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There is another way

Family controlled curriculum - Home Education

Schools have you for all of your most formative years. John Taylor Gatto calls them vast laboratories of behavioral modification. Much of the world 'order' rests on this foundation stone of ensuring conformity and efficiently preventing too much critical awareness or interest in what is really going on.

There is much material by him on the www. A search on "John Taylor Gatto" should be fruitful.

'Education Otherwise', registered charity, and HE membership support org:

'Choice in Education' Publishes a monthly newsletter, and distributes resources useful to HEers:


An excellent alternative children's magazine


Chris Shute

"The people who compiled the National Curriculum seem to have a clear idea of what knowledge is worth having. I do not know how they arrived at it. Probably they assumed that the knowledge they happened to possess was valuable because it was theirs, and by making children struggle to learn it they could impose upon the next generation the broad scheme of values they themselves cherished. These people seem to believe that nothing has educational value unless it leads to a test of some sort, designed to prove that the pupil has at least been made to submit to the study of this supposedly 'valuable' knowledge. The pleasure of adding to one's understanding, satisfying one's curiosity or simply doing something enjoyable have no place in their model of education"

Chris Shute, in Compulsory Schooling Disease - How children absorb fascist values

Comments on Home Education c/o Neil Taylor

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