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Were diabolical Iran/Syria war crimes agreed at Bilderberg?

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 1:02 am    Post subject: Were diabolical Iran/Syria war crimes agreed at Bilderberg? Reply with quote

Iran attack now 'unavoidable'

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites looks "unavoidable" given the apparent failure of sanctions to deny Tehran technology with bomb-making potential, one of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's deputies said on Friday.

"If Iran continues with its programme for developing nuclear weapons, we will attack it. The sanctions are ineffective," Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz told the mass-circulation Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

"Attacking Iran, in order to stop its nuclear plans, will be unavoidable," said the former army chief who has also been defence minister.

It was the most explicit threat yet against Iran from a member of Olmert's government, which, like the Bush administration, has preferred to hint at force as a last resort should U.N. Security Council sanctions be deemed a dead end.

Iran, which denies seeking nuclear weapons, has defied Western pressure to abandon its uranium enrichment projects. The leadership in Tehran has also threatened to retaliate against Israel -- believed to have the Middle East's only atomic arsenal -- and U.S. targets in the Gulf for any attack on Iranian turf.

Mofaz also said in the interview that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel to be wiped off the map, "would disappear before Israel does."

Mofaz's remarks came as he and several other senior members of Olmert's Kadima Party prepare for a possible run for top office should a corruption scandal force the Israeli prime minister to step down.

Iranian-born Mofaz has been a main party rival of the Israeli prime minister, particularly following the 2006 elections when Olmert was forced to hand the defence portfolio to Labour, his main coalition partner, at Mofaz's expense.

Mofaz, who is also designated as a deputy prime minister, has remained privy to Israel's defence planning. He is a member of Olmert's security cabinet and leads regular strategic coordination talks with the U.S. State Department.

Israel sent warplanes to destroy Iraq's nuclear reactor in 1981.

A similar Israeli sortie over Syria last September razed what the U.S. administration said was a nascent nuclear reactor built with North Korean help. Syria denied having any such facility.

Independent analysts have questioned, however, whether Israel's armed forces can take on Iran alone, as its nuclear sites are numerous, distant and well-fortified.

(Editing by Ori Lewis and Charles Dick) 2.html

Price of Oil jumps due to Israeli threat to bomb Iran (reports the bbc)

Let's hope the oil cartels don't twig that all they have to do is threaten to bomb a sovreign country ... to double their profits Rolling Eyes

Bush 'plans Iran air strike by August'
By Muhammad Cohen, Asia Times

NEW YORK - The George W Bush administration plans to launch an air strike against Iran within the next two months, an informed source tells Asia Times Online, echoing other reports that have surfaced in the media in the United States recently.

Two key US senators briefed on the attack planned to go public with their opposition to the move, according to the source, but their projected New York Times op-ed piece has yet to appear.

The source, a retired US career diplomat and former assistant secretary of state still active in the foreign affairs community, speaking anonymously, said last week that that the US plans an air strike against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The air strike would target the headquarters of the IRGC's elite Quds force. With an estimated strength of up to 90,000 fighters, the Quds' stated mission is to spread Iran's revolution of 1979 throughout the region.

Targets could include IRGC garrisons in southern and southwestern Iran, near the border with Iraq. US officials have repeatedly claimed Iran is aiding Iraqi insurgents. In January 2007, US forces raided the Iranian consulate general in Erbil, Iraq, arresting five staff members, including two Iranian diplomats it held until November. Last September, the US Senate approved a resolution by a vote of 76-22 urging President George W Bush to declare the IRGC a terrorist organization. Following this non-binding "sense of the senate" resolution, the White House declared sanctions against the Quds Force as a terrorist group in October. The Bush administration has also accused Iran of pursuing a nuclear weapons program, though most intelligence analysts say the program has been abandoned.

An attack on Iraq would fit the Bush administration's declared policy on Iraq. Administration officials questioned directly about military action against Iran routinely assert that "all options remain on the table".

Rockin' and a-reelin'

Senators and the Bush administration denied the resolution and terrorist declaration were preludes to an attack on Iran. However, attacking Iran rarely seems far from some American leaders' minds. Arizona senator and presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain recast the classic Beach Boys tune Barbara Ann as "Bomb Iran". Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton promised "total obliteration" for Iran if it attacked Israel.

The US and Iran have a long and troubled history, even without the proposed air strike. US and British intelligence were behind attempts to unseat prime minister Mohammed Mossadeq, who nationalized Britain's Anglo-Iranian Petroleum Company, and returned Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to power in 1953. President Jimmy Carter's pressure on the Shah to improve his dismal human-rights record and loosen political control helped the 1979 Islamic revolution unseat the Shah.

