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Former brotherhood member forms new organization!!

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:47 am    Post subject: Former brotherhood member forms new organization!! Reply with quote

The Global information network is a worldwide, private, members-only association dedicated to helping members create wealth, generate large monthly residual incomes, improve emotional well being, and achieve dynamic vibrant health. In addition, the Global Information Network has created the most unique innovative money making opportunity of all time. What you are being exposed to has never been done before. It is a revolutionary breakthrough for making money and creating wealth. It is ground breaking. It is virtually the creation of a brand new industry.
The Global Information Network was the brainchild of over 30 extremely wealthy people from around the world who are current renegade and maverick members of some of the world’s most private, elite, and secret clubs, or societies.
So called secret societies have been around for centuries. Today secret societies are not so secret. Most people have heard of the Bilderberg group, Yale University’s Skull and Bones, the Brotherhood, the Free Masons, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Bohemian Club, the Young Presidents Organization, or the Council on Foreign Affairs. There are virtually dozens of these type private member-only groups, clubs, associations, and such societies all around the world. Up until now, membership in these exclusive clubs has been limited to the privileged elite class, members of royalty, and the super wealthy. Those who were lucky enough to be members in these private organizations were given insider, advance, secret knowledge on how to have, be, or do everything they wanted. Members were given access and networking opportunities with other affluent, powerful and prominent members and had a “members helping other members” promise made to one another. Members were given “first option” and advance knowledge on business, investments, and money making opportunities that the average person never had access to.
The bottom line is members of these groups had an unfair advantage for success. All members of these groups became rich BECAUSE they were members.
Now you are being given the same opportunity that up until now has been reserved for the privileged elite class, the super wealthy and powerful well connected families.
You can now join a worldwide private group that can virtually guarantee your success in life.
In 1999 a famous rich celebrity, extremely successful businessmen, and bestselling author, who had reached the highest level in one such secret society, the brotherhood, decided to leave the group and do the unthinkable. He decided to share the insider secrets that he learned and allowed him to become wealthy, with the world.
No one had ever left the exclusive brotherhood. The majority of billionaires in the world are members of the worldwide brotherhood organization. Its secrets have been closely guarded for centuries. When this wealthy well known individual decided to leave the brotherhood, over 30 other high ranking affluent, influential, and powerful members of other so called secret societies decided to join forces and create a new worldwide group allowing anyone in the world to apply for membership, and if selected, learn the same secrets that the privileged elite class has been using to create wealth, gain power and control, and manifest all their desires. They also decided to create a brand new never before seen money making opportunity that would allow the average person the ability to make enormous amounts of money fast. And to allow the average person the ability to make substantial ongoing monthly residual income and create a lifestyle they could only dream about.
Many of you have heard about the book and DVD the “secret” which describes the law of attraction. These are excellent beginning resources providing wonderful and powerful information. The law of attraction is just ONE tool that can be used to create whatever you desire in your life. However, the book The Secret does not even scratch the surface on how the law of attraction SHOULD be used correctly, and EXATLY how to use it. Plus, there are many many more secrets well beyond the law of attraction. These are the closely guarded secrets the ultra wealthy and powerful elite class has kept to themselves for centuries. When you learn these secrets YOU TOO can truly have, be or do whatever you desire.
Keep in mind membership in these so called secret societies allowed the vast majority of wealth to be created in the world. With rare exception, people who are not members simply do not generally achieve true wealth and financial freedom. Factually, members have become the wealthiest people in the world. The Rockefellers, Morgans, Vanderbilts, Rothchilds, Andrew Carnegie, DuPonts, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, all were or are members of such secret societies. Many US Presidents, Supreme Court Members, major worldwide Politicians, celebrities, royalty, media moguls, and billionaires from around the globe are all society members. President Bush wrote in his book, “I joined the secret society Skull and Bones in my final year at Yale University, a society so secret , that’s all I can say about it.” Even the CIA was started by Skull and Bones and is today still run behind the scenes by Skull and Bones members. This is factual and was documented in the movie the Good Shepherd with Matt Damon. America’s founding fathers were all members of various societies and private clubs. There are several good documentaries on worldwide TV that have substantiated the fact that 90% of all the wealth in the world today is controlled by various society members.
Now for the first time in history top level renegade and maverick members of Skull and Bones, the Brotherhood, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Roundtable Group, Bilderberg, Free Masons, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Power Elite, the Bohemian Club, the Young Presidents Organization, and several other private societies, clubs and associations, have come together to form the Global Information Network.
