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Emergency Anti-Corruption Meeting

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joe stirling
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 22 Apr 2007
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Location: Glasgow, UK

PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:06 pm    Post subject: Emergency Anti-Corruption Meeting Reply with quote

Emergency Anti-Corruption Meeting (SF26) received this from an American ex-mason. You had better read and understand it because we, as a group of victims in the UK can comprehensively prove this is happening. We have the personal details of these "perps" and they are still doing this every day. We can't take this to the UK Police because the UK Police are Freemasonry, period. Everybody knows something is wrong and nobody can put their finger on it, well HERE it is. 90% of the UK doesn't even know yet, educate them today and help Second Family UK to help you. We are a genuine support group for victims of Freemasonry and Common Purpose (both the same criminal organisation). You can trust genuine victims, not the perpetrators.

Street Theater:
"Street Theater" is a feature of the gang stalking used on targeted individuals in tandem with electronic harassment. "Street theater" is activity performed by persons complicit in the electronic weapons harassment, but are "skits" (brief satirical sketch), as opposed to direct bodily attacks performed with the electronic harassment equipment. These "skits" are designed to imitate "the breaks" of normal living. Additionally, they are performed in such a way that the target, and ONLY the target, knows they are being harassed, but cannot convey to others that this is indeed harassment.

Feelings of total hopelessness is one apparent purpose of these "skits". (What is impossible to convey to people who are not targeted is that what is different about mind weapon research skits is QUANTITY. When you encounter "normal breaks of life" several dozen times a day EVERY DAY, you are no longer talking about "normal". Several "breaks" a day, of a type which you might expect every couple of months, is not natural or random. But try explaining this to someone who is not targeted, yet.)

Another apparent purpose of such "skits" is to discredit and isolate the target so that others will regard him or her as a "crank" and a "nut case". Far from simple "pranks" or "practical jokes", these skits provide the mind weapon researchers with extremely good cover. If the target is ever coerced into contact with psychiatry, the psychiatrists' legal powers of imprisonment (without due process of law) dramatically increase and reinforce the isolation and labeling of the target. Many people know in advance that what they are experiencing will discredit them, and will thus put off complaining about or often, even admitting to themselves that they are being targeted. So although "street theater" seems to have a comedic ring to it, this component of gang stalking is one of the most serious forms of attack on individual targets and is perfect cover for the perpetrators.

One example of street theater, keeping the previous example of “triggers” in mind, might occur as the target is walking down the street in public, and a person steps in their way…the target looks up at them and notices that they are drinking a bottle of coke. The stranger looks into their eyes at close range, sneers a malicious sneer, and says “you like coke, don’t you?” Normally this would not be out of the ordinary, but considering the target was assaulted with a coke bottle the previous month and is trying to forget the violation, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Typically many people are involved in Street Theater, so as the target steps around the initial perpetrator, trying not to think about what happened to them (and failing), they look up and are confronted with another perpetrator holding a coke bottle, licking the rim in a suggestive manner while making direct eye contact and sneering or laughing at the target. This seemingly innocuous act might be repeated by 10-20 people a day for months and years. The stimulus that is repeatedly delivered in street theater will become a trigger that the target is helpless to escape. If in the future, an innocent citizen drinks a coke in front of the target they will be triggered again, and may consider the act sinister, even though there is no intent to make the victim of torture relive their experience. A secondary effect of the coke bottle skit is to make the target seem like a paranoid schizophrenic if they attempt to explain to the health care professional that 10-20 people a day are drinking coke in front of them and laughing or smiling at them. The target is alienated from the community and is unable to seek help from authorities or the mental health community. In fact if a target of gang stalking and electronic harassment goes to a mental health professional and seeks help they will in all likelihood be forcebly incarcerated and forced to take medication that amounts to a chemical lobotomy.