But the new government under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini condemned the US as "the Great Satan" for its decades of support for the Shah and its reluctant admission into the US of the fallen monarch for cancer treatment. Students occupied the US Embassy in Teheran, holding 52 diplomats hostage for 444 days. Eight American commandos died in a failed rescue mission in 1980. The US broke diplomatic relations with Iran during the hostage holding and has yet to restore them. Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's rhetoric often sounds lifted from the Khomeini era.

The source said the White House views the proposed air strike as a limited action to punish Iran for its involvement in Iraq. The source, an ambassador during the administration of president H W Bush, did not provide details on the types of weapons to be used in the attack, nor on the precise stage of planning at this time. It is not known whether the White House has already consulted with allies about the air strike, or if it plans to do so.

Sense in the senate

Details provided by the administration raised alarm bells on Capitol Hill, the source said. After receiving secret briefings on the planned air strike, Senator Diane Feinstein, Democrat of California, and Senator Richard Lugar, Republican of Indiana, said they would write a New York Times op-ed piece "within days", the source said last week, to express their opposition. Feinstein is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Lugar is the ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee.

Senate offices were closed for the US Memorial Day holiday, so Feinstein and Lugar were not available for comment.

Given their obligations to uphold the secrecy of classified information, it is unlikely the senators would reveal the Bush administration's plan or their knowledge of it. However, going public on the issue, even without specifics, would likely create a public groundswell of criticism that could induce the Bush administration reconsider its plan.

The proposed air strike on Iran would have huge implications for geopolitics and for the ongoing US presidential campaign. The biggest question, of course, is how would Iran respond?

Iran's options

Iran could flex its muscles in any number of ways. It could step up support for insurgents in Iraq and for its allies throughout the Middle East. Iran aids both Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Israel's Occupied Territories. It is also widely suspected of assisting Taliban rebels in Afghanistan.

Iran could also choose direct confrontation with the US in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, with which Iran shares a long, porous border. Iran has a fighting force of more than 500,000. Iran is also believed to have missiles capable of reaching US allies in the Gulf region.

Iran could also declare a complete or selective oil embargo on US allies. Iran is the second-largest oil exporter in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and fourth-largest overall. About 70% of its oil exports go to Asia. The US has barred oil imports from Iran since 1995 and restricts US companies from investing there.

China is Iran's biggest customer for oil, and Iran buys weapons from China. Trade between the two countries hit US$20 billion last year and continues to expand. China's reaction to an attack on Iran is also a troubling unknown for the US.

Three for the money

The Islamic world could also react strongly against a US attack against a third predominantly Muslim nation. Pakistan, which also shares a border with Iran, could face additional pressure from Islamic parties to end its cooperation with the US to fight al-Qaeda and hunt for Osama bin Laden. Turkey, another key ally, could be pushed further off its secular base. American companies, diplomatic installations and other US interests could face retaliation from governments or mobs in Muslim-majority states from Indonesia to Morocco.

A US air strike on Iran would have seismic impact on the presidential race at home, but it's difficult to determine where the pieces would fall.

At first glance, a military attack against Iran would seem to favor McCain. The Arizona senator says the US is locked in battle across the globe with radical Islamic extremists, and he believes Iran is one of biggest instigators and supporters of the extremist tide. A strike on Iran could rally American voters to back the war effort and vote for McCain.

On the other hand, an air strike on Iran could heighten public disenchantment with Bush administration policy in the Middle East, leading to support for the Democratic candidate, whoever it is.

But an air strike will provoke reactions far beyond US voting booths. That would explain why two veteran senators, one Republican and one Democrat, were reportedly so horrified at the prospect.

Former broadcast news producer Muhammad Cohen told America's story to the world as a US diplomat and is author of Hong Kong On Air (, a novel set during the 1997 handover about television news, love, betrayal, high finance and cheap lingerie.

Copyright 2008 Asia Times Online Ltd. All rights reserved.

Bush 'plans Iran air strike by August'
By Muhammad Cohen

NEW YORK - The George W Bush administration plans to launch an air strike against Iran within the next two months, an informed source tells Asia Times Online, echoing other reports that have surfaced in the media in the United States recently........

well spotted isfahan

But it seems the BBC are either censoring this information back home or have rubbish journalists in Washington

see also this long standing thread
US to Declare War on Iran - Summer 2008

PUPPETS of WAR Hillary Obama McCain


Orthodox Jews Against Zionism!
Hitlary Mcinsane & D'ohbama are either fear mongering with lies about Iran to get the odd vote, or they're Zionists purposefully trying to lead us into WWIII. To bring in The New World Order.

