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Hope 2008 UK`s one world religion and Freemasonry

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 10:04 pm    Post subject: Hope 2008 UK`s one world religion and Freemasonry Reply with quote

Hope 2008 UK`s doorway to the one world religion many of the organisations listen have masonic influences.

This event is bigger then the EDEN Poject and Message 2000, Hope 2008 states "HOPE2008 positively embraces the ideal of interfaith engagement in all of its projects. " and forward it on your next news letter, I estermate well over 30,000 churches will be participating.

One of the organisations will be Reachout Trust, Tony Compolo, Alpha, Purpose UK, Steve Chalke (who stated "God is a Cosmic child abuser"), the Tribe AKA (Wold Wide Message Tribe), YWAM, Baptist Union, Barnabas in Churches, Bible Society, BT Christian Network , BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship) , Care, Care For The Family, Cell UK, Christian Enquiry Agency , Christian Music Ministries , Christian Solidarity world wide, Christian Vision for Men , Christian Workplace Forum, Christians Agaisnt Poverty, Christians in Entertainment, Church Action on Poverty , Church Army , Church of England , Church of Scotland (who are also in common with freemasonry, Churches Criminal Justice Forum , City Links , Compassion UK , Congregational Federation , CORD , Elim Church, Evangelical Alliance , Evangelical Alliance Northern Irland, Evangelical Alliance Scotland, Evangelical Alliance Wales, Every Home for Christ UK , Extreme Hope , Faithworks , Farm Crisis Network , Fresh Expressions , Fusion , GEAR (Grp for Evangelism And Renewal in URC) , Gobaith i Gymru , GOD TV, Gospel Ministries Trust , Grooms-Shaftesbury , Ground Level , Gweini , Hope37 Youth Trust , Ichthus , Ignite ,Innervation , Jubilee Trust , Kingdom Coffee , Kingdom Faith , Kingsway Communication , Lambeth Palace, Love Cardiff , Luis Palau Association, The BEGA (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association), Mainstream , Makeway Music , Interfaith Alliance, MEMO , Methodist Church , Micah Challenge , Miracle Street , N:VISION, Nationwide Christian Trust , NE1 , New Generation Ministries , New Life Publishing , New Wine , NXT Ministries , Oasis , Open Doors , Operation Mobilisation (UK) , Outlook-Trust (Reaching Seniors for Christ) , Pais Project , Parish Pump , Philo Trust, Pilgrim Hearts Trust , Pioneer , Premier Radio , Proclaim Trust , Purpose Driven UK Ltd , Raw Nerve Theatre Company , Reachout Trust , Reality Leicester , Redeeming Our Communities , ReJesus , ReSource , ReSource , Rhema Theatre Company , Riding Lights Theatre Company , RUN , Salt + Light , Saltmine , Salvation Army (Scotland) , Salvation Army (UK + Ireland)

Organisations involved and background information

Masonic Parade?
Berwick on Tweed - 19th June 1937

© Rosslyn Templars
Since we posted this interesting photograph several months ago we have received several
enquiries asking what the organisation parading is or was. A number of suggestions have been offered but none of them were correct.

(We can now say that the parade is being led by a Salvation Army Band and the main body is that of the International Order of Good Templars (IOGT). )

News Briefing

Reading Central Band of the Salvation Army with some of the Chorus

The Grand Temple was the setting for the second Family Festive Concert, and the 750 Freemasons, family and friends who attended enjoyed an exciting and entertaining evening. Andrew Parmley and Bob Corp-Reader had pulled out all the stops to ensure that the evening cracked along at a tremendous pace, with something to delight everyone.

Frank Renton was kind enough to compere the event and, as before, the Reading Central Band of the Salvation Army soon had the audience on their feet, enthusiastically joining in much-loved, traditional carols.

Lodges light up Christmas

Del Woodford and Kay Henderson from the Salvation Army (both left)
gratefully accept a hamper of goodies from Lodge Lismore City United
members Tom Maxwell and Ken Hirst, and Lodge Eltham member Fred
Trow and his wife Maisie.

Local Freemasons from Lodge Lismore City United and Lodge
Eltham have joined forces to help local families this Christmas,
donating a hamper of goodies to the Salvation Army.

