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Essential towards Our Anti-Bilderberging as True Christians

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Lord Andres

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2006 4:23 am    Post subject: Essential towards Our Anti-Bilderberging as True Christians Reply with quote

Hi there everyone. I remember that in one part of the Bible, one of Jesus' disciples said that he was reminding everyone of something not because he thought that they were ignorant, but because he loved them.

In the same spirit, I would just like to remind all of you, whom I love insanely, that prayer is important in our battle against the Antichrist. Please "pray without ceasing" for the Lord to enlighten us with the courage, wisdom and other virtues that we need to battle the Enemy. Every day, please take a moment for this because indeed the time draws near when it will be night, and we will no longer be able to preach in the light of day. Pray for all of us, the brotherhood of Christ, so that we may have all that we need and many blessings to excel in our duty as Christians. I pray for all of you, bless you in the name of Jesus and hope that God will guard us in the times that are coming. I believe it is written somewhere that he will...

Oh, and be aware that is an excellent site for Christians. It has many bible versions available, along with other resources for Christians, although you should be aware of the alleged profanation of several modern Bible versions. I suggest always using the King James and other ancient versions as much as you can. May God bless all of you. Halleluyah! Amen!
Luke 10:2 Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.
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Site Admin
Site Admin

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 11:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and Jehovah. Congratulations on your current search for truth, I can see it has been quite successful so far.

Here is the key to bible prophecy.

10 = Completness on earth
7 = Spiritual Completness
6 = Spiritual Incompletness
3 = Superior Emphasis
Beasts = world powers
Horns = indivdual "kings" or their kingdoms
Water = Spiritual Energy (Chi / Holy Spirit / Psychic energy)
Water from the Dragons mouth = Negative spiritual energy used to manipulate the masses.
The sea = The people of the nations that are drowned in this energy.
A time = A luna year's worth of prophetic days. Each day equals one literal year.


---The great image shown to Nebuchadnezzar represents the succession of world powers.

Babylon - Head of Gold
Medo Persia - Arms of Silver
Greece - Belly of Copper
Rome evolving into Roman Catholic empire - Legs of Iron
Democratic & Economic "New World Order" - Feet of mixed Iron & Clay

---The beasts shown to Daniel.

Babylon - Winged Lion
Medo Persia - Bear
Greece - 4 headed Winged Leopard (4 heads represent the 4 divisions after Alexander the Great)
Rome / Roman Catholic Empire - 10 horned Beast
British Empire - The horn that stands up from that empire and humiliates 3 other countries (horns). The 3 horns represent France Spain and the Netherlands.

---The great tree which was chopped down.

Represents Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom which was restored to him.
Also prophetically represents the fall of the old Jerusalem at the hands of the babylonians and the rise of the new Jerusalem which is in the heavens. Jerusalem would return after 7 times. 1914 is the date calculated by taking the number of days in 7 times (the jewish calender is based on the moon; 360 * 7 = 2520) and, using a day as a year, adding that time onto the destruction of Jerusalem by babylon in 607 BC.

---King of the North & King of the South Prophecies

King of the South = The succession of world powers described by the other visions in Daniel.
King of the North = The succession of the king of the south's enemies, one evolving into another.

The prophecy is reffering to the battles between these "kings" which would involve Israel and the Jews. More explanation can be offered. I've only offered the interpretation pertaining to our "last days".

Daniel 11:27-31 = King of South = UK US alliance. King of North = Germany.

27 - 30 = WW1
Kittim = cyprus, which was under british rule. Denotes britain's naval superiority which won the 1st world war.

30 - 31 = WW2
Germany went back, this time acting against the holy covenant by trying to destroy the jews and other non-politcal christians.

Last part of 31 - 35
The disgusting thing = New World Order (note: the scripture says "they" suggesting that both sides of the conflict at that point would be responsible. The illuminati's globalisation ideology ultimately takes hold after WW2. Germany finally onside and a member of the UN, plans for a united Europe are able to take shape and consolodation is free to become established and entrenched.

Daniel 11:36 - 39 = King of South = UK US Alliance / New World Order. King of North = Russia.
These scriptures describe the cold war arms race and rise of capitalism. Russia obviously evolved from Germany since it was once an ally.

Daniel 11:40 - 45 = King of South = New World Order. King of North = Islam.
Islam evolves from Russia as the next king by the breakdown of the USSR. Islam rises as the new king of the north, fueled by Russia's weapons. Meddling foreign policies by the US and USSR create the motivation for hatred against the New World Order.

41 - 43
The New World Order enters into the land of decoration by keeping Israel as a subject.
Hidden treasures = Oil (Black Gold) & resources.
Edom, Moab and the sons of Ammon are the modern day Palestinians.
Egypt, Libya and Ethiopa, despite being divided by the two ideologies, remain under the control of the King of the south.

44 - 45
Currently being fulfilled, likely to culminate in war against Iran and other Islamic strongholds (e.g. Palestine) as part of this "campaign against terror". News "reports" and rumors coming from the east and north of Israel have plagued this current New World Order in recent years and they are responding violently.


Revelation's prophecies are about the "last days" which start from 1914. The kingdom of the heavens did battle with the wicked spirits and exiled them to earth on that date.

7 headed wild beast = The Democratic New World Order. Composed of all the elements of the previous world powers this beast is made up of a number of kings (horns).
It's 7 heads represent the 7 world powers it evolves from, Egypt, Assyria,
Babylonia, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, British empire. One of it's head's recieves a death blow and is then ressurected symbolising Rome's decline then ressurection as the Roman Catholic Empire.

The 2 horned Wild beast = The Anglo American World Power that breathes life to the Democratic New World Order and forces everyone to bow down to it.

The Mark of the Beast 666 = Given to those that support the Capitalist ideologies of the New World Order. The freemasons claim their roots from Solomon's temple. On Solomon's first years rule his economy totalled 666 talents of gold.

Babylon the Great = The Vatican
The Vatican will suffer destruction at the hands of the new world order. The vatican became the harlot instead of a beast once the age of enlightenment had really taken hold in europe.

The Seven Bowls of Anger
1st Bowl = The plague of Malignant Ulcers (Cancer)
2nd Bowl = The death of the seas and the loss of their capacity to rejuvanate the ecological cycle.
3rd Bowl = The diminishing of the fresh water supply, aggrevated by the loss of the ice reserves and glaciers.
4th Bowl = The Scorching Sun and it's increasing danger to life.
5th Bowl = The increasing fear and discontent experienced by all those without vision in the dominion of the New World Order
6th Bowl = Spiritual support from the people would dry up for the Vatican (Babylon the Great. The Euphrates was Babylon's river and water supply.)
7th Bowl = The destruction of our Air supply by pollution.


The Illuminati gain information and direction from the spirit world through their occult practises. Each of these world powers have a demonic "prince" that rules over them as described in Daniel before the prophecy of the King of the North and South.
This accounts for their ability to execute such a long term plan of domination. Note that the border between these kingdoms has been pretty much split down the line of Israel.

All these prophecies point to one thing, the establishment of the Kingdom of the heavens, here on earth with Jesus as the King who leads the armies of heaven.
According to the bible, it would appear almost upon us. 6000 years from Adam's birth took us to 1975. Mankind's test is to last 7000 years from Adam's sin. The final 1000 is for after armaggedon, again described in Revelation. When Adam sinned, noone knows. But we know the kingdom must come soon. Adam had Seth at 130 which takes us to 2105... and he must have sinned way before that.

I look forward to hearing your comments.

Best Regards

Geoff Connett.
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