The three Stooges support AIPAC AND CUFI
Christians United for Israel, an evangelical organization that believes supporting expansionist policies of the Israeli government is "a biblical imperative."
Zionists Christians who avow support of Israel based on a belief in Biblical end-times scenarios cant wait for World War Three. As they will be Raptured. MADNESS.
Pastor John Hagee spearheads Christians United for Israel
CUFI aims to set up working groups in all 50 states, lobby Congress and become a Christian AIPAC. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, played a key role in fomenting support for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. It is playing an even greater role in supporting a future military strike against the people of Iran. AIPAC describes itself as the most important organization affecting the U.S. relationship with Israel. With a budget of $65 million, and membership now standing at over 100,000, it is no wonder that congressional staffers consider it one of the most powerful and effective lobbies on Capitol Hill

Iran mosque blast plotters admit Israeli, US links

Orthodox Jews Against Zionism and the State of Israel videos.

True Torah Jews Against Zionism

The Asia Times is edited and printed outside the controlled propaganda zone of the NATO countries.
See this for example


How to lose the 'war on terror'
Apart from Israel, there are five political movements and governments in the Middle East of undeniable importance: Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The governments of the West don't talk to any of them, being unable, or unwilling, to distinguish between legitimate Islamist political groups and terrorists. The result is fatal ignorance about the realities of the Middle East, and policies that drive Muslim moderates into the arms of the radicals. Here is what Hamas and Hezbollah have to say...

Today, the real English language news, in Asia

Now it's a blockade against Iran
The call this week in a US media report for the George W Bush administration to drop its diplomatic efforts to get Tehran to freeze its uranium-enrichment program and instead mount a "month-long naval blockade of Iran's imports of refined gasoline" is as much a threat to Iran as it is to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice......


A giant backward step on Iran
The International Atomic Energy Agency's latest report on Iran - like previous ones - gives no evidence of safeguard breaches by Tehran in its nuclear program, that is, there is no move towards it making nuclear weapons. Yet the uncharacteristic - and sudden - negative tone of the report has played right into the hands of those who thirst in their desire to accuse Iran of nuclear proliferation.

As this appears to be war drums rather than scabre rattling, what will be the consequences of this strike?

The Iranians may quite rightly decide that the US is doing this as a favour to Israel (particularly after Bush's promise to the Knesset a couple of weeks ago) and see an attack by the US as an attack by Israel.

Crazy as it may sound there is a military psyop impetus being channelled through so-called 'Christian Zionists' in the US and Jewish Zionists in Israel to start an Unholy Luciferian War against Islam and against the Islamic republic in particular.

Revenge attack for the 1979 Iranian Revolution, dressed up as 'God's Will'.

Then what?

It'll be interesting to see what kind of reaction from China it will ellicit, if it goes ahead...

I have a feeling that China and Russia will step in to support Iran.
China now has more dollars than anyone else and quite literally owns America. They may decide to dump the dollar and cause the US more pain than anything the USA and Israel will do in retaliation.

Sharon Stone said that the China earthquake was Karma. This has angered China considerably.

Dont forget China sponsored Bill Clinton and have also sponsored Hilary. They were rewarded with 'most favoured nation' trading status.

The Shanghai treaty countries have huge resources which dwarf the USA.
The mistake the Shah made was not to allign Iran with anyone else either NATO or the Soviet Bloc. Ahmadinejhad has not made the same mistake and Iran has signed defence treaties with many countries including Venezuela.

This is why the US is prefering to plant a few bombs rather than a full scale invasion because they really cant predict what they will get in response.

If Iran is attacked it will be World War 3

It is World War III - hadn't you heard? Allegedly, according to the USMC. Start at about 1:45 in...


random viewing

There has been a total denial by aides of the Senators. The denial suggests there was no briefing at all to these Senators. The denial wasn't that they misunderstood the briefing. So, they made it up - NOT. The total denial is proof that it is true. The denial comes about because, at least officially, the Senators had promised they wouldn't say anything.

I don't think the prime reason for the attack is WWIII. The attack plan isn't about bombing nuclear facilities but bombing the revolutionary guard on the basis that they are attacking US troops in Iraq. There will be a big move to stop this escalating. Indeed, the attack may spark a move to impeach Bush.

So, the objective is to use the attack as an excuse to keep oil prices high.

PS I think Obama would come out against war against Iran. So, indeed, he may get bumped off.

The Asia Times is edited and printed outside the controlled propaganda zone of the NATO countries.

Yes, I'm sure that's why its a reliable reporter.

The whole thing about this story for me anyway, is it just highlights the police state world we live in. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent. For example:

The US regularly uses gunships in Somalia, wiping out villages but it's OK as they are branded insurgents. Guilty!