These are the exact experiences of MKULTRA survivors who were afraid to ever mention that they were victims of experimentation in childhood. Street theater takes many diverse forms, and here are a few examples:
· On foot, far more often than in normal life, you have people cutting you off in store or bank lineups. Or you constantly find people getting "in your face" as you walk, both outdoors and especially in buildings and malls.
· While driving, far more often than in normal life, you have cars speeding up to stop signs just ahead of you and brake to a stop part way into the intersection.
· While driving, far more often than in normal life, you find other cars behaving in ways which block your progress. Mall parking lots are favorite places for this type of staged activity. Try explaining that to friends and see how many believe it is deliberate.
· While away from home, more often than in normal life and at times you know you did not leave them, dirt or food droppings appear in your house or apartment.
· While away from home or work, belongings turn up missing and you know for certain they were there when you left. Some days later these belongings may turn up in a place you know they were not, yet you cannot ever convince others this was theft and return.
· While away from home, you find damage to clothing or furniture which you know did not occur from normal wear.
· While at home or at work, you find bizarre, loud, annoying noise incidents which others nearby seem to "not notice" or "don't care about". (sound attacks)
· While in the supermarket checkout line, you find someone reaching into your shopping cart to remove an item -- apparent purpose to force you to make another trip to the store prematurely. ( SF have hundreds of their tactics on file, with evidence)

These are just some examples of "street theater". The number of variations on this "wear-you-down" activity seems unlimited, based on reports. Obviously the "researchers" put a great deal of priority and work on this aspect of their modern-day atrocities against humanity. Those targeted pray that the large number of targeted individuals we know are "out there" will eventually wake up and realize their quality of life is being stolen from them, and assist in exposing this thoroughly illegal activity. Journal of Applied Social Psychology (Blass, 1999) Street Theater is actually an elaborate psychology experiment. The behaviorist school reduces all human behavior to stimulus and response, looking at human beings without regard to their spiritual capacities. They are treated no differently than mice. The target is walking through a reality construct known as a Grox Box where they are subjected to staged stimuli and their responses are recorded.

The TI is typically tagged with GPS RFID and tracked by a group of people that might number in the dozens. As they pass from area to area they are handed off to the next group in a process pioneered by DARPA. The TI can be tracked anywhere on Earth, even deep underground. These people who are stalking them might be part of community watch, church groups, local police and fire, or students working on their masters in psychology. The stalkers are bored people who like the excitement of stalking people for fun and profit. People need three things in life, activity, identity, security, and this program offers you the perpetrator what you want. The group is told whatever lie will motivate them. Church groups may be told the TI is a drug dealer or a child molester. Whatever lie motivates that group is the one that is used.

Often criminal elements are involved such as crystal meth drug rings or pedophile organizations. The meth addict is given their drug of choice, money to some, even access to MKULTRA sex slaves is supplied in some cases. If criminals on parole, foreign nationals without papers, or members of cults abject to stalking they can be easily dealt with. The carrot is balanced with the stick. The stalkers are also experimental subjects used to understand what it takes to make perpetrators go past a certain point of antisocial behavior. The TI‘s EEG is captured by two pulsed microwaves that intersect with the TI’s EEG brain wave and the resulting interference wave pattern is downloaded and demodulated to capture their physiological responses, EKG, galvanic skin response, respiration rate, BP, everything, including their inner voice. This rather improbable feat involving the inner voice was accomplished at the Stanford Research Institute in 1971. (Kieth) The TI is an open book that represents all future targets like them, how they think, how they react, in short how to defeat them. The TI sits down in public and the experiment trots out a stimulus in front of them, say an attractive women. Every thought, memory, emotion, and physiological response that the women evokes in the TI is now captured data. Often a TI is observed by a psychology student sitting unobtrusively off to the side to record and link overt behaviors to the data stream collected in real time. The entire arsenal of psychology and medicine is aimed at learning to break and control this one person, such that they represent all future people like them.

The technology that renders the TI an open page also allows them to be a blank page to be written on. Thoughts, images, and emotional states can be imposed on the TI remotely with a startlingly diverse tool box of weapons in the electromagnetic spectrum. The TI can be put in stressful situations and agitated with open microwave attacks that physically burn them, or less obvious manipulation of their emotional state. The ability of the technology to secretly obstruct purposeful human behavior should not be underestimated. Targets are often seemingly toyed with, but the ultimate aim of the experiment is the terminal destruction of the TI. Not everyone watching the drama on satellite TV, the internet, or listening on radio will understand exactly what it is they are watching. The TI is both a very expensive lab rat for the health effects of microwave weapons, a training tool for a stalking army, a psychology experiment to perfect mind control and fodder for a dozen pschology papers, and a commodity to be sold for entertainment purposes a la reality TV. Everyone, everywhere is at risk from this calculated derangement.

