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the view from the top of the pyramid of power
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Free info on the mason's codes/numbers part 2

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Joseph Christie
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:14 pm    Post subject: Free info on the mason's codes/numbers part 2 Reply with quote

Free info on the mason's codes/numbers part 2

More on satan's "Chi" (Chituali) and the gematria for Chi = 119 (ch=11 & i=9) all used in puppet mason codes and curses. They keep telling me they know who I am, this happened. I live under the flight path to Glasgow Airport and on 30th Sep 2010 (30/9=39) at exactly 18:38 (9/11) a large noisy Chinook Helicopter (Chi) flew low over the front of our house. Then 4 minutes later a second one (I get lots of occultic messages referring to the "Second Coming", more later). I got this on video-cam. They were seen and heard by the whole of North/West Glasgow. I noticed there were no other aircraft around for about 45 minutes (unusual). Putting on my aircraft anorak, helicopters do not use the flight paths into airports, fact. They are too slow and fly as the crow flies. The gematria for helicopter = 111 and this means 11 to them whichever way they look at it. Number 11 (and multiples of it) is the occultic number of death and destruction. This puppet masonic theatre doesn't phase me as I've had a lifetime of it. In fact I get quickly bored if they don't perform for me, I treat it as a lack of respect. (grin). The Queen bee is the head patroness of world freemasonry and she collects money not honey (good puppets, now get back to work).

Even more Chi (pronounced "chee") e.g. local puppet comes up to me and offers me a puff of cannabis called Blue Cheese, no thanks. This is the way the puppet masons think/operate to put a curse on non-masons. Outside our house another local puppet controller and some of his flock lit 9 Chinese lanterns (2 red ones and 7 white ones) on 6th Nov 2010. This means 6/11 the occult always invert the six =911 and I have told you about lucifers law 119. The Puppet Masons (satan's tempted) are trying to reverse God's Law/Word (Psalm 119). Our last puppet mason neighbour called Natalie (occultic Natal-lie insinuation of me? hmm!) bred Chinchillas to curse me further. Another local puppet out with his 3 year old grandson turns to me and tells me that his grandson says my dog (large breed) looks like a Chihuahua, some kid, eh?. Another local Chinese puppet mason is doing Ti- Chi at a busy junction as me and my wife approached, he works in the local Chinese take-away. Lived here and walked dogs for 20 odd years and never seen anyone do Ti-Chi. My real brother who is a puppet mormon-mason is called "Chicken George" by his pretend brothers/sisters. I told you the puppets gave us a homeless unit at 193 in Child's Hill, London. Another puppet dog-walker who coincidentally? meets me almost every time I go out and his dog's name is Chico. Don't worry, their curses are impotent when you walk with God Jehovah. You can find much more on their weird brainwash by reading the online posts of "Ban Freekmasons" or go to

Satan is also known as "SET" and is used in puppet mason secrecy/codes. Here is how they work and I have previously told you that life is by God's design. My real brother Thomas was adopted and nobody knows his father. He has been living in DorSET, England for approx. 30 years. Read about "Thomas" in the Bible. I/we at Second Family (UK) have had lot's of gaslighting pretend victims from DorSET and SomerSET (more later). I have had local puppets asking for advice about the dog breed Red SETters. I have had small talk with puppet dog-walkers out with their red/black SETters, they have to shadow or get close to me. Checkout the Israeli court KnesSET and the gematria/geometry for knesset = 93 (39). Research this occultic building. Lots more later. Also Google "el diablo" (aka devil) and "the horned hand sign".

The Catholic church kills good people and then turns them into Saints (Satins). With the occult, it's not the spelling, it's the sounding of words that matters. They enhance the curse with the abbreviation of Saint as St. = 39. I do not hate Catholics, only ignorance. I have also been heavily persecuted by the LDS. Do not wear or pray to a cross as the Bible tells you the cross is a curse. Research and question everything. How about Catholic masons aka The Knights of Malta, The Vatican money laundering is presently all over the Net. If you want modern Biblical truth, go to the excellent (no, I'm not a member, just a fan of logic and good people).

More on UR/RU = 39. Go to and read their occultic article LaURel Canyon and "The birth of the Hippie Generation". The occultic elite plan way in advance and the eURopean Union is in bRUssels, BELgium (Bel/Baal). The masons play with words, turn the 2nd letter "N" of UNION on it's side and you have U-ZION (united zion). Go to and read about how the zionists are destroying the good Irish people, you are next. Wake up you fools.

Another way to spot a puppet mason is that they will park their vehicle with two wheels on the pavement (even when the road is empty). This lets their pretend brothers/sisters know that they are "On the Square" (on the take). Google "the masonic pavement". Take photos and profile them as they do to you, we are only interested in puppets who refuse to stop being a brown tongue to the criminal elite. If there is a rabid dog in the street, it gets locked up or put down. Society cannot have criminals in uniform. Google "United Friends and Families" where more than 1,500 people (England and Wales) died in masonic police custody and not ONE conviction. This is not about hatred or revenge, it's about stopping the criminal elite's trained dogs. Stop paying puppet masons their wages and make them accountable. Use the technology available to expose how they operate.

Do not waste your time talking to a puppet mason as they are two (or more) people/alters. They are controlled by their mobile phone or a puppet handler will appear. They are programmed, prolific liars and will deny and lie about everything. The higher up (the criminal elite) have more to lose. They have all sworn (on pain of death) to protect each pretend brother and "Eastern Star" sister. All we need to stop this is a public register of masons but the puppets will cry for their human? rights from behind the curtains. Our Police Force (and military) run the fusion centres who orchestrate every action. Fact, it is all cleverly designed to protect the criminal elite. Do not be controlled by occultic pedo's in authority. Google "Hollie Greig" and her true story will comprehensively prove everything you have just read. Simple logic, puppet mr. cameron has tens of millions, why want a stressful job with a low salary? answers on a pagan masonic xmas card to santa (satan). We all have a choice to make before Judgement. Evil has nowhere to hide. You take the tempted, satan is mine. I have a message for you, change is imminent. Enjoy your holi-day period. Heaven begins from 2011. I hold the ace of spades at the bottom of their pyramid (death to the illuminati), whether I'm in this body suit or not. Tick tock tick.

This is the Christ Messenger part 18. Posted today 20/12/10 = 42 (clue) All Christians and good people unite and fight back. Being holy and honest just doesn't work, in fact it makes it easy for them. Fight the satanists legally using their law, open closed doors and eject their place-men/women. If you want to know how the criminal elite operate, read our earlier "Christ Messenger" posts. Support whistleblowers and do your bit today or they win.

Love, peace and FR33DOM J.S.Christie Spread the "Word".....
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Your gematria could seem to the untutored reader to have variable rules - for example so that 111 means 11.

Can you provide a list of your gematric rules so that I can understand your posts?
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