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Personal but not private

Attacks on my website... distortion, defamation and bullying attacks on me

These legal attacks and hatchet jobs consist of a toxic mix of justified criticism (which I welcome) which then bleeds into projection, 'guilt by association' & outright lies, usually to do with my Christian faith portraying me as homophobic, insane, xenophobic or racist.

Sun12Jul15 - Adam Holland's anti Russian propaganda site is financed by the Herzenn foundation

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Sun12Jul15 - Adam Holland's anti Russian propaganda site is financed by the Herzenn foundation

My colleagues have kindly been digging around to have a look at where this Adam Holland chap's coming from... 
Turns out he's a paid pro-NATO expansion, more precisely anti-Russian propaganda tool. 
This is kind of how it works isn't it. Agents make sure these lies make it out to a massive audience. Other networks just replicate the bs. 
How about that? 

The Daily Beast is run by 'beastmaster' billionaire Barry Diller who Rupert Murdoch picked to be founding president of Fox TV, 
The Beast is owned by IAC 

Adam Holland also posted this, check the comments... 
Thanks for the link - an interesting article 
I assume you agree with it as you offer no alternative interpretation. 
Here's another one for you - this time from Ron Paul himself. ess-just-declared-war-russia 

The resolution (paragraph 13) demands a withdrawal of Russia forces from Ukraine even though the US government has provided no evidence the Russian army was ever in Ukraine. This paragraph also urges the government in Kiev to resume military operations against the eastern regions seeking independence 

Do you support military operations against regions seeking independence? 
Sunday, December 07, 2014 

Adam Holland is just a tool, and not a very clever one 
His anti Russian propaganda site is financed by the Herzenn foundation 

Registered User Join Date: Aug 2014 
Location: Central Europe 

Anti-Russian Propaganda Site 
Often quoted on these forums is the site The Interpreter. 
I took a few minutes to have a look at this site. 

From the site itself 
Quote:The Interpreter, which was launched in 2013, was made possible by a seed grant from the London-based Herzen Foundation and a grant from the New York-based Institute of Modern Russia, of which the journal is a special project. 

The Herzen Foundation icon, recently removed from the Interpreter page, leads us to which is a dead link. 
In the Wayback Machine site the Herzen Foundation in London existed online in May 2013. So apparently, the org. no longer exists in Britain. This is the introduction to their long-lost site. 
Quote: Herzen Foundation is a United Kingdom charity trust organisation operating under the umbrella of CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) 
The Foundation was established in 2011 with the main objective to support democratic transformation of Russia. 
It is named after Aleksandr Ivanovich Herzen (1812–1870) a prominent Russian pro-western writer and thinker who has spent a large part of his life in exile in the UK. His autobiography “My Past and Thoughts” was one of the transformational books of his era in Russia. Herzen was largely responsible for creating the political climate in Russia, which lead to the emancipation of the serfs in 1861. 

Thus, we see the founder was an Aleksandr Ivanovich Herzen who Wikipedia calls the "father of Russian socialism". It is also noted there is a Herzen Foundation in the Netherlands. 

Quote: Although a self-avowed Russian socialist Herzen was not adverse to getting close to James de Rothschild and his "the big money". Rothschild helped him (a socialist remember) a lot with his capitalist ventures. 

For ref see: Toronto Slavic Quarterly: Derek Offord - Alexander Herzen and James de Rothschild 

As mentioned in the introduction the other org. which supports The Interpreter is the.... 
Institute of Modern Russia . 
The Institute of Modern Russia (IMR) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy organization—a think tank based in New York. IMR's mission is to foster democratic and economic development in Russia through research, advocacy, public events, and grant-making. 

According to Karel van Wolferen 
Quote: "Foreign-funded think tanks do not exist for thinking, but for peddling policies in line with the beliefs of the funders that they, not wanting to learn from recent experience, dogmatically assume are good for anyone at any time." 

We next see that the president of this org. is none other than PAVEL KHODORKOVSKY, the son of the criminal Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the notorious Jewish Russian oligarch who was imprisoned by Vladimir Putin for a decade or more. No doubt the son, like the father, hates Putin's guts which sort of explains why he seeks to blame modern Russia wherever he can. 

So what do we know? 
- Putin has freed Russia of some of the worst excesses of oligarchs like Khodorkovsky who made their stash by devious means at the time of Yeltsin. 
- Very recently another one of these unsavoury types Vladimir Yevtushenkov has been house arrested. 
- Though not a Russian there is another one Yulia Tymoshenko. 
- Coincidence, oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine who don't like Putin. 
- Khodorkovsky & Tymoshenko always got lots of sympathetic coverage in the Western media about political repression in Russia. (I wonder why? ) Most probably Yevtushenkov will get sympathetic Western coverage too. 
- BTW Khodorkovsky has also got a website detailing his meddling in eastern politics. Maybe he wants to be the next Kremlin chef. LOL 

My nose detects a rather evil smell of organizations founded by Russian exiles with an axe to grind who attempt to politically destabilize Russia. Why is it that one member of the forum is continuously feeding us a dirge of anti-Russian propaganda from The Interpreter?

Mon13Jul 2015 - Hatchet jobs on Tony Gosling in Daily Beast and Washington Post

Dear all, 

I've been used over the years to many many attacks on my character and professionalism. 

Attacks on my website... distortion, defamation and bullying attacks on me 

There have been other attempts at reputational destruction and character assassination which I have decided not to circulate or comment on out of consideration to the emotional state of those making them. 

And I don't imagine this will be tha last. I and colleagues have had a good look at the journalistic bona fides of this writer - Adam Holland - and they don't look good. Basically Murdoch and a hidden political foundation. 

I have just read the ''Daily Beast' blog by pro-zionist blogger Adam Holland. 

The timing of these hatchet jobs is clearly aimed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings - an event for which I have been a leading critic of the British Security Services and Israeli government for lying about and potentially even being involved in perpetrating the attacks in order to further the cause amongst public, armed forces, press and politicians for wars and intervention abroad. 

For the anniversary I wrote this 

7/7 led to wars abroad and loss of freedoms at home ... but do we know what really happened that day? 

And did a 30 minute radio special - 

Ten years after 7/7: 13 holes in government & media account of 2005 London Bombings 

Neither of which I was paid for - because I feel there is nobody at all doing this important investigative work either in the London press or UK police. 

I worked for the BBC in London on the 1990s IRA bombing campaign so can be said to know a thing or two about such things. 
And instigated then saw through the publication of the National Union of Journalists' (NUJ) Guide To Reporting Terrorism (attached) while on the NUJ Ethics Council, which was launched in 2010 

Direct download link: NUJ GUIDE TO REPORTING TERRORISM (2009)

The wider context of this latest smear is that week specifically, and over the last few years generally, I have become known as a critic of what many see as Western propaganda and 'media wars'. Here are two interviews I gave in the week running up to the publication of the smear pieces. 

BBC to cut 1000 jobs - DG Tony Hall must up his game to beat Murdoch - RT Tony Gosling 

EU moves to ban Russian broadcasts - though UK didn't jam Nazi stations in WWII 

I write and broadcast on this subject with rare insider experience of how mainstream media can become propagandistic, even aiding & protecting the reputation of criminals, corrupted by bad management and editorial decisions such as Peter Ripon's decision to spike the story of the decade I know many serving broadcast journalists who have been or are being bullied by managers or other senior staff, and who feel the same. 

I'm accused of faking historical credentials, but did a year of history as part of my Bradford University Humanities BA, and write and speak on history. 
Working, for example, on WWII secret history.... 

21 Aug 2015 Commemorating WWII SBU commando C.O. Harold Goulding DSO, Hayling Island 

A betrayal too far: Only brutal honesty will do at Arnhem’s 70th anniversary 

as well as being invited to the Houses of Parliament two months ago to give a presentation on land ownership, Enclosure and the English Civil War.... 

People's Parliament: Land Theft or Divine Feudal Right? Who Owns Our Country? Tony Gosling 

So I was disappointed to read the following in Fox News founding president Barry Diller's Daily Beast - [some of the most glaring inaccuracies corrected as we go] 

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- 

Russia Today Has an Illuminati Correspondent. Really.
KREMLIN TV07.08.151:05 AM ET Adam Holland 

No, seriously. He lives in England and thinks they’re everywhere. 
In the aftermath of the French Revolution, many supporters of the ancien régime convinced themselves that the revolution had been carried out by secret cells within the Freemasons called the Illuminati. This belief was popularized in two widely read books published in 1798, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism by Abbé Augustin Barruel and Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe by John Robison. 

The idea of a secret society undermining institutions for nefarious purposes provided the template for future conspiracy theories, and conspiracy theories involving Freemasons in particular continued to have considerable influence. In the 19th century, the ideas promoted in those books played a role in the creation of the United States' first third party, the Anti-Masonic Party. In France, they were widely believed among conservatives, and were promoted in Catholic schools and in the popular press. In the 20th century, opponents of the modern banking system found these conspiracy theory useful, as did the Nazis, the John Birch Society, and Hamas. 

In targeting an adversary whose presence was widespread but whose activities were secret, the authors of these theories found a perfect scapegoat: one which was adaptable to almost any issue, and whose hidden hand could be blamed for any problem. 

[ Even secret societies have leaks and the Freemasons and historical Illuminati were no exception. Those 'theories' about the danger of secret societies and cults, the Illuminati specifically, were criticised by a highly placed freemason whistleblower, John Robison, who was not a crank, but the highly credible and articulate secretary of the Edinburgh Royal Society, and in a position to know. 
Far from just being a problem from the long-distant past, Masonic corruption seems to be very much alive and well, surfacing as part of recent Scotland Yard and SOCA reports, Tiberius and Riverside, into police corruption where they are considered one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”. 
Yes, 'organised crime' ] 

So it makes perfect sense that RT, Russia’s state-run news service aimed primarily at non-Russian audiences, employs a reporter who specializes in uncovering the hidden role the Illuminati plays in world affairs. His name is Tony Gosling. 

[In five years or so, on and off, of reporting for RT including a detailed feature article looking at Freemasonry as a religious cult 

Freemasonry: 'The firm within the firm' 

I've mentioned the Illuminati just once, here. 

G7 leaders "On another planet". summit in Bavarian Illuminati country 

For those that go so far as to say the Illuminati never existed at all I point to the 'mystery' of appearance in dictionaries such as the Collins up to the present day 
] ] 


Gosling writes a column for the RT website and frequently appears on RT’s broadcast channels, where he is presented as an investigative journalist, historian or social justice activist. In fact, he is none of those things. He is an arch-traditionalist adherent of the brand of conspiracy theory which he gets directly from Barruel and Robson’s books on the Illuminati (as he admits here and here), as well as from other pseudo-historical sources including the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (Gosling writes in contradictory terms about the Protocols, claiming that they aren’t anti-Semitic, have never been proven false and are worthy of study for what they say about Zionism, even while admitting in the same column that they are “almost certainly fake.”) 

[On The Protocols of Zion I have been pushed again and again to say they are fake, I simply don't know for sure. 'They are almost certainly fake' is where I stand and I think that's a reasonable position to take. It may be pedantic to argue the point but, though its in general currency, anti-Semitic is not the correct term to use for critics of Zionism or the state of Israel. The word originates with the Biblical Shem and refers to broadly Arabic peoples whose ancestors are from the Holy Land, Sinai and Somalia, not the racially distinct Eastern European Jews who form the majority in modern Israel] 

The bio accompanying Gosling’s RT columns claims that he worked in the aviation industry, was “trained by the BBC,” and describes him as “a British land rights activist, historian [and] investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war.” 

While the nature of his work in aviation and for the BBC are unclear, his c.v. is accurate with respect to his decades working to expose the hidden hand of a shadowy elite which is behind much of the world’s evils. A resident of Bristol, England, Gosling is best known locally for having been expelled from the local branch of the Green Party for making statements condemning what he sees as gay indoctrination of schoolchildren. 

