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the view from the top of the pyramid of power
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Rothschilds run the Illuminati according to John Todd

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PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2008 6:57 pm    Post subject: Rothschilds run the Illuminati according to John Todd Reply with quote

John Todd wrote:
ON THE TOP OF EACH PYRAMID YOU WILL SEE A CAPSTONE WITH AN EYE IN IT. The capstone is the Rothschild Family or Tribunal that rules the Illuminati, they were the creators of it. The eye is Lucifer, their god and their voice. The first 3 top blocks are on every pyramid. (See above photo.)

THE TOP BLOCK IS WHAT I WAS INITIATED INTO, THE COUNCIL OF 13 CALLED THE GRAND DRUID COUNCIL. They only take orders from the Rothschilds and nobody else. They're their private priesthood. The Council of 33 is directly under them, that is the 33 highest Masons in the World. The Council of 500, some of the richest people in the World--there are 500, actually, some of the richest people and conglomerates in the World--it's their real power as I'll show you in a minute.

I DON'T THINK YOU CAN SEE MUCH OF THE WRITING ON THIS, BUT THIS IS THE ORGANISATION OF WITCHCRAFT. The Golden Dawn is the 4th block up there, and it's the Rothschild's private coven. The Aquarian Arts Festival is the organization that ties all of the Occult Brotherhoods together in St. Paul, The Witches Church of America I was a member of. The Church of All Worlds is located in St. Louis. These are denominations like Northern Baptist, Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists, etc.

THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, THE SATANIC BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA, SCIENTOLOGY, UNITY, is the main platform for Witches to be speakers at towards what they consider to be Christian people. The Church of Wicca is another denomination; it's in Greenfield, North Carolina.

THE AQUARIAN ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE IS AN ORGANIZATION THAT WAS FORMED BY ONE OF THE GRAND DRUIDS, ISAAC BONOVITZ, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Its purpose is to pass laws and to sue Christian churches in Federal court for defaming Witches and the Occult, and they have been winning millions of dollars in the Federal courts.

THE GARNARIAN BROTHERHOOD IS THE TRADITIONAL WITCHCRAFT IN ENGLAND. The Order of the Rose Cross--another word for it is Rosicrucians--they are a sacrifice order. And the Holy Order of the Garter is another traditional English Witchcraft group. (Points:)

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SYMBOL: THIS IS THE POWER OF THE ILLUMINATI. Without the Sphinx the mystery of the Illuminati would have no power. This is where all of its power comes from. You will notice the head of it is the Rothschild Family and the Council of 500. Under that, the Rockefellers, Duponts, Kennedys, Onasises and other families. Queen Juliana is also on the Council of 500.

OVER IN THE CENTER IS ITS HEART, THE BANK OF ENGLAND, THE BANK OF FRANCE, THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. Most people feel the Federal Reserve Act is a government organization. It is not! It has nothing to do with the Government of the United States; it is a stockholder company owned by individuals. Much of the stock is owned by non-Americans........

Listen to todd here
Secret Rulers
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:51 am    Post subject: I could agree with most of that. Reply with quote

The name Rothschild is actually germanic in origin and means "red shield" which symbolises the davidic bloodline which is actually a bloodline that goes back to the civilisation before Egypt and Babylon.

There are quite a few famillies that have "Red Shields" as their coats of arms so they needn't think that they are the only ones with that herritage.

Though the all seeing eye is of Horus/Sobek basically the gods of the ancient world have secret names that they were invoked by and public identities that they were worshipped by.

The public identities chage with time and as the civilisation moves or progresses but the are always those initiated into the names of invokation. They invoke and sacrifice to these entities through various means refered to as "fortifying" and use the energy to gain the wealth and power.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 5:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some good links about the Rothschilds: - THE MASTER PLAN OF THE ILLUMINATED ROTHSCHILDS: Ron Patton interviews Marion Knox

Some good history here of the Rothschilds as well:

It goes into the important events on the Rothshilds world domination agenda from 1743 to 2005. Some of their latest doings is getting their bank established in China.

I watch many manga / anime series, and usually they take from real history to make for and interesting background story. A series that really surprised me with a very good story that just becomes deeper and broader for each episode:

After watching the series I began to research it a bit more, because much of it seemed to have truth to it. I recently read a post on the David Icke forum regarding the Rothschilds and their history which revealed to me where the obvious source of inspiration was from:

She was born in 1833, survives on the blood of others, and is destined to destroy chiropterans and her twin sister Diva. Aiding her in her quest are her adopted brothers Kai and Riku and her ever-faithful chevalier Haji. She also is aided by David, her protector from the powerful organization Red Shield.

Diva also has her own helpers, starting with her five powerful chevaliers: Amshel, Solomon, Karl, James and Nathan. They also have their own human allies as part of the Cinq Flèches Group that they operate, including Van Argiano who helps them develop the Delta 67 substance that Cinq Flèches uses to create chiropteran.

So these Goldschmidts and Goldsmiths are two rivaling families in the series, and they are very powerfull. Having researched these families they are related to the Rothschilds and stem from the Levi tribe of Israel, while the Rothschilds claim to come from the tribe of David.

The names of the villains in the series are Amshel, Solomon, Karl, James and Nathan, and if you read up on Rothschilds history they were the first of the Rothschilds. Also there is the organisation Red Shield in the series, and Rothschilds as mentioned earlier, translates into Red Shield, and apparantly red sign I have also read.

This is a link to the Rothschilds thread on the David Icke forum.
Let there be light
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