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Beware of the Freekmasons

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Second Family (UK)
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:29 pm    Post subject: Beware of the Freekmasons Reply with quote

This information is brought to you by A 100% genuine Masonic victims support group.

Freekmasonry is a criminal network/organisation. They ARE a religious cult (they practice witchcraft). They control every secret society. They specialise in mind control. They are after your children (to brainwash). They live in a controlled, parallel world to us
They are a registered charity (this is outrageous). They perform when instructed by their controllers. They only eat Masonic carrots (nothing else). Their number one tool is psychology. They are the NWO's (New World Order) tools/footsoldiers. They are destroyers of society. They give out worthless Royal gongs to evil members. They have made you THEIR property. They control and plunder ALL charities
They ARE heavily involved in pedophilia . Their 9th degree Mason is sworn to kill for Masonry. They control and corrupt our politicians, military & judiciary. They are brainwashed by symbols, letters, numbers & codes. They own and control all media. They ARE the Oscars. They play intense psychological games. They make murders look like "accidents". They are rewarded for their persecution of innocents. They have a revenge register (this is lifelong). They destroy families for fun and money. They have place-men everywhere. They are masters of Masonic theatre (to the trained eye). They have different situation and drama groups.
They definitely fabricate wars (all over the Internet). They control and manipulate our emergency services (helps with accidents).
They done 9/11, etc and this gives the freeks a high. They control and manipulate all authorities. They use and abuse their own members. They have lodges in the Houses of Parliament. They interfere with your tax/bank/vehicle/benefits, etc. They control drugs, crime and injustice. They control and manipulate everything legal. They deliberately cause chaos n ' disorder (all planned). They ARE above the law (Everything is Freekmason's Law). They are extreme evil (not an ounce of compassion). They are sworn to protect each other (at our expense). They call us profane idiots (and we are, wakey wakey). They have hijacked our lives by stealth. They are prolific professional liars. They get a high from their power to abuse. They are the ultimate criminal cowards. They use undetectable crime to persecute. They let you see what they decide (their media). They are Masters of Misinformation. They will supply cheap cheap anything at the Masonic Lodge to entrap you, get you to join or get you to talk.. They have made us all modern slaves. They are making new laws today (in their favour) . They ARE the POLICE force (every station has a lodge). They provide jobs for their unqualified brethren. They have hijacked/infiltrated all religions. They control all CCTV (only works when it suits them). They are professional collective gang-stalkers. They definitely use DEW's (directed energy weapons). They use Masonic spoilers and infiltrators to stop genuine groups. They control and manipulate the NHS. They are the biggest threat to our FR33DOM . They are most definitely sick (most beyond help). They specialise at being two faced (pretend genuine). Their "Controllers" are mankind's biggest single enemy. They have made us all a born tax generators. They keep you on a Masonic roundabout (lawyers n' courts). They are mankind's worst human virus. They control all voting systems. They will get to your sons n' daughters (then destroy you). They are breeding Masonic clones as you read this. They are the bankers, the oil barons, world's richest families. They manipulate the price of everything (fuel, tax, life, etc). Their foot-soldiers are the Illuminati's number one tool. They control and manipulate our Universities, etc. They maintain a 100% corrupt government. They abuse their power to profile everybody. They will search and find your hidden skeletons. They will use this against you (or fabrications). They are professionals at entrapment . They control a 100% corrupt Social Services. They are THEE No1 invisible terrorists (your neighbour?) in the community. They are recruiting today, somewhere near you. They WILL fabricate another world war. They will teach you gambling, adultery and alcohol, to destroy your life. They will make you successful if they can control you. They definitely have NWO (Global Government) plans. Their members are trapped into this evil. They use divide and control tactics in the community. They make the money (and as much as they want to). Their facade is this false sense of credibility/respect. Their No2 tool is time-wasting (no matter how trivial). They control what each member sees or believes. Their members are like trained dogs (sit, good boy). They indoctrinate from road-sweepers to judges. They have a new name, it's called "Common Purpose", just Google it. They hate whistle blowers and truth-seeking activists. They refuse to acknowledge their victim's existence. The Royal Family are heavily involved in Freemasonry.

