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Matterella's German torpedo holes Italy's Euro exit hopes

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PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2018 10:57 am    Post subject: Matterella's German torpedo holes Italy's Euro exit hopes Reply with quote

Turin Bilderberg 2018 Matterella's German torpedo:
New finance minister Paolo Savona? 'Euro is a German prison'

Italy is EU's 'LAST CHANCE' – Eurosceptic MP warns Brussels as major showdown LOOMS

THE European Union has been facing a populist revolt following the 2016 Brexit referendum, with Italy’s eurosceptic coalition threatening to cause chaos for the bloc – and Italian MP Guglielmo Picchi warned this is the EU’s “last chance” to get closer to its citizens.
12:50, Thu, May 24, 2018 | UPDATED: 12:57, Thu, May 24, 2018

Italian MP: The EU will fail if it doesn't open up

Italy’s anti-EU Lega and anti-establishment Five Star Movement are close to reaching an agreement to form the first ever government coalition made solely by eurosceptic parties.

Lega politician Guglielmo Picchi warned the EU will “fail by itself” if it does not change its policies to represent the needs of its citizens.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s World Tonight, Mr Picchi said: “It’s necessary for the European Union to open up. This is the last chance for Europe.

“If the European Union is not opening up and changing then it will fail by itself.

If the European Union is not opening up and changing then it will fail by itself

“So, our government could be a solution to help the European Union change its institution, change its policies and get closer to the citizens and to the needs of the citizens.

“I believe that our government could help many other member states to achieve this goal and change the ways of the European Union.”

Italian President Serigo Mattarella opened a conference on the future of the EU on Wednesday with a warning to the bloc, declaring its stagnation is the driving force behind a loss of support across its member states.

Mr Mattarella said member states are sceptical about pushing for further integration following a series of crises on the continent.

Sandro Gozi: Italy will ‘CLASH’ with European Union

During the State of the Union conference in Florence, Mr Mattarella said: “We can’t ignore this state of affairs, nor ignore how widespread, among European citizens, is the belief that the common project has lost its ability to really meet the growing expectations of the population.

“It can no longer adequately guarantee protection, security, work, growth for individuals and communities.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker attempted to play down the populist wave sweeping Europe during a debate in the European Commission on Thursday.

Mr Juncker said: “We should not follow all the ups and downs of public opinion. That is what is happening in Europe. Even the traditional parties are at risk of being affected by this populist wave.

“If you follow demigods and populists you will become one of them yourself and people will vote for the original version.

“So, we should be able to talk to citizens and our voters and primarily their citizens. We must learn how to tell them the truth. We mustn’t follow public opinion. We must try to inspire them.

“Politics is a work of inspiration and it’s not a question of following.”
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PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2018 11:22 pm    Post subject: New finance minister Paolo Savona? 'Euro is a German prison' Reply with quote

Man in line to be Italy's next Economic Minister: 'Euro is a German prison'
by Westmonster
May 22, 2018
The man Lega’s Matteo Salvini is putting forward to be Italy’s next Economy Minister is an outspoken anti-Euro economist who has described the single currency as a ‘German prison’.
Paolo Savona has previously said that: “If Italy has not already done so, it is time to have a Plan B ready – at the end of the Euro or exit from the same.”
He has also said: “Even if you pretend that the problem does not exist, the European loop is tightening around the neck of Italy.”
Alessandra Bocchi @alessabocchi
Eurosceptic government on the way of being formed in Italy. The minister of the economy proposed by Salvini, Paolo Savona, is an economist and professor who said: “The euro is a German prison”.
09:32 - 22 May 2018
Secret Rulers
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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2018 12:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What amazing timing these Bilderboys have! Wink
Bilderberg in Turin at the height of a 'constitutional crisis' which is really just president Sergio Mattarella overturning March's election, for New World Order, Deep State, Globalist Mafia, NATO interests inside and outside the country. Here's the basics:

Italy has been without a government for nearly three months after the March elections came out inconclusive.
An opinion poll published on Wednesday showed that support for the League had jumped up eight percentage points to 25.4 percent. Five Star remained steady at around 32.6 percent.

Five Star Movement (M5S) and the League, the majority coalition, were finally ready to form a government.
Giuseppe Conte was the two coalition parties’ choice to serve as prime minister.
Nominated as finance minister was.Paolo Savona, who said 'the Euro is a German prison', obviously a Eurosceptic
Mattarella said appointing Savona, 81, who has called Italy’s entry into the euro a “historic mistake”, would have risked the confidence of foreign investors and destabilising the country.
The parties’ leaders, Luigi Di Maio of the M5S and Matteo Salvini of the League, expressed outrage at Mattarella’s intervention and, in an extraordinary move, called for a mass mobilisation against the president on Saturday 2nd June.
President Mattarella's choice for technocrat Prime Minister Carlo Cottarelli, is a former International Monetary Fund official. He wants him to run Italy until fresh elections in six months time.
On Tuesday Italians were outraged as German EU Budget Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said 'The markets will persuade Italians not to vote for the two populist parties'.