[Actually I am best known locally for my weekly politics show on Community Radio where I'm a volunteer and was commenting on a protest by parents at Easton schools 

Anti-gay bullying books withdrawn 

where gay relationship books were being used to teach very young children behind the backs of and against the wishes of parents. My support for the parents was misrepresented, and has been several times since, as a criticism of homosexuals for being gay which it self-evidently was not to anyone who bothers to look. That parts of the Green Party concurred with that view does not say much for the rigour of their internal procedures.] 

His concern with Freemasonry seems to have started with his investigation of his hometown's Bristol Freemasons Hall. He has gone so far as to publish on a local activists’ website called Bristol Indymedia extensive photographs and notes he took during tours of the Bristol Freemasons Hall, along with his conclusion that six-pointed stars in the its carpets implicate the Masons in a Zionist plan to dominate the world. Gosling found similar evidence in the Freemasons’ use of a seven-stick candelabra, and in other purportedly Hebraic aspects of the Masons’ occult imagery. 

[I was interested to see a giant portrait of Moses, flags of the twelve tribes of Israel and Stars of David all over the carpet within the bricked up windows of Bristol Freemasons Hall's Royal Arch Temple so few have seen, let alone photographed. And I think its a reasonable to suggest these higher degree Freemasons may have 'hijacked' Judaic motifs in their ceremonies.] 

Where in his previous decades of investigating such matters Gosling relied on barely read websites, RT has in recent years provided him with both a regular column published on its own site, and frequent on-air interviews. This gives Gosling an international forum in which he can expound on his ideas about the Freemasons and Illuminati, such as the signs of an international conspiracy in the interior design choices made by his local Masonic Temple, which he explored in a column for RT called “Freemasonry: ‘the firm within the firm.’” 

Gosling’s thesis is that the British royal family are involved in a nefarious international conspiracy because the interior design of his local masonic hall is too Jewish.” 
In that column, Gosling writes, “Masons certainly hold strong beliefs about Western influences in the Holy Land. Those of the higher degrees privately profess a ‘fundamentalist’ fervor for Zionism… Indeed even in Bristol’s windowless ‘Royal Arch’ Masonic Temple, the furnishings are embossed throughout with golden Israeli ‘Star of David’ emblems...” Could Gosling actually be unaware of the fact that the use of six-pointed stars by Jews, Freemasons, and many other groups predated Zionism by millennia? 

[I press them on the Israel Palestine conflict almost whenever I knowingly meet a Mason and in my experience Freemasons I've spoken to tend to be pro-Israeli. Most seem to buy into the 'Christian Zionist' belief that Israeli state was put there by God. Orthodox Jews - who generally are more reliable than the more fundamentalist Zionists in my experience say the Star of David has only been used as a Jewish symbol for a couple of centuries. ] 

He goes on to criticize his local MP for failing, he says, to make public a list of Bristol’s Freemasons after Gosling demanded that he do so. 

[Actually I asked Jack Lopresti MP on air politely for the Bristol Provincial Yearbook and he volunteered - apparently being subsequently overruled by Bristol's Provincial Grand Secretary Steve Rawlings. 
Neither the visit not the Britol Provincial Yearbook were forthcoming.] 

He says the public has a right to know whether government employees are part of the masonic conspiracy because “as a secret establishment club, Freemasonry rightly rings alarm bells. 

[It's not just me saying this but the Home Affairs Select Committee n ] 

By seizing only a handful of key positions in the criminal justice system, like any unscrupulous interest, it could corrupt the entire caboodle. The other nerve-jangling concern is that Freemasonry’s ‘Don’ just happens to be a little too close to one the top figures in Britain’s military and judicial chain-of-command; UGLE’s Grand Master, Prince Michael of Kent, is Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin.” (UGLE is the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body for England’s Freemasons, in case you’re wondering.) 

So Gosling’s thesis is that the British royal family are involved in a nefarious international conspiracy because the interior design of his local masonic hall is too Jewish. 

[Quite clearly one part of the Royal family, Prince Michael of Kent, IS running UGLE Freemasonry. King George VI and Edward VII were Masons too. the 'too Jewish' term is racist hate speak, though he tries to attribute it to me, is in fact Adam Holland's term.] 

Gosling may not be a historian in the traditional sense: He has no degree in history, nor has he taught it or written a book about it. He does, however, devote much of his time to distorting history, both on his voluminous website, on RT, and in numerous other video interviews on outlets such as Iran’s Press TV. 

[I have a BA in Humanities from Bradford University and did a year long history unit as part of that, so while I don't have a history degree per se and have never claimed to, I challenge historical norms with a broad and cogent analysis which includes a good knowledge of English Literature and separates fact from speculation, especially when the historical consensus does not make sense to me as arguably in the English Civil War. One of the problems with today's mainstream media is there is far too little historical context. eg 

Operation Gladio - BBC Timewatch 

Charles I: The Commoners' King - halting then reversing enclosure 

and the 1944 battle of Arnhem, portrayed in the 1977 film 'A Bridge Too Far'. 

A betrayal too far: Only brutal honesty will do at Arnhem’s 70th anniversary  ] 

Earlier this year, Gosling reported for RT on the G7 summit in Bavaria, a subject which the Russian network covered heavily because of the prominent role issues relating to Russia played there, given the repercussions of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. While this might have been an opportunity to break out of his comfort zone and report on a major event, Gosling stayed true to form, saying that the G7 locale was chosen as a convenience for the Bavarian Illuminati. 

[That's not what I said, instead I pointed out the geographical proximity of the pro-Nazi Bank For International Setlements and mentioning the connections some have drawn between the historical Bavarian Illuminati and the French Revolution and two world wars. I didn't say it on RT but both of those wars were closely connected with the British & German Saxe-Gotha royal family whose ancestor Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, around 200 years ago, funded the historical Illuminati secret society.] 

That unusual observation passed by without comment by his interviewer, who was perhaps aware of Gosling’s idiosyncratic area of expertise. 

In December, 2014, Gosling was interviewed on RT concerning why the Western media reports about Russia’s economic problems. He concluded that this was done as part of a shadowy elite’s campaign of economic warfare against Russia. 

[It was actually an interview about EU sanctions on Russia - because of the downing of MH17 and seperatists in Donbass, both of which the EU, wrongly in my opinion, blamed on Russia. ] 

Asked in another RT interview to comment on allegations that London police improperly used the names of dead children in carrying out investigations, Gosling replied, “it’s almost like Scotland Yard is being run like some kind of secret cult, and we’ve got to break that cult if we're going to have justice and we’re going to have decent, fair policing.” Although he didn’t name the cult, it isn’t difficult to see which one he had in mind. 

[And Scotland Yard and SOCA , remember? 

Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police ] 

Interviewed on RT in November 2014 about the root causes of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, Gosling blamed “a criminal elite” within the U.S. government who were trying to start a race war. He went on to claim that the same elite group was also behind the assassination of Martin Luther King and the Manson Family murders. 

[And I'm not the first!] 

While Gosling’s columns on RT’s website sometimes have a reasonable-sounding premise, such as one advocating that MI5, Britain’s domestic intelligence arm, stop spying on religious organizations (“MI5 must get out and stay out of our Places of Worship”), their content is typically a web of bizarre, unrelated assertions. That column in particular leads off by claiming without evidence that Abu Hamza, the violence-advocating former imam of London's Finsbury Park Mosque now serving a life year sentence for promoting terrorism, was a covert agent working for the British government. 

[That's been proven through court evidence 

Abu Hamza 'secretly worked for MI5' to 'keep streets of London safe' ] 

Reading on, one learns that “the fingerprints of Britain’s intelligence agencies...are likely to be found at the scenes of all post-9/11 terror attacks in the UK,” and that this government campaign to frame Muslims is analogous to the Third Reich’s treatment of Jews before the Holocaust. 

[Yup, evidence certainly seems to suggest that 
MI5 failed to track Lee Rigby's jihadi killers after deciding they did not pose enough of a danger, official report set to reveal today 
Fusilier Rigby was butchered by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale 
Both men were known to MI5 but spies ruled they were not a major threat 
Adebolajo posted extremist material on internet in months before murder -reveal.html ] 

Gosling goes on to state that the 7/7 London Tube bombings were carried out by Britain’s foreign intelligence service, MI6, although, as usual, he doesn’t even try to substantiate that allegation. Changing subjects, he asserts (again without citing a single source) that the CIA used money stolen from Nazi Germany to set up Jim Jones’s People’s Temple, and that the Jonestown Massacre was a CIA covert op designed to silence Congressman Leo Ryan’s criticisms of U.S. intelligence agencies. 

[ Again just more lies, with no quoting what I said because that would disprove what Holland's saying ... I'm saying 
And I quote the sources that link the CIA to Jonestown and Jim Jones to Dan Mitrione. Yes this is a murky, secretive world, but any interference by secret societies and services in peoples freedom to worship, particularly by running entrapment operations in mosques and churches really has to be identified and stopped ] 

From there, he abruptly segues into an argument that the murderers of Royal Fusiliers drummer Lee Rigby, who was beheaded by jihadists last year, acted at the behest of MI5, and that those who investigated the crime were in on the conspiracy. 

[ Again I didn't state that as a fact but as speculation, and informed guesswork. It's called Investigative Journalism. 
Throughout this piece Holland has deliberately stated something on which I'm speculating, as something I'm supposed to have asserted as a known fact. Presumably hoping that readers will jot bother to check for themselves and that anyway that doesn't matter because the media which publishes his article has a reach which is orders of magnitude greater than mine. ] 

Gosling concludes that intelligence agencies routinely use clerics or phony clerics to convince innocent believers to commit terrorist acts, and helpfully advises his readers “if you are approached by a dodgy spook or cleric, consider carefully whether you have the confidence to go to the press but meanwhile draw up a short sharp statement of fact, an affidavit, and, if appropriate take it straight to your local civil police”. 

[Good advice, quite right ] 

This dovetails nicely with his belief that Western intelligence agencies have assassinated pretty much everyone of note in the past half-century­former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, Congolese independence leader Patrice Lumumba, Princess Diana, Dr. David Kelly (the British weapons expert), UK politician Robin Cook, John Smith (Tony Blair’s predecessor as leader of the Labour party), Yasser Arafat, Slobodan Milosevic, Hugo Chavez, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson. All were killed by “forces lurking in the unaccountable grey areas of the NATO countries’ military intelligence services.” 

[Yes and while the article is carefully fenced around with ample caveats needed for this sort of speculation, with plenty of question marks in the opening paragraphs Holland appears to have skipped over, there is strong evidence all these people, particularly Patrice Lumumba, Princess Diana and Dr David Kelly, were assassinated 

MI6 Arranged Patrice Lumumba's Assassination, Daphne Park, Former British Spy, Claimed 

Paris-London Connection: The Assassination of Princess Diana Paperback – 26 Jul 2012 

Why I know weapons expert Dr David Kelly was murdered, by the MP who spent a year investigating his death ] 

In another RT column, Gosling argues that Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Brevik was assisted by co-conspirators in the upper echelons of the Norwegian police and media. Gosling apparently bases this claim on the fact that Brevik had been photographed in masonic attire. 

[No, if you read the article my finger of police suspicion is based on them failing to follow Breivik's car despite the registration being phoned in to HQ or even launch the helicopter. Also Norwegian police's harassment of Oslo based author and blogger Torstein Viddal who was pointing these anomalies out. ] 

In a column condemning British responses to Muslim extremism, Gosling argues that anti-extremist Muslim groups secretly work for (of course) the Bilderberg Group, via the Council for Foreign Relations, which, he claims, is merely a Bilderberg front. 

[Nothing cited because, of course, I never said anything of the sort ] 

Other RT columns find him in prophetic mode, such as one which blames “the same nasty cult” that secretly runs the Bilderberg Group and NATO­by which Gosling clearly means the Illuminati­for the Holocaust, 9/11, and the Iraq War. He warns that the Illuminati are planning an apocalyptic war between “Zionists and Jihadis.” 

[ I certainly do see secret power groups such as the Bildderberg as behaving exactly like a cult. But all the other stuff about me using 'code words' is pure nonsense presented as fact.] 

So why does RT bother with him? 

