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joe stirling
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 22 Apr 2007
Posts: 102
Location: Glasgow, UK

PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:26 am    Post subject: STOP THIS MASONIC MADNESS Reply with quote

Hi Guys,

Joe here, I need your help asap as they are working on my family and I need to leave my home address immediately. I have to do this before they do to me what they done to Ian Farqhuar, Andy McCardle and all the rest of the good guys. They are working on me 24/7 to either label me with paranoia, delusion or mental health. It's quite simple, we have this criminal organisation working overtime trying to protect the 100% corrupt status quo.

I am sitting here with the proof to bring them down. We all have the proof, but they pick us off one by one. You all know how they operate. For instance, they have moved at least a dozen FM families next to me in the last 10 years. I live in an affluent area which is full of FM drones. I get psychological harassment from every FM in north west Glasgow. I can just about handle this. My family have been immense in their support, but are ignorant to what's happening. My wife and boys are not computer literate. They think I am cracking up because I gather evidence to prove what's really happening. They don't know that the establishment use divide and conquer tactics for us (tax paying, law abiding people) to destroy each other.

The FMs are not as mind controlled as we first thought. It is all done for reward, they all actually get paid for their part in our persecution. The reason they don't talk (see online for their FM's "diversion tactics") is because they won't get asked again or they will get the same treatment as me. Very simple, it's just a criminal network. It's controlled by people in uniform (controllers") who use all the technology that we pay for. None of us victims need any more evidence.

Here's the good news, the FMs are on the run as you read this so don't slow down. We need to keep rolling snowballs to keep up the pressure. There are more good, conscientious people out there than we first thought. Here is Maurice Kellett's latest email:

"Destroying families is all a part of the Masonic agenda when persons wont give way to that mob. That is what they did to me. She was handed a corrupt carrot to rip me off to hurt me and she took it. This may well be about to backfire on them. Judicial criminal Spedding resigned as a Trustee a few weeks ago where public money was being given to private companies. His pal also resigned as a trustee of that mob. This may be the light starting to appear at the end of the tunnel. I think that we should try to keep the pressure on Freemasons. Unless we can do that they may get a second breath and cause us more damage."

You must educate yourselves to Masonic code. This is how they communicate and persecute. Checkout any document you have for the numbers "40531" either on their own or the first part of any reference number. It adds up to 13 and this is a Masonic harassment number. Don't do this right now as I need you guys to concentrate on keeping us all together. Without this, we are nothing. Security in numbers.

We have much more to come from SF, but I need your help, support and suggestions right now, ASAP. You can call me on 0141 560 4743 or mobile 07834 329 287 or 07799 612 227 (leave message and I will call you back)

If these bastards get their way with me, then I wish you all the best.

Joe Stirling
We are all victims of Freemasonry, only........ YOU haven't figured it out yet. Second Family UK do not hate Masons or anybody, only ignorance and evil. Why do all Masons hide ? Give us a public register and SF will show you why they all hide.
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Joined: 21 Mar 2008
Posts: 19

PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Joe, I can sincerely understand you predicament. I hope you are able to find a safe place and soon. I also hope that your family starts to "see" what the crap is going on.

Things were going very odd for me as word had spread that I was going to lose my mind (said at work by known masons) and they commenced their harassment as stated in the topic that is under my name here. An aware and alert mind is only able to see things beyond the scope of what the mass sees.
NO ONE should believe in coincidence, as there is no such. Every action FOR and AGAINST you are planned well.

The Mason's work against the righteous as they are the evil one's spawn. In scripture, these are known as the men of renown.

Joe, I hope to add real soon some of the things that these "boys" are telling me. I do distance myself from them, but sometimes they have "insight" as to who they really are when you let them do all the talking.

I have known at least a couple of people now that profess to regretting to have joined them.

Joe, this is our fight. Be strong and of great courage!
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