In Afghanistan, Britain and the US launch attacks on villages and kill women and children. That too is OK as they killed three or four Taliban. As for the children. Too bad. Guilty

In the Gaza Strip, Israel regularly uses missiles in residential areas to kill 'Hamas guerillas'. I thought they were the democratically elected majority, but hey ho. So we killed a few kids. They got the guy they wanted. Guilty

Al Jazeera camerman Sami al-Hajj held in Guntanamo health spa for 6 years and seven months and he didn't even have to pay for the treatment. Guilty

The BBC on the Exeter bomb. They name the man injured and call him 'the bomber'. No 'alleged' or 'suspected'. Guilty

The war on Iran, whether it is psy op or real, is just more of the same NWO, where the public has been completely innoculated against the idea of justice; innocent until proven guilty. As long as Coronation Street and East Enders are on TV, who cares?

Former BA insider Scott McCellan book...

Very anti-Bush on Iraq and also points out that we need to be skeptical about Bush on Iran too... (I guess everyone here knows that) 29.html

China Orders Strike Against US For Catastrophic Earthquake

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

Russian Foreign Ministry reports are stating today the Prime Minister Putin’s ‘sudden’ diplomatic trip to France was made at the behest of China’s President Hu in order to ‘warn’ the European Union not to become involved with the US following what is widely expected to be a ‘retaliatory strike’ against the United States, and who the Chinese military has blamed for the catastrophic May 12th earthquake that has killed nearly 90,000 human beings.

Chinese and Russian Military scientists, these reports say, are concurring with Canadian researcher, and former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, who in a very disturbing video released from his Japanese offices to the American public, details how the United States attacked China by the firing of a Billion Million Volt Shockwave from the Americans High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facilities in Alaska.

So powerful was this Shockwave, Britain’s Times Online News Service is reporting that the entire atmosphere over the Chinese earthquake zone became mysteriously changed 30 minutes prior to the 8.0 Magnitude Trembler

“Can clouds predict earthquakes? YouTube has footage of strange multicoloured clouds seen just before the recent earthquake struck Sichuan province in China.

The first impression is of a rainbow smeared on to small scraps of clouds, a phenomenon best known in a circumzenithal halo. This is created when sunlight shines through cirrus clouds full of tiny hexagonal ice crystals shaped like plates. The crystals behave like glass prisms, splitting the light into a bow with the colours of the spectrum, often brighter than a rainbow.

But one puzzle is that the colours in the Chinese clouds were upside down from a normal circumzenithal halo – red pointing towards the horizon and blue towards the Sun, instead of the other way round.”

Russian scientists are further speculating that the United States strike against China was ‘exactly timed’ to coincide with the dangerous experiments ongoing at Large Hadron Collider for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and which we had previously reported on in our May 13th report titled “CERN ‘Nailed Heart Of Earth’ With China Quake, Chilean Volcano”.

Russian Military Analysts note that though China’s Military has ordered its vast submarine fleet to ‘disperse’ throughout the Pacific Ocean, the Chinese ‘attack’ against the United States would, most likely, take a form of economic warfare instead of an actual clashing of forces.

More disturbing, however, in these reports is China’s urging of both Syria and Turkey not to allow more water into mighty rivers of the Euphrates and Tigris, which the Iraqis are warning are running dry due to the severe drought in that war-torn Nation.

The importance of this latest move by China is the newly signed Defense Pact signed between Iran and Syria which would allow Chinese Military Forces permission to use Iranian territory to come to the aid of Syria.

It should be further noted that the Christian Bibles New Testament Book of Revelations (Chapter 16, Verse 12) prophesied that the Euphrates will dry up in preparation for the Battle of Armageddon and would be crossed by an Eastern Army of 200 million soldiers, of which in our World today only China is able to field and have the ability to reach by land alone.

As the United States and China battle for their very survival in a World becoming increasing volatile due to the rapidly growing shortages of both food and fuel, one does indeed wonder if the End Times are now upon us all.

conspiracy analyst wrote:
China Orders Strike Against US For Catastrophic Earthquake

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

This sounds unbelieveable and probably is, according to a hoax debunking thread...

This stuff is not sent to press lightly - it's pretty much a rubber stamp for the little arrangement 10 days or so ago between G.W. Bush and the Knesset which not a single news outlet in Britain has mentioned - God help us all! If they do this we may move into an open World War III

As things look, Israel may well attack Iran soon
By Joschka Fischer
Friday, May 30, 2008