Leaving aside that the network has aired “experts” who, when the camera aren’t rolling moonlight as neo-Nazis or believe the Pope is from outer space and has stolen all the gold from Fort Knox, there’s a purpose to having an Illuminati correspondent on hand. Russia is engaged in a concerted information warfare campaign against the West, designed, as the former Soviet campaign was, to cultivate distrust of the Western or “mainstream” media. An obsession with Freemasonry and the Illuminati is the ur-conspiracy theory; unlike Holocaust denial or 9/11 trutherism (two other well-trod topics at RT), this one can appeal to a large and diverse demographic. The alleged victims of this global elite are white, black, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian, after all. And the perpetrators are everywhere. That’s the best part: No one but Gosling can be trusted because everyone else is potentially in thrall to the Illuminati. 

[Actually investigative journalism is about outing secrets, pointing out anomalies in terrorist attacks like 9/11 and 7/7, of which there are many. When it comes to the subsequent cover-ups and failure of the criminal justice system to but banksters and war criminals in jail, ditto. Secret societies do need to be outed as the UK Parliament's Home Affairs Select Committee (see above) has pointed out, that's what;'s missing from today's bland, dumbed down media which way too often nowadays talks down to readers, viewers and listeners like they're ten year olds. ] 

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- 

Follow up piece in Washington Post 
[This follows a pattern - it does to the Holland article what the Holland article did to my original pieces - exaggerates and distorts even further. A hatchet job appears in a web publication or blog only for the lies to be 'amplified' in major mainstream press - in UK previous online smears on me have so far been republished in the Daily Mail and Private Eye. ] 

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- 

Confessions of an American Illuminati 
RT has an Illuminati correspondent, so I guess the jig is up on the great American conspiracy that secretly runs the world. 

By Daniel W. Drezner July 9 
Daniel W. Drezner is a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and a regular contributor to PostEverything. 

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange at the close of the day after trading was paused for nearly four hours due to a “technical glitch” on July 8 in New York City. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images) 
As a fully paid-up member of the British-American Project, Council on Foreign Relations and the Evil League of Evil, I haven’t been this upset since that documentary “Capricorn One” was released in the 1970s. 

You have to understand: The plan was working perfectly. The European Union is tearing itself apart over Greece. China’s stock market is melting down and China’s government seems powerless to stop it. The edifice of Vladimir Putin’s power structure in Russia gets shakier and shakier with each passing day. It’s not like the rest of the BRICS are doing that great, either. 

And no one knew that the Plunge Protection Team/Trilateral Commission/Legion of Doom was secretly behind all the madness in a plan provided to us by the Underpants Gnomes to make a huge profit. Oh, sure, Vox’s Amanda Taub quoted a former opposition politician in Russia jokingly asserting, “the whole of power in Russia belongs to Putin, but the whole of responsibility for Russian problems belongs to Obama.” But no one believed that guy. China has been crying “hostile foreign forces” a lot recently, but no one in the Chinese educated classes really believed that assertion. 

With no one the wiser, it seemed that the American Illuminati/Freemasons/Stonecutters master plan to simultaneously sabotage every other great power on the planet was finally coming to fruition. And then … Russia Today had to go and find an Illuminati correspondent: 

RT, Russia’s state-run news service aimed primarily at non-Russian audiences, [has a contributor] who specializes in uncovering the hidden role the Illuminati plays in world affairs. His name is Tony Gosling. 

Gosling writes a column for the RT website and frequently appears on RT’s broadcast channels, where he is presented as an investigative journalist, historian or social justice activist. In fact, he is none of those things. He is an arch-traditionalist adherent of the brand of conspiracy theory which he gets directly from … pseudo-historical sources including the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. … 

[ Hang on. That's one source I have never, ever used thanks. 

CIA Document 1035-960: Foundation of a Weaponized Term (CIA promotion of the phrase "Conspiracy Theory" considered "One of the Most Successful Propaganda Initiatives of All Time") 

“Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term ] 

Where in his previous decades of investigating such matters Gosling relied on barely read websites, RT has in recent years provided him with both a regular column published on its own site, and frequent on-air interviews. This gives Gosling an international forum in which he can expound on his ideas about the Freemasons and Illuminati. 

Great. Just great. We were this close to pulling off the Master Plan, and then RT had to go and sign up the one guy who would find out about the Illuminati!! Do any of you readers outside of Opus Dei/Bilderburg/Mugatu have any idea just how blasted’ hard it is to manage an actual conspiracy? How many moving parts there are to it? All it takes is one plucky, incredibly paranoid and anti-Semitic reporter to take down the entire cabal. 

[ Anti-semitic eh? No, this is the dangerous and deliberate conflation of anti-Israeli - with anti Jewish. Pernicious, and a very dangerous misuse of journalism 
George Galloway: dangerous Zionism = Judaism game - BBC Question Time Finchley (05Feb15) ] 

Oh, sure, we tried to cover their tracks. I, for one, thought it was pretty clever to try to suggest that the United States was under attack by combining attacks on the New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines. Made it seem like the United States was also a victim of some sinister SPECTRE-like conspiracy. 

We had hoped that this would throw Gosling off the scent. But first, Felix Salmon saw through that ruse and pointed out the many excellent reasons why this was all a tempest in a teapot (I knew the Illuminati should have accepted his membership application last year). Then some stupid flunkie got greedy and tried to bring Ariana Grande into things, and there’s no way that her badly-typed apology will fool someone dedicated to showing who really runs the world: a tight-knit clan of Rothschilds and Kochs and BuzzFeed interns. 

In retrospect, I don’t think it was RT that was responsible for the whole conspiracy falling apart. No, there were deeper forces at work: the global erosion of trust in public institutions, the persistence of conspiracy theories regardless of pushback efforts, the growth of conspiracy-fueled narratives like Mr. Robot, and, of course, Donald Trump’s truth-telling existence. Us conspirators got cocky. Maybe jerry-rigging Carli Lloyd’s “miraculous” goal from midfield was the final straw of hubris. 

Well, the jig is up now. It’s all true: It’s time to call together all the members of Skull and Bones, Aspen Strategy Group and the Army of the Twelve Monkeys and turn ourselves in. We had a good ride for centuries. But it’s time for a new secret cabal to run the world. Just keep it as far away from Ariana Grande as possible. 

CORRECTION: This post and a quote from a Daily Beast article in it originally incorrectly identified Tony Gosling as an RT employee. In fact, he is a freelance correspondent. 

[ as if that's the only correction lol ] 


Harry’s Place and the BNP – Know the difference? There isn’t one

see also: The observant among us are becoming increasingly aware of a growing trend of pro-war Zionist internet journals and blogs, such as the UK’s neo-conservative and infamously Islamophobic Harry’s Place, that ostensibly like to give the impression of “rallying for the preservation of Western culture” and of “standing up for democratic values”. For the most obvious of reasons, these sites are almost exclusively focused on “the problem of Islam” and the Muslim migrants’ “troubled and reactionary” communities and politics, while simultaneously, relentlessly and forcefully propounding a propagandistic Zionist agenda. Interestingly enough, other immigrants are routinely depicted on these blog pages as being “harmless”, or as “positive contributors to society” – you won’t find Hans Rustad or Harry 's Place criticizing the Jewish lobbies, the likes of Lord Levy or the Russian oligarchs’ disastrous impact on “Western culture” and “democratic values” any time soon.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010 17:30 Added by PT Editor Omar Ghraieb

UK, May 11, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) After my last response to Harry’s place I was hoping that they would again go on the attack but suddenly for some strange reason they remain silent. Could it be that they are not in a position to respond or do not have the technical background to discuss my comments. It’s truly very very sad because it’s good to debate, especially when this group of bullies just kept attacking anything that moves or anyone who reads the Qur'an.

It actually didn’t take long to find out a little more about these Zionist intimidators that operate a cloak and dagger operation against anyone that talks out against Israel. So its time to play the same game that they play and at the same time expose them and who they actually work for.

'Harry's Place' Zionist blog's editor David ToubeHead of the establishment and registered owner of the blog is the notorious David T who’s real name is David S Toube. This top of the league intimidator is a lawyer by profession and can be found at the London offices of Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP, City Place House, 55 Basinghall Street, London EC2V 5EH. I am sure if any of those that have been intimidated or bullied by this low life can certainly contact him via 020 7614 2200 or why not email him and don’t forget to greet him with Shalom (???????).

The company portfolio reads as follows: The corporate practice includes mergers and acquisitions (both public and private). It also has significant experience in private equity transactions (both public and private), joint venture and outsourcing work, corporate reorganizations and restructurings. Our lawyers work on both U.S. and English law transactions and frequently work with colleagues in our U.S. and European offices on large cross-border deals. Our clients include major corporations, private equity houses and financial institutions.

It is extremely hard to understand why such a well recognized international legal company would hire someone, who must surely spend most of his time writing articles and insulting anything Arabic or Islamic. Does his company monitor his performance? One would imagine that his productivity on legal matters must fall well short of expectations as he spends most of the time on Harry’s Blog.

One would normally associate a company such as Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton as having only the best lawyers under their roof but obviously sometimes there is an exception to the rule.

David Toube not only attacks the Palestine Telegraph but is also one of the main instigators of Islamaphobia in the UK. He frequently also attacks the BNP, when in actual fact it is a fine line between Harry’s Place and the BNP as both groups are full of racial hatred. There is no place in this country for the likes of both David Toube and his twin brother Nick Griffin. If I was the CEO of this well respected company I would immediately remove him from my staff for bringing the good name of the company into disrepute.

David Toube has a long history of harassment going back some years and what is so amazing about this imbecile is the fact that he is extremely critical of what he considers to be Islamic Ranters……….so my dear readers it is time to start taking off your shoes and start throwing them at his companies premises…..can you imagine the impact?

Whilst talking about ranting…..take a look at David himself ranting on at a meeting that he gate crashed. This is a typical, off his brain, Zionist that simply cannot take no for an answer….enjoy: lieb-lawyer-david-toube.html

For my part being ex Military Intel, maybe David Toube is acting as an agent for the Israel Government or Mossad. Having observed his mannerisms and his ranting I would really consider him more of a liability or security risk than an operative. When such a person, by his writing and mouthing off, attracts criticism, the whole ball game changes. As they say in England “Let sleeping dogs lie.” It is clear to me (with my background) that anyone who challenges comments made in a paper and who do not themselves have technical/professional ability to explain why are a danger and embarrassment to whom they represent. Instead of being an asset to Israel or the company they represent they become a liability.

David Toube shot himself in the foot when he challenged me on two issues:

We are all professionals in our own areas of expertise and it was clear that David Toube was in dangerously deep water and that the topic on hand was clearly above his mental capacity.

A flat mate of his passed an extremely good reference for him when he stated the following “

I lived in a Montefiore Hall flat with David Toube in the first year of his undergraduate degree course at Southampton University. He has always been opinionated. Last thing I heard somebody had punched him on the nose at the graduation ball. He seemed to play devil's advocate too much. I would say he was an intellectual bully too.

I am sure that we can dig much deeper into other members of Harry’s Place if they choose to continue to attack the Palestine Telegraph or continue to insult Islam…..remember dear David T “What goes around comes around”……just get back into your box and close the lid.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 11/5/2010

16Dec08 - Arpad Busson's Schillings legal threat re EIM Group and ARK Schools to hoster

This one is a take-down order relating to the dangerous connections of certain directors of private companies building and taking over secondary and academy schools in the UK.,,_16_Dec_2008



In fact I knew nothing about any defamation actions in the past and this material was amongst thousands of posts by forum users and I can hardly be expected to read them all. United Hosting had been providing a dreadful service with lots of unexplained downtime, failing to provide backups, failure to communicate properly etc. etc. anyway so I moved hosts following this episode.

If people spot potentially defamatory material on the 911 forum or elsewhere in most circumstances, should it prove malicious, a phone call to me or email will suffice to get the material removed and the user concerned either warned or banned depending on the severity. After all - we do have some of the best forum rules in the business even if I do say so myself.....

