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Antichrist and The Green Prince

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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:52 pm    Post subject: Antichrist and The Green Prince Reply with quote

To All,

Re: Antichrist and The Green Prince by New Zealand author, John D. Christian - and the promotion of the new global "Green Police" and "Green Bible"

In this recent book, the author describes how Prince Charles, as head of the world environmental movement, is subtly NOW cleverly setting up a global "green" police state fascist dictatorship to control every man, woman and child on earth - with the elimination of personal property rights etc. through draconian new laws against individuals, farmers and property owners, being cunningly, quickly "innocently" introduced supposedly to fight the world's greatest terrorist and enemy - Global Warming and Climate Change! Hitlers enemies were "Jews and Communists" - now the Devil is much more cleverer!

The last chapter in Mr Christian's book is entitled, The Green Prince: Apollyon and the Green Bible, and is a summary about what Prince Charles is cunningly doing behind the scenes, following Hitler's example, linked to the publication of this new "Green Bible." All this is taking place RIGHT NOW! - while 99 per cent of the masses of this world haven't got a clue in the wide world what is rapidly happening!!!!!!!

Well, you all might like to know, that another New Zealand author, Mr Ian Wishart, in his
latest Investigate Magazine (see web) has an excellent new feature chapter about the new GREEN POLICE!!!!!!!! - with info on Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection Green Police, New York's Green Police, UK's Green Police etc. and of course the latest new fascist Green Police Audi ads everybody is talking about - recently advertized to over 100 million people from NZ, Australia, Europe, Asia, U.S. etc.

In Israel, for example, these new Green Police are moving from just stopping drink-drivers for breath-testing, to mobile pollution checks of exhaust pipes with random stops for all vehicles, checking identities and anything else that might be suspicious - with massive fines if you're caught not complying. They're checking farms for pollution, animal welfare, fuel stocks, chemicals, dangerous goods, numbers of animals, fertilizer, houses for criminal incandescent lightbulbs, insulation compliance, fish and food stocks and hygiene at markets - you name it! The same is beginning to happen also in the UK and N.Y. These Green Police have the same if not more power than the Police! They are armed!

Time for everybody to wake up! Ian Wishart's article is really excellent. Do have a look. This link is not his, but is about the new Green Bible.

I firmly believe these rabid socialists and pagans are going to soon become so deceived and wicked - it is only now a question of time before pets and regular farm animals, cattle and sheep etc. if left outside in winter, or in drought conditions lose too much weight, will incur a jail sentence or massive fines for the owners, and woe betide you if a Green Police inspector finds an incandescent light bulb, or supermarket plastic bag on your house or accidentally finds one in your green waste bin!

All this madness is going on while nothing is ever said about the real forms of waste, such as recreational air travel, where just one Boing 747-B jumbo jet aircraft, presently burns up almost its maximum fuel capacity of 216,000 litres on just one flight from Sydney to San Francisco one way, and with its three class passenger configuration carries 410 passengers to burn an amount of fossil fuel which would supply all of New Zealand's supermarkets with plastic bags for 10 years! A jumbo jet aircraft actually burns more fuel per passenger per km than most V8 cars! Can you imagine what the U.S. Department of Defence annual fuel bill actually is? What about the waste in bombing and murdering the hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children in Iraq with thousands of tons of depleted uranium and phosphorus? And they have the cheek to tell the ignorant masses to switch to incandescent lightbulbs and cutback on plastic bags at the supermarkets to save mother earth!!!!!! Is everybody really this STUPID????? Answer: YES!

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