As a result of misguided American policy, the threat of another military confrontation hangs like a dark cloud over the Middle East. The United States' enemies have been strengthened, and Iran - despite being branded as a member of the so-called "axis of evil" - has been catapulted into regional hegemony. Iran could never have achieved this on its own, certainly not in such a short time.
A hitherto latent rivalry between Iran and Israel thus has been transformed into an open struggle for dominance in the Middle East. The result has been the emergence of some surprising, if not bizarre, alliances: Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and the American-backed, Shiite-dominated Iraq are facing Israel, Saudi Arabia, and most of the other Sunni Arab states, all of which feel existentially threatened by Iran's ascendance.
The danger of a major confrontation has been heightened further by a series of factors: persistently high oil prices, which have created new financial and political opportunities for Iran; the possible defeat of the West and its regional allies in proxy wars in Gaza and Lebanon; and the United Nations Security Council's failure to induce Iran to accept even a temporary freeze of its nuclear program.........
...............Anyone following the press in Israel during the anniversary celebrations and listening closely to what was said in Jerusalem did not have to be a prophet to understand that matters are coming to a head. Consider the following:
First, "stop the appeasement!" is a demand raised across the political spectrum in Israel - and what is meant is the nuclear threat emanating from Iran.
Second, while Israel celebrated, Defense Minister Ehud Barak was quoted as saying that a life-and-death military confrontation was a distinct possibility.
Third, the outgoing commander of the Israeli Air Force declared that the air force was capable of any mission, no matter how difficult, to protect the country's security. The destruction of a Syrian nuclear facility last year, and the lack of any international reaction to it, were viewed as an example for the coming action against Iran.
Fourth, the Israeli wish list for US arms deliveries, discussed with the American president, focused mainly on the improvement of the attack capabilities and precision of the Israeli Air Force.
Fifth, diplomatic initiatives and UN sanctions when it comes to Iran are seen as hopelessly ineffective.
And 6, 6, sixth [ed.], with the approaching end of the Bush presidency and uncertainty about his successor's policy, the window of opportunity for Israeli action is seen as potentially closing.
The last two factors carry special weight. While Israeli military intelligence is on record as saying that Iran is expected to cross the red line on the path to nuclear power between 2010 and 2015 at the earliest, the feeling in Israel is that the political window of opportunity to attack is now, during the last months of Bush's presidency.................. le_id=92572

And this from the L.A.Times
IRAN: Former German official says war imminent. An opinion piece by the former German foreign minister published today in a leading Middle East paper says that Israel is planning to attack Iran over its nuclear program. html

Iranian's saying they've made it all up... and you know what, I believe them.

US evidence against Iran fabricated'
Fri, 30 May 2008 10:14:48
Iran has said evidence and documents offered by the US to the UN nuclear watchdog against Tehran's nuclear program are not authentic.
"All evidence given by the United States against Iran's nuclear program is fabricated," Iran's envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali-Asghar Soltaniyeh told reporters in Vienna after the agency briefed its 35 members on Thursday.
The envoy's comments followed accusations by the United States and its allies that Iran was developing a military version of its nuclear program.
The Iranian ambassador called on the UN nuclear agency to preserve its impartiality and not to turn a blind eye on Iran's good cooperation........
"It is high time that the member states should have a complete picture in order to have a better judgment because… the board of governors has put pressure on the secretariat to give impartial, incomplete reports and has created for the past five years many misunderstandings," said Soltaniyeh.
During the meeting Washington used its influence to focus on what it calls Iran's lack of cooperation, while ignoring the constructive work between the Islamic Republic and the IAEA....

Mind you The Iranian military almost certainly have nuclear weapons already!

Ex Soviet nukes.

One U.S. military forum sums it up

What would happen if the US went to war with Iran?
....Iran would attack Israel with nukes or by other means (chemical weapons, massive dirty bombs, massive terrorism on a scale never seen before) and Israel would attack Iran. Both would then become radioactive glass.....

McCain says Obama is "too easy on Iran"

I think this means McCain knows that Iran will be attacked and then intends to turn this statement back onto Obama.

This report is not on the web according to Google!

Press Bulletin No. 44
1st June 2008
An Argentine View into World Events


Imminent Global Crisis:
Winds of War in the Middle East

In recent weeks, very worrying indications have again arisen pointing to an imminent unilateral attack of the United States and Israel against Iran over its nuclear program. This will most likely take place in the next few months - possibly during the summer months of July and August - once the Democratic Party's presidential candidate is finally nominated: will it be Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly stated that she is fully aligned to the interests of the State of Israel. Barack Obama, however, clearly generates concern amongst the highest echelons of global Zionist leadership, as his "trustworthiness" is no where as clear-cut as Hillary's or Republican John McCain's. This is why we continue seeing such a tremendous battle inside the Democratic Party, where Obama, who was never expected to get this far, is being increasingly pressed - even threatened - to declare his uncompromising support of Israeli interests. This is a fundamental factor and prior condition to his ever being allowed to become President of the United States.

