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Victims of Freekmasonry newsletter

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Second Family (UK)
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:04 pm    Post subject: Victims of Freekmasonry newsletter Reply with quote

Second Family UK - Human Rights newsletter No 24/08
We are all victims of Freemasonry and Common Purpose

"Freemasonry is a Cancer" and there is only one thing you can do with cancer and that is to fight it. This FM cancer will NOT go away, it infects every part of this planet and it's contents. You have to be a very positive person to fight negativity.

We are not in a Police State, we are in a Masonic State. Remember all of our Police cars, boats and helicopters were white with red and orange fluorescent stripes ? Now they have all changed to the colours of Freekmasonry, Blue and Yellow.

If you are Scottish, you won't like this next bit. The whole world of Freemasonry just loves Scotland or anything connected to Scotland. Because of the "Masonic Scottish (33 degree) Rites" and because they love St. Andrew and St Andrew's cross.. They love the "Royal Blue" background of the flag. We know of Masons who put their Scotland flags up when a "Targeted Individual" is coming their way. They also love the Scottish "Yellow" flag of the "Lion" rampant. So when you see a vehicle with the two Scottish flags crossing each flagpole, it heavily points toward Freemasonry. OK some people with these flags could just be patriotic, but remember how we told you that FMs will have a blue sticker on their vehicle. This does not mean it's a Mason. Just check the registration number, blue or yellow or the previous clues we gave you. They also love the blue EU flag on the number plate, it's blue with 12 symbolic FM stars. This is another way for these crooks to identify their pretend brothers, what no parking ticket ? Do your own investigation of a Mason you suspect or checkout Mackeys FM Encyclopedia. Or double check with SF.

If you haven't already done it, do it now. Checkout LJPR at their improving website Send them an email to subscribe (totally free) and these good guys will send you regular reports. This will keep you in the know.

Here is some more UK Masonic terminology "In need of assistance" or "In dire need of a plumber, etc" or "Is that all the mail", or "He is a "pillar" of the community" They or You have "Crossed the line" or "You never know what's round the corner" or "Make peoples lives a misery" or "Keep them dangling" or "Get inside their head" or "What's this guy in it for" Thanks to Paul for his input.

More FM psychological games. My wife and I were talking about how nice it would be to have a new kitchen, but don't want to go into debt. One hour later, we got a call (withheld number) from a company saying "We'll help you clear your debt" We recorded this and lots more to prove they listen to everything my family has been saying for years. We have done lot's of nice set-ups. Incidentally, we have the "Caller Preference Service" to block cold calling. This is another good reason for calling them Freek masons.

Good advice, don't depend on your credit card. Keep using cash or demand that you use cash. It's a con. This is all over the Net.

We at SF had seriously better think about becoming more closer and professional as a group. We badly need a rural safe house in case of emergencies. We have to try to give ourselves a chance of survival in this volatile world. Don't forget, these criminals control the supermarkets, hospitals, police, military, energy companies, etc and everything could shut down immediately. No, we are not scare-mongering, just being positive and factual. We are too heavily dependent on the Illuminati, just what they wanted/planned. We could use this safe house for our HQ, meetings and a sanctuary for victims. Suggestions and ideas welcome on this.

More on FM gang-stalkers, its called "Shadow". This is their way of shadowing someone in the UK, to invade your space and watch everything you do (what you buy & what you say) The Americans call it "Mobbing" where the gang-stalking freemasons just seem to appear all around you in a retail store, etc. It is also psychological terrorism. Pure evil by these Freekmasons. This is why you should gather evidence, sue them when the time is right. If you are a victim, always get somebody else to buy items for you.

