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A Common Thread in Death

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PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2008 9:29 pm    Post subject: A Common Thread in Death Reply with quote

Can we see patterns? Do we have UK death squads? Cool The recent shooting of barrister Mark Saunders has some worrying aspects. Saunders was shot 5 times, in the head, heart, liver and lower body, after an alledged bout of drinking, taking anti-depressants and illegal drugs.

Saunders lived with is wife, Elizabeth Clarke (also a barrister), in their £2.2 million pound flat in Markham Square London.Markham Square is a very small tight square off the Kings Road. By London standards, it is a small square with one road entry/exit.Now I`m not going into all the pre-seige detail, accept to say that police didn`t use Mrs Clarke, or Saunders parents to talk him out. Saunders was in the Terratorial Army for 3 years and alledgedly had an SAS instructor....yet non of his alledged shot gun shots were serious attempts at taking life. Alledgedly, police doned balaclavers before moving into Markham Square which had one occupent...Mark Saunders!!! Cool

Now, you can take your pick of MSM accounts. Saunders was hit by 5 shots fired through a window, but Saunders was likely still alive, he was found behind an upturned table with the gun pointing at the door....yet, after the multi shot barrage, police (alledgedly police) fired STUN grenades into the why didn`t they fire stun grenades before shooting Mr Saunders????

Why did Saunders present such a large target? Anyway, we are told that efforts were made to save him on the pavement.

I was talking to a corporate lawyer who has homes in Chelsea and Dubai. He was shocked at police tactics and he even mentioned the Menezes shooting at Stockwell tube can read that thread on this page.

Now I have no idea if Saunders was a target, or just a badly handled police caper. We had senior Manchester policeman Michael Todd found dead on Snowdon and plenty of disinformation. Around this time, several other police died in peculier circumstances. Saunders must of had contacts in the military, he may have been recruited by the SIS at Oxford. Maybe he knew something and couldn`t be trusted to keep his mouth shut and maybe his drink was spiked like Litvinenko.

I will expand this thread as and when. But on a closing point, I remember the story of a disgruntled motorist who was done for speeding. One day while drivng, he was passed by a police car, lights flashing, so he decided to follow within the speed limit, after some distance, the police car turned off his lights, so he took the police cars numbers and made a complaint/inquiry....sure enough, the policeman driving the police car was not on an emergency call and was prosecuted.

The moral of ths story, is that I live in Central London and witness police cars by the pack, convoys of police vehicles and periods where you will see 5 and more plain cars with either lights in the front grill, or one on the all my years of tollerating this audio abuse. I have never been able to connect one of these emegency events, to any reported event in the news. One has to wonder if this is part of the policy of fear.
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