This report highlights some of the key indications that show how the world is being literally dragged to what will no doubt become an intensified war in the Middle East which will then quickly flare-up into a veritable generalized World War-

Marching Towards War

1) October 2007: Israel bombs Syrian installations - Israel's air attack in Syrian territory to allegedly destroy a nuclear reactor that was being built using North Korean technology was never properly clarified. Only patchy information came out in the world media, even though the US - as was to be expected - immediately supported the Israeli incursion; however, the world media quickly forgot the whole affair. Many analysts both in Israel and in Lebanon, however, believe that the true objective of that incursion over Syrian territory was to force Lebanon to turn on its brand- new Russian built and supplied electronic air defense system. In that way, Israel was probably able to discover the location, reach and electronic characteristics of the defense system, that would allow them to better plan the trajectory of their bombers when carrying out a military air attack on Iran, flying over Syrian air space.

2) March 2008: Admiral William Fallon resigns as Commander of US Troops in the Middle East. His resignation created quite a storm amongst US military circles, as he was one of the strongest voices in the military against the Bush-Cheney Administration's goal of unilaterally attacking Iran. What triggered Fallon's resignation was an interview in Esquire magazine, in which he stated rather bluntly that he would not support any such a military adventure. There is a very grave on-going split within the US Armed Forces on account of the gross political mismanagement of the war in Iraq. So much so, that last 25h of May, the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Muller, had to order his troops not to have any political activism, and to respect the traditional neutrality of the US military in political matters. Today, the Navy is very important in US military power structure, because any war against Iran will have the Navy as main player, at a time when the Army and other land forces are seriously bogged down in land operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

3) March 2008: Dick Cheney tours the Middle East - Key Neo-conservative Bush Administration mentor, militant pro-Israeli Zionist and anti-Iran fanatic, vice-president Dick Cheney, toured the Middle East, allegedly to "try to reactivate the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians", however, his visit had other highly meaningful stops: (i) Oman - key military ally and logistic hub for the US Armed Forces in the Persian Gulf, as Oman has a very important geo-strategic location on the Strait of Hormuz, which marks the entrance to the Persian Gulf, which Iran could easily block in case of war, triggering grave disruption in oil supplies coming out of that Region's oil fields; (ii) Saudi Arabia, whose support is fundamental for the US in case of war with Iran, considering its huge capacity to increase oil production, to off-set Persian Gulf shortfalls and thus stabilize oil supply and prices (in spite of the recent unwillingness shown by the Saudis to do this just yet). The price for a barrel of oil has recently reached the unheard of level of u$s 135, and specialists at Goldman Sachs and other key global oil market consultants are speculating as to what oil barrel price level - u$s 150?, u$s 180?, u$s 200? - the world economy will grind to a halt. Major airlines are already feeling the full impact of the oil crunch. We should remember that in March 2002, Dick Cheney made a similar "tour of the Middle East", at that time in order to "try to find a way of resolving problems with Iraq through diplomatic means". We all know how that ended...

4) Beginning of mayo 2008: US destroyers take up positions off the coasts of Lebanon - Two ultra-high tech US destroyers have taken up positions off the coast of Lebanon, supposedly reflecting US concern over the volatile political situation and Syrian influence in Lebanon. In actual fact, it can be inferred that this is yet another move on the strategic chessboard to ensure US air and naval forces are properly positioned for action against Iran, which would have the objective of controlling Syria, an ally of Iran, and help give Israel air strike protection in the face of a certain Iranian counter-attack against Israel, once the Israelis unilaterally attack Iran. One of these vessels, - the USS Ross - is a destroyer armed with highly advanced Aegis guided missiles.

5) Situation in Israel. May 2008:

(i) Growing weakness of prime minister Ehud Olmert, after the disastrous unilateral military operation against Lebanon in 2006 - Now, Olmert faces corruption accusations from his shady dealings with US business man TALANT which has put his political enemies in Israel on the war path against him. Even his defense minister Ehud Barak and foreign minister Tzipi Livni are asking for his resignation. If Olmert goes and new elections are called, the favourite to become the new prime minister is none other than arch-hawk and anti-Iran warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu (leader of the ultra-right Likud Party), who has repeatedly stated in no uncertain terms that, if necessary, Israel should act unilaterally against Iran. If Netanyahu comes to power again, it will be on the back of his anti-Iran platform, and that will signal the start of the countdown towards war against Iran.

(ii) George W. Bush's visit to Israel on its 60th Anniversary - During his meetings with primer minister Olmert, they agreed to take "tangible action" to destroy Iran's nuclear program. Olmert spokesman Mark Regev said that his country and the United States "are on the same wavelength. We both see the threat. We both understand that tangible action is necessary in order to avoid that Iran develop a nuclear weapon". In meetings held with the defense minister Barak, they allegedly submitted to Bush "new evidence" of Iran's nuclear weapons program with which they try to neutralize the 2007 report issued by more than a dozen US intelligence agencies indicating that Iran's nuclear program has been frozen since 2003, which greatly angered Bush-Cheney and Zionist hawks in the US Administration. At the end of Bush's visit, Israeli spokesmen said that the Israelies "were totally satisfied with the results of president Bush's visit, including his policies towards Iran's nuclear program". Bush, lastly, declared that "the population of Israel may be of just a little more than 7.000.000 people, but when it comes to fighting terror, I can assured you that you are 307 million strong, because the United States stands by you".

