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EU Commissioner Pascal Lamy ducking into the 2000 Bilderberg Meeting at the Hotel Chateau du Lac in Genval, near Bruxelles (pic Tony Gosling)

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Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands ariving at Bilderberg Carl Bildt, not sure whether to hide or not! Kenneth Clarke MP, cool as a cucumber
Viscount Etienne Davignon, new boss! Henry Kissinger - nuf said! Maurice Lippens of Fortis Bank Paavo Lipponen, Finnish PM George Papandreou, Greek Foreign Min.
A reasonably complete table (276k) of attendance at Bilderberg since 1991, plus 1988, including extensive details on Steering Committee and other officers. Now extended and improved with country by country analyses - see below.
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Bilderberg Press Release extract:
3 June 2000

The 48th Bilderberg meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium, 1-3 June 2000. Among other subjects the Conference discussed US Elections, Globalisation, New Economy, the Balkans, EU Enlargement, the European Far Right. Approximately 100 participants from North America and Europe attended the discussions. The meeting was private in order to encourage frank and open discussion. etc.
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Bilderberg meetings, Brussels, Belgium, 1-3 June 2000
List of Participants, 3 June 2000

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Honorary Secretary General:
J. Martin Taylor
UK Chairman, WH Smith Group PLC, International Adviser, Goldman Sachs International [link]
Honorary Chairman:
Etienne Davignon
BE Chairman, Société Générale de Belgique
Agnelli, Giovanni IT Honorary Chairman, Fiat S.p.A. [link]
Agnelli, Umberto IT Chairman IFIL - Fianziaria di Partecipazioni S.p.A. [link]
Aguirre y Gil de Biedma, Esperenza ES President, The Spanish Senate [link]
Allaire, Paul US Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Xerox Corporation [link]
Ambrosetti, Alfredo IT Chairman, Ambrosetti Group
Andersen, Bodil Nyboe DK Governor, Central Bank of Denmark
Asper, Israel CN Chair, CanWest Capital Group Inc
Avery, Graham IN Chief Adviser for Enlargement, EC
Balsemão, Francisco Pinto PT Prof. of Communication Science, New Univ, Lisbon, Chair Impressa SGPS
Barnevik, Percy SE Chairman, Investor AB [link]
Benschop, Dick NL State Secretary for European Affairs
Bernabè, Franco IT Special Representative of Italy for Reconstruction Initiatives in the Balkans [link]
Betz, Hans-Georg DE Visiting Prof, European Studies, Cntr European Studies, Columbia & NY Univs. [link]
Bildt, Carl IN Special Envoy of the Secretary General for the Balkans, United Nations [link]
Black, Conrad CN Chair, Telegraph Group Ltd [link]
Bruton, John IR Leader of Fine Gael [link]
Buchanan, Robin WT UK Senior Partner, Bain & Company Inc
Clarke, Kenneth UK Member of Parliament [link]
Çolakoglu, Nuri TR Chairman & CEO, NTV [pic]
Collomb, Bertrand FR Chair and CEO, Lafarge
Cromme, Gerhard DE Chairman of Executive Board, Thyssen/Krupp AG [link]
David, George GR Chairman, Hellenic Bottling Co. SA
Deutch, John M US Institute Professor, MIT [link]
Diamandouros, P Nikiforos GR National Ombudsman
Dodd, Christopher J US Senator, D, Connecticut
Donilon, Thomas E US Senior VP, General Counsel, and Secretary, FannieMae [link]
Dyson, Esther US Chairman EDventure Holdings Inc. [link]
Fréchette, Louise IN Deputy Secretary General, UN
Fresco, Paolo IT Chairman Fiat S.p.A. [link]
Frum, David CN Columnist, National Post [link]
Gouveia, Teresa Patrício PT Member of Parliament (PSD)
Graham, Donald E US Publisher, The Washington Post
Hagel, Chuck US Senator, R, Nebraska
Halberstadt, Victor NL Prof of Economics, Leiden University; former Hon Sec Gen Bilderberg Meetings [link]
Hambro, Christian NO Director General, Research Council of Norway
Hampel, Erich AT Chairman, Creditanstalt-Bankverein
Hutchison, Kay Bailey US Senator, R, Texas
Huyghebaert, Jan BE Chairman, Almanij NV [link]
Janssen, Daniel E BE Chairman Solvay SA [link]
Johansson, Leif SE President & CEO Volvo AB [link]
Johnson, James A US Chairman and CEO, Johnson Capital Partners [link]
Jordan Jr, Vernon E US Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co LLC [link]
Kayhan, Muharrem TR Vice Chairman of the Board of Söktas; former President Tüsiad [link]