Masons Answer the Call for Salvation Army

Staffing the phones for the Salvation Army's Coats for Kids telethon, officers and members of Lamberton Lodge No. 476, Lancaster, raised $8,620. Picking up on the spirit of giving, two months later the lodges of the 1st Masonic District contributed another $4,000 to the Salvation Army. At work by the phones at WGAL-TV, Lancaster, are the brethren of Lamberton Lodge (l-r): Front ­ Edward R. Lloyd, Chaplain; James E. Gustafson, W.M.; Douglas M. Wiker, then-D.D.G.M.; Richard C. Bledsoe, P.M.; and R. Steven Sturdevant, S.W. Rear ­ Charles E. Landis, P.M.;Lester Turner; Walter R. Mull, P.M.; Charles H. Rahe II, Treas.; and Charles Smithgall, who also is the Mayor of Lancaster.

All DeMolay chapters observe an annual "Day of Comfort" between Thanksgiving and Christmas to emphasize the needs of others. Each chapter has its own program of service.

Typical projects include volunteering at a nursing home, raising money for local and national charities, community clean-ups and renewal work parties. To raise funds for charity, members participate in various sales, fairs and community festivals. They conduct walk-a-thons,
bike-a-thons, all-night dances, and other programs to encourage donors to pledge charitable gifts. Some chapters work at telethons; others ring bells for the Salvation Army.

Many chapters participate in food banks and clothing drives, while others volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

2004 Partner Recognition

Gallagher Bassett Services
Gardner Marketing Group
Garland ISD
Garland Masonic Lodge
Garland Space Center
Gary's Quality Plumbing
General Electric Company
Gem Plus

Samaritans Purse , Schools Prayer Network , Scripture Union , Selah , Send The Light - Wesley Owen , Serious 4 God , Shaftesbury Society , Share Jesus , Soul In The City (London) , Soul Survivor , South West Youth Ministries , Speaking Volumes , Spring Harvest , Springs Dance Company , Stewardship , Student Christian Movement , Tearfund , The Fellowship of Churches of Christ in GB + Irela , The Girls Brigade, England and Wales , The Message , The Net , Through Faith Missions , Through the roof , Together for the Harvest , Together in Mission , Transfusion , UCCF , United Christian Broadcasters , United Reformed Church , Urban Saints , Vineyard, Vision 2025 , Viz-A-Viz Ministries , World Prayer Centre , Worth Unlimited , YES , Youth For Christ , Youth With A Mission , and the British Goverment who is fully involved and also Churches together who are also partners with the Homosexual GLBT Churches though Churches together are supporting hope 2008 along side Pro-homosexual tony Compolo quote from wiki pedia "

Hope 08 has the support of several well-known MPs, senior Police officers, the Church of England and the UK Roman Catholic Church, the Elim Pentecostal Church, the Evangelical Alliance, the World Baptist Alliance, the Alpha course and over 100 organisations and denominations.

"2004 MCC Manchester joins Churches Together in Longsight."

The MCC is a Homosexual Church

Gay church groups affiliated to the Churches Together are

Holy Trinity and Living Springs MCC are Christian churches and members of Churches Together in Bath.

Hope and other Faiths

Whatever you’re planning for Hope 2008, you may end up working with, or amongst people of different faiths. Hope 2008 can be a great opportunity to serve them and share your faith in a way that leads to meaningful friendships. Do also check out our training page.

There is advice and suggestions of resources via the Youth Encounter section of the Scripture Union website and also an excellent resource produced by Churches Together in England.

In the meantime, here’s some simple dos and don’ts to help you.

Respect the faith and culture of the children and young people.
Use music, artwork and methods that are culturally appropriate
Be open and honest in the presentation of the Christian faith.
Be open and honest about the content with parents and other adults involved in their lives
Seek to build long-term friendships that are genuine and not dependant upon conversion.


Assume they’ll understand what you mean when you say you are a Christian
Criticise, ridicule or belittle other religions or cultures.
Tell the children what their faith says or define it by what some of its adherents do
Ask children or young people to say, sing or pray things that they do not believe or that compromises their own faith.
Encourage them to make decisions that would put them in conflict with their family.