05Dec08 - Combat 18's Redwatch target Tony Gosling

Now I'm top Red in the South West of England on Combat 18's SW Redwatch page as of 27 October 2008. Was it because of this page?

A bit bizzare to be slagged by both right and left at the same time - anyway here's what they say...



Tony Gosling targeted by Combat 18's Redwatch

This is Tony Gosling, Indymedia hack and all round weirdo.

Check out this site -

He's also Bristols Vice chair of the National Union of Journalists.

Tony Gosling
14 Lancaster Road
St. Werburghs

Telephone 0117 955 6769

20Nov08 - Harry's Place hate blog distortion causes my suspension from the UK Green Party

Please follow further developments here

Your editor criticised in Private Eye

I have various problems of basic fairness with this episode

1. Anonymous Journalist called 'ratbiter' and Eugene Byrne of Bristol's Venue magazine were both told, presumably by national GP External Comms PR Tracy Deighton-Brown, that I was about to be suspended before I was told anything. (I have since been informed by sources close to Private Eye that Ratbiter is  in fact either Paul Stott or Larry O'Hara of 'Notes From The Borderland' fame)

2. I was supporting Bristol parents, Muslim and others, who didn't want their seven year olds 'educated' with these picture books portraying gay relationships. They had just run a sucessful protest outside two primary schools to have the books removed as there had been no consultation with governors or parents.

3. The Green Party policy says nothing about teaching sexuality in primary school education and this initial suspension and the publicity it's generated assumes that it is Green Party policyto allow gay rights campaigns into primary schools. At an age where I would argue they (and all sex education) has absolutely no place, hence my using the strong tem 'gay mafia'. It is simply lazy thinking to assume that gay rights extends into all walks of life - even children as young as six. And that gay rights campaigners can 'do no wrong'.

4. Two weeks after the first press call my local party, Bristol West, still haven't asked me anything about the business. All this bad publicity could have been avoided if the party had talked to me before the press. It's as if the party, in the person of External Communications maestro Tracy Deighton-Brown, were only too happy to fall upon its sword.

5. The pieces are both based on an anonymous blog piece by 'Harry' who the previous week had penned this utter dross about the UK's top civil liberties campaigner.

6. My local party have accused me of telling Muslim News that I was a current Green Party Candidate which I wasn't, to my knowledge, and certainly didn't.

Jim Paton circulating libelous material about me under pseudonyms

Under the name Wilf Rosenberg Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) and ex TLIO 'stalwart' Jim Paton has been circulating libelous material acusing me of homophobia and anti-Semitism. He has been writing letters under another pseudonym 'Stroppy Old Git' attacking me to Private Eye and circulating the same slurs elsewhere.

I have to respond to such accusations rather than ignore them because those who either don't know me or don't bother to look into these very serious accusations, clearly written as statements of fact, are likely to believe Jim's malicious nonsense.

In my opinion there is not a more serious accusations that anybody can make about you than that you are a bigoted racist. I find the flippant way in which Jim Paton states this as 'fact' about me to be not 'a larf' but utterly abhorrent.

Accusation of homophobia.

Jim is accusing me, as has Paul Stott/Larry O'Hara in Private Eye, of making 'homophobic comments'. I described gay rights campaigners who lied saying they consulted parents about the introduction of gay relationship picture books for six year olds when they didn't, as a 'gay mafia'. It should be clear to most rational people that I was attacking them for lying about whether or not they consulted parents and not because they were gay. To be homophobic, as I understand it, you have to criticise people for being gay. In this case I made it absolutely clear that I might be wrongly accused of being homophobic, which indeed Jim has done. I was speaking in support of protests outside two schools in Easton, Bristol where Bristol City Council Education Department lied to the press on the day of the protests saying they had consulted parents when they hadn't. This of course made the parents even more angry.

Accusation of Anti-Semitism.

Jim circulates as fact the accusation that I in some way 'promote' The Protocols of the Learned Elders Of Zion. This I in no way do. Any search on my name and the protocols will reveal the fact that everywhere I see them discussed, on forums I run etc. I atack and dissuade anyone from taking them seriously or giving them any credence whatsoever. However I do acknowledge that there is disagreement about their authenticity. That is as far as I go and abslutely does not amount to any kind of endorsement.

David Irving is a fool, but I absolutely defend his right to freedom of speech, however obnoxious his views. I have also made it absolutely clear that I do not endorse his views on the holocaust. However I have, with clearly stated reservations, draw attention to one of his books in which contains unique insights into the workings of the Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels garnered from the Moscow Berlin archives.

Some of us may see a pattern emerging here, that Jim sees all these areas and individuals as 'taboo'. Everything David Irving writes must be wrong. Everything the gay lobby do must be right. Every criticism of Israel must be motivated by race hatred. This is simply lazy thinking. Life is not as simple as Jim would like it to be with everything either 'black' or 'white'.

Jim appears to want me to be both a homophobe and an anti-Semite and in order to re-inforce his own projected view circulates innuendo and outright lies about me on the internet and even now in a national magazine. All under the cowardly guise of various pseudonyms.

The time has come for these reckless and cowardly attacks to stop in the interests of truth and honesty and the campaign.

It is a great pity that despite requests Jim has refusd to clarify or discuss these matters with me directly and continues, in an almost psychotic manner, to circulate his malicious falsehoods as fact behind my back, appearing to believe that he can continue to do so with impunity.

I write this after another such libelous attack on the G20 list and appeal for those who take highly divisive matter like this seriously to make their views clear to both myself and Jim.

It is a pity to have to bring this matter to your attention but this is because I have never received any response from Jim to my request for him to explain himself, answer some of the very serious points I make above.

04Dec08 - Here is Ian Henshall's reply to the Private Eye piece:

To Private Eye

Hello Folks,

Concerning Ratcatcher's nazis and homophobes under the bed piece attacking the Green Party, it was I who helped persuade a majority of the party conference to support a call for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. None of the people he attacks were present. Ratcatcher was clearly not present either.

Ratcatcher forgot to mention the only argument that anyone actually raised: that the facts don't fit the official 9/11 story and many in the US including the US Green Party are supporting the call to reinvestigate 9/11. Having done many months work researching and writing a book on the subject (when I could have earned much more money running my coffee business) I find it a little irritating that instead of checking the facts on the 9/11 attacks, which as you will recall "changed everything" (every pro-Washington media outlet) and made Washington's pre-planned Iraq war a reality, you prefer to run "political analysis" on the Green Party, fuelled presumably over a few invigorating jars at the local hostelry.

By the way I am not a nazi or a homophobe, just an old fashioned left of centre guy who distrusts Washington and the CIA. So are most people in the 9/11 truth movement. So perhaps you could rectify Ratcatcher's piece of guilt by association by letting your readers know that my book "911 The New Evidence" is published by Constable and Robinson and available on Amazon. You might even make the effort to read it yourself if you get stuck on a train.

Ian Henshall

PS. I heard a rumour that there could be a nazi buying Private Eye. Can you assure us you have taken all possible steps to prevent this? If not, you might find Ratcatcher doing a piece on you.

Here is both the Private Eye piece and the Bristol Venue piece for the record as neither are on the internet.

Private Eye wrote:


ENVIRONMENTALISTS who read the leaked BNP membership list are in for a shock. Among the far rightists listed as collectors of "lurchers", "World War II militaria" and "medieval longbows" is one Keith Bessant, whom the BNP describes as a "former Green Party parliamentary candidate".

So he is. Bessant was one of the West Country's leading Greens, standing in Cheltenham in the 2001 and 2005 elections. A party spokesman said he had gone over to the BNP because its climate-change policy "was more radical", a statement which was strange for what it left out.

The Greens missed the opportunity to say that Bessant had turned from a lovable environmentalist into a bigot. But that may be because the bigotries of anti-semitism and homophobia are not exactly hanging offences in the party.

In June, police searching for a missing German woman, Natalie Bracht, arrested Tony Gosling, a Green candidate in Bristol, and his partner. They searched his home before releasing them without charge. Northumbria detectives said they were worried about Bracht's mental health and the safety of her five children after she covered their faces with headscarves and vanished from her Sunderland home. She has since turned up safe and well in Germany.

Gosling admitted to meeting Bracht briefly.

She told him that Mossad was behind the 7/7 bombings, which had "nothing to do with Muslims", and added for good measure that South Gosforth Reformed Synagogue in Newcastle hid a "Masonic/Zionist cell".

She confided in the right man. Gosling said that although he could not confirm her story of a Jewish conspiracy in South Gosforth, it was important to bring her accusations to a wider audience.

Previously, Gosling had announced that he kept "an open mind" on whether the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion that Hitler used to justify the Holocaust were indeed forged. "Many Jewish people believe The Protocols of Zion to be anti-Jewish hate material," he said. "In fact, their authenticity has never been entirely proven or disproven."

Gosling told the Muslim News, meanwhile, that the introduction of books about gay relationships into Bristol schools "personally disgusted" him. "It's the gay mafia in full swing."

Green conspiracy theories are used to explain not only the 7/7 Islamist attacks but also 9/11. Martin Deane, Green candidate in Hull, announced: "Having clocked up a few hundred hours now looking at evidence on the internet, I believe at the very least there is culpable US government complicity in the events of 9/11."

The Hull Green Party's website links to 9/11 "truth" reports that blame the attacks on the CIA and, of course, Mossad. Deane campaigned with fellow activist Justin Walker to get his party to demand a reinvestigation into the 9/11 attacks. The motion was defeated - but by the less than crushing margin of two votes.

Walker left the Greens when he went a conspiracy theory too far and embraced David Icke, the former sports presenter and green leader, who believes the world is controlled by giant lizards rather than Jews. The Green establishment might "demonise" Icke, Walker said in an open letter, but "closed minds, my friends, do not get to the truth!"

The gay rights group Outrage is demanding that the party cleans up its act, while Jewish Greens are so nervous that they have established a splinter group, Greens Engage.

Perhaps the gay and Jewish greens should not be too surprised by the crossover between the Green Party and the BNP. After all, the first European government to preach environmentalism was the government of Nazi Germany.


Venue magazine wrote:

Green Party row over 'gay' schoolbooks

Special report: Eugene Byrne

The Green Party in Bristol has suspended one of its members for making homophobic comments in a newspaper interview. Remarks made by Tony Gosling, 46, have been condemned by prominent gay rights campaigner

Peter Tatchell, who is also the Green Party's Spokesperson for Human Rights. The offending quotes were published in The Muslim News, a UK monthly newspaper. In April it carried an article about parents of children at two Bristol inner-city primary schools objecting to books

portraying gay relationships as normal. Bristol City Council said at the time that the books are to try to prevent children whose parents are in same-sex relationships being bullied.

The Muslim News quoted Gosling as a Green Party council candidate who said he was "per¬sonally disgusted" by the books. "No way should kids be indoctrinated in this way. Anyone who says so is branded as homophobic which they are not; it's the gay mafia in full swing."

Gosling told Venue that to the best of his recollection the article quoted him accurately, and he stands by the comments he made. He says he did not claim to be a Green Party council candidate (though he has stood for election in the past) and made the remarks in a personal capacity. "I was told by the Muslim News reporter that the books depicted a positive portrayal of gay sexual relations to primary age kids and were targeted at very young children. I am a Christian and thus have a lot in common with Muslim ideas of good educational practices. Personally I object to children at and up to the age of puberty being taught that homosexual relationships are 'normal' and portray them in a positive light.. I use the term 'gay mafia' to describe gay rights campaigners who overstep the mark and to emphasise that no social group or community is immune to criticism."

Gosling is a well-known and divisive figure in local activist circles, involved in film-making and internet radio. He was one of the original group involved in setting up the Bristol Indymedia independent news website, and is also currently Vice Chair of the Bristol branch of the National Union of Journalists. When asked whether or not his statements ran contrary to the equalities policies both of the Green party and other organ¬isations he represents, he refused to be drawn, saying he had better read the books first.

He has a national profile for investigating various conspiracy theories, claiming, among other things, that the government is covering up the full story of the July 2005 London bombings. He maintains a huge, rambling website at which is crammed with reports and speculation on global conspiracy theories, Biblical prophecy, the Freemasons and more.

