Joe Stirling, a veteran victim of Freemasonry & Common Purpose. Small donations welcome to help us keep up this important cause. If you do nothing today, the Masons will continue unhindered with their NWO plans.
If you do nothing then the Masons win.
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