Expert in Medical Emergency Procedures Says Diana was Left to Die

PARIS, Nov. 8 (EIRNS)--An expert in French emergency procedures, called at random in order to avoid an "echo" of EIR's published views, answered our questions as follows:

Q: Can Prozac and Triapridine be administered along with alcohol "at the last minute" before a hit of this type ?
A: These substances can be mixed into an alcoholic beverage for example, one hour before the planned event. The effect the cocktail will produce is {loss of sense of reality.} The person may loose their judgement on aspects of time and space, they may become manic or otherwise show a poor grip on their surroundings. Henri Paul need not have been taking such substances for a protracted length of time, contrary to what the police says, for these effects to be produced.

Q: What do you think about the French police seizing Paul's dossier with the Social Security authorities ?
A: This is unbelievable ! I didn't know that. The Social Security is part of a Convention on medical secrecy. They are not allowed to hand a dossier over to anyone, neither the police, nor the income tax authorities. They may only communicate a certain piece of information, not more. This is a complete breach of deontology, and you should ask Henri Paul's family to have the French Medical Association lodge a complaint for a grave breach of deontology. What are the police trying to hide, anyway ? There is a blackout over everything in this thing.

Q: It took one hour and forty minutes to get Diana to La Pitie. Is that normal ?
A: I was in the emergency ambulance service for over a decade. I worked with the man who pioneered the procedures now put into effect in the United States, Huguenard. The treatment Diana was given is typical of what is done with John Doe or Jack Smith, when they picked up by the SAMU 75 and are, virtually, allowed to die by benefiting from the incompetence and inefficiency which is typical of the SAMU 75 [sic].

Q: Were there alternatives ?
A: Yes. As soon as the person has been stabilized, which could be, and probably was done, in the automobile, given the fact that they did not even have to cut the doors open, in other words, as soon as they have stopped the thorax from collapsing, time is of the essence. You have got to get the person onto an operating block to start suturing. They can be saved, but you must respect the statistical time curves which Huguenard worked out. I would have taken her within a quarter of an hour to Val de Grace, which is much closer than La Pitie. That is a military hospital.

Every poltical figure who is in a car crash or is injured is taken there. The firemen, who were on the scene of the crash, are part of the army. They undoubtedly notified the Val de Grace, which has a top team of traumatologists on duty round the clock. I might have helicoptered her in. She would have been on the operating block a few minutes after being stabilized. This woman was one of the world's most powerful and influential people.

She would normally have been given top priority and top treatment. She was not. Instead, she was treated like Doe and Smith, when Doe and Smith are {unlucky}. And you can do me a favour ! Make a stink out of this, because it shows you just how bad things are for John Doe and Jack Smith.

Q: What do you think about the police claim that they "notified" the ambulances are 12:28, two full minutes after they were called? And, the ambulances arriving 8 minutes after the TV teams, which were there at 12:32 ?
A: The police, or whoever made that claim for them, is lying. As soon as that lady witness called into police at 12:26, every ambulance system in Paris, both the SAMU 75 and the Firemen -- the former are appallingly bad, the latter are extremely competent -- heard the call, because everybody in emergency is on the same radio wavelength, and we all hear each other. And believe me, it didn't take long before everyone knew who was in the crash. For the SAMU ambulances to take between 12 and 14 minutes to arrive is unbelievable. In that area, and at that time of night, it should not have taken more than 5 minutes. And time is of the essence.

Q: What are your police contacts saying about this?
A: The police do not want to hear the word "murder". You say "murder," and they say, "Rumors -- it's all a rumor campaign."

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