(Taken From ‘Welcoming Children of Other Faiths’ by Gill Marchant and Andrew Smith and published by Scripture Union)
Faiths, HOPE and Diversity:
Bringing hope amongst people of different faiths

Hope 2008 is a great opportunity for Christians to make a difference to their communities. For many this means working amongst people of different faiths. What are the issues and questions that we might face as we work in this situation? Should we be about mission or dialogue or both? How do we share our faith whilst acknowledging that they are committed to theirs? And what do we say when people ask why we’re taking part in Hope 2008?

Faiths, Hope and Diversity are training days to help Christians think through the issues that working amongst people of other faiths raises. The days are being led by Gill Marchant and Andrew Smith of Scripture Union who, between them, have over 25 years experience of working with people of other faiths.

The days will give people a chance to think through some of the issues, reflect on what the Bible has to say, ask questions and get practical help.

Faiths, Hope and Diversity:
London. Wednesday 7th November 2007 10:30 am - 3:30pm
Birmingham. Saturday 2nd February 2008 10:30am - 3:30 pm

A list of Participents can befound on the link below.

you will find groups like YWAM involved etc

What others have said

Occultist Druid Preast and unbeliever Rowan Williams - Archbishop of Canterbury "Hope 2008 is a really remarkable vision that has grown out of the success of a number of local urban projects. Christians have to learn how to give an absolutely clear answer to the question, 'why is this good news?'; 'Soul in the City' and all the related enterprises that have been going on are a wonderful example of how to give such an answer, in terms of the building of responsible positive communities. Now, with Hope 2008, this vision is being extended, with great boldness to the whole country - and even more widely. It deserves the warmest welcome. I thank God for the inspiration that has driven it and wish every blessing to all involved."

Rowan Williams was inducted last year despite a row over paganism

Dr Fred Drummond Scottish Director Evangelical Alliance
I believe Hope 2008 is a God given opportunity for the church to work together

Rowan Williams on Freemasonry

Rowan Williams apologises to Freemasons and Endorces Freemasonry.

By Chris Hastings and Elizabeth Day

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has been forced to apologise to Britain's 330,000 Freemasons after he said that their beliefs were incompatible with Christianity and that he had rejected them from senior posts in his diocese.

"the Archbishop apologises for the "distress" he caused and discloses that his own father was a member of the Craft." reacted angrily to his disclosure that he "had real misgivings about the compatibility of Masonry and Christian profession"

Freemasons, many of whom are active members of the Church of England, reacted angrily to his disclosure that he"had real misgivings about the compatibility of Masonry and Christian profession"

A spokesman said the Archbishop was worried about the ritual element of Freemasonry, which has been seen as "satanically inspired".

"He claims that his views were never meant to be public and were distorted by the media."

He added: "The quoted statements about the 'satanic' character of the Masonic ceremonies and other matters did not come from me and do not represent my judgment.

Since my late father was a member of the Craft for many years, I have had every opportunity of observing the probity of individual members."

Dr Williams does not, in his letter, deny that he has misgivings about the role of Freemasons within the Church.

He wrote: "Where anxieties exist, however, they are in relation not to Freemasonry but to Christian ministers subscribing to what could be and often is understood [or misunderstood] as a private system of profession and initiation, involving the taking of oaths of loyalty."

Ecumenical and Interfaith Evangelical Alliance

I believe Hope 2008 is a God given opportunity for the church to work together

Nicky Gumbel - Alpha

HOPE2008 is bringing people and churches together, serving God

Comments for Interfaith
"It gives me great pleasure to take this opportunity to recognise the achievements of HOPE2008 and the diverse range of projects it has delivered for many communities throughout the country. I consider HOPE2008 to be a valued partner of Government and a true example of what can be accomplished when we all work together towards a shared goal. The values and traditions which motivate those of a Christian faith to serve their fellow citizens are clearly evident in the themes of HOPE2008. It is also a credit to the many volunteers who actively support this initiative that HOPE2008 positively embraces the ideal of interfaith engagement in all of its projects. Communities and Local Government supports HOPE2008 in its aim of encouraging people of all faith traditions and none to work together to make our communities stronger, inclusive and more cohesive."

Parmjit Dhanda MP, Cohesion Minister, Department for Communities and Local Government
Christ over Christianity.
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