The incredible expense of gang stalking thousands of people on an enemies list is off set by selling the TI for medical experiments, psychology experiments (GSA contracts), and a reality TV show. The perspective of the drama for the reality TV show aspect of the program is the view of the action as seen through the eyes of the TI with their inner voice typed out on the screen. This nightmare is not science fiction, and is worse than it sounds. For what purpose would DARPA build a web that cannot be escaped, why would Aquino and Alexander turn their weapons on these few thousand people, what twisted purpose could it serve.

Important Second Family UK comment:

There is only ONE problem, we are all being controlled by a criminal organisation called "FREEMASONRY" and it's out of control. Every crooked Mason wants five properties, five luxury cars and five million in the bank at our expense and misery.

We have a choice. No more procrastination, no more research, no more secrets, no more oppression, no more corruption. It doesn't have to be like this. Fight back right now, today or we all go down (Dumb dispensable Masonic drones included).

When the fcuk are you guys going to wake up ? At this rate, it's going to take SF 1000 years to get 1000 members. Stop pussy footing on about YOUR quest for justice and all these small insignificant issues. This is much, much bigger than any of us. These sick mind-controlled Masonic drones are destroying society every day, legally. Everybody has to stop preaching to the converted (SF included) and get focused. Stop thinking individually and small time bitching. Stop sending each other regurgitated articles. Nobody is safe and things are guaranteed to get worse as you read this. Get our heads together and raise some funds. We told you we are throwing old bread at them and the seagulls love it. Do this now while we are strong. I will fight forever, but none of you are focused. They are starting to mess about with my benefits, which tells me they want to stop SF. That means I won't have any time or my own funds to fight. This is a deliberate Masonic tactic to try and stop our progress. I do not want to touch any group donations, one of you will have to be treasurer.

I can spoon feed you every week with insight or I could do the same at the disability centre, no disrespect, but it's completely non-productive. This is not about Joe Stirling. What are you going to do without being online ? because this is all they have to do to shut us all down. We need to become a focused collective. Either we all do something constructive immediately or we all stay as mice in the laboratory for the rest of our miserable lives. The reality is that I have to give you this truth in a nutshell, they call us "HEADLESS CHICKENS", they're right. These dehumanised Freekmasons won't let you die, it's no fun for them.

We've been begging for two years with no funds coming in, Our SF website Pay-Pal account has taken £5 in over a year and that £5 was a recent test to see if it was working. We need weekly meetings. We need a shop/office HQ which is open all week. We need staff to answer the phone, etc. We can grow and we CAN win. We have some brilliant strategies. We know who's good or bad. I'm angry because you all have enough knowledge and know exactly what's happening. My head is bursting trying to keep us all networking. We have all got cramp from researching in front of a computer. We are all sitting, waiting for "THAT" call or email with a miracle cure, THAT'S never going to happen. Incidentally, there is NOWHERE on the planet to run or hide, so forget survival. We need funds and transparency. You need three things to fight a war, money, money, and money. Start contacting us RIGHT NOW with positive ideas and money or just fcuk off and stop wasting our (and your?) valuable time. I am happy to join any group that is focused and has balls and money to fight. Time is more than valuable.

Second Family UK would like to call an emergency Anti-Corruption meeting ASAP, stand up and be counted, or continue to live with the perpetual lies, injustice and corruption. You have the "Masonic Establishment's Guarantee" on that.

There is a GOOD FORCE or GOD trying to awaken us, stop ignoring this. The good people are networking against evil. This is not about revenge, we have to stop this madness (all orchestrated) by the world's richest families. It's their laboratory. This is our tenth serious truth article to EVERY politician and newspaper in the UK, with nominal replies. Does this not tell you something ?

Our meeting will be in either London, Manchester or Birmingham, we need your collective help on this. (possible May 0Cool
Call 0141 560 4743 (leave message and we'll call you back asap) or 07834 329 287 or email or or or SF, 93 Ashburn Road, Glasgow G62 7PQ Make sure you get a reply from us as the mind-controlled FM drones will try to stop you. Good news is that the FMs are not professional, they are disjointed.

Please forward or copy this email to every law abiding person you know, immediately. Our future depends on it.

Joe Stirling Veteran victim of Freemasonry, Humanitarian, FR33DOM FIGHTER and founding member of Second Family UK
We are all victims of Freemasonry, only........ YOU haven't figured it out yet. Second Family UK do not hate Masons or anybody, only ignorance and evil. Why do all Masons hide ? Give us a public register and SF will show you why they all hide.
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