His comments to the Muslim News were only recently highlighted by the Harry's Place political blog ( In response, Peter Tatchell said: "His anti-gay stance is disowned by the Green Party. It is right that pupils should have an awareness and understanding of others who are different from them. These books are not about sex. They help promote tolerance, which is a good thing."

Gosling suspects that the emergence of the story now is a plot against him: "I don't think it's a coincidence that this criticism is timed to coincide with a documentary I'm working on exposing the police and government lies over the 7/7 London bombings, and calling for a proper public enquiry with all the various witnesses' evidence made public."

The Green Party in Bristol last week issued a statement saying that in the Muslim News interview, he gave the inaccurate impression that he was a Green Party candidate, which he was not His membership has now been suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary process which may result in his expulsion.

And here are the replies to the Private Eye piece in the next fortnights' letters page

Green shouts


Concerning Ratcatcher's (sic) Nazis and homophobes under the bed piece attacking the Green Party, it was I who helped persuade a majority of the party conference to support a call for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. None of the people he attacks were present.

Ratcatcher was clearly not present either. Ratcatcher forgot to mention the only argument that anyone actually raised: that the facts don 't fit the official 9/11 story and many in the US including the US Green Party are supporting the call to reinvestigate 9/11. Having done many months work researching and writing a book on the subject (when I could have earned much more money running my coffee business) I find it a little irritating that instead of checking the facts on the 9/11 attacks, which as you will recall "changed everything" (every pro-Washington media outlet) and made Washington s pre-planned Iraq war a reality, you prefer to run "political analysis" on the Green Party, fuelled presumably over a few invigorating jars at the local hostelry.

By the way, I am not a Nazi or a homophobe, just an old-fashioned left of centre guy who distrusts Washington and the CIA. So are most people in the 9/11 Truth movement.


Via email.



'Ratbiter ' is stretching the bounds of reason and logic to breaking point by implying that a couple of ex-Green Party members who are now in the BNP and one or two conspiracy theorists in the ranks means that the Green Party can trace a direct line of descent from the Nazis. Infact the whole piece was a farrago of snide insinuation and sixth-form debating society ad hominem arguments.

You might like to know that the Tony Gosling mentioned in the piece has also been a local representative for the National Union of Journalists - presumably, using Ratbiter s logic, this means that all journalists are also Nazis, including, er... 'Ratbiter'!

DR DAVID MURAKAMI WOOD (ex-Green Party National Policy Committee),

North Shields.



I fear that Ratbiter may have caused Tony Gosling to be confused with someone else of the same name (Green Grow The Bigots, 0 - Eye 1224). The Tony Gosling who says of the blatantly faked Protocols of the Elders of Zion that "their authenticity has never been entirely proven or disproven" obviously applies very rigorous standards of proof indeed. He cannot be the same as the avowedly christian, ex-BBC, "investigative journalist" who plays such a prominent part in the 9/11 "truth" movement. In those circles any little wisp of circumstantial fluff is hailed as "evidence ", if not "proof", of something or other. No aircraft were crashed into the twin towers, you understand, they were merely holograms.

If you doubt this, you are simply a dupe or mouthpiece of the CIA.

JIM PATON, London E8.


08Jun04 - Gosling is Poison - page 2

chief nonce of them all

Join Date: Oct 2001

Posts: 8,158

Beware though, the bloke who runs that site ( is poison - he's been kicked out of Bristol indymedia, he links to far right sites, he lies and makes stuff up - he's fallen out with more people than i care to remember as result, and his latest wheeze has been to smear the Bristolian Party, in line with his long running series of smears on class war and CW related people - as well as having his tongue so far up shaylers arse that it's a wonder he can breathe. I wouldn't go near him, or trust a damn thing that came out of his mouth.

08-06-2004, 09:26 AM

May04 - 'Space Bunny' web page declares Tony Gosling is allied to the far right

The following is quoted from aka 'Space Bunny's website:

I have added my comments in square brackets - TG - There is more interesting stuff on 'Space Bunny' below.


Tony Gosling - Fellow traveller of the far right

Here are some of my (and others) musings on those focus on Bilderberg. Tony Gosling started pushing his stuff through Land is Ours a few years ago, and I rang him as soon as I saw it, to see if he knew of whose other fantasies Bilderburg attracted, and he did. So I left it as I did not care much for the Land is Ours anyway so it reputation was not my concern. But glad to see they eased him out over this.


As I have found other commitments always more pressing so been a while till I put thoughts down in writing. So here for now are some of my comments from my emails and publicly circulated emails of others, some from a while back, so they may read bit odd and repetitive when taken out of email context (without seeing what I am responding to or knowing readership I am addressing) . Any feedback, corrections or comments welcome.

The issue of Tony Gosling's views have come up on IMC features list. and also on Indymedia UK process list and Indymedia Bristol lists

On his page:

He points people to "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" where he says:

"Well-known book 'Warrant for Genocide' attempts to prove the Protocols to be a forgery."

So he he knows of the Norman Cohn's book which not only attempts but does actually prove they are a forgery. Why does Tony Gosling want to put this simply as an 'attempt'.

[because there is some evidence, however small and, in my opinion, barely significant that they are genuine documents associated with extreme right-wing Zionist jewish thinking]

This book brings together proof that has appeared before in many places including the Times in 1921 showing how they are based on Dialogue aux Enfers a satire against Napoleon. Does Tony Gosling believe this earlier work was not published?


Warrant for Genocide is well worth reading for it overview on evolution of anti-Semitism, but some info on the forgery of the Protocols can be found at:

[a pro secret-society website written by freemasons]

He says "Some elements, led presumably by Zionists or other Jews, attempt to suppress discussion of the document, even though it usually leads to the conclusion that the documents are forgeries." I think most are just keen to point out how bogus the document is, and wary of those such as Tony who take an interest in it, like many would be wary of those who point to written child porn

[if there is any connection here I don't see it]

to understand child-adult sexual relations.

Well I suggest people do read Norman Cohn, Warrant for Genocide: The Myth of the Jewish World Conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, (London: Serif, 1996 (1967)).

[so do I, its a good book!]

I don't doubt that in Tony's eyes Spotlight's corespondents seem like 'a sincere, concerned pair',

[they are, after all the propaganda I'd heard about Spotlight's so called 'evils' I was wary but they were ]

(Tony G in Squall) but for him to publish that is a apology for Nazis.


And to offset this Tony's may describe Spotlight as the 'sometimes seemingly xenophobic right- wing magazine', but for me this is not enough to excuse his praise. But he praises them even more later in his article in Squall.

Tony G is still pushing the ex-spotlight crowd at:

[at least Bunny gives the website here - please do check it out - I guess Mr Bunny hopes you won't]

He does not just link to a particular page on their site in a footnote ref but generally pushes them as a source for understanding the way the world is. He can't see anything far right about them.

[Neither can any reasonable person]

I hope you do better because I think that would be quite telling of your politics. If you have not read Spotlight which has now folded then check this out from:


by Chip Berlet, Political Research Associates

Liberty Lobby

Among the most influential ultra-right groups

[right. yes. ultra-right. no]

in the U.S. is the virulently anti-Jewish Liberty Lobby.

[which uses jewish writers - anti-jewish? Spotlight gave jewish people no special favoured treatment and named them as jews if it felt it was relevant]

With its newspaper Spotlight, Liberty Lobby spreads racialism across the U.S., and serves as a bridge to the paramilitary and neo-Nazi right.

[so if they're not neo-nazis they must be a 'bridge' to them - complete rubbish]

The Washington Post has described Spotlight as a "newspaper containing orthodox conservative political articles interspersed with anti-Zionist tracts and classified advertisements for Ku Klux Klan T-shirts, swastika-marked German coins and cassette tapes of Nazi marching songs." That description is actually mild.

[that description of this defunkt title is also rubbish]

Spotlight, with a readership of some 200,000, claims it is neither anti-Jewish nor pro-Nazi, but one article referred to the Waffen SS, the elite corps of ideological Nazis, as a "multinational anti-communist mass movement, which was, in fact, the largest all-volunteer army in history."

[a quote at last but... what's the problem?]

The Spotlight also celebrates neo-Nazi skinheads and the apartheid government of South Africa.

[rubbish again - note. no references or quotes]

Liberty Lobby, Spotlight, the International Revisionist Conference, the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), Noontide Press, and IHR's Journal of Historical Review are all projects of Willis Carto, one of America's most influential racial theorists. Carto is described by the London-based anti-fascist magazine Searchlight

[widely believed to be a front for UK Military Intelligence]

as the "leading US publisher of anti-semitic, racist and pro-Nazi material."

[This is the same rubbish, word for word, published by the pro-Zionist Anti-Defamation League who have, in a sick twist, themselves been sucessfully prosecuted for defaming innocent people as 'anti-Semites'. Space Bunny continues, at great length, to quote Chip Berlet who describes several other mildly right wing civil rights organisations in the US as Neo-Nazis and, without any references, links them all 'closely' to Liberty Lobby. He also reveals that the recently deceased author Anthony Sutton is 'a neo-Nazi'. Nothing could be futher from the truth if you actually take even  a cursory look at Suttons writings. But then the whole point of Space Bunny and Chip Berlet's musings is to attempt to persuade you not to read them. I had been considering legal action against Space Bunny for his paranoid musings until a legal friend advised me that the material might not be taken seriously because it was so loosly argued and badly referenced!]

Tony Gosling - Fellow traveller of the far right

Above lies thought to be posted by Stephen Marlow, Bilston Glen. A seriously misguided member of the Scottish Indymedia Collective and pal of 'Anarchobabe' from Sheffield Indymedia. The poster is also known as 'Space Bunny'

'Space Bunny' trying to cotrol language used to describe the business elite

>> this character "Space Bunny" doesn't have a great legend in
>> that respect, running the website for the pseudo-punk writer Stewart
>> Home who has far right links particularly with proto-fascist music
>> bands, so any commentary from this person is somewhat redundant. He
>> also played a very reactionary and dodgy role in the run-up to the
>> GANDALF trials - I would strongly recommend that comrades keep a
>> close eye on "Space Bunny" and his involvement on this list as his
>> politics is far from genuine and his motives questionable. Watch out
>> for agents provocateurs and spies within our own movement.
>> >
>> >Dave the diva
>> >
>> >Brighton Dissent wrote:
>> >
>> > >Anti-Capitalist Action! 5th-6th November 2005
>> > >
>> > >Remember, remember the 5th of November
>> > >
>> > >Business leaders, politicians and academics are
>> > >planning on meeting at Wilton Park Conference Centre
>> > >near Brighton and Worthing in East Sussex for a two
>> > >day Conference called “International Rule Making for
>> > >Global Capital Markets”.
>> > >
>> >[...]
>> >
>> > >The Meeting is supposed to be informal and “off the
>> > >record’. An opportunity for the elite to meet, discuss
>> > >and strategise.
>> > >
>> > >
>> >Space Bunny <> wrote:
>> > >
>> >I have questioned those that have been using term 'elite' in texts put
>> >out under the Dissent banner.
>> >Even though some have taken on board my questioning of use of term, no
>> >one using this term so far with dissent network has answered me as to
>> >why they choose to use it.
>> >
>> >And now it has entered the heading on some publicity for this action, I
>> >have been putting this to those pushing this term.
>> >
>> >Those coming together as the dissent network are in general
>> >anti-capitalists. Capitalism is a social relation, the mass of people
>> >are force to sell their labour to survive as the means of doing are not
>> >under their control.
>> >
>> >The bosses / market who control our lives, backed up by the law both
>> >criminal and civil enforced ultimately by the police.
>> >
>> >A clear open generally understood hierarchy of power exists from those
>> >that directly control our lives and limit our choices to those that
>> hold
>> >high executive power coming together in institutions of that power such
>> >as the G8.
>> >
>> >Interactions between people that lead to our alienation from our own
>> >tasks are complex. We in many cases must revert to shorthand or jargon,
>> >for sake of getting task of communicating done.
>> >
>> >A vast history of political understanding and debate has generally used
>> >the label 'ruling class' for this strata.
>> >

02Mar04 - personal threat by email

Received: from [] by (NTMail 5.06.0016/NT8419.00.a1ace7f3) with ESMTP id tydelaaa for; Tue, 2 Mar 2004 15:58:56 +0000
Received: from [] (
by with esmtp (Exim 3.35 #1)
id 1AyBKP-0006Ho-00
for; Tue, 02 Mar 2004 15:57:01 +0100
Received: from [] (helo=infong166 ident=8)
by with smtp (Exim 3.35 #1)
id 1AyBKP-0004Qd-00
for; Tue, 02 Mar 2004 15:57:01 +0100
Received: from [](IP may be forged by CGI script)
by with HTTP; Tue, 2 Mar 2004 15:57:00 +0100
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 15:57:00 +0100
Precedence: bulk
Subject: You are a complete tw*t !!!!
Message-Id: <>
X-Provags-ID: sender-info:68691455@infong166

Sorry Tony,

As a Freemason, I shouldn't resort to getting angry, Brotherly Love and all that..... but you..... Count yourself lucky I don't drive over to Bristol to give you a good kicking you cunt!!! I've just tripped over your website whilst researching Masonic stuff, and I am truly incensed at your bigoted opinions, inflated ego and sarcastic approach to freemasonry!!!! You are a self opinionated, bigoted, anarchistic, big nosed, greenpeace tw*t! Stick to things you know about, not Anti Masonic propaganda. Publishing your photograph, address and telephone number is a very bad idea.