Freemasonry in a nutshell. Two criminal FMs move into your town and open up a Lodge via their criminal brother lawyers. then they sell you cheap drink at the Masonic Lodge and ask you to join. They lead you to believe that you will progress in life etc. Then all of a sudden your character changes and you no longer communicate with previous friends. In fact the FMs will soon have you believing that there is a difference between you and your previous friends (it's their way of dividing and conquering the whole community). They make you distrust and hate people you used to know. All the time, the FMs are working on your brainwash. Before you know it, you have become one of their evil slaves. The FMs will teach you much gobble de gook and you will start to believe it. Then they start to destroy your real family as they are an obstacle to your false progress. They WILL get you very drunk so that you will reveal your hidden skeletons, buried history or feelings. Once the Masons have these you are are trapped into a life of Masonry. The longer you listen to their crap, the more you become their prisoner. You are caught in their web. When you get married, your wife automatically becomes an "Order Of The Eastern Star" a female Mason. They will both indoctrinate any children they have into this evil. All the time the FMs are brainwashing by showing off the Royal Family, The Oscars and The Sun, Moon & Stars, Rabbie Burns, etc (all a major part of Freekmasonry). Do you know anyone who celebrated Burns Night ? Then they have you believing that you are "Special" and that you have been "Chosen" You now live in a bizarre parallel system to normal people. When the FMs say "jump", you jump. This is how the elite get the working classes to work for them and get them to pay membership dues for the privilege. Totally ludicrous. You have been warned, this evil has its ALL SEEING EYE on your (or someone close to you) children. This is all part of the Mason's self perpetuating control. A Mason is a trained dog, good boy. They will receive two bones instead of one for destroying someone's life. This is why we at Second Family UK (their victims) call them "FREEKMASONS". They wont sue because it's all true. This from anon ex-mason, thank you.

Juri Lina's brilliant FM expose book "Architects Of Deception" This is one of the ultimate books you must read and has been banned everywhere in the west. Download it now for free before the FMs destroy the link. This book usually costs £25 and worth every penny. It's about 600 pages and let us know if you don't get it. Genuine thank you to Juri Lina from us all. Chas

The reason nobody is doing anything about corruption is because corruption controls them. JS

SF Observation. We noticed that FM victims seem to get contacted on the first day of each month by FMs. They will call you (people you never knew were Masons) or arrange to get close to you, i.e. social event ? Let SF know (we are not talking about the 1st April fools day). Also check out the 28th of March as it adds up to 39 i.e. 28/3/08= 39. A very symbolic persecution number/date of Freemasonry. Here's another observation. If you are or think you are a victim of these freeks, they will normally have their vehicle lights (dipped beam) on. They do this on dry days that are overcast (sometimes bright days), we are not talking about a stormy low cloudy wet day where everybody has them on There will be two or more vehicles, up to dozens and they are all being coordinated by an evil Freekmason Controller. If you are not sure, just drive somewhere rural (not a public place and preferably one way) and sit and wait. Videocam You can read body language in their driving and logic. Just document it till SF gets some funds or check with us. Jim

Here's a good tip, never answer your (don't let your guard down) mobile number. If it's important, they will leave a message. If you have free texts available then send people our website details. Or just say check online for Freekmasons.

Do you know someone self employed who hardly ever advertises ? Masons never use profane (non members) services unless forced to. They will only use non Masons to do a job for them if they can persecute or psychologically harass you, the unwitting victim.

Why was this (Alex Jones video) removed from youtube ?. After receiving over 50,000 views in a few hours and on its way to shoot to the top of the most viewed chart, You Tube brazenly pulled a popular video from their rankings system Friday in an act of wanton censorship. "Question Your Reality," a stirring and well put together video montage featuring talk show host Alex Jones was rocketing up the charts, already having reached number 2 most viewed on News and Politics and soaring up the general most discussed and most viewed categories. thanks to Eamonn.

We are all being watched and controlled by mind-controlled Masons. They are watched in turn by their Masonsic Controllers, who are watched and controlled by Masonic Area Managers. The FM Managers are all controlled by the elite royal families and the wealthy American/Israelis (NWO) So we all want to "STOP THE MADNESS" its simple, just investigate the lower FMs till you find their "Controllers" (mostly senior Policemen). End of Freemasonry ! anon

More SF observations. We noticed that a lot of promoted FMs live at number 1 in a lot of streets/roads. It could be the local FM controller for that road, etc. This is much more than circumstantial and we need you guys to check this further. No1 means the 1st letter of the alphabet and the letter A represents the "All Seeing Eye". We'll keep you posted on this one. How can a Mason purport to be religious when they are members of a criminal organisation. Most people are blind to the FMs, let SF be your guide dog.