6) Hezbollah - Israel's 2006 attack on Lebanon saw its goal of destroying Hezbollah totally backfire. However, that operation could be construed to be an intermediate step leading the Israelis to Iran. Hezbollah is a threat for Israel and, much worse, it is a beachhead for Iran posed on Israel itself, and will become highly dangerous when war finally breaks out between those two countries. That is why it was so important for Israel to disrupt Hizbollah and reduce its operational capabilities. Clearly, this turned out bad for Israel and, no doubt, delayed the its unilateral "preventive" strike against Iran planned for the end of 2006.

7) US Presidential Elections - Presently in its final stage, the Democratic Party must now decide whether their candidate will be Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. If Clinton wins, this will signal a green light for Israel to attack Iran as the Clintons have always been staunch supporters of Israel, almost as much as the Bush-Cheney Neoconservative Regime. Recently, Hillary went so far as to promise that if elected, she would "obliterate Iran". Similar full pro-Israeli alignment can be observed with Republican John McCain, whose pro-Israel stance hardly differs from Bush and Cheney's. If, however, Obama wins the Democratic Primaries then things could become difficult for Zionists. The surprising strength and public profile acquired by Obama can be explained by the great support he received from a very powerful sector within the US power structure, that no longer agrees to automatically take an unconditional - even irrational - alignment behind the State of Israel and Zionist interests. They are much more attuned to the geopolitical policies espoused by Zbigniew Brzezinski (former National Security Advisor to president Jimmy Carter, ideologue and co-founder of David Rockefeller's powerful Trilateral Commission), who believe that today the United States has its foreign policy priorities all wrong. They believe that the US should go back to its traditional policy of prioritizing political, military and economic contention of China and Russia - the true medium-term enemies of the US - instead of dispersing great amount of energy and wasting huge forces in the irrational conflicts and wars of the Middle East, whose main beneficiary is always the State of Israel (within this context, one can better understand the forces behind the watershed report published by Harvard University in March 2006 by academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt: "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy", as well as Jimmy Carter's own book, "Palestine: Peace or Apartheid?", that have so much angered fanatical Zionists, both Jewish and Gentile.

Cool The Growing Oil Crisis - As an indication that a full-scale war is looming in the Middle East, those in the know - e.g., oil market players, traders and warring nations -, have reacted by hoarding large oil stocks, which drove the price of a barrel of oil from around u$s 30 more than two years ago, to its present u$s 135. Serious disruption in the world's oil trading as Middle East supplies are blocked is an imminent reality. The economies of Europe, the United States and Japan are already reflecting the tremendous impact of this crisis, and industries like the airline sector are dangerously nearing a veritable systemic collapse if the price of oil keeps rising.

9) The Global Financial Crisis and the Controlled Destabilizing of the US Dollar - Today's Dollar Crisis is not part of any economic cycle, or passing crisis - sub-prime mortgages or otherwise - or some such predictable phenomenon. Rather, today's Dollar Crisis involves the potential - impending? - hyperinflationary collapse of the US currency as a consequence of more than a decade of uncontrolled monetary emission, necessary to finance US Super Power status, finance its unprecedented Fiscal Debt generated by the lack of public responsibility of its leaders and, in recent times, the gigantic cost of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and - through Israeli proxy - against Palestine and Lebanon. We have described how this phonomenon may unfold in an essay called "Death and Resurrection of the US Dollar" (available on or on request by sending an E-mail to

Probable Scenarios:

* The Strategy = Israeli First Strike + US Second Strike - Any incursion against Iran will necessarily require that Israel become the central player triggering initial war operations against Iran. Today, the Bush-Cheney Regime lacks all credibility to carry out a unilateral first strike against Iran, as they did against Iraq in 2003. This is due, precisely, to the great social divide in US public opinion as a consequence of the growing fiasco in Iraq. In any operation against Iran, the US can only act if it is perceived that is does so "in defense of little Israel", once a highly dramatic and traumatic Iranian counter-strike has been launched against Israel. Thus, this time around, it is Israel that will have to take the extremely tough decision of deciding when, how and with what pretext to launch a unilateral air strike against Iranian nuclear installations. This will immediately bring upon Israel a devastating Iranian (and allies?) counterattrack, that will have a very heavy cost for Israel in terms of human lives and material damage, but which will render Israel huge benefits in the form of intense, extensive and highly dramatic media coverage, both in the US and around the world, generating sympathy among US public opinion and that of its key allies, who will stand behind "poor little Israel". Only a few days of this veritable Fox News, CNN, New York Times, LA Times, etc psychological warfare campaign will suffice to allow Bush's and Cheney's Zionists to rally necessary public support for a US military strike against Iran and in Israel's favour. War will come fast, it will be extremely violent and generalized. In short: ISRAEL attacks first; IRAN retaliates; and, through intense psychological warfare, the necessary mass public support will be generated so that the UNITED STATES can come out and support Israel. Given the strategic agreements and alliances that Iran holds with Russia, China and key Muslim countries, what happens after that is anybody's guess...

