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Evil truth about the Freekmasons

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Second Family (UK)
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 9:53 am    Post subject: Evil truth about the Freekmasons Reply with quote


RITUAL MURDER. (Removed pictures of young victim as too disturbing)

What we are looking at here is a "Brotherhood". You can tell that it is a "Brotherhood" because they are dressed as monks.

The "Brothers" are obviously living in poverty - like monks. Note the shabbiness of their clothes.

Clearly, this is a "religious ceremony". Note the purpose-built altar, complete with manacles.

The child is quite helpless against four grown men - particularly when shackled in this way.

These are frames from a "snuff movie" circulated on paedophile sites. The earlier scenes, with the child screaming, are too horrendous to show.

The second frame appears to show one of the "Brothers" applying the death blow - a violent thrust to the solar plexus. The body of the child is arched.

So the "Brotherhood" is a society with secrets. It is not a secret society, because most people have heard of it. Most people believe that it is some sort of quaint religious group. However, it is a society with GUILTY secrets.

The main secret of the society with secrets is that they are murderers, terrorists and thieves.

The murderers will keep the secret secret. It is after all THEIR PERSONAL GUILT. The murderers are also told that the "snuff movie" is out there on the World-Wide Web. Their "handlers" tell them "Do what we want, or we link your names and addresses to this crime".

So the "Brothers" are not doing this deed out of bloodlust or depravity. They are doing it under DURESS. The "Brothers" are being "groomed" - trained to lose all human feelings and inhibitions.

There is not a mark on the child - no evidence of the murder. The child can now be put back in the hospital from whence he came, and the parents can be told "We thought it was appendicitis, but it was cancer". It seems like the perfect crime.

Where did it all begin?

In 1712 fiends entered the House of Stuart in England, and looked for any minor shame the Royal Family might have.

They blackmailed their "recruits" into doing worse things. For example, if a crime of degree 4 has been committed, the recruit is told to do it again. After that, two crimes of degree 4 might be deemed worse than a crime of degree 5. So, doing the degree 5 crime seems like a softer option than being punished for two degree 4s.

Then 4 plus 4 plus 5 are worse than 6, although the crimes are rising by degree. The recruit is overcoming his inhibition against crimes by easy stages, and learning to commit whatever crime he is instructed to commit.

Suddenly, the trap is sprung. The recruit is told that the "Brotherhood" has dossiers on all the crimes. There will be lynch-mobs sent out to have their way with the recruit, unless that recruit serves the "Brotherhood" unpaid and unquestioningly.

The recruit has become a slave of terrorism.

With the House of Stuart compromised, the "Brotherhood" sent out its agents into the entire world. The Catholics heard about this "sect" when its members went to the confessional boxes and said "They MADE me do it".

The Catholics therefore has an information-gathering system in place, by which they were quickly informed of the latest trend in crime. It is not a religious question. It is all about terrorism. EIGHT Papal encyclicals spoke against the "Brotherhood", in the years 1738 to 1884.

ENTRAPMENT is a thorny issue at law. This is because it can be seen that the murderers are victims themselves, in that they were "groomed" to become evil.

Whatever your religion or politics, everybody who is right-minded will see that the murder of innocent children is "depraved and perverted". Such things must be stopped. So the key issue is to stop the carnage, not to seek revenge.

Afraid of revenge, the "Brother" slaves can be dressed in white coats to play doctors, given a wig and told to play lawyers, put in a police uniform and so on. Very many politicians have guilty "Brotherhood" secrets.

Arnold Lowe McArdle was murdered by "doctors" when he discovered "police" spreading heroin amongst dealers. He reported it. The "police" he reported to had their "secret" that they also were "Brothers", and Arnold ("Andy") was beaten to death at Carstairs Hospital. His face became irrecognisable.

If you are a petty criminal, and have been caught, do not join any societies with secrets. The police, lawyers and judges who put you on trial may be far worse terrorists than you yourself, but you cannot prove it. So you just accept the punishment they dish out. There can be no other way. By joining this gang, you will be forced into a life of depraved criminal slavery. It is not worth doing.
If you do nothing then the Masons win.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:10 am    Post subject: It is not only in the UK Reply with quote

Just a short intro.. I live in the US and I am experiencing some of these things. I promise to you I am NOT a mason and I am really glad for this forum and

I would like to say THANK YOU for the person who offered The Architects of Deception here as a PDF. Very enlightening and I will try to make copies.

Thanks for the former masons to having courage to denounce the falsehood!

I just wanted to say my piece to make you people know that there are others who are experiencing some of these things and for this work of exposing EVIL in the form of "Secret Societies" to never die!

I will share of my experiences in the near future. Keep peace!
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 10:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Evil Truth about the Freeemasons

ENTRAPMENT is a thorny issue at law. This is because it can be seen that the murderers are victims themselves, in that they were "groomed" to become evil.

There is no excuse entrapment we can argue is the basis to all crime, and the least of these crimes is dealt with. How do we know which of the perverts enjoy what they do.and have no conscience or consideration for the evil torture they dish out to the most vulnerable in society Revenge is not the answer, but justice and accountability for their crimes is and should always be brought to light, for the sake of stopping the most horrendous crimes imaginable against our children. Sounds like an easy way out for them, if that’s what happens.
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