Princess Diana's Engagement Ring

On August 22, Dodi and Princess Diana visited Alberto Repossi boutique in Monte Carlo. This was not their first visit however. They had been to the boutique on August 5, they browsed and left with a catalogue.

On the 22nd, Princess Diana chose a ring from the Tell Me Yes! line of engagement rings. Customized for Diana, it was a band of yellow and white gold, with four triangular diamonds surrounding a rectangular center emerald. The ring would be available for pick up in Paris on August 30. (People close to Diana and Dodi believe that was the reason they were in Paris that night.)

At approximately 6:30 pm, August 30, Dodi was driven to Repossi's boutique (just across the Place Vendome). Dodi picked up the ring and borrowed another, presumably planning to have Diana choose the one she preferred. The Tell Me Yes! ring was retained, the other was given to Claude Roulet to return to Repossi's.

The ring, originally believed to have been in the wrecked Mercedes, was found in Dodi's apartment. It is now in a safe deposit box in a Swiss bank.

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