Other Chateau du Lac Bilderbergers identified, so far
(pics by Grattan Healy, unless otherwise stated - tg = Tony Gosling)
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WANTED 4 (left) is probably Franco Bernabè, Italy's special Balkan reconstruction representative (grazie Claudio), and seems to be the same person as WANTED 43 (above), who went for a walk with Andre Levy-Lang.
WANTED 6 - also went for a walk! - Erich Hampel of Creditanstalt-Bankverein, Austria (thanks Transi/df)
WANTED 9 - Francisco Pinto Balsemão of Impressa (obrigado Renato)
WANTED 13 - all agree this is Conrad Black of the Telegraph, Hollinger, etc
WANTED 10 - arrived to a surprise welcome in his Dutch registered chauffer-driven limousine - 11-DH-NV - Victor Halberstadt of Leiden University (dank u Jeroen) WANTED 11 - not so shy, went for a jog - seems to be William J McDonough of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York WANTED 14 - arrived with Conrad Black, and looks like David Frum of the Canadian National Post (only got a shot in the limo.)
WANTED 15 - Lars-Eric Petersson, President & CEO of Scandia (tack Lars) WANTED 16 Percy Barnevik, Chairman of Investor AB, member of the ERT. (thanks again Lars)
WANTED 19 - Jorma Ollila of Nokai (pic: tg) (kiitos Hannu) WANTED 20 -went jogging - John Deutch, former head of the CIA (thanks Pete)
WANTED 23 (left) is in fact Gianni Riotta, Deputy Editor of La Stampa (owned by Agnelli's);
And 24 (above, pic: tg) is Giovanni Agnelli, Chair of Fiat, and Bilderberg Advisory Group member (grazie Claudio, Giuseppe)
WANTED 21 - ths is Daniel Vasella of Novartis AG
WANTED 28 - Gerhard Cromme of Krupp/ Thyssen arrived in a German merc WANTED 29 - not shy, but a bit uncomfortable - this is Bertrand Collomb of Lafarge
WANTED 26 - Renato Ruggiero, Schroder Salomon Snith Barney (grazie Claudio)
WANTED 33 - seems to be Tøger Seidenfaden, editor of Politiken, Denmark (pic: tg)
WANTED 34 - Jan Huyghebaert of Almanij NV
(pic: tg)
WANTED 32 is Swedish Trade Minister, Leif Pagrotsky,
(tack Bernt & Stefan)
WANTED 30 - arrived with Wanted 31, 32, 33 - this is Eivind Reiten of Norsk Hydro WANTED 31 - Bodil Nyboe Andersen, Governor of the Danish Central Bank
WANTED 35 - Giulio Tremonti, Member of the Italian Parliament (Forza Italia) (arrived with 36 & 37)
(grazie Giuseppe e Claudio)
WANTED 36 - Christian Hambro of the Norwegian Research Council WANTED 41 - Leif Johansson, Boss of Volvo AB (tack Lars)
WANTED 45 is Jeroen van der Veer of Royal Dutch/ Shell (right pic: tg)
WANTED 42 - André Lévy-Lang, ex Paribas Chairman, went for a walk with WANTED 43 WANTED 44 - seems to be Teresa Patrício Gouveia, Portuguese MP (PSD)
WANTED 50 - Martin Taylor, new Bilderberg Secretary General, and Chair of WH Smith
(pic: tg)
WANTED 51 - Umberto Agnelli, arriving in an Alfa Romeo, of course
(pic: tg)
(grazie Claudio)
WANTED 52 - Paolo Fresco of Fiat in the same Alfa Romeo
WANTED 47 - Dick Benschop Dutch State Secretary, European Affairs (pic: tg)
(dank u Edward, Jeroen)
WANTED 49 - seems to be Jacob Wallenberg of the famous Swedish banking family
WANTED 53 Dominique Strauss-Kahn, ex-Finance Minister of France WANTED 54 - Thierry de Montbrial, IFRI, France
WANTED 57a - Hans-Georg Betz, specialist on the new right, on the look-out!
WANTED 56 & 57 - slipped out for a cigarette - the tall one is Muharrem Kayhan of Söktas, Turkey. The other is Nuri Colakoglu of Turklish NTV (teshekur ederin Alev) WANTED 62 - Rudolf Scholten, Österreichische Kontrollbank AG
WANTED 27 arrived with Kissinger - same as WANTED 57 - Nuri Colakoglu? (pic: tg)
WANTED 58 - Daniel Janssen, Chairman of Solvay SA WANTED 59 - Israel Apser, Chairman of CanWest Capital
WANTED 70 - Esperanza Aguirre, President of the Spanish Senate; was with WANTED 69, and was reading a book in Spanish!
(gracias Deborah) (right pic: tg)
WANTED 63 - Louise Fréchette, Deputy Secretary General, the UN WANTED 68 - Phillipe de Schoutheete de Tervarent, x- Belgian Perm Rep WANTED 74 - Franz Vranitzky, former Austrian Chancellor (danke Martin)

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