We have found "The Official David Icke Forum" just brilliant. Check it out

More FM preferences; Pets called Mia, Bailey, Oscar, FM Vehicles; Volkswagen V W's (to them it means three V"s or compasses) and look ay V W's logo (blue background). Also Subaru's (esp. young FMs) Subaru's logo is blue with yellow stars.
Mercedes (three pronged star logo) Mazda, Chrysler, BMW and Volvo's. (more in next SF newsletter)

Incidentally, FMs love Caterpillar clothing and footwear, it has a "Yellow Pyramid" as it's logo.

Here's a beauty. Apparently the Mason's love everything to do with Aura's and Chakra's (see Mackey's) and spiritual healing. SF have found this to be true with solid cases to back it up. Lot's of good stories. This will help some of you investigate further.

Here are some more of our collective friends or or or in case you missed this or
Listen guys, SF is extremely busy and here's where you can help us/you (and all other good groups). Contact these people via their websites (to help and educate each other) also join the forums everywhere and educate the masses, that's how we grow.

Warning to all members of Freemasonry and Common Purpose. World-wide activists, victims and truth-seekers are gathering momentum. We are all collecting information on every one of you and we also have an ever growing register of FKM/CP members. You have a chance to leave this criminal network/organisation immediately (thousands have already left). Its your choice, you can listen to your deranged controllers, or your victims. We GUARANTEE to expose/profile your part in this evil. Modern technology is fantastic and can reveal how good or bad FM/CP really are. SF knows why they are very concerned and so they should be.

We at SF have decided to call them FREEKMASONS as we believe this to be more apt. We would like this to become the norm as they call us, profane, idiots, them, uninitiated and other names as part of their brainwash. This helps their evil divide and rule tactics.

SF investigations. We have found that most staff employed by the big supermarket companies, Currys, B&Q, Comet and lots of building trades/merchants/supplies. Masonic staff collectively persecute their chosen victims, i.e. us the profane (not masons).

If you are a victim or activist, do not order any food from your local take away or be very careful which Cafe/Restaurant you use. No, don't be paranoid, just be on the ball. SF can back up with lots of victim's stories of food poisoning. If you are travelling, take your own refreshments or go hungry. Know your enemy. You are dealing with FREEKMASONS, 100% of them never answer questions.

FMs tricks n' tactics. The FKMs who are into the Disney brainwash will have a small Mickey Mouse (also means MM = Master Mason) stuck to the top of their car ariel. We have been told that the BBC's "Eastenders" is all Masonic. We have found a lot of low level Freekmasons using "Blueyonder" for their email address. Send more. Expose, expose, expose the Freekmasons, do it every day.

We get a lot of victims who suffer in many ways (all documented). Please remember, if it's electronic, mechanical or physical. They can all be manipulated by the FREEKMASONS. Treat it all as a psychological game and give as good as you get (no witnesses).

If any Mason tries to defend their brainwash. Tell them it's just a story, it's a con. There is no scientific proof about any of this Masonic gobble de gook, except the bit about Masonic Donkeys only eating Masonic Carrots. It's not their Sun-God, its everyones.
For the first time in history we have all managed to get inside THEIR evil souls. Please send this factual SF newsletter to everyone.

Second Family UK are a support group for victims of Freemasonry & Common Purpose. We are not a revenge or hatred group, only to peacefully campaign for change. Everyone has the right to reply, please be focused and sensible.
Contact/write to SF at 93 Ashburn Road, Glasgow G62 7PQ or call 0141 560 4743 or mobiles 07834 329 287 or 07799 612 227 (leave details/message and we'll call you back asap) or email voacs@mac or Make sure you get a reply as the Masons will try to stop the truth. Please continue to send info, ideas and suggestions. Join SF, it's absolutely free. This newsletter is brought to you by SF & Joe Stirling, a veteran victim of Freemasonry & Common Purpose. Small donations welcome to help us keep up this important cause. If you do nothing today, the Masons will continue unhindered with their NWO plans.
If you do nothing then the Masons win.
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