I strongly suggest you remove all anti-Masonic propaganda as a matter of urgency! I have passed your details on to a couple of Brethren, who unlike me are not 'peaceful' practicers of the Craft, they have also taken a very unhealthy dislike to you and your opinions. You are a low life maggot!

Publish this mail, even reply to it, and I'll personally ensure I put you in a world of pain!

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

WBro. Andrew PPGStwd.

Sent by whale-mail

19Nov03 - Attempts to hack into my hard drive

Here is my Firewall log file for the last few years - for those interested in such things.

14Nov04 - IMC-bristol - A phone call from Ian Ferguson

from Tony Gosling

Got to get this on the record,

Ian Ferguson phoned my mobile yesterday evening, Thursday, at around 4.45pm extremely irate that I had posted his correspondance with me (subject: bunker feature stuff drags on - see below) to the editorial list. He told me he had explained in a previous email that I should not make any of his comments to me public.

"I think you did this on purpose Gosling" he said getting more and more angry. He then threatened me saying "Next time I see you I'm going to punch you so fucking hard" and put the phone down.

I am certainly not about to be intimidated into keeping quiet about what I consider to be insulting, threatening and bullying behaviour by one of the collective in a responsible position who should know better.

And while I didn't originally do it on purpose - I now make no apology Ian for posting your attempts to insult and bully me into seeing things your way - For all to see how you try to operate out of view of the accountability of the collective and the public. I insist you apologise for last night's threats.

At the end of all this the New computers for NATO bunker feature's censorship issue still has not been resolved. Can someone please take the lead on this because Ian and I are clearly too involved to sort it out ourselves.

Tony Gosling

0117 944 6219

07786 952037

Bunker feature stuff drags on

25Oct02 - Google's clandestine love affair with the US Department of Defense/NSA - Fort Meade

Is Google really as jolly and friendly as it seems?

See also: - the real McCoy! - this weblog appears to be a front - won't publish any of my criticism of Google

1. One of Google's star software engineers, Matthew Cutts, used to work for the US Department of Defense at Fort Meade Maryland, USA. How do we know? Well, he posted his CV up on the net with those details on, he's now removed it. Out of embarrassment? Matthew Cutts' CV - His time at Fort Meade

2. A recent advert for a job at Google included the requirement for the candidate to have top level U.S. security clearance... is it compulsory to be a spook when you work at Google??

Matthew Cutts CV

Cutts' CV page (he's now removed it) /personal/resume.html

Matt Cutts

Sitterson Hall
UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill,
NC 27599
(919) 962-1708


M.S. Computer Science, May 1998 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill GPA: 3.94

B.S. Computer Science and Mathematics, May 1995 University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY GPA: 4.0 Graduated summa cum laude with departmental honors in both computer science and mathematics. Received Maurice Clay award for outstanding graduating senior from College of Engineering


Operating Systems: Linux/Unix/X, Windows, and Macintosh Languages: C/C++, PHP, Perl, SQL, Java, shell scripts, HTML, sed, CGI & WWW Protocols Software: Matlab, OpenGL, PhotoShop, 3D Studio Max, Microsoft Office, etc. Other skills: image processing, computer graphics, geometric/scientific algorithms, information retrieval


May 1999 - August 1999 Numerical Design, Ltd.

Software Engineer Ported award-winning NetImmerse game engine to Linux and Macintosh. Expanded tool that converted 3D Studio Max hierarchies into convex rooms with portals.

August 1995 - present Dept. of Computer Science, UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Research Assistant Currently working on Ph.D. topic: general purpose computation using graphics hardware.

August 1994 - May 1995 Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40508

Mathematical Sciences Staff Performed research on an Advanced Technology in Education grant. Determined the necessary hardware for a distance-learning class, installed the Linux operating system on over twenty computers, and taught a two-day workshop on using the system. Supported fifteen sites for a semester, and served as teaching assistant on the distance-learning class.

January 1992 - August 1994 Department of Defense, 9800 Savage Road, Ft. George G. Meade, MD 20755-6000

Co-operative education student Completed four work tours (over a year total) with the National Security Agency. During my first tour I produced a sizable report on UNIX security which resulted in a $500 Special Performance Cash Award. On other tours I worked on natural language processing tools, telecommunications, and hardware design of an encryption chip.


Lars Nyland, David McAllister, Voicu Popescu, Chris McCue, Anselmo Lastra, Paul Rademacher, Manuel Oliveira, Gary Bishop, Gopi Meenakshisundaram, Matt Cutts, and Henry Fuchs. "The Impact of Dense Range Data on Computer Graphics" Proceedings of Multi-View Modeling and Analysis Workshop (MVIEW99) (Part of CVPR99), (Fort Collins, CO), June 23-26, 1999.

Raskar, Ramesh, Greg Welch, Matt Cutts, Adam Lake, Lev Stesin, and Henry Fuchs. "The Office of the Future: A Unified Approach to Image-Based Modeling and Spatially Immersive Displays," SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Proceedings, Annual Conference Series. ACM SIGGRAPH, July 1998, Orlando, FL.

"Efficient Image Generation for Multiprojector and Multisurface Displays." Ramesh Raskar, Matt Cutts, Greg Welch, and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger. Ninth Eurographics Workshop on Rendering. June 29-July 1, 1998, Vienna, Austria. This paper will also appear as: Drettakis, G., Max, N. (eds.), Rendering Techniques '98. Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Vienna, Austria, June 29-July 1, 1998. 231 partly coloured figures. XI, 339 pages. ISBN 3-211-83213-0. August 1998. W. Brent Seales, Cheng J. Yuan, Wei Hu, Matthew D. Cutts, Object recognition in compressed imagery, Image And Vision Computing 16(5) (1998) 337-351.

"Sketch-N-Make: Automated Machining of CAD Sketches." Mark Bloomenthal, Robert Zeleznik, Russell Fish, Loring Holden, Andrew Forsberg, Richard Riesenfeld, Matt Cutts, Samuel Drake, Henry Fuchs, Elaine Cohen. 18th Computers In Engineering Conference, part of DETC98 (Design Engineering Technical Conferences). September 13-16, 1998, Atlanta, Georgia.

"An Immersive Tool for Wide-Area Collaborative Design". Brook Conner, Matt Cutts, Russ Fish, Henry Fuchs, Loring Holden, Marco Jacobs, Brian Loss, Lee Markosian, Rich Riesenfeld, and Greg Turk. in TeamCAD, GVU/NIST Workshop on Collaborative Design, (Atlanta, Georgia, May 12-13, 1997), pp 139-143.

"An Introduction to the GIMP". Matt Cutts. In ACM Crossroads, issue 3.4 (Summer 1997), pp. 28-30. A Spanish language version is available.

"Active Camera Control from Compressed Image Streams." W. Brent Seales and Matthew D. Cutts. In Proc. SPIE Photonics East: Sensor Fusion and Networked Robotics, Philadelphia, October 1995.


Link Foundation Fellowship ($18000 for 1 year).

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship ($14,400 per year for 3 years).

Singletary Scholarship (full four-year scholarship; UK gives twenty each year).

Gaines Fellowship in the Humanities ($5000 award for two years).

National Merit Scholarship ($2000 award).

Arts and Sciences Scholar ($2000 award).

United States Senate Youth Program ($2000 award).

1st place in two state-wide high school computer programming contests ($3700 total).

Two undergraduate research grants ($500 each).

Skills development award ($200 award from honors program).

Offered Singletary Fellowship ($10000 award), UK's Quality Achievement Fellowship ($3000), and Presidential Fellowship at Georgia Tech ($12000).


Co-captain of UK computer programming team which placed 20th in world competition.

Phi Beta Kappa. President of Golden Key Honor Society (junior year). Governor's Scholar. Habitat for Humanity.

References available upon request.

Google's spooky job ad.

extract from:


BS degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field.

Must have current government top security clearance (TS/SI).

See also:

The Google gods

Pentagon admits Western journalists targeted by U.S. military

01Jun01 - Google removes from its listings

Then promptly restores them after being asked if there is military or commercial pressure on them to 'delist' certain websites. Bit of a saga this one but there was a difference in perspective between Krane and myself - suffice to say I don't use Google any more - I imagine sinister goings on behind the scenes there. Bear in mind that throughout this correspondance and had completely disappeared from Google's listings. ie if you typed 'Bilderberg' into Google it would not registe at all.

From: Tony Gosling <>
Subject: Before I run this story

14th April 2002

Hi there,

Before I run a story on the way Google has 'disappeared' my website from its listings I thought I'd give you a chance to respond with your reasons for doing so.

I assume it's due to the acceptance by Google of US military access to its premesis and servers and my critical appraisal of the 'war on terrorism'.

Tony Gosling
telephone +44 117 944 6219

Google's reply to the above

At 21:24 14/04/02 -0700, <> wrote:

Hi apologies for the inconvenience. Is the site that you refer to below,

From what you can tell, when was it dropped from our index?

I'll look into this as soon as I receive your reply.

Many thanks-

David :-)

David Krane
Director, Corporate Communications
<< Google >>

My reply to the above

From: "Tony Gosling" <>
To: "David Krane" <>
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 9:11 AM
Subject: Re: Before I run this story

David, it is.

Sometime in the last week I believe.

'Til then it was top ranking.



David Krane from Google replies

At 12:30 15/04/02 -0700, you wrote:

Hi Tony...thanks for the additional info. Our engineering team tells me that our web crawler had trouble reaching your server the last time we crawled the web and built our latest index. We have since crawled the web again and did not encounter any difficulties reaching your site. Web pages from will return to Google soon (when we post our next index, which happens every 28 days).

Thanks for your patience!

David :-)

David Krane
Director, Corporate Communications
<< Google >>

My reply to the above

From: "Tony Gosling" <>
To: "David Krane" <>
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2002 10:54 AM
Subject: Resend: Before I run this story


Please reply.

With respect - Google caches pages - if a site is down for a few hours (I am not aware mine was) it won't disappear off the index.

As a professional journalist with serious concerns about the UK and US governments attempt to justify massive ramping up of military spending I can understand pressure may be brought to bear on Google.

A lot can happen in 28 days - please instruct your technical dept. to restore the listings immediately.

many thanks,


+44 117 944 6219

David Krane replies again

At 11:14 19/04/02 -0700, <> wrote:

Hi Tony, yes, our records show that your site was unreachable when we recently crawled the web. We have since revisited your site and have indexed a number of pages. These pages will appear in Google search results the next time we post a new index (approx. 2-3 weeks from now).

