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(pics on left by Grattan Healy, unless otherwise stated - tg = Tony Gosling)
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WANTED 1 - sorry about the focus, but you might recognize the salute!
Tomasso Padoa-Schioppa of the ECB
David Rockefeller himself?
Jame D Wolfensohn of the World Bank Otto Wolff von Amerongen
WANTED 2 - definitely did not want to be seen!
Thomas E Donilon, FannieMae Henry Kravis
Peter Sutherland, BP & Goldman S
WANTED 3 - left around 3.30 and returned at 6pm Republican Senator of the US, Chuck Hagel
WANTED 5 - arrived with Erich Hampel
Mathias Nass of Die Zeit Paul Allaire of Xerox
WANTED 7 - Surprised!
John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge of the Economist.
WANTED 8 - arrived with Kenneth Clarke - is this Martin Taylor maybe? - increase screen brightness for a better look
David de Pury from Switzerland
Donald Graham, Washington Post
WANTED 38 - very shy!
(pic: tg)
James Steinberg, US President Security Adviser
WANTED 39 - arrived with 40
Prof Daniel K Tarullo of Georgetown James Johnson of Johnson Capital
WANTED 40 John L Thornton Goldman Sachs
of Financial Times
WANTED 48 - drove his own Dutch reg Volvo. He is a Dutch Prince, arriving unannounced, but which one?
(dank u wel Intersol en Jan)
Princes Willem-Alexander, John Friso, Constantijn, Bernhard Jr
WANTED 55 Paul Wolfowitz of John Hopkins University
WANTED 60, was with Wanted 61
Esther Dyson of Edventure Republican Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison
WANTED 64 arrived with Bildt (pic: tg)
Mike Moore of WTO
Wolfgang Petritsch, EU negotiator and representative
Minister George Papandreou (left), arriving with WANTED 65 (right) and 66 (below)
Nikiforos Diamandorous, Greek Ombudsman
WANTED 71 (pic: tg)
of Financial Times
Henry Kravis

WANTED 12 - a mere hotel guest? WANTED 22 - a face in the window - What am I doing here?
WANTED 17 - seemed to be with Prime Minister Lipponen
WANTED 25 - arrived with the Agnelli's - Alfredo Ambrosetti?
with WANTED 60, who to some think looks like the 'Smoking Man' from the X Files! - actor William B. Davis. Seems doubtful, but ..
WANTED 67 (pic: tg) - looks like a British civil servant - is this Graham Avery?
WANTED 64a arrived with Bildt (pic: tg)
WANTED 72 (pic: tg) - same person as 69?
WANTED 73 - is this the elusive Maja Banck?
(pic: tg)
WANTED 69 was with WANTED 70 (Esperanza Aguirre), so is this Matías Rodriguez Inciarte?
Participants for whom no pictures yet found:
(maybe you can help?)

Ambrosetti, Alfredo, I, Chairman, Ambrosetti Group
Avery, Graham, INT, Chief Adviser for Enlargement, EC
Buchanan, Robin WT, GB, Senior Partner, Bain & Co Inc
David, George A, GR, Chairman, Hellenic Bottling Co. SA
Rodriguez Inciarte, Matías, E, Exec Vice Chair, Banco Santander Central Hispano
Roll, Eric, GB, Senior Adviser, UBS Warburg

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