This is only a fraction of the truth and we get more coming in every week. You have to be a very positive person to fight negativity. This serious (secret society) problem will NOT go away, we have to tackle it right now, today. Stop/Ban their practice. It's illegal.

You must NOT listen to one word from their mouths. If you know a Mason, send them a copy of this email, and to their neighbours.

This information is brought to you by Joe Stirling a veteran victim (and still) of the evil Freekmasons To all Masons, just walk away now or join us at SF. We are getting bigger/stronger by the week and we at SF "GUARANTEE" to name and shame you. We will also destroy your family name as a member of this extreme evil. We will investigate your part and make you public "SCABS" and sue you. Modern technology is as good for us to use, after all, they use technology to solve fifty (and older) year old murders.

We at SF have many horrendous truths and stories to reveal. Please forward this email to one and all. Print it out and distribute this everywhere to everyone. Yours and everybody's future depends on it (and everything on this the planet)

Second Family UK, 93 Ashburn Road, Glasgow G62 7PQ 0141 560 4743 or 07834 329 287 or 07799 612 227
or emails or I have to use my wife's email address as I can have nothing
in my name or they will destroy it (concrete evidence available) Help SF to help stop this practice of "FREEKMASONRY"

Here are some friends of ours, or or Henry Makow, Jeff Rense, David Icke, Tony Gosling, Alex Jones,
Ken Adachi, Dr. Les Dove, Ray Dickinson, etc. (far too many to list here) Just follow the links and blow yourself away with the truth. Knowledge is power. If you do nothing, the Freekmasons win. Why are the big three "Party's" doing NOTHING about corruption ?
If you do nothing then the Masons win.
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Matt Beal

Joined: 12 Mar 2008
Posts: 1
Location: South Bend, Indiana

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:52 pm    Post subject: another victim of freakmasonry Reply with quote

Thanks for helping to expose Freemasonry. All secret societies should be banned, and there are many well-justified historical precedents for this. The Jesuits were kicked out of virtually every country in Europe, and the Illuminati were kicked out of Bavaria after their plan to enslave mankind was discovered. See "Vatican Assassins" by Eric Jon Phelps. You can order the e-book on his web site.

I am a lifelong victim of Freemasonry, and for the past four years, I have been assaulted with electromagnetic weapons, gang stalking and other modern-day atrocities committed by Freemasons. I have posted some information about my lifelong ordeal here:

In 1826, Captain William Morgan of Batavia, N.Y., published an expose of Freemasonry, and he was subsequently murdered by Masons to punish him and to prevent him from speaking out any further.

No one was convicted of Morgan's murder because the courts were controlled by Masons then, just as they are today. However, it was widely known that Masons killed Morgan, and this resulted in 45,000 Masons quitting their lodges, leaving less than 10,000 practicing Masons in the United States. This spawned the Anti-Masonic Party, which was formed in upstate New York in 1828, and was the first third party in American national politics.

Many people feared the Masons, believing they were a powerful secret society that was trying to rule the country in defiance of republican principles. They were right. Other objections were to Freemasonry's links to the occult, witchcraft, and ceremonial magic.

Charles Finney, an evangelist who founded Oberlin College, condemned Freemasonry in his book, "The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry," published in 1879. In the book, Finney reveals that a Mason named Henry L. Valance confessed to Morgan's murder on his deathbed in the summer of 1848. The confession was taken down by Dr. John L. Emery of Racine County, Wis.

Morgan received the Royal Arch degrees in Western Star No. 33 of Le Roy, N.Y. Now I know why my father's middle name was Le Roy -- he was a Mason, and his father was a Shriner (all Shriners are high-ranking Masons).

The story of Valance's confession is recounted in "Freemasonry" by Jack Harris.
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