Kissinger, Henry A US Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc [link]
Kopper, Hilmar DE Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG [link]
Kravis, Henry R US Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. [link]
Kravis, Marie-Josée US Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute Inc [link]
Lamy, Pascal IN European Commissioner
Lévy-Lang, André FR Former Chair Paribas [link]
Lippens, Maurice BE Chairman, FORTIS [link]
Lipponen, Paavo FI Prime Minister
Mathews, Jessica T US President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
McDonough, William J US President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York [link]
Montbrial, Thierry de FR Director, French Institute of International Relations
Moore, Mike IN Director General, WTO [link]
Nass, Matthias Deputy Editor, Die Zeit [link]
Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands NL Dutch Royal Palace
Ollila, Jorma FI Chairman of the Board and CEO, Nokia Corporation
Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso IN Member of Executive Board, European Central Bank
Pagrotsky, Leif SE Minister of Trade
Papandreou, George A GR Minister of Foreign Affairs
Petersson, Lars Eric SE President and CEO, Skandia
Petritsch, Wolfgang AT The High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina; EU negotiator on Kosovo
Pury, David de CH Chairman, de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co Ltd. [link]
Rasmussen, Anders Fogh DK Chairman, Liberal Party
Reiten, Eivind NO Exec Vice President, Corporate Management, Norsk Hydro ASA
Richardson, Bill US Secretary of Energy
Riotta, Gianni IT Deputy Editor, La Stampa
Rockefeller, David US Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank International Advisory Council [link]
Rodriguez Inciarte, Matías ES Exec Vice Chair, Banco Santander Central Hispano BSCH)
Roll, Eric UK Senior Adviser, UBS Warburg
Ruggiero, Renato IT Vice Chair, Schroder Salomon Smith Barney International, and Chairman, Italy [link]
Scholten, Rudolf AT Member of the Board of Exec Directors, Österreichische Kontrollbank AG [link]
Schoutheete de Tervarent, Ph de BE Former Permanent Representative of Belgium to the EU [link]
Seidenfaden, Tøger DK Editor-in-Chief, Politiken [link]
Solana Madariaga, Javier IN Secretary General, Council of the EU [link]
Soros, George US Chairman, Soros Fund Management [link]
Steinberg, James B US Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
Strauss-Kahn, Dominique FR Fomer Minister of Finance; Professor, University of Paris [link]
Surroi, Veton YU Publisher, KOHA Ditore [link]
Sutherland, Peter D IR Chairman, Goldman Sachs International, & Chairman, BP Amoco plc
Tarullo, Daniel K US Visitng Professor of Law, Georgetowm University Law Center [link]
Thornton, John L US President & Co-COO, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. [link]
Tremonti, Giulio IT Member of Finance Commission, Chamber of Deputies
Trichet, Jean-Claude FR Governor, Banque de France
Vasella, Daniel L CH Chairman & CEO, Novartis AG
Veer, Jeroen van der NL Group MD, Royal Dutch/Shell Group; Designate Pres. Royal Dutch Petroleum
Vink, Lodewijk JR de US Chairman, President & CEO, Warner Lambert
Vranitzky, Franz AT Former Federal Chancellor [link]
Wallenberg, Jacob SE Chairman, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken [link]
Wolf, Martin UK Associated Editor/Economics Commentator
Wolfensohn, James D IN/US President, The World Bank
Wolff von Amerongen, Otto DE Chairman & CEO, Otto Wolff GmbH [link]
Wolfowitz, Paul US Dean, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University [link]
Mickelthwait, R. John
UK United States Editor, The Economist
Wooldridge, Adrian D
UK Foreign Correspondent, The Economist
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Grattan Healy (;
Mike Peters (
Tony Gosling (;
Javier Solana, Sec Gen of the EU Council & WEU Bill Richardson, US Energy Secretary Marie-Josée Kravis, Hudson Institute Vernon Jordan, of Lazard Frères, and Clinton friend Jean-Claude Trichet, Bank de France George Soros, Soros Fund
Hilmar Kopper, Deutsche Bank Anders Rasmssen, Danish Leberals
Lodewijk de Vink, Warner Lambert
Jessica Mathews, Carnegie US Senator Chris Dodd
Veton Surroi, publisher from Kosovo
John Bruton, Irish opposition leader
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