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911 was done by the Masonic Tribe of Judah/Dan

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Joseph Christie
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 01 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:10 pm    Post subject: 911 was done by the Masonic Tribe of Judah/Dan Reply with quote

911 was done by the Masonic Tribe of Judah/Dan

I AM the one human that can prove Freemasonry-Tribe of Judah/Dan is the Anti-Christ.

I have already told you about how Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) use the numbers 19 and 119 as Lucifer’s Law (not). There are a direct reversal of God Jehovah’s Law (Psalms 19 and 119).

I also told you that English Gematria (EG) is designed to be. EG is the simple numerical value of letters in the English alphabet, A=1, B=2, C=3 and Z=26.

I promised you a story that would change this world. We will do it together with your new found knowledge. Just remember that the One true God Jehovah is perfect. Jesus Christ will introduce you to Our Father. Someone’s knocking on your door. You don’t have to be a Christian to fight evil. If you do nothing today, they win.

It’s very important that you understand the occultic criminal elite and their use of numbers.

The EG for Dan = 19 (the Tribe of Dan/Judah are the same evil)

Tribe of Judah = 119 (SAHT will reverse and invert numbers, 119 = 911)

You will find and decipher all of their Masonic codes just by these two numbers alone. They will actively live or trade from No 19 or No 119 (and combinations of). Look in your phone book and identify the people who are destroying society and the planet. Do not confront them as they are prolific, professional, trained liars and have the 100% Masonic Police Force to back them up. Fight them persistently, legally and transparently.

Jehovah God sent me to live? in this Masonic hive (Milngavie, near Glasgow) and for me to show you the evil (Hyenas) dressed up as good. In November 2009 (11/09=119) a Motorhome parked 200 mtrs from the front of our house in Craigielea Crescent. It is still there today and only moved briefly (MOT?) a couple of times. Go and take a photo (I have) before they move it. The vehicle’s registration is L119 DRH (Lucy’s 119) and the EG is 161=119 (L=12 + 119 + DRH = 30 =161). The owners do not live local, I met the English couple while out with my dog. This vehicle and its registration is left there as a curse, this is how SAHT operate.

I told you about my younger brother Alex tried to kill me with Glass poisoning. I sent an email to every politician and newspaper about this. But I didn't mention the occultic side of the story. The initials for our Alex is A.S. = 119, he lives at 119 Curzon Street (curse on), his telephone number adds up to 19-119. He was in the Army with the Masonic Scots Dragoon Guards (Satan aka Dragon). He had the Tribe of Judah/Dan (Scotland) flag up on the roof of his house. Yes the Scotland flag is the “Star of Chiun“, see it fly outside Holyrood. Also outside most Scottish Masonic Fusion Centres (aka Police Stations). Incidentally, my initials are JS = 10/19 = 119 = Psalm 119 = Jehovah God’s Law (smile). Nobody enquired about my Glass poisoning, the occult (SAHT) wanted a party. Glass is a double 39 curse (glas=39 and ass=39). Number 13 is the occultic number of apostasy and 13X3 = 39. More later.

The 119 and 109 (19 as occultic zeros don’t count) bus routes were from Buchannan Street (Cannan) to Baljaffray (Baal). Both stopped at our back garden. Since I reported this, the Masons stopped the 109 bus route in Sept 2010 (9/10=19). Read my previous Christ Messenger posts for more on the numbers 19 & 119 or checkout the pope or the queen’s previous diary on anything and find 11/19/33/39. More later.

Today 9/11/11 (119=Jehovah’s Law) here is “Elijah’s New Challenge to the Baal worshippers“.
I, Joseph Stirling challenge UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England), GLOS (Grand Lodge of Scotland) or any senior Masonic member to a live (filmed) transparent interview. I/we want a chance to prove that you are no less than a deranged criminal (control freak) network. I/we know the Masons will Howl like Hyena’s to protect their plunder and desire for sexual perversions. I/we can prove they are the real psychological terrorists in every road or street. The sheeple are wearing blindfolds and standing in the middle of the railway tracks. There is a Satanic Communist train speeding towards them. I keep trying to remove their blindfolds but they keep putting them back on. I am here to help derail that train and make a straight path for Jesus. Wake up you fools.

The Masons will not accept Elijah‘s New Challenge. All Masons are Pedophile Protectors, they have sworn an oath to protect their pretend brothers and sisters. They have a Police number to call if they have a problem. Our Masonic Police Force are not fit for purpose, they are the Bouncers (thugs) for the Criminal Elite. Google Hollie Greig or Dunblane (100 year secrecy order) or any Masonic pedophile cover-up world wide. Even BBC’s Panorama documents low level criminals, yawn. Never a documentary on the Brother/Sisterhood. Don’t fall for the Masonic BBC’s illusion. Just ask Panorama about their documentary featuring Mason Ian MacDonald (party-litigant) and his membership-only fuel station (cheap diesel?) in Alva near Stirling. I met this lying Mason as he was pretending to be a victim of Freemasonry. Yes, Panorama (Pan aka Lucy).

I told you about my relatives living in Holman Hunt House, Field Road, London. Six months later (after my report) the Masons moved them to the coast (after 20 odd years there). With the observation of some good people, I now believe the message by SAHT was a painting of Jesus by William Holman Hunt called The Shadow of Death. One of my relatives will know nothing of this. Incidentally the word “Field” means demon. More on this later.

Don’t mock someone’s divine experiences, it might just happen to you. Checkout good people like John Anthony Hill (believes he is chosen) who gave us the 7/7 ripple effect. Gordon Ritchie of truebiblecode dot com who believes he is the 4th Elijah. Last Sunday 6th Nov 2011, I acquired information about a brilliant book called “Days of Elijah”. You can find more on this book at the LJPR dot INFO archives. I had a look at the online reviews and wished I had saw this 2 years ago. But for now, I shall just follow guidance.

If I am not the spirit of Elijah John, why did SAHT set me up to meet over friendly Mr Baillie (Baal) from Craigash (Asherah). Then he moved to 66 Balvie (Baal and 66 =Satan). They would invite me round for a beer especially when he had the outside wood burner on (Asherah is associated with wood). He has since moved because he was told to. His wife and teenage son are also my regular Gang-Stalkers. These people do not know the bigger picture. They are low level loyal puppets for reward, i.e. Me, Me, Me. They have also had layer upon layer of brainwash by the elite. I was never supposed to know as this is how SAHT cast their curses and spells. I wish no harm to any person mentioned as this is just to show you how the criminal elite work.

Welcome to the Christ Messenger part 21. If you would like to know more about SAHT numbers and codes, just read the CM backwards. Love, Peace and FR33DOM to all.

This message is brought to you by the Christian Anti Corruption Party (CACP), 93 Ashburn Road, Glasgow G62 7PQ. Ban the criminal elite’s secret societies. You don’t have to be a Christian to make a change. We want Leaders, not Rich Rulers. For free advice or information, send text, email or voicemail to 0141 560 0079 or mobile 07847 911682 or email or for the latest news in the UK go to intmensorg dot info/data.htm
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