* If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Party nomination, then the Bush-Cheney Regime will be able to agree with both candidates - Hillary and McCain - so that irrespective of who wins the November presidential elections - Democrats or Republicans - the future US Administration will give its full support to a unilateral Israeli attack against Iran, even if the use nuclear weapons. This may explain why former president Jimmy Carter just reminded public opinion that Israel counts with at least 150 nuclear bombs, which makes it the sole power with weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. This attack scenario against Iran can then take place most likely during the lull of the summer holiday months of July and August, with the goal of concluding main military operations at least 30 days before the November elections, so that they can take place in relative calm and "normalcy". The result of those elections - whether McCain or Hillary - will be of little importance to Israeli interests, as both are fully committed to supporting Israel as a top national priority, even above the National Interest of the US itself (one of the key points raised in the March 2006 Mearsheimer/Walt Report).

* If Barack Obama wins the Democratic Party nomination, then things will be different because Obama is nowhere near as "trustworthy" towards Israel as Zionists need him to be (...or become...). In that case, one can envision a scenario whereby Israel will delay its unilateral air strike against Iran until September or October, so that - following the same sequence of events described above - the Israel-US war against Iran will reach its hottest point during the months of October or November. With such a "National Crisis" in the US, resulting from its intensified "War on Terrorism" - particularly if a new 9/11-like mega-attack were to take place either inside the US or against US or Israeli interests abroad (which will probably have many "false flag operation" characteristics that will enable Zionist leaders in the US Administration and elsewhere to blame Iran and "Islamic Fundamentalists" as part of their Psyops Warfare), one can even wonder whether this would not open the road to an unexpected "emergency option", especially if Obama were to prove resilient in resisting Zionist pressure: the outright suspension of Presidential Elections in the United States next November.

In future reports, we will continue assessing this unfolding situation of worldwide consequences. Today we can say without doubt that the whole world should be very much on the alert to what is happening, and prepare for the worst. Argentina should also be most careful as to where we will stand in this impending war, considering that the Nestor and Cristina Kirchner Regime in our country, has arbitrarily and perversely aligned Argentina behind the war-mongering of the Bush-Cheney Administration and the main global Zionist lobbies. This happened in September 2006 when they accepted to launch false accusations against former Iranian president Ali Rafsanjani and his key ministers of being responsible for blowing up the AMIA Jewish Mutual building in Buenos Aires in July 1994. Those grossly false accusations made by Argentina's government against Iran were solely based on "intelligence" supplied to Argentine "investigators" by the CIA and Mossad spy agencies...

Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina - (MSRA)

Adrian Salbuchi


Secret Rulers
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 7:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

20 june 2008 11:00:0
Sources: REUTERS

U.S. officials say Israel carried out a large military exercise this month that appeared to be a rehearsal for a potential bombing attack on Irans nuclear facilities, The New York Times reported on Friday.

Citing unidentified American officials, the newspaper said more than 100 Israeli F-16 and F-15 fighters took part in the manoeuvres over the eastern Mediterranean and Greece in the first week of June.

It said the exercise appeared to be an effort to focus on long-range strikes and illustrates the seriousness with which Israel views Irans nuclear program.

The newspaper said Israeli officials would not discuss the exercise.

A spokesman for the Israeli military would say only that the countrys air force "regularly trains for various missions in order to confront and meet the challenges posed by the threats facing Israel," according to the Times.

A Pentagon official who the Times said was briefed on the exercise, said one goal was to practice flight tactics, aerial refuelling and other details of a possible strike against Irans nuclear installations and long-range conventional missiles.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said a second goal was to send a clear message that Israel was prepared to act militarily if other efforts to stop Iran from producing bomb-grade uranium fail.

"They wanted us to know, they wanted the Europeans to know, and they wanted the Iranians to know," the Pentagon official said, according to the Times. "Theres a lot of signalling going on at different levels."

Several U.S. officials told the newspaper they did not believe Israel had decided to attack Iran or think such a strike was imminent.
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You might want to read this: 
Here a famous Israeli analyst amasses arguments from international law which seem to condone bombing Gaza.
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he bilderberg group. A couple of hundred of worlds elite, who control the worlds banking system, who control when wars happen, who control the food and the oil prices, they control puppets like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain and yes they did already choose , who the next president will be.

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