You now have the chance to be an insider and learn how to make more money than you ever imagined and create the lifestyle you always wanted.
The initiators of the Global Information Network include some of the wealthiest, powerful, and successful people in the world including a former prime minister, a current king and crown prince, members of various royal families, a former president of a major country, generals, billionaires, tycoons, industrialists, politicians, a current supreme court member, major media moguls, and several celebrities you would know by name.
If you decide to join the Global Information Network and are accepted as member, you will gain the same advantages that the privileged elite have enjoyed exclusively for centuries. You gain access to information and secrets on how to use the law of attraction and more advanced techniques to create the life you want and manifest all your desires.
You gain access to other prominent affluent successful members from around the world. As members make a pledge to help other members first, this is a huge advantage. Having powerful, influential connections, who you know, is a key element in success.
You will gain access to, and be able to be trained and mentored by, successful powerful people from around the world. This is an advantage you would never have without membership. You simply cannot get this anywhere else.
Members pledge to help other members first. Business deals could be done between members first before the general public even knows about them. Ground floor opportunities, investment opportunities, the ability to raise money, get credit or financing, and raise investment capital for your business ideas, are all benefits you could enjoy.
You also gain the secrets of what goes on inside these secret societies, including knowing what is happening in the world, BEFORE it happens. You will have access to information that has never been published before that can help you achieve wealth, financial freedom, gain power and control in your life, and be happier and more fulfilled, than ever before. You will learn the secrets to contentment and true inner peace.
The Global Information Network is a foundation, dedicated to helping members achieve their dreams. It has no owners. It was formed by “the group of insiders” that will always remain anonymous for obvious reasons.
This is brand new. It is truly ground floor. It is exclusive and private. Membership is by invitation only. YOU are NOW, being invited to join as a member.
Many of the member benefits are described on the Global Information Network website, and on the audio entitled “member benefits”. We encourage you to listen to the “member benefits” audio on the GIN website for a more complete description of member benefits. Most member benefits however are confidential and revealed only to members in good standing. Ask the person who is inviting you to join about some of the confidential benefits of membership. When you understand all the privileges and benefits you receive by being a member, you will grasp that this invitation is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.
As a member you will learn how others have raised $10k cash in 24 hours, and made over $100k cash in just 30 days! You will learn the secrets of how other members have made over $1 million dollars in just 6 months and how members have earned residual incomes of over $50k - $100k per month, month after month and month, without ever leaving their home.
You will learn how members get investment returns that the average person could never imagine. There are members who have made 50%, 75%, even up to 300%-3000% returns on their investments! You will learn how members have turned a $1000 investment into over $1 million dollars in less than a year. That’s the benefit of being “in the know.”
If you have goals and dreams, if you would like to pay off all your bills, if you imagine being financially secure, maybe you would like to quit your job and start a business of your own, maybe you have a dream car you’ve always wanted, or you’ve dreamed of travelling first class to exotic locations all around the world…..we believe you could make more money with the Global Information Network than you could ever imagine.
Imagine being totally debt free, and having all the money you want to do the things in life you always dreamed about. Imagine being your own boss and having total time freedom to do what you want, when you want.
Imagine being able to associate personally with some of the most influential and wealthiest people in the world.
Imagine having access to experts in various fields, celebrities, VIP events, as well as knowledge and information that is available nowhere else.
This could be the greatest money making opportunity you have ever been exposed to in your lifetime.
Remember, this is totally ground floor. Timing is everything when it comes to making money. Getting in at the right time is never discussed as a secret to success because most people never have the chance to get in at the beginning or ground floor of a major opportunity.
YOU now have this chance.
In addition to all the major exclusive benefits of membership, The Global Information Network also employs a totally new, revolutionary, and extremely powerful system to make money. This unique system is explained on the Global Information Network website on the audio entitled “how to make money with GIN.”
Please review it thoroughly. Also ask the person who is inviting you to join to give you more details and answer any questions you may have. When you understand the powerful money making system that is part of the Global Information Network, you may get so excited, that you will have a hard time sleeping tonight.
We encourage you to apply for membership in the Global Information Network today. Review all the information on the Global Information Network website.

Get a full understanding of the benefits of membership. And get full information on the powerful money making system. With the Global Information Network, you could create a perpetual money making machine!

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns.
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