My reply to the above

Sent: Friday, April 19, 2002 20:27 PM
To: "David Krane" <>
From: Tony Gosling <>
Subject: Content distortion in the Google index

This makes me very nervous for public confidence in your service since I know there is pressure on a lot of people (including govt employees here in the UK) not to allow the public to access information about the occult - which I have begun to mention on my front page in connection to the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963.

Can I have your assurance that:

1. This is not your policy and

2. that you are under no pressure from your management, government and/or military over what sites you index and how.

an answer to either or both would be appreciated



The day after I sent the above email the listing was restored to Google's index. Seems like these were questions that either pricked David's concience or they touched on subjects he didn't want to answer.

03Jul01 - Swedish lawyer demands removal of article from

I circulated the following by email as part of my Power Elite Public Information Service

This morning I recieved a personal legal threat relating to the website. It is from Swedish lawyers Danowsky and Partners and demands I remove a translated article from their Newspaper printed on May 13th 2001.

The article is currently at

There was a successful attempt last year to close the previous version of the website when an anonymous Freemason wrote to Demon internet about the

page accusing me of "inciting hatred of an innoccuous society". Demon instantly closed the site.

Here is the text of the letter from Stockholm with my comments, followed by the article they want me to remove. I welcome suggestions about what to do.


Danowsky and Partners
Advokatbyra [advocates]
Hovslagartan 5
Box 16097, S-103 22 Stockholm

Telephone +46 8-614 64 00
Telefax +46 8-678 09 25

Stockholm 29-6-2001

Mr Tony Gosling

5 Warden Road

Re: The website with the address

Dear Mr Gosling,

I am writing to you on behalf of Peter Bratt and AB Dagens Nyhetter ("DN"), owner and publisher of Dagens Nyheter, the largest daily morning newspaper in Sweden [swoon]. According to information found on the website you are the contact person regarding material presented on the website.

On the website is reproduced an article, translated into English, which [is one of the best ever press pieces on Bilderberg and...] is the property of DN. The article is written by Peter Bratt and has been published in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter on May 13th 2001. DN has not given its consent to any use of this article on the website.

The reproduction of the article on the website is an infringement on the copyright of Peter Bratt and DN. [even though the source is credited and linked to and is being used on a not-for profit site]

Peter Bratt and DN now require that the article in question be removed from the website. DN expects a confirmation in writing no later than July 30, 2001 that the article has been removed and will not be used on the website again.

Yours sincerely,

Ulf Isaksson

Danowsky and Partners

They are trying to remove the English translation of the article from my site. My guess is that there is a fear about the article being translated into English by which means many more people will be able to understand it.

Thanks again to the kind Swede who translated it for us all.

The article in question, SECRET MEETINGS FOR ALMOST 50 YEARS, is to be found at:


Site pulled by Demon Internet - how some Internet Service Providers (ISP's) won't stand up to even the flimsiest of complaints

30th May 2000

Demon internet closed the site This is a site I put up on some spare free web-pages beginning in 1996 and was the main outlet for my writing and research for about 2 years.

10th June 2000

I was notified, by someone who had been following my research, that the site was not working - Demon say they sent an email notifying the site owner of the closure but it was a defunct address they used, they didn't bother to use my email address on the site.

13th June 2000

I finally managed to get hold of Demon's legal spin-doctor Mark Gracey - based at Let It Be Thus lawyers in Edinburgh - who had previously been 'unavailable' and 'away' to explain the problem on the phone. Demon Internet is now owned by 'Thus', Scottish Telecom. Gracey told me Demon had received an email - but he would not tell me who sent it nor who had instigated the action.

Let It Be Thus is an occult expression. Freemasons and followers of witchcraft often end 'prayers' or 'spells' in their worship with the phrase 'so mote it be'.

So why did Demon pull the site? Here, in full, is the supposedly damning section of an email received by Demon that was their 'justification' for shutting the entire site:

"I have just been reading the site and I believe that it is quite possible that it may contain one or more defamatory statements.

It certainly contains material inaccuracies, such as the obligation to be given by a candidate to Masonry on becoming an Entered Apprentice which is most emphatically *not* as described on that page.

Does a site which one might think appears to have been designed to incite disquiet or hatred of an innocuous society conform with the Demon AUP?"

What does/should a 'legal closure' site look like?

There is nothing to show a Demon site has been shut down for legal or illegal reasons. All you get is a standard error message. This is a 'crafty' way of making the deliberate closure of a site appear to be an error instead. It fails to alert whoever's trying to use the site that it has been censored.
How about a clear message eg. 'NO ERROR - LEGAL CLOSURE, PAGE WITHELD'

20th November 2000

site finally restored

Demon Internet are living up to their name! Trying to set precedents which are dangerous to legitimate freedom of expression in many areas

  1. Assumption that material is defamatory after receiving even the flimsiest hint that legal action might be possible.
  2. Possible financial charging of web authors as soon as site is closed.
  3. Closure by ISP of entire site when only a phrase on one page is in dispute.
  4. Failure of ISP to notify the author of the site that it may be closed.
  5. Failure of ISP to allow author or authors' solicitors to contact solicitors that have advised the site be closed.
  6. Failure of ISP to say precisely what is supposed to be a defamatory statement instead demanding removal of an entire paragraph.

Other Demon Internet misdemeanors - Check this out:

Case Analysis of Laurence Godfrey v. Demon Internet Limited By Yaman Akdeniz, Published in (1999) Journal of Civil Liberties, 4(2), 260-267 (July). CyberLaw Research Unit, Faculty of Law, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT. E-mail:

If you value this research then please help make sure it stays out there. Use Site sucking software

Published attacks on me

26Nov02 - 'The site is a prime example of right-wing populist conspiracism'

followed by my email correspondance with chip berlet

Re: confirmation (of being fooled) by Chip Berlet


Why are people recycling a right-wing anti-communist conspiracy theory? People
need to be less credulous and gullible. Not everyone who has an anti-elitist
framework is our ally.

The site is a prime example of right-wing populist
conspiracism. It's owner is worried that we are approaching the Biblical "End
Times" and thinks the Bilderberger group might be part of the plot by Satan to
build a one world government. This material is a mixture of fact, speculation,
and apocalyptic demonization.

See for example:

"I am a Christian and a Quaker attender - with the knowledge that these groups
could be tied in with the Biblical End-Time prophecies mentioned on my
Tribulation page. "

"Let It Be Thus is an occult expression. Freemasons and followers of witchcraft
often end 'prayers' or 'spells' in their worship with the phrase 'so mote it
be'. "

"I feel creating positive alternatives to global slavery, economic meltdown or
Armageddon is a more constructive use of my time!"

The Bilderberger conspiracy theory diverts us from a systematic analysis of how
wealthy elites control the economy and the political scene. Any structural
approach can teach people to see how pointless these individualized conspiracy
theories really are. The structural analysis can be Marxist, power structure
research such as G. William Domhoff and Holly Sklar, Critical Race Theory, any
of several feminist theories, Queer theory. ANY structural critique will steer
folks away from dead end conspiracism.

The Bilderberger conspiracy theory was first widely promoted by
ultra-conservative Phyllis Schlafly during the Goldwater campaign in 1964.

From "The Hunt for Red Menace:"

"The views on intractable godless communism expressed by [Fred] Schwarz were
central themes in three other bestselling books which were used to mobilize
support for the 1964 Goldwater campaign. The best known was Phyllis Schlafly's A
Choice, Not an Echo which suggested a conspiracy theory in which the Republican
Party was secretly controlled by elitist intellectuals dominated by members of
the Bilderberger group, whose policies would pave the way for global communist
conquest. Schlafly's husband Fred had been a lecturer at Schwartz's local
Christian Anti-communism Crusade conferences."

For a long study of the Biblical roots of apocalyptic conspiracism see:

-Chip Berlet

> > > Can someone confirm whether or not the Bilderberg group - "a band of 120
> > > US and European politicians, bankers and business leaders -- meets
> > > annually in Brussels to discuss how to rule the world." actually exists or
> > > if it is a myth?
> > >
> > > Brian Klocke
> > >
> > > "Let us make the risk of peace and not impose the risk of war upon the
> > > world"
> > >

from Progressive Sociology Network List Archives

My correspondance with Chip Berlet

tony writes to Chip, 26Nov02

For some people the word 'Christian' conjurs up an image of Bible bashing condemnation of unbelievers, the homeless, unemployed etc. But Jesus was a gentle anti-authoritarian figure. Could it be people use Christianity for their own selfish ends? Like the crusades? Of course they do. The negative image of Christianity suits those that might also demonise Islam.

Godless communism is a misnomer - it never existed - Jesus' disciples shared everything they owned and could therefore be said to be 'communists'

Without Judaism, Christianity and Islam the world would be a disgusting amoral place.

I work for British trades unions and am what is probably best described as a Christian socialist. Please check your facts before publishing utter nonsense for all the world to read - which makes you appear very ill informed - after all you appear to be an academic and should know better.


+44 117 944 6219


From: "Chip Berlet" <>
To: "'Tony Gosling'" <>
Subject: RE: Right wing nutter?
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 14:40:48 -0500
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook CWS, Build 9.0.2416 (9.0.2911.0)
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2800.1106
Importance: Normal


I thoroughly researched your pages before writing my comments. I stand by them. That you cannot see that you are a major source of right-wing populist conspiracy theories tinged with apocalyptic millennialism is indeed a shame. Your work is far closer to fascist scapegoating theories than the various theories of the political left.

I am not an academic, although I sometimes write scholarly articles.

I am also a practising Christian and a democratic socialist. And you criticize my research?

-Chip Berlet


oh dear,

Where do you get all this right-wing stuff from?

Before I was publishing the lists of Bilderbergers year by year most people attacking Bilderberg thought it was a Jewish conspiracy. If nothing else at least I've blown that one out of the water.

What you seenm to miss is that big business uses secrecy as 'good business practice'. Conspiracy is commonplace in oil cartels, supermarket cartels etc. indeed, it would be surprising if big business at a global level didn't have plans it were rather the public didn't see/hear. Bilderberg chairman Marin Taylor says as much himself when he talks about not wanting Bilderberg to get into the public conciousness.

The push for world government and 'corporate governance', particularly since it is happening without the consent of ordinary people could well precipitate world war III.

Also, I think you'll find my site refreshingly free of the hatred that most of the right seem to have for the Bilderberg. Most of my content is simply a record of as many reliable articles on them as I come across or am sent by email.

I am always happy to answer questions you might have about why I do what I do and what I believe.

I certainly do believe Jesus was the messiah spoken of by Moses. As do countless millions of others.

best wishes

+44 117 944 6219


From: "Chip Berlet" <>
To: "'Tony Gosling'" <>
Subject: RE: Right wing nutter?
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 17:19:04 -0500
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook CWS, Build 9.0.2416 (9.0.2911.0)
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2800.1106


I don't debate fascists, even fascists who are so dense that they cannot see that they are fascists.

Please go away.




if you don't understand... you can always write me off as a fascist

its so much easier than thinking ;-)

cheerio then


Flirting with Fascism

Observe 'Kemal' here: The fact that American Free Press are right wing does not make them either Nazis or Fascists - I never said Irvine's a 'good guy' but do defend his right of free speech and commend his book on Goebbels - 'Kemal's attempt to turn an anti-extreme right AFP editorial into pro-extreme right fascist speak - within the added brackets - is utterly unconvincing.  'Kemal' seems particularly adept at fascist rhetoric, read into that whatever you will. [TG]

by Kemal 1:02am Tue Jun 4 '02

Long time far right apologist Tony Gosling is at it again. Lovers all over the world of his fascinating site yes – the one that thinks David Irving is a good guy - may be interested to see that he is currently endorsing the nefarious but amusingly entitled “ American Free Press”

Gosling keeps getting himself into trouble for his blasé attitude towards bigots and rascists alike and seems to have no ethical problem flirting with the fascists. Follow this link for more examples/background and criticism -

For those of you who have never heard of them they are the editorial team behind that well known fascist publication “The Spotlight” – mouth piece for the American extreme right. Amongst being anti-semetic gun nuts they also advocate racial separation - but all done in the best possible taste. This new brand of friendly fascism is admired by Nick Griffin and his neo-fascist spindoctors at the BNP. The AFP are at the polite end of fascism but have no doubt in there motives.