Also: Palermo, May 30 - Italian police on Wednesday placed three people under investigation for insulting President Sergio Mattarella on social media.
The trio were named as Manlio Cassarà, Michele Calabrese and Eloisa Zanrosso.
Cassarà wrote on Facebook "they killed the wrong Mattarella" referring to the president's older brother, Piersanti, gunned down by Cosa Nostra when he was Sicilian regional president in 1980.

Italy's crisis is about to get much worse
The Italian president's veto on a proposed populist cabinet will have dire consequences.

Italy: 'New possibilities' for coalition government

The second coup by the banksters in Italy
Wednesday, 30. May 2018 , by Freeman at 10:00
How criminal and anti-democratic the EU's leadership can be seen currently on the coup in Italy against the elected government. The Italians of Brussels have chosen but does not recognize the decision. Now the Italians will choose to be forced once again to ... so long to the out of what comes to be accepted in Brussels. So as in Ireland.
The face of the designated new Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, after President Matarella has withdrawn the formation of the government

Farage: With Italy you've bitten off more than you can chew

Italy is a "colony of Germany," became, as a Five-star member of Parliament said, after President Sergio Mattarella on his own, unelected europhiles Prime Minister brought in had to be a crisis in the Eurozone, allegedly in chess to keep.
In a fierce attack threw M5S Deputy Ignazio Corrao, the President, a "financial coup" committed to have.
He wrote on Twitter: "The Italian Constitution says clearly that the sovereignty belongs to the people, not the financial markets."
"Today denies #Mattarella is the result of free elections and declared that Italy was a colony of Germany."
"It is a financial Coup!
"You have to help us. Stand-up for the Italian democracy."
Corraos words of the leading Anti-EU politician Nigel Farage has repeatedly said that the Italian democracy is by the step of the President "distorted".
According to Farage, speaking today during a plenary session of the European Parliament, was President Mattarella made against the wishes of the Italian voters.
During the debate on the EU budget, said Farage: "Italy has been mentioned, and they are net contributors to this budget."
"You ask what the Euro and their economy has done. Do you feel as a victim of the immigration policy of the European Union."
"As a result of all this, they voted on a new government, only to find that bullying and threats on the part of the European Commission by the Italian President."
"In the last 48 hours, your democracy has been distorted. In the past, you have managed the Danes to be a bully, you have the Irish being bullied, you have the Greeks to subjugation pushed."
"I suspect that today, with Italy bitten off more than you can chew. There will be more options with the larger Euro-sceptic victories."
The Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said:
"The Situation says it all, what can be said about the distrust of the European elites towards democracy and the desire, the decision of the voters to thwart the ideology of the EU, impoverished, can learn."
The largest insolence has done to theGerman EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger. He said: "The markets are the Italians a lesson, for you populists have chosen."
"Thank you for the Italians the truth about the EU-System have said"wrote an Italian, and said he was grateful to the Commissioner, that he had set out the EU Agenda and their plans for Italy to be honest.
"Some of us needed 7 years to half (of the Italians) on the EU to clarify what you and Mattarella in 5 minutes managed."
Many on Twitter condemning Oettinger for the threat of the Italian voters. They said they would not allow anyone to dictate whether Germany or the EU, who should you choose or not.
"The Italian democracy must be respected by all. As always, in our Republican history, the Italian free and independent to choose, "it was said on the official Twitter Account of the Permanent representation of Italy to the EU.
One of the commentators said that "Italy is not a colony of Germany or the EU."
The arrogant and aristocratic attitude of Germany to other member States is obvious and well documented, and Oettinger is simply not a linguist enough to hide it.
The fact is, the Euro only in Germany, no other country in the Euro Zone benefited Yes, because the common currency has become more expensive, exports of the countries and Germany, at reduced prices.
This is the SECOND overthrow of a government in Italy (Berlusconi was overthrown) by the EURO-Turbos and the ECB!
What happens in Italy, is an absolute Farce and shows that the EU is trampling democracy to protect the tottering Empire, and the Euro.
First, you have to put in Mario Monti as Prime Minister from 2011 to 2013 the Italians in front of the nose, a technocrat, Bilderberg, Goldman Sachs banksters and former EU-Commissioner, now, Carlo Cottarelli, a Bankster and a member of the criminal organization the IMF.
The so-called "European values", which the EU vercrushes are a joke and worthless.
When the Europeans finally and chase the Pro-EU in the hell???
EU is short for Europe.

Hier weiterlesen: Alles Schall und Rauch: Schon der zweite Putsch der Bankster in Italien
Secret Rulers
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