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Wanted… Puppet Masons

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Joseph Christie
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 01 Dec 2009
Posts: 223

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:35 pm    Post subject: Wanted… Puppet Masons Reply with quote

Sorry Guys, been busy in the Kirk.

Wanted… Puppet Masons

To perform daily for the Criminal Elite (CE) aka royal false-jews.
You will pay membership fees for the privilege of performing.
We will totally hypnotise, assimilate and dehumanise you.
You will become the all seeing eyes (dumb shepherds) for the CE.
We will profile you, then set you up (kiddie sex, etc) and entrap you.
You will become prolific liars for the CE.
We will teach you Masonic/Stasi signs and codes.
We will fill your head with false gods from Greek/Roman/Egyptian mythology.
We will control you with symbols/numbers/colours and codswallop.
We will teach you how to Gaslight (sow seeds/lies) and how to gang-stalk.
You will question nothing, only follow orders.
We will find out about your skeletons in the closet and use them against you.
Every Penny from charity goes to our fellow CE Puppet Masons.
You will defend your right to be a our Puppet Mason.
We will control you (and your children) from cradle to grave.
You shall persecute and harass all non-Puppet Masons.
Our sophisticated scams will convince you that YOU have been chosen.
You will be taught that everything bad is good.
We have Puppet Masons within government, police, military, judiciary, religions, etc
We will participate and celebrate on the death or torture of non-Puppet Masons.
You shall breed and brainwash more Puppet Masons.
Our media will keep you trapped inside the illusion.
You will actually believe everything we tell you.
You will never know what your pretend brother or sister is up to.
We have edited the Bible and your belief systems.
The CE will provide all the pseudo qualifications and protection you need.
Immigrants are allowed to stay provided they perform for us.
You will do everything to protect your masters, the CE.
We will give you a job for life, provided you perform daily.
You will learn how to cowardly hurt people from behind the curtains.
We know that some Puppet Masons will not accept that they are our Puppets.
We are successful because you pay us to get the best education to enslave YOU.
We can provide back-up and support to get you away with murder.
You will infiltrate all groups and forums to defend us.
Fact: We can award royal gongs from our queen bee to loyal mason bees
The more deranged and evil you become, the more you will be rewarded.
Our favourite song is "Puppet on a String". Sing it Puppets, now back to work.
In return, Puppets will receive material things (which we take back), sex with minors and mind-controlled whores, cheap drugs, drinks and a special phone number for "Assistance".
Fact, we do NOT care about YOU, we just want total control, period.
Finally, if you are a selfish, "ME ME ME" person, you are EXACTLY what we need. Contact any Brainwashing Centre (aka masonic lodge) near you and kiss your world goodbye (hello Gollum).

Comment by Second Family UK. Not all of Puppet Masons are pedophiles (we hope?) but all Puppet Masons are sworn (on pain of death) to protect each other in crime. This is what binds them as a successful criminal network.

To all Puppet Masons who are trapped. God's "Second Family UK" is part of the Great Awakening, good people world wide are all fighting for your FR33DOM. It is getting stronger by the day. Freemasonry is finished (abandon ship), they are rabidly trying to save it in their corrupt media. This is why the CE are frantically using their Puppets to block truth-seeker communications. They use their Puppets to destroy anything good. It's all cleverly designed to keep the CE in control. Your next Puppet leaders have already been chosen until you decide enough is enough. Genuine message to all Puppets, cut the strings and walk away. Find Jesus, but keep away from the CE controlled religions and secret society cults. Jesus is for free and very, very real. God will protect you. If you have sold your soul to con man Little Lucifer, become an Indian Giver, take it back. Give it to Christ and reap the rewards. For the first time in your controlled life, turn off their noise and tune in.

If you don't believe that Jesus is not real, why do the world's top leaders/satanists meet every year to crucify him?. It's held at Bohemian Grove every July. On the 21st of July, Lucifer's stolen souls ritually sacrifice Mary Magdelene and the next day (22nd July) they do the same to Jesus Christ. You can Google "Bohemian Grove: Illuminati Meet This Week for Satanic Rituals" by Henry Makow Ph.D.

And the reason for this date is 21/7 = 28, satan is also known as the "MAN" and the English Gematria/Geometry for MAN is "28" (numbers are EVERYTHING to satan's puppets). e.g. political Puppet dates in the UK on 5th May = 55. Gematria for "Satan" = 55 and it is also 11 X 5. Number 11 is the number of death and destruction. The 9/11 date was 9+1+1 = 11 (also any multiple of 11 gets them excited and used in Puppet Mason code). The sacrifice of Jesus on the 22/7/10 = 39. Fools, nobody can kill the infinite Christ, no person or entity. The biggest secret in Freemasonry is that Satan is also known as "Milli Man" because of his 28 millimetre phallus. This is why the Occultic Criminal Elite get their brainwashed Puppets to build big Phallic monuments to carry on the illusion.

Jesus will come as a thief in the night. I was a thief, we all are. For we all have to beg, borrow or steal just to pay the Criminal Elite. Even they have been conned by the Man's temptation. Jesus is inside every one of you, open God's door. Find Jesus and watch your destiny change forever.

Much more to follow. Join, promote or support your local truth-seeker/whistleblower or become one. Do not be controlled by fear. Learn how to legally fight the Criminal Elite's closed doors. If you do nothing today, they win. Never forget that your life is your test and you will be judged. Nobody dies, even the departed will be judged. Who can you trust when your body suit turns to dust? You have a choice to make.

Peace, love and FR33DOM to all, from J.S. Christie, you know who I am. This is not about me. Welcome to The Christ Messenger part 11. Please pass this truth on to those you care about. This will probably cost me my body suit, but I've never had a human life. God tells me everything will be fine as "the satanic clown is going down" with some of his Puppets. If you need more proof then do an online search for "Wanted… Puppet Masons".
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