In one of their recent editorials they reviewed a conference of the Far right (which funnily enough included Nick Griffin) and criticised it for their heavy handed use of racist rhetoric…I think you can get the general tone of where these pigs are coming from

“I think black-bashing and Muslim-bashing is a counterproductive waste of time that offers little to white working people, or any working people, as it is clear that blacks in America do not have any independent political organizations that represent black interests [Except the Nation of Islam—Ed.] and that Muslims play a negligible role in American popular consciousness.

I think it would be much more productive to reach out to black workers with the promises of liberty and economic independence that appeal to white workers, with the prospects of them building real autonomous communities that they control, than it is to bash them as low-IQ criminals who can never be assimilated (rather than recognizing that low-IQs, criminality and the like are the results of living immersed in the particular culture of hatred, fear and ignorance which is manufactured by the owners of the mass media for consumption by blacks).” (

The AFP are financially backed and supporters of the America First Party – they’re founding principles are somewhat dodgy to say the least. Youre all American nightmare of fundamental Christianity mixed with guns, the ‘jewish conspiracy’ and a loathing of foreigners… Bush appears a mere limp wristed liberal when compared to these fascists.

So is it okay to sit back and casually associate yourself with such people? The BBC have been reporting widely how the far right in the UK are trying to legitamise themselves by adopting less contentious language and steering away from the “bootboy” image. It seems that they are learning fast from their friends across the pond. And considering the disturbing rise of fascism and xenophobia that is sweeping across Europe it is important to be aware of who the far right is courting.

Activists and campaign groups should be aware that Gosling has been watched by our group for some time now. His association with environmental groups is worrying as most seem unaware of his far right leanings…and as for his current postion in the National Union of Jouralists ? well that makes a joke of the NUJ.

Who is Tony Gosling?

Posted to at 1pmish 22Jan02

by Name and Shame the Enemy! 12:06pm Tue Jan 22 '02

Tackling individuals and institutions/organisations who are trying their utmost to destroy the potential for revolutionary overthrow of the entire ediface of the State and Capital. Those enemies of change in particular who are masquerading as 'radical' must be faced up to and challenged.

Who is Tony Gosling?

Tony Gosling the Oxbridge Graduate, Conspiracy Therorist, with links to far right groups on his web site, is no bumbling, eccentric fool. Tony Gosling, acquaintance of the ruling class George Monbiot (defender of the Strong State and Small Business- a la Mussolini) is attempting to replicate his old oxford chum's dubious notoriety.

Gosling has received money from the Daily Mail Group, which controls the majority of media in Britain, to do a research/info slot for the Bristol Radio station GWR. Gosling was given the money to recruit 'activists' to cover activity that would br detrimental to these same powerful interests!

Gosling writes articles about the 'secret state' and other 'secretive bodies' like the Mason's but refuses point blank (like his fellow liberal toffs) to questionthis society. Anyone who actually questions the fundementals or takes direct action against the very open State and Capitalist interests, he goes out of his way to condemn or branch into his 'agents of the secret state' nonsense.

The tendency when dealing with people like Tony Gosling is to dismiss them as harmless nutters. This misses the point and allows these liberal professional confusers to spread misinformation, create paranoia and undermine any radical questioning. These people are as old as the state. There role has always been to undermine revolutionaries and revolution itself.

Tony' latest job is to work as PR for the Police. He is part of a band of liberal/ accountable State guilt trippers who visit Police Stations in order to check that the cops are abiding Central Government regulation's. No questioning of the existence of the oppressive State apparatus, no objection to the thousands of people cramming the prison's. This ties in nicely though with his enthusiastic support for the so-called 'ex'- MI6 agent Shayler, who according to Tony 'just wanted to fight the real terrorists and was let down by his colleagues'. Good old Shayler just wants to 'democratise' the forces of the State.

So who is he? This man who works diligently to focus attention on liberal single issues while trying to disguise them as 'radical', a man whose main interest appears to be a constant justification of the existing State Capitalist apparatus by pointing out ridiculous Bilderburg type meetings, while attacking anyone who attempts to ignore his inherently reactionary ideas. The man and the politics of reaction* that he represents should be given short shrift. By ignoring him and his ilk he will not go away, he must be challenged and faced down and the sooner the better!

*What's wrong with society according to their analysis is that the State is not Strong enough, we need more regulation. Small businesses should be supported for the National Economy as against foreign business (usually American) there is an international conspiracy of the multi-national's (Jewish Conspiracy?). We must protect the State which is Captive to these interests (Monbiot) and the 'rabble' (read: majority of people/ the working class/ ordinary people) must be kept in line they are undermining our efforts to protect the system by pointless protests and stupid conspiricies. Revolutionaries on the Streets of London and Prague etc are "ignorant of the issues" and are "inhuman thugs" (John Vidal).

My Reply - 2pm 22Jan02

also posted to

In case you're wondering - this tirade is almost certainly from London 'Class War' who I've been in communication with recently over Shayler's allegations that they were infiltrated by a Met. police officer.


Apart from the general trot style drivel -

Factual Inaccuracies.

1. I'm not an Oxford graduate

2. I publish FACTS on Bilderberg I'm not a conspiracy theorist

3. I have never worked for any part of the Daily Mail Group (but I did write an article on their takeover of Bristol's media and their links to the Nazis)

4. Recruit Activists? Who? Who for?

5. I question this society across every square inch of my website.

6. An ex BBC researcher and reporter I have been involved with organising nonviolent direct action myself for the last 10 years and support it's careful use.

7. I am not a "liberal professional confuser" I am doing my best to untangle the confusion in the world. Particularly when it comes tosecret state's interference in political pressure groups. Definately not a 'liberal'.

8. I have never spread misinformation - give me an example.

9. Custody Visitors are unpaid and there to pull up the police when conditions in cells slip below reasonable standards/people aren't getting their rights. They (we) were set up by lord Scarman after the Brixton Riots as an independent check on the police. We are the very opposite to police PR.

10. I met Shayler personally and am convinced he is genuine.

11. I have attacked no-one who?

12. I think the state is far too powerful and believe in much more local autonomy. Wrong again.

13. The rabble - far from being kept in line - are part of the solution which can only come from the bottom up. Wrong again.

In case you get up to speed......

Do you want to try again?

cuntface gosling

by timothy taylor 12:16am Sat Jan 26 '02

Know your enemy

Lets get a few things straight here. The criticism of “The Bristolian” came from the mouth of one cunt, and one cunt only…Mr Tony Gosling, Editor (?) of the all seeing eye and collater of – that site loved so dearly by facists worldwide.

Many folk in da movement are convinced that Mr cuntface Gosling is a stooge of the state. His favourite tactic seems to be shitstiring and funnily enough here we find him at it again.

Don’t take my word for it…check it out

and that’s just the abuse he got for this week. The guys a joke…his reporting is riddled with factual inaccuracies and inherent right wing Christian paranoia. He trades on other peoples work, in a similar fashion to a leech. He has been thrown out of many groups for his a) bone idleness b) rampant dishonesty. For fucks sake this is a man who defends arseholes such as David Irving and David Icke. You see cuntface goslings problem is that he hasn’t got the talent of the geezers at the Bristolian. Hes a charlatan that needs to be exposed.

Be warned. Give him a wide berth or a smack in the teeth. The choice is yours.

Can I make it clear that the thread "The Class War/MI5 Files" seemingly posted by Class War at 7.25pm on Monday 14 Jan 2002 was not posted by a Class War member, or even a supporter. As becomes clear when you read the text it was posted by Tony Gosling.

To simplify this argument Goslings basic position appears to be that Class War was propped up by the security services and that when this person was pulled out, the organisation collapsed. He knows this because David Shayler told him.

The facts are that Special Branch had an agent in Class War in 1992 - Andy Bryant. We have had this independently confirmed by a barrister. Andy Bryant was treasurer of the London Class War group (he had no national post, and therefore no access to any members addresses) When it was realised Andy was not doing a very good job as Treasurer he did a bunk - it was then discovered he had nicked a small amount of the London groups dosh.

All this was in 1992 - a full 5 years before Class War split in 1997. Therefore Shayler cannot even manage to fit his tales about Class War within a time scale that matches events. The whole story is hardly news - we covered it in Class War 79, in Spring 2000. Had Tony Gosling bothered to check before acting as Shayler's errand boy, we would have told him the facts.

Class War maintains a regular paper, website and activities - we look forward to taking part in this years anti-Jubilee demo's. See you there.

Like all activists we could do without having to piss around answering bollocks like this. I notice Gosling ends his peice saying he would like more information from MI5 officers, providing it does not jepardise national security(!!!!!)

Given this, perhaps IndyMedia and radical groups should be on guard for further smears and under-researched articles from the seriously under-employed Mr Gosling.

'you identify with anti-Jewish, extreme Right elements'

Received by email 01Apr01 (my birthday)

Dear Tony,

As I'm sure you'll recall, when we sat together on that Green Party conference panel in Leicester last November, I cautioned the audience -- and you -- about the dangers of becoming anti-Semitic when one adopts a conspiracy theory of the world. If I remember correctly, you agreed with me. You are concerned about the Bilderberg group, the Masons, and so on, but you made a point of assuring everyone that you are not anti-Semitic.

Imagine my surprise at discovering that among the "Good Links" on your website is a link to the most famous of all anti-Semitic forgeries, the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". And if this were not enough, your description of the link -- in your own words -- is that this document is "interesting" and "fascinating" and you indicate your own suspicion that it might be evidence of "a Zionist conspiracy" rather than merely "anti-Jewish propaganda".

Though I have not had time to go through all the other links on your page, I understand that several point to the works of well-known Holocaust deniers and other anti-Semites. (Your link to David Irving's site is, fortunately, no longer working.)

It is absolutely unacceptable to us that LabourStart news headlines appear on such a site. I believe that you mislead me -- and others -- when you attempted to distinguish your own conspiracy view of the world from that of the extreme right. Frankly, Tony, it appears that you identify very much with anti-Jewish, extreme Right elements which are correctly perceived by leftists as our enemies.

I have deleted your link from the Labour NewsWire Global Network page and insist that you remove the line of code which provides a Labour NewsWire feed to your page -- immediately.

I am sharing this message with our colleagues in Leicester who invited you and me to that conference. I am happy to see that, at least, they do not link to your website from their own.

Eric Lee

Information and Communications Technology Co-ordinator Labour and Society International
PGP: Public key - see Phone: +44 20 83491975, +44 20 83461953 Mobile: +44 77 19420815
Fax: UK - 0870 4022588; Elsewhere - +1 815 550 6904 ICQ: 49624912
Postal address: 51 Briarfield Avenue, London N3 2LG, U.K.

My reply


I make a disclaimer at the top of the page which could not be clearer - that a few 'right-wing' sites are included for the unique information they provide.


Eric again

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion contains no "unique information", as you well know. It is the most famous anti-Semitic forgery in the world and the only people promoting it these days are Nazis. You have still not removed the LabourStart news headlines from your page -- this is outrageous. I insist that you remove these immediately. We have no interest in being associated with you or your website.

Finally me


What you say is not quite accurate - Personally I believe the protocols are fakes - not 'forgeries' as you say as that implies they are based on a genuine original document... but your demonisation of me for linking to them shows you want to drive that discussion underground.

And the fact that people like Ivan Frazer, who has just done a study on the protocols, are slandered by some as Nazis does not mean they are Nazis. And cheapens the debate.

The idea that because I have linked to a site I must agree with the site owner is clearly nonsense. I have a link to labourstart but I clearly don't agree with you on everything!

The protocol debate, I maintain, is interesting - why are you so easily offended by this word??

You have totally ignored my warning at the top of the page, why?

You can call me a Nazi too if it makes you feel better. All I can say it is you who are attempting to stamp on free and open discussion.

best wishes,


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