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Beware of the internet troll, paid agent provocateurs to loo

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:04 am    Post subject: Beware of the internet troll, paid agent provocateurs to loo Reply with quote

From: [] On Behalf Of a_truth_soldier
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 6:52 AM
Subject: Beware of the internet troll, paid agent provocateurs to look for internet truth tellers

Beware of the internet troll

Written by A Truth Soldier


I assume many of you have never heard of an Internet troll.

I will now caution those of you in the truth revolution and those of you who are new to

the truth movement as to what a troll is, what they do and how they do it..

First of all a troll is one that is trained in word warfare and they are paid to sit at their

computers all day searching out truth tellers who are in public forums or any other on-line places

where people will go to to try and seek truth,

In the quest to understand the evils of the New World Order Banksters that are trying to not

only control the world. They want to own it all.

Some trolls are assigned known targeted truth activists, writers, truth soldiers, truth warriors etc.

Okay many of you uninformed might already have stopped reading this..

I can not help the drop outs.

But for the rest of you who have enough mental strength to handle the occult knowledge.

Here goes..

The NWO is always about controlling what is termed as you the sheeple.

The NWO monitors all public sentiments..

They always monitor all public activities and rebellions against the NWO matrix control system.

So it is very easy to understand that they most definitely have professional saboteurs now

known as trolls involved in the sabotaging and destruction of all free thinking individuals

and movements.

So the troll well join in a discussion or leave discrediting response to truth activists posts..

These trolls (members) will have a fake name, but please understand that trolls are assigned

a particular job to do or are assigned to target certain specific individuals.

Some Truth activists maybe lured into pre-structured troll traps.

Sites that were created by trolls to entrap individuals and at bare minimum these sites are

engineered to waste the activist valuable time.

Trolls will be in on-line skype related radio chat rooms.

Some of these on-line radio communities may actually have no listeners at all.

These trolls are experts at attacking known truth soldiers.

The trolls will dig their way deep into the trust of the group.

If a troll is very successful it will get into possibly the control of the group or the discussion.

The real goal of any troll is to kill free and independent intellectual critical thought.

A trolls job is to side tract and destroy all intelligent discourse.

When these trolls sign in they in fact can be anyone in the troll covert business.

So that means just because your screen says it is such and such it does not mean it is

actually the same individual that is doing the trolling.

Trolls are in the espionage business.

I think I have now explained enough to enlightening you about this very dangerous anti

free speech and anti freedom activity..

So beware of the Trolls..

Stayed tuned for my next article to be entitled. "Beware of the Fake Truther Sites"

Read and download A Truth Soldier articles at


Follow A Truth Soldier on

This